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... okay, so this is a day late, but you can blame my NYE for that. It's the thought that counts, right? Right?

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I hope everyone has a good day today. ♥
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Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday on Tuesday! ♥ ♥ ♥

Having a birthday that's during the week is always kind of bleh, because you can't really go out and do stuff on a Tuesday. Boo. I had a low-key birthday day, but I still had a pleasant day that made me happy, so that's always good. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to meet up with friends and have lunch or dinner or something. I get free desserts at TGI Friday's and Buffalo Wild Wings. :3

And I found out that the Inland Empire's First Annual Chocolate Festival is being held on April 21st. XDDDDDD! I think I'm going to make that my "birthday" event, even if it's like 2 weeks after my actual bday. It's worth it for chocolate and wine tastings. Yum~

Anyway, the birthday haul... which isn't very much since I don't get presents from anyone in my family, not even my parents. So let's make this Free Stuff (or heavily discounted) I Got For My Birthday instead.

-- Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo Set from Sephora
-- free truffle FUCK YOU TOO GODIVA
-- Buy One Get One Free ice cream from Coldstone (I got Birthday Cake Remix, of course, and Oreo Overload)
-- $25 Gamestop giftcard (okay, this is a promo from eRewards that I earned, but I'm totally counting it even if it's still being shipped to me)
-- 50% off some pretty crystals I've been lusting after at Michaels. TRUEFAX: they released a one day coupon valid only on my bday, so I went to see what they had since I was out already. I thought they'd sold out of the crystals I liked months ago and never restocked them (I've been checking diligently) but I managed to find ONE STRAND buried behind a bunch of other beads in a totally different section. It is fate. So I got them. :3
-- Wishes and kisses from friends... too many to count ♥
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And don't forget to celebrate Half-Price Chocolate Day tomorrow. :3
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... depending on what time zone you're in and when you read this. I hope everyone has a good night and rings in 2012 happily. Because after this, we have to start preparing for the Apocalypse. :P
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Let the ravenous feast begin!

And, because I'm in a holiday mood, I'll give you one of my tips for having a very delicious turkey with crispy skin. Before chucking the turkey into the oven, places nice-sized pats of butter on the top of the turkey where the turkey is 'flattest', i.e.: where the butter won't slide off right away while it melts. Don't forget to put good-sized pats in the joints, like where the leg meets the breast and the wing joints.

Put your turkey in the oven and let it roast.

Periodically, (after those first pats have melted into deliciousness) rub the turkey with more butter, especially in places that don't seem like they're getting brown enough (like the sides). The heat of the turkey and the oven will melt the butter as you rub, so you might as well reserve a whole stick for turkey duty.

No, this is not something to do if you're counting calories, but fuck that it's Thanksgiving.

If you use one whole stick of butter on your turkey (maybe more if it's big), you should apply butter roughly three times: the first application when the turkey is cold at the beginning, a rub with butter about halfway through, and another rub with butter about an hour before the turkey finishes cooking. Your turkey skin will be golden and delicious and moist and flavorful, and doing this also means you won't have to baste your turkey, because the butter will work its way into the meat as well.

For more flavor, consider using an herb butter (homemade is just fine) to add more 'omph'.

Devour with impunity! Enjoy!

... P.S. The butter trick also works with roasting chicken. But you use considerably less butter. ♥
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Hello out there, denizens of LJ-land!

I know it's been awhile since my last really big update, so I've decided to catch everyone up on what's been going on with me IRL to keep me away from my beloved internets (besides all the damn outages and DDOS attacks LJ has been suffering). I've actually been pretty busy lately with...


Yes, I've actually started up a small business featuring my artisan jewelry. You can also find me on Etsy, though the selling portion of my shop isn't up yet. ♥ I've actually been making jewelry as a hobby and to keep busy, but after making a lot for friends and family (and myself), I was encouraged to expand and sell to everyone who wants one-of-a-kind, affordable pieces of jewelry. I'm pretty enthused about this, since it's something creative that I enjoy doing, and I certainly don't mind making money doing it.

I've also been accepted to the Inland Empire Women's Business Center's 'It's Your Time' Program. It's a non-profit program that runs about six months long and is specifically aimed at helping and encouraging women in my area (the Inland Empire) to be successful small business owners. I'm really happy to have been accepted into the program, even if my 'final' of writing a complete business plan (with financials!) is a bit daunting. But hopefully I'll be successful. And all of y'all can cross your fingers for me, because the person who has the best business plan wins a prize package worth... I think it's over $3000. All I know is that last year, the winner got an iPad as part of the prize package. :3 I could use something like that definitely.

Actually, I've been pretty busy attending my classes and networking and, of course, selling my jewelry every month at Riverside's Art Walk. Though, now I'm hoping to expand to other local art events and farmer's markets and the like.

And now for the shameless pimping:

All of my jewelry is for sale.

I'm also available for custom orders (just ask Pet and Aoi and K-chan, since I've made pieces for them). Please feel free to contact me through FB, Etsy, e-mail, or -- of course -- here on LJ if you'd like to purchase something or get custom jewelry made for you. The holiday season is approaching! So you should totally buy presents for everyone you know from me. :3

I've been thinking of a way to kickstart some funding for my business as well (buying supplies is pricey when you work with semi-precious gemstones), so I'm considering offering up a little promotion. I'm working on cute angel pendant necklaces for the holidays. They're made of freshwater pearl, antique silver wings and halos, with high quality crystal bodies, each individually handmade and hung from sterling silver plated chain. If you're interested in a necklace (or a smaller pair for earrings), drop me a line. I'll custom make an angel (or two) for you in your choice of color for $20. I already have some made for sale, so I'll be posting a couple pictures later on FB and here on LJ for everyone to see.

♥ ♥ ♥

Aaaaaaaaaaand to return the favor, since she already pimped me out, [personal profile] gunxshyed is making CHUBBY POTTERS for sale. They're absolutely adorable felt ornaments that are individually handmade for you. She's made Snape and Harry so far, with a Draco as a custom chubby. I think she's willing to make anyone you want, so you should totally hit her up for cuteness.


So was that pimping shameless enough, or should I have more blinking text?
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Happy Force of July!
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Or, in the alternate:


In both cases, I hope everyone is happy and eats lots of chocolate. ♥
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I hope your day was filled with happiness and AWESOMENESS.
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I hope your day was filled with perviness. ♥
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I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season. Eat well, make merry, and have good will towards everyone. ♥
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Pretty much spent all of yesterