Jun. 15th, 2012 10:58 am
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*stabs ovaries*

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Dear Google,

When I search "where can i buy girl scout cookies?", I expect to find resources to help me find Girl Scout Cookies to buy. I love Samoas. However, when I search for "where can i but girl scout cookies?" I certainly do not expect a link to "Can you buy fleshlights in stores -- Where can i buy fleshlights".


No love for you,


And to those out there on the interwebs, if you don't know what I fleshlight is, I suggest that you do not Google it. You really don't need to know. If you do know what a fleshlight is, you'll understand why this should not appear anywhere NEAR Girl Scouts or their cookies. I was somewhat disturbed by this.
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It's Monday.

My neighbor's metal band has been "practicing" for over an hour already. Not only have they started early, they apparently have louder amps now, judging from the way I can feel the bass through the house.

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Having an explanation for all this fuckery makes me feel somewhat better, but still cranky at LJ. I guess Russia is trying to pimpslap its political dissidents again.

You were right, Windsor!

I just really wish that when they did that, they'd leave the rest of LJ out of it. I mean, ONTD has its very own server because of the traffic it gets. You'd think something could be done. Then again, I'm no expert.
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There is something immensely satisfying about calling the police on your loud neighbors. Especially at 2:30 in the morning.


I can't wait to do it again!
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Okay. So. I've been watching MTV recently because I got caught up with this season of America's Best Dance Crew. Hush. I think the teams are really talented and I'm very torn between Iconic Boys and I Am Me at the moment, who will be going head-to-head in the finals.


Because I've been watching ABDC, I've been unfortunately treated to repetitive MTV commercials pimping out their new shows (when I don't change the channel to Food Network or something that is). And one of MTV's new shows is something titled, I shit you not, Teen Wolf.


So, yeah. Shitty new teen/young adult show meant to snag onto the whole Twatlight/vampire craze that's currently popular, except this time it's Twatlight with werewolves. Even from the commercials this show looks terrible, in ways that make someone who likes classic horror/vampire/werewolves (me!) want to rage.

Premise of the show is that teenage boy gets infected by werewolf and now has to deal with it. Enter pretty new classmate, who he is very attracted to, but OHNOES every time he's around her he gets all wolfy and doesn't want to inflict his curse on anyone else. How do I dislike this show? Let me count the ways.

1) The new girl's name is Bella Swan Allison Argent. Argent. ARGENT. THE WEREWOLF BOY IS ATTRACTED TO A GIRL NAMED ARGENT. *froths at the mouth*

... for those too lazy to wiki, argent means "silver". >_>;;

2) Werewolf boy gets 'wolfy' when his blood pressure rises, or he gets angry/excited/upset/emotional/whatever.


3) It reeks of Twatlight. 'nuff said.

4) I don't know if there's going to be classic turns at the full moon wolfy stuff, but it does look like werewolves are pretty feral killing machines. That's one plus, but it doesn't forgive all the other horrible things.

5) I have no fifth point. Except that maybe people need to start being original and not riding the wave of current popularity. But if you're going to ride that wave, at least do something different.


....................... *goes away to chew on things*



I just saw a new commercial and guess what? Guess what?! That silver girl? HER DAD IS TOTALLY A WEREWOLF HUNTER. I guess the name 'Argent' becomes suddenly relevant.

But still stupid.
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It's 2 PM on Monday afternoon.

Guess what my neighbor is doing? If you guessed "practicing his horrible music with his band" you get a cookie!

... I'm starting to vaguely understand the lyrics now. That, or his amps are just louder today than usual.


Oh. And I started my period today. Double yay.
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He's 'singing' again. And yes, it's the same song being repeated.

*smashes head against desk*
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So the neighbor boy-teen-person-thing has a garage band. They have been very loud lately. They played very loud last night from about 8pm until midnight. They are playing loud again right now, practicing, I think. They've been at it for at least two hours.

