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*stabs ovaries viciously for being uncooperative]
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*stabs ovaries*

I've been wondering when those lumps of flesh were going to start up for the month. Of course it would have to be when the weather starts hitting in the near 100s again. Fuck you too, Mother Nature.
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I hate when I stab my ovaries and they decide to stab me back. Plus, it's been cold and rainy all weekend and I ran out of Advil.

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... for huddling under tons of blankets. D:

I was really worried that the weather would continue to do the psychotic thing of being cold and stormy for one week, then 100+ degrees the next, but that doesn't seem to be the case. On one hand, I'm glad of non-psycho weather. On the other, IT IS FREEZING. Literally! It was 34 degrees the past two nights. It'll be hitting 30 tonight, I think. I'm almost afraid to look.

So, in honor of the season, I have busted out with my flannel sheets. ilu flannel sheets T_T ♥. They're so warm and cozy and make me not want to roll out of bed. Unfortunately, they also make me have kind of static-y hair. Bleh. It's the price I pay to stay warm, I guess.

So yes, it is overcast and rainy and windy and cold, and will likely stay this way for Turkey Day. When relatives are coming for dinner. Blargh.

In other news, there are things that I want to babble about in a geeky way. But I'm lazy. And cold. And can't feel my fingers and so I'm typing horribly. :x But I have such an urge to babble/rant/be meta. Like about The Walking Dead. Or maybe Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. Or even Top Chef: Just Desserts.


*rolls about*
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*stabs ovaries*

So, bleedy and the crazy weather are a bad combo. It's like Mother Nature is crampy too!

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The high point of the day:

I did enough surveys for eRewards, and now I've redeemed my points for another $25 giftcard at GameStop. :3 I think I'll sit on this one for awhile, since there's no new games that I'm really interested in getting.

The low point of the day:

The fact that it's cold and overcast still, and will probably rain again. :/ I'm sick of this weather, even though it's good for, you know, not having everything catch on fire or having droughts and stuff.
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It's cold, raining, and I just had a bowl of loaded baked potato soup while watching the compulsory ice dancing portion of the Olympics.

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So, last night I was dragged out (in the rain!) to be sociable and stuff. Went out for the launch party of K-chan's sister's band with her, Aoi and Pet. They're called Buddha Bomb, and they were releasing their first full length CD last night. ^^ It was a pretty good time, everyone was very enthusiastic about things. Though, I'm very glad we had dinner beforehand. XD;;

Highlight of the evening was definitely seeing the many boys in kilts walking by. They were a band that played first called California Celtic. Mwehehehehe. Boys in skirts!

Before this, a couple weeks ago, I got my hair cut finally. I was starting to look like a shaggy dog again, even though I'd gotten my previous hairstyle in November. Now I've got an A-line bob, shorter in the back and longer near the front. I'm very happy to have shorter hair again.

But now it is raining (boo), so I think I'll bake chocolate chip cookies to help warm up the house (and fill my tummy). Also, I only have one more week of work. ;o; Goodbye, money. I loved you very much.
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Torrential rain? Check.
High winds? Check.
Booming thunder? Check.
Lightning that makes the electronics in the house flicker? Check.
Tornado warnings? Check.
Snow and/or hail in MoVal? Check.
Bitter cold? Check.

It's official, I'm in a miserable mood because of the weather. I can't wait until this weather stops. I might even have to go shopping -- and actually buy things -- to boost my mood up.
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Whenever someone says something equivalent to: "Oh, it's so cold! That means global warming doesn't exist!" it sort of makes me want to punch them, because it shows that they're ignorant of what changes global warming actually causes.

Icecaps, the Gulf Stream, and the Ice Ages. Knowledge. Get you some.

Also, the Azores. Added because I like that word and they're also relevant to this topic.
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Holy crap the wind is blowing something fierce outside. It's been like that since yesterday. Looks like we're finally getting the weather change, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. At least it's not roasting hot anymore.

And Halloween is coming! I'm feeling kind of 'meh' about it though. Have to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids again. But it's not like I ever go out and do something Halloween anyway. XP
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And suddenly! Thunder and lightning! And really fierce wind! And it's over 100 degrees outside and CA is on fire.


There's no rain either yet. Unless it's gonna suddenly hail or something like it did last year, but I'm doubtful. However, heading thunder and seeing lightning and the yellowish-gray clouds (whoo smoke) is pretty scary by itself.


... also, when the first boom of thunder shook everything, I could hear all the kids at the high school nearby scream. It's the end of the schoolday for them, so they were all probably leaving campus and walking home/lingering out on the sidewalk like they normally do. Damn, they're loud.
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Getty Center, college evacuates due to LA fire.


That's my college! My undergrad! I went to Mount St. Mary's! Hopefully nothing bad happens. After all, my school is smack in the middle of Brentwood, and million-dollar-homes will have to burn if my college goes up. Lots of famous people have big houses there, so it tends to be well-protected.
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It is soooooooo hot now. I know I was bitching before because it was cold, but things were pretty pleasant for two months, but now it is A BLISTERING HEAT WAY. 100+ degree temperatures. My parents finally caved and turned on the air conditioning yesterday, and the air conditioner ran pretty much non-stop for 12 hours to cool the house down. But now the house is regulated and the air conditioner now automatically turns off again! At least, until the afternoon, when it blasts for hours. XP

Also, to get away from the heat, I went out shopping yesterday. XD;; Nothing like spending the hottest part of the day in an air conditioned mall. I mostly just wandered around, though I did buy cheesy bacon fries to nosh on. Also, I had a coupon to GameStop for 20% used DS games, so I wandered in, hoping to find something good. And I did! I found a copy of Meteos for only $9.99, so the discount dropped it to like, $7-something. I'm so happy because Meteos is a puzzle game that I've been interested in, but it's out-of-stock/no-longer-printed, so I thought I'd have to pay alot for it. Lucky for me!

Saw a cute dress in a store for only $10 (on sale, I love sales) but didn't buy it because I needed a second opinion, and Aoi wasn't there with me. :/ She's my shopping buddy.

As for tips and bargains (since I always tend to know these things), here we go:

-- Sephora is currently giving away free samples of bareMinerals matte foundation, and a baby kabuki brush. It's absolutely free if you go to the stores and ask. I need to go back and get that, since I didn't know until after I got home and checked my email. Also, sign up for the Sephora Beauty Rewards club if you like their stores/products. Not only do you get special deals and sales, they give you a gift on your birthday. :3

-- Join the Godiva Rewards Club, too. I did! Just for signing up, you get a free piece of chocolate (including truffles!). And every month you spend at least $10, you get a free piece of chocolate. It's a good deal for me, because me and Aoi are shopping buddies and we usually split one of their Chocolixir drinks, which is $4.95, at least twice a month. So I will be getting my free delicious chocolate pretty regularly. *^^*

-- Este Lauder in Macy's will be having a special event around the 28th of July. They'll be giving out free samples of products and stuff. I don't know if you have to be on the list or something. I put my name down because I walked through Macy's heading for the shoe section, and the saleslady snagged me. I didn't want to buy the product I tested (though I'm interested) because I tend to have sensitive skin and certain things make my face go even more horrible than it already is. When I asked if she had any samples, she told me about the event.

Hmm... in other shopping news, I bought a cute wristlet from WalMart, of all places. I've been looking for one forever that matches my red shoes, and this was pretty close! Only $5 (on sale) too! And I didn't even spend money because I have a gift card. 8D! My mom saw it and said she wants one too, so I'll have to go back later this week.
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2) Furries? In my Congress? It's more likely than you think! Auuuuugh. Why a pedobear. Wryyyyyyyyyy??? And he's on LJ, too!

3) I need to get my hands on Advent Children Complete LIKE BURNING.

4) E3 didn't suck this year!

5) I'm hungry.

6) I wish I could afford the PSP Dissidia bundle from GameStop. T___T

7) WTF. It suddenly rained today, and the weather's been cooling down all week. It'll be in the 60s by Friday. I'm getting freaked out since last year at this time, we were in the scorching 100s. Well, at least the electricity bill is lower since we're not running the air conditioner.

8) ... a corollary to #6 sort of: I wish I could afford all the DS games that I want to buy. Like Henry Hatsworth, and Shin Megami Tensei, and everything else. *sigh*

9) Still hungry.

10) ... I've got nothin'.
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It is now 78 degrees, cloudy, and there's a chilly wind blowing. The low will be 48 degrees. Last night, it was 90 degrees until 10pm at night, and I have the AIM transcript to prove it.

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So. It is boiling hot again today. 90+ degree temperatures, when last week it was bitterly cold and we were having highs of 50 degrees. But by this weekend, we'll probably be in the 60s or so!

Fuck you, weather.

And fuck TPTB, because now that I have switched to shorts to wear about the house (I had previously been wearing sweat pants and long PJ bottoms because of the cold), I ended up dropping my space heater on my leg. x___X;; It hit my thigh, scraped down when it hit my knee, then fell on my foot. So now I have a lovely gash just above my knee that is probably going to bruise spectacularly, as well as bleeding from the cut. And if I had been wearing my sweat pants (which are nice and thick), I probably would just have a bit of a bruise instead of this... very obvious and painful wound. And we don't have the big bandaids in the house, so I had to put the little ones along the cut to stop the bleeding.

*shakes fist at the world*
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Holy crap it's really windy and cold right now, even though the sun is shining. It started up yesterday but this is just ridiculous. We're getting 25-35mph winds.


*huddles under a blanket*

oww ow ow

Oct. 29th, 2008 04:51 pm
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*stabs ovaries and curls into a ball*

It's hot, my ovaries hate me, and I'm so crampy I don't feel like moving. Why isn't the Midol workinggggggg.

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My layout is back! ♥ Much thanks to [ profile] sharona1x2! And of course to [ profile] driftingdoll for making me this layout that I love. ♥ ♥

In other news, I am doing laundry. I might bake cookies later if it isn't too hot. Fucking weather. It was a cold snap for all of three days, but now it's another heat wave. Well, I guess that'll be good for kiddies walking around outside on Halloween. Though, it's usually cold and dark by then. Let's see how the weather is this year. 8D;; Go global warming!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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It's been hailing for... 20 minutes now and not stopping. The streets are literally white from the hail, along with roofs, and the thunder and lightning keeps coming too.


Picture taken while it was still hailing. ^^ Used my cameraphone from my bedroom window, so the pic's not very good, but you can see how white everything is. That's all hail.

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It's ovary-stabbing time. I r teh cranky. *stabstab*

It rained last night. WTF weather?! This is totally not normal SoCal weather for this time of the year and it's starting to freak me out. I blame El Nino.

Celebrated Mother's Day, and it went decently well, even considering that I was woken up hellishly early and was bleeding like a stuck pig. But I won some money gambling, so I shall not complain. We (me, parents, and Ate Bing and my cousin with the big, youknows) went to Aqua Caliente for their Champagne Brunch, but the line was hellishly long (wtf people), so we ate at another restaurant there instead. I had a mimosa. It cheered my up quite well. And so did the delicious hot fudge sundae dessert.

Happy Birthday to everyone who had birthdays! ♥ ♥ ♥ I know I missed some because of the trauma from last week (augh). But that doesn't mean I can't give out belated spankings to all who want them~

And also, since I seem to be consolidating everything into one post of doom, for everyone in the area ([ profile] aoi, [ profile] chibi_faolan, [ profile] sukino), are we going to watch Prince Caspian this weekend? I know people have work and such so a midnight thing probably isn't possible. But what about Saturday? Sunday?

I'm gonna go do my laundry and curl up in a ball.
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The weather is bad today. It was gloomy yesterday but it rained overnight and this morning, so today is very cold and dreary and windy. The sun just came out a bit ago once the wind really started picking up, but I doubt that will last long.

In other news, my dad has the flu, so he's been staying home. Ugh. Thankfully he hasn't been harping at me all day or anything. I've been trying to steer clear of him, but this morning I woke up with a bit of a tickle in my throat. It still hasn't gone away. DX I'm hoping it does, because I CANNOT be sick next week. I CAN'T. I WON'T ALLOW MYSELF TO BE.

I've gotten through my re-review of Wills, Trusts, and I'm halfway through Evidence. I'll hopefully be starting Crim Pro/Crim Law later this evening and tomorrow. Ugh. My brain feels like it's fried. But I will persevere.