They are bad. As in, not very good.

And they keep playing the same loud song with screechy-yelling-omg-I'm-hardcore-so-I-must-scream-incoherently "lyrics". I've counted. They're at the fifth repetition. I thought they were done, because they were playing other stuff (still badly), but then they started again.

I'm about ready to throw a brick at them.



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I'm currently having an argument with someone on Facebook.

(As an aside, you can find me there under my real name, so friend me if you like! Just make sure to leave a message that says you know my from LJ.)

It's not really an argument per se, because those who know me know that when I get angry, I get really cold and overly polite. Because I believe that you should be logical and polite, even if you think the other person is a raging douchebag who should be taken out back and beaten with a flaming baseball bat. But this is... different. See, I friended This Guy mostly because he's another friend's BF/fiancee/whatever, and because I wanted another Farmville neighbor. >_>;;

cut for political beliefs, mild ranting, pettiness, and the issue that sent me into a rage )


I think I'm done ranting.

Let's see if this political post causes another flame war in my LJ. I think I'm running 2-for-2 on that front. I really hate it when that happens. Maybe I should just stick with silly ranting about food and chibi pr0n.


The 'conversation' has ended, even though I could've answered back because This Guy's last line made my brain explode. But I just decided that I'd have more luck squeezing blood from stone.

Now I'm considering putting the whole 'discussion' here for posterity reasons. And to see if anyone thinks I was being too... zesty.
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So today is/was The Day You Show Everyone That You're Catholic Ash Wednesday. I went to Mass at 4pm -- thought it was at 5:30, since that's what dad said, but I checked the website and it was at 4... then 6:30 for bilingual mass -- like a good Catholic ( >_>;; ) and so I wouldn't have to listen to my parents bitch at me about not being religious enough. *gag* Note: neither of them went to mass today, unless my mom went this morning before work, but she doesn't have a smudged forehead so I'm guessing not. They're hypocrites.

Anyway, I found it strange that many more people stood up to get the ashes than went to get communion. Like, twice as many. See, the priests figured it out that if they give out the ashes before communion, everyone leaves. So they did the ashes after communion. That's right, bitches, you have to sit here for the whole hour of mass before you get the black stuff on your forehead. And fuck the people who think they can walk in, get anointed and walk out.

If you want to wear the Proof Of Catholicism ash, you have to attend the mass!

Back to the point I was trying to make.

If you're going to sit through the whole mass, including the homily, why don't you just freaking get communion, too? You have to wait and wait while everyone else gets theirs, so it's not like you're doing anything in the meantime. Seriously, the lobby was packed full of people who stood for over 30 minutes (if not the full hour), because they didn't seem to want to actually attend the mass, but just get the ashes.


You just listened to the whole thing! There's speakers in the lobby that let you hear the mass. If you came in, you could've had a nice seat and balanced your checkbooks or something instead of standing like a lump during the super-long homily. By the way, I think the priest did that on purpose. Today's all about penance and fasting and stuff.


At least I had a super comfy seat.
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Whenever someone says something equivalent to: "Oh, it's so cold! That means global warming doesn't exist!" it sort of makes me want to punch them, because it shows that they're ignorant of what changes global warming actually causes.

Icecaps, the Gulf Stream, and the Ice Ages. Knowledge. Get you some.

Also, the Azores. Added because I like that word and they're also relevant to this topic.
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At this moment, I am rather blessing the fact that I was an awkward and ungainly child, as well as annoying and unattractive, especially during my middle school years. Oh, and not a boy.


Because one of my middle school teachers just pled guilty to 74 counts of child molestation.

I wasn't in his History class specifically (IIRC my history class would join up with his for projects and such), but I knew who he was because he was a Very Important Teacher. And his kids were in the same grade as me. Still, seeing this makes me really upset since he always seemed to be the 'cool' teacher that all the kids wanted to be on the good side of.

Unfortunately, looks like that good side has a bad side.
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One of the neighbors is playing music so loud that I can hear it in the computer room (on the home comp because Shukaku is being fussy) as if I had the speakers turned up in front of me.

It is so loud, that I can hear the music though closed windows and an alley, since it's the house on the next street over and not like, a neighbor right next door. And they're playing techno.

I normally wouldn't complain about techno, but this is bad techno, not the good kind. The bass line is sort of insane and not in the cool way. =__=;;
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I like lists. I can think in lists.

-- Because I keep thinking about it, mothers, please do not let your daughters out of the house not wearing panties. Especially if they're -- for some godawful reason -- wearing minidresses (why would you let your teenage girl wear a minidress anyway). You know what, let's just make this a rule of NO ONE should ever leave their house not wearing panties (or boxers/briefs for the guys, though they can wear panties too, rock on).
-- Oh, and if you're going to be wearing a short skirt, fucking learn how to sit properly and keep your legs crossed or together and tilted to the side in the polite why so you don't flash everyone.
-- I beat the ice cream godz. The Sunday paper had coupons for buy one get one free ice cream at Baskin Robbins, so I went there with Aoi and K-chan. WTF the price of ice cream is so expensive now. But, because of the coupon, instead of getting 3 scoops of ice cream for about $6 (i.e. a single cone for each of us), we got two sundaes instead. So we got 5 scoops of ice cream, a brownie, bananas, whipped cream, nuts, chocolate and caramel sauce, and cherries. ♥
-- Dad went grocery shopping and bought food! Yay!
-- Angry at Dad for going grocery shopping and buying foor because he didn't tell me, and practically everything he bought, I have coupons for. I cut those coupons for a reason! And last time I went shopping I saved like, $40! Grrrrr.
-- I still don't like cats much.
-- I wish I'd win the lottery.
-- I can't think of anything else to write, because my life is dull and boring now. ;__;
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It sounds like some neighbor is having a party. More like: it sounds like there's a fucking rave next door. And I know this because the music is that loud, and the bass is shaking my windows sometimes.

It's midnight.

I don't want to sound cranky but I'm bleeding copiously and already in a bad mood and if they don't break it up at 2AM, I just might call the cops about a noise disturbance. LOLZ there's a city ordinance for no noise disturbances after 2AM. I was feeling tired and considered going to bed early, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE THAT WON'T HAPPEN NOW.

I want to stab something.
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I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day weekend. ^^ Mine went reasonably well, considering that I cooked dinner, and my mom actually liked the present I gave her (which was inexpensive! score!). For those who are nosy and like to know, here was my menu:

~ Baked Spiral Sliced Ham (with honey glaze)
~ Cornbread stuffing
~ Steamed baby potato and vegetable blend
~ Apple pie with Cinnabon frosting

Not too adventurous, but it was only the three of us since my Aunt and her family were elsewhere and didn't spend the day at our house.

On another note, I went out shopping (or rather, looking) with Aoi on Saturday, during one of our regular 'stop being a hermit' outings. At the mall, we saw a woman who was dressed rather inappropriately. Just from the way she was dressed, I knew two things upon seeing her:

1) She wasn't wearing panties


2) She waxed her nether regions.

How did I know this?

Her pants were that damn low.

I swear, as she walked by, it was like a car crash. Me and Aoi both wondered if her pants were just going to drop straight off. It was horrible in a traumatizing way. Do people just not look in mirrors anymore? DON'T YOU FEEL A DRAFT?!

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Wonderful. All I need to see this time of night is a real life scene of domestic violence right outside my window. As in, on the street in front of my house (where that stolen car was).


And I even know what prompted it, since the Dad was loud enough for me to hear, in my bedroom, with the window closed (though I did watch what happened because I heard weird things outside and wanted to know what was going on).