I am craving Krispy Kreme donuts (original glazed) and In 'N Out burgers (plain hamburger) something awful. I don't know why.

I wanna take a nap. ;___; Nooooo have to keep going. Argh.
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Happy Single Awareness Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Birthday to... everyone who has had a birthday since I know I've missed some!

This lack of sparkly text makes me sad, but love for everyone. ♥ Spankings too, if you want them.

Now I'm going to go kill myself studying and hope my parents don't drag me out of the house like they said they would. It's also freezing cold for some reason. Though, at least now the sun is coming out. It rained earlier and looked like it was gonna rain again.


I like this card. :3

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Not gonna go into the Heath Ledger thing, since it seems everyone's flists have exploded from the news. I found out because they said it on the radio while I was driving to the library. It's a tragic thing, and even moreso because it looks like it was drug-related. Seems to be how most actors go these days though, sadly. ;___;

In other news: Rain! Actually, it started raining last night. But color me surprised. This is like... the most rain we've gotten in winter in like... a decade. I'm just waiting for the landslides, but maybe this means that the summer won't be so fire-prone.

And I hit lvl 120/108 on Trickster. I'm still hitting up Skull whenever I get the chance, and stockpiling Ultimate equips and the decent Chaos equips. The latest batch of Chaos, I'm gonna throw to the n00bs in Paradise. :3 I can be generous. I haven't even STARTED thinking about 3rd Job yet (but I have the Adamantite I need if I go Pure). Really, I'd rather focus on my 2nd Job skills first (Gravity Crush!) before thinking about 3rd, since Pure Darks didn't get very many good skills (Fear is haxx though). I'd prefer more 2nd Job skills to come out, actually (Blind!!).

I should probably... do something besides wander about the internet. >___>;;
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Yesterday it was all doom and gloom and buckets of rain and people who didn't know how to drive. Now today it's all sunshine and happiness.

Fuck you, too, weather.
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So, I've decided that I'm going to cook the Chicken Parmigana from Bertolli for my dinner. Yay for one skillet meals. Also gonna toss the last garlic bread loaf we have in the freezer into the oven to go with the pasta. Mostly gonna do that so the oven helps warm up the house. >_>;; I'm also gonna see if we have brownie mix or something to bake, to keep that oven going.

Or I could, you know, turn the heater on. Decisions, decisions.

My parents also just left to do their weekly gambling thing. Maybe I should see if Aoi is home so I can raid her internet and do the Anniversary Event on Trickster. Or I can try and go sometime this weekend, so I have a full day of it. I have bajillions of Old Passports. ♥


I am weak. And frozen. So I turned on the heater. ^^;; Threw the bread in the oven anyway, but I'm considering whether or not to make the brownies.
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It's so freaking cold! And overcast and gloomy and argh.

T___T Time for me to haul my little portable heater back into my room.

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*yawns and flops over*

Weather is pissing me off because the temperatures keep fluctuating and something is setting off my allergies, so my nose is kinda runny and my eyes are watery. x___X And having my ovaries screaming at me doesn't help. Didn't go to be until nearly 3am last night, mostly because I was reading fic I had saved on my comp, but also because I couldn't find a comfy position to lay down.

Managed to get on Trickster a bit to drill (have more 2nds for Moff to sell for me), but now I've put Makokun in Seabed Field 5 in Ghost Blue. I'm going to hunt Baby Pockets for comping MA from the Sea Dragons. Hahahaha. I can OHKO them and the Gentle Stings. I won't leave until I run out of pots and/or hit 99% WT. The only thing is that I have to stay away from the Leviathans, which are a lvl 209 monster. Luckily, they seem to only stay at the bottom of the map, so I can avoid them. I want to farm as many Baby Pockets as I can before they get rid of Ghost Blue. T___T

Oh, and on Sunday, I was dragged away to the casino by my parents. Kinda bleh and I was feeling cranky about it. Especially when the restaurants didn't have lunch on Sundays (they have brunch), so we had to wait until 4pm to eat. I was starved, but luckily a hot chocolate and apple danish from the coffee shop filled up my belly. Parents gave me some cash to gamble with, and I had a little pocket money of my own. I vowed to not blow all the cash and hang onto it as much as possible. But I ended up being lucky and even though I lost some money at the machines, I ended up ahead. *____* By... like, alot. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'll have to go to the bank to deposit it (so I don't spend it), but I'll keep a little as my own personal cash for doing things shopping with. If I can hold on to that lucky money, I can use it as Xmas present cash. ^^ But I'll probably end up paying off my bills with it instead. XP

Oh well, I'm not complaining. And at least I didn't press my luck after I broke even and got ahead. I tend to do that because I'm bored and/or curious about the games.
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The weather is chilly and overcast and nasty again.