Feb. 6th, 2009 11:48 am
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I'm in such a bad and antisocial mood right now. And it's cold and raining. =___=;; I apologize in advance if I take it out on anyone or act cranky.
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So after over 5 years, someone hacked my account on Gaia. I AM SO PISSED. The hacker also changed the name from 'windandwater' to 'waterandwind', as well as stole my Bunny Slippers, Ports and Angelic Mini Wings. They might've taken more but I can't tell SINCE I CAN'T GET INTO MY ACCOUNT.

I am so upset right now. Especially since the Bunny Slippers were given to my by Zanzan/[livejournal.com profile] driftingdoll ( ♥ ) and my Ports were a gift from Louise/[livejournal.com profile] girl_starfish ( ♥ ).

Here's my thread in the technical support forum if you want the full story.


What a way to celebrate Christmas.
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I think I'll cut this because I might get mean or ranty or long and this is mostly just something I've been thinking about for a few days now.

babble about an RL thing )
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One of my neighbors -- actually, probably one of the neighbor boys -- has a new drum set. He's been playing it. And I can hear it. And all I can think is: "He probably played Rock Band and is trying to play in real life."

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Having such a large (extended) family means so many opportunities for drama. =___=;; I almost wish I hadn't said anything this afternoon, but my parents probably would've found out about the gossip/situation anyway. Better to hear from our own family than another one (who, not-so-coincidentally was at the Trecenians part yesterday). The fallout from this better not hit the fan stateside.


Ahahaha... someone in the family might get murdered by the end of the month. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

No, that's not a cute turn of phrase.
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So I am currently at the library mostly to get away from my parents. That is not the suck, as I planned to come here anyway and use the free and fast high speed wireless to do some things the wireless I leech borrow at home doesn't do well. Leeching wireless is not the suck either.

What the suck is, is that at the table next to me there is a man and woman doing something. The guy is explaining something to her, what, I don't know nor I care. However, he has this really patronizing tone, and every time he says something, he says: "True?"

Like this:

"Blah blah blah, true? *pauses to wait for the woman to nod or say yes or something like that* Blah blah blah blah, true? *pause* Blah blah, you have to blah blah blah because blah, true? *pause*"

Ad infinitum.



I fucking hate it when people use phrases like that to make themselves seem superior while talking. It's a stupid little ping, but it's so annoying. And it smacks of: "You better say I'm right or I'll haul off and slug you because I'm right you're wrong and you're stupid."


*puts on headphones and plays WinAmp to drown out the retarded*
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Yes, I've read the news about the latest Supreme Court ruling (re: child rape and death penalty).

No, I do not plan on saying any more on the subject unless asked in a comment or some-such. I have certain opinions that I'm pretty sure would be considered unfavorable by many, and I don't like to cause undue RL drama in my LJ. Subjects like this are very touchy and above all, personal, and I'd hate to somehow alienate people whom I consider friends, let alone start a fight about this.

Back to your regularly scheduled flist surfing.
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So, of course, that means I'm going to do something completely stupid just because it amuses me to mock retards. :DDDDD!!!

... I apologize in advance to my flist for this, but hope that they will understand that this is a necessary evil. ♥

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NEPENTHE ON WIKIPEDIA -- Nepenthe is a drug of forgetfulness mentioned in Greek mythology, depicted as originating in Egypt.

The word "Nepenthe" first appears in the fourth book (vv. 220-221) of the Odyssey of Homer. Literally, it means "the one that chases away sorrow" (ne = not, penthos = grief, sorrow). In the Odyssey, "Nepenthes pharmakon" (i.e. a drug that chases away sorrow) is a magical potion given to Helen by an Egyptian queen. It quells all sorrows with forgetfulness.

NEPENTHE RESTAURANT IN BIG SUR -- Based on the vision of founders Lolly and Bill Fassett, the family has maintained a commitment to exceptional caring service in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lolly added the Phoenix Shop in 1964 to share the wares and treasures she loved with the world, and in 1992, the Café Kevah opened.

All three businesses are still operated by their children and grandchildren. The traditions of family hospitality are a hallmark of the business.

NEPENTHE® -- Nepenthe has served the semiconductor industry for over 30 years. Located in the dynamic Silicon Valley we are a provider of solutions and products used in the interconnection, packaging and handling of IC devices.


NEPENTHE MUSIC AND PUBLISHING -- Nepenthe Music and Publishing is a label dedicated to the music releases of Ashley|Story (Dwight Ashley & Tim Story), Dwight Ashley and selected projects by Tim Story, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, buzzle, A.R.S.(E) and Wiggle Puss. Our focus is the work of these artists; currently we are not soliciting projects involving other artists.


NEPENTHE: BELLY DANCER -- Nepenthe is a belly dancer who performs in the Boston / Cambridge metro area of Massachusetts.


Nepenthe.Org Societas Artis Illuminatorum -- The Nepenthe Mundi Society was founded on July 4th, 1984. It is a secret Society composed of artists, art historians, critics, and creatives.


NEPENTHE WINES -- The name Nepenthe is drawn from one of the most famous works of historic Greek poet, Homer. In The Odyssey Homer described Nepenthe as an ancient herbal drink so powerful that it eases grief and banishes sorrow from the mind.

The modern day Nepenthe has made its home in the lofty heights of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. A stunningly beautiful region with a rolling tapestry of green hills, gum trees, vineyards and orchards. The combination of cool climate, high altitude, clean air and ancient soils has established the Adelaide Hills as one of the premier regions in Australia.


NEPENTHE ON MYSPACE -- Death Metal Band!!! Their cover art looks cool.


Man Arrested in City Hall Bomb Scare -- A man was arrested yesterday morning after trying to deliver a package to Berkeley City Hall which he later said would explode, police said.

About 60 city employees on the building's first and second floors were evacuated in response to what bomb squad technicians discovered was a Federal Express box stuffed with envelopes, said Berkeley police Officer Mary Kusmiss.

With the box in hand, Ronald Parton, 39, entered City Hall shortly before 9 a.m. and signed in under the alias Nate Nepenthe, asking for the city attorney's office, Kusmiss said.


COUNTY OF SANTA CRUZ OFFICE OF THE CITY COUNSEL GOVERNMENT TORT CLAIM -- It's a .pdf so watch out! Basically the bomb scare guy above sued the County for SEVENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS with a future estimate of TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS.


................ gee, after all this linking and mockery, I could really use some ~*~nepenthe~*~ to help me get my mind off things!
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=__=;; What more can happen today? Maybe I shouldn't say that, since the day's not quite over yet.

Anyway, Dad wanted us to all go out to dinner for the holiday, something that I am violently opposed to, since it cuts out a good chunk of time from my study plans). Plus, me and mom had planned today's dinner while we went out grocery shopping yesterday and I already had the potatoes baking in the oven. So we stayed in. Yay. Caesar salad, ribeye steak, and baked potato (with butter and cheddar cheese). Simple but filling. I also baked some Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Bars for dessert. Very nice dinner.

Except for when the power cut out at the beginning of it. x___X;; Mom said all she did was turn on the dryer in the garage. Dad spent quite a long time fiddling with switches and beating on the fuse box with a screwdriver (the lid-panel thing was stuck). He cut the power to the whole house and flipped the switches back on but... that didn't fix everything. There's still no power in my parents' room (which is sorta weird), but there's power everywhere else. Dad finally gave up and we had dinner.

Unfortunately, I had been doing my work in the computer room (the home comp has less distractions than my laptop) and had left my Word program up. The power cutting off in the house shut the computer down. =__=;; Thank god Word autosaves. I didn't lose my whole outline (20 pages and couting!), but I did lose a paragraph of it (Will formation, if you're interested). Ugh. It could've been much worse.