A request

Sep. 20th, 2007 01:06 pm
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... this bunny demands love and cuddles all day. The weather is all overcast and nasty outside, and I'm still feeling grumpy from last night.



Hey, look! It's teen!Rikka!

cut for picture )

Okay. No. It's actually Joshua from SubaSeki, but whenever I see him, I think he's a teen!Rikka. Then again, maybe I shouldn't, since I sorta like Joshua/Neku, and Neku looks like Sora, and that's a whole lot of badtouch right there.
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*eats BBQ*

... still hot. BBQ and Drumstick ice cream cones are the only thing good about today.

[ profile] aoi! Let me come over tomorrow and rape your internets. 8D!
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Auuuuuuuuuugh! Sohot! 101 degrees already when I checked and that was before Noon. *camps out in front of the fans* T___T

Also, was rudely woken up this morning at 10:30am (yes, I checked the time) by an earthquake. Man, it's was a long, strong, shaky one too. @___@ After the first jolt, I thought it was over, but then the ground kept moving for what felt like a minute, but was probably only 30 seconds or less. I actually had the thought: "Holy shit, this one is lasting a long time."

And then it stopped.

And then I rolled over and slept for another half hour.

I've just looked up the earthquake and submitted my comment about it. ^^ Yes, I'm a geek, but I think it's fun.


And now there's a thunderstorm. It's raining pretty hard, but it's kinda bright and sunny, and I hear thunder. WTF weather. WTF. I hope dad still BBQs later. I want to eat some meat.


... this is more rain than we got like... all winter.
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It is after midnight and the temperature is 81 degrees. The high tomorrow here will be 89 degrees.

I feel sorry for all the poor bastards at Coachella this weekend. XD;; They're going to die of the heat out there, even if the music is good.


Apr. 20th, 2007 01:28 pm
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It's raining HARD! And it's COLD! And my dad is still home for some reason and didn't go to work! (Probably because he's sick and was coughing all last night). And my lower back hurts! If I have my period on Monday when I'm supposed to have my teeth drilled, I'm gonna be PISSED.


Also, [ profile] aoi is teh evile and tempting me even more to go to JRock Revolution. T___T! I really wanna go now and feel all excited and squeeful, but it's on May 25-26. The 25th is my mom's birthday. Also, money is a problem for me. And the Bar Exam is the end of July. *whines*

BTW, Aoi... the tickets are listed up on TicketMaster now, but you can't buy them until tomorrow. I think if you're gonna get the tickets, you need to be ready, since alot of girls look like they're gonna be buying more than one ticket.

... *whines again and rolls around*


Ah ha! I found the TicketMaster page for the two-day pass. Obviously, I rule.


Mar. 27th, 2007 02:33 pm
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It's raining. WTF weather.

The only good thing so far today is that I watched the Crisis Core trailer from Jump Festa. :3 Oh, Zack and Cloud are so squishyloveydovey. ♥ Hearing Cloud laugh was THE GREATEST THING. *___* I feel all wibbly from seeing it.

Also, I have lots of chocolate and ice cream still. Whee.

But it's still cold and raining. Boo.
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It is freaking cold right now, and stormy. Yesterday it drizzled, but this morning there was full on BUCKETS pouring. And there's still dark clouds even now. *shivers* A few days ago I was panting from the heat at this time, but now I'm in layers again.

I thought March was supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb?

Anyway, in probably not related news, the wireless keeps dropping me constantly. I think it knows when I'm on AIM and want to chat, or when I want to RP, or play Trickster, or an reading a particularly good fic. Because THAT'S when the connection drops out on me. XP Bleh. It's making me sorta cranky, but that might just be hormones.

I have a strange craving for cheesy garlic bread. I don't know why. It just sounds really good right now.


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