Then later, there was this really loud THUD against the side of the house. Like someone kicked a soccer ball against the wall, or chucked a brick or SOMETHING. It was seriously scary. Dad went out to check, but he couldn't find anyone around or anything wrong. Nothing fell down either. Plus, I knew the neighbor kids who play soccer weren't out playing, plus it was the wrong side of the house.

Ugh ugh ugh. My concentration is shot. Or maybe that's the wine from dinner.
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I was a bit busy today. Whoo~ I'm at the library at the moment, but before this not only did I wait in the drive-thru at McD's (to the dude 2 cars ahead of me, stop hassling the girl at the window! You, fucker. You took so long! JUST TAKE YOUR FRENCH FRIES AND GO.), and I got to stand in line at the post office to return a package for my mom.

And, you know what? I know this is the era of online bill paying and email but. But. Lady. You stood in the line in front of me, and talked to a clerk, and took up like... 10 minutes of his time. To buy one $0.41 stamp. GUH?! Yes, you have a letter you want to send. That's wonderful. Were you not aware of the vending machines in the lobby, directly in front of the doors, that sell... get this... STAMPS?! *headdesk* I had to return a freaking package and it took me all of a minute once I told the clerk I wanted it returned to sender.

In other news, I'm making the transition to wearing my contacts most of the time (now that I have them), instead of my glasses. Wow. I have peripheral vision again. Things are not quite focused for me (especially when I read things), but that's because my eyes have to get used to them. But I can already tell that these contacts are much better than the trial pair I used before, since these are specifically for astigmatism. Things aren't fuzzy around the edges anymore! And I can read signs while driving! Yay!

Oh, and for anyone who wants to know: I'm lvl 119/105 on Trickster now. :3 I leveled up last night and am pretty much gonna camp Captain Skull until 120 (since that's his cap). After that I can grind up my level more, and consider going after Tombeth and Tenter Lion. Bwhehehe. I just wish Skull dropped Ultimate equips more often. ;__; I hate these Chaos ones.
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=___=;; The pack of them won't stop their yapping. Ugh. I think one of them has barked so much that it's going hoarse.
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Oh my god, they actually did it. I KNEW SixApart was planning on jumping ship like a bunch of rats, but I didn't think it would be this soon. But LJ is now sold to a new company. SUP, which is based in Russia.

I just... have no words. Except for:


EDIT (what, already?)...

Courtesy one of the comments in that news post, here's some handy phrases we'll need in the future.

LOL = лол
OMG = омг
WTF = втф
shit = шит
sucks = сакс
bear surprise = превед медвед (important)
tl;dr = ниасилил многа букав
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Why the hell did an RP group (not a very good one from what I've seen) suddenly invade the Naruto comms? I've seen them on [livejournal.com profile] chuunin and [livejournal.com profile] narutoyaoi so far. It's sort of annoying. >_>;; Can't they just keep their activities to themselves, instead of invading other comms with their stupidity and terrible shoddy OOC roleplaying?

... is it a plot to get new members? Are they just being stupid? God, it's like when /b/tards invade someplace, but with less cat macros and pr0n.

I'm going to find something to snack on.


Sep. 29th, 2007 12:00 pm
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I think I hate everyone today.

Or maybe I only feel this way because of:

a) hormones
b) being woken up really early by not only my parents, but the neighbors who decided to mow their lawn
c) being cold
d) all of the above in a hellish combination

At least my parents have left for the day. And I'm going to have a nice slab of steak for dinner. I have it all planned out in my head. Now I'm going to go be antisocial and maybe read old fics that I know are happy, so that I don't keep getting blindsided by the angsty/horrible/heartbreaking ones.
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One of my neighbors just yelled: "FUCK" very loudly.

I am hoping he maimed himself in some way, as the neighbors have been very annoying this past week. They set up a tent in what's left of their front yard (they paved most of it over, hence my complaints about machinery early in the morning), and I guess they (or the kids) are using it like... every night. And being loud and stupid. And it's annoying.

I won't look out the window to see if there's carnage. >_>;; I can just hope and imagine.
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... >_>;;

I read this last night, and had no coherent thoughts, as my brain shut down from the sheer gall and stupidity. And then I read it again after I woke up, and no... I didn't dream it. This really is JUST that stupid and uninformed and hurtful. It's like a trainwreck really, watching LJ/6Apart backtrack and doublespeak and generally dig their own graves over this.

I will hope it gets better before my paid time runs out. But if it doesn't, I don't know if I'll give LJ more of my money.

Now I'm going to read pr0n to get this bad taste out of my mouth. I think I've hit my level of stupidity for the month or something by now.
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Earplugs saved me when I was woken up by the sounds of bad mariachi music early this morning. ♥ Neighbors still fail hardcore though.

... no, I don't have anything interesting to say today. Except that for some reason, I want a roast chicken for dinner. You know, the rotisserie ones you can buy in the grocery store? That sounds good. With a nice salad.

It's probably my hormones talking, since it's near the end of the month and that always means it's getting near ovary-stabbing time.

Watch, I get it during the SKIN concert. >_>;; Stupid things.
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Am feeling all sorts of grumpy and cranky today. Probably because my sleep was interrupted by the neighbor's construction project. They've been putting new stucco on the front of their house, but now I think they're replacing their driveway. I was rudely woken up at something that felt like 6am by the sound of power tools. Managed to roll over for more sleep, then was woken up AGAIN at 8am by drilling, something like a jackhammer and a scraper or saw or buzzing thing and I nearly wanted to cry. I stumbled about trying to ignore the noise (even tried to sleep in my parents' room but you could hear it there too).

Finally remembered that I had earplugs left from JRock Revo, so I stuffed those in and managed to get to sleep again.

=___=;; One thing I hate is being woken up before I'm ready to. It totally throws off my sleep/dream schedule. And I don't get enough REM sleep as it is. I even went to sleep an hour early, in hopes of waking up earlier and taking my time in the morning. Now, because I kept being woken up, I overslept.

I did, however, manage to confirm that traffic isn't so bad after 2pm. 1pm must really still be part of the lunchtime rush. My drive to the library was quite speedy all the way down, except for this one idiot who didn't know how to drive.

Have finished all my soda.


Jun. 24th, 2007 02:12 am
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One of the neighbors had a party which is apparently breaking up just now. Or people are leaving. Loud people, which is why I went to my window to look and make sure no one was dying or something when I heard that screech. No, it's two guys, both stumbling as they walk. Yup, they both drank. One guy says he'll drive. I'm about to go back to my late night internet surfing before bed, when I witness (and hear) this conversation):

Guy1: I'm gonna just piss on the grass. *puts hands to fly and stumbles to our fence, but thankfully the neighbor's side of the front lawn*
Guy2: No, do it on the car.
Guy1: *turns around and takes the few steps to said car*
Girl: *stumbles up and says something I can't hear*
Guy1: *wavers between the lawn and car and finally goes for the car*
Girl&Guy2: *watch and get in their car which is parked behind pissed-on-car*
Me: *thinks very loudly because parents are asleep* WTF THIS IS NOT HAPPENING EW EW EW.


I did not... watch the deed. *gag* I was rather horrified and quickly backed away from my window. Ew ew ew ew ew.

I'm going to bed now. And hopefully I will not dream of pee.
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Look, I don't have a problem with happy couples being lovey dovey squishy with each other in public. Show your love to the world as long as you don't get arrested. Whatever. What I DO have a problem with is a hormonal teenage couple sitting at the table next to me and pretty much making out for the last two hours.

Jesus. Get a fucking room already. And it doesn't help that they are being rather LOUD and there's people here at the LIBRARY actually trying to READ and get WORK DONE. I even have my earbuds in my ears and listening to WinAmp and can STILL hear their lip smacking. *twitches*



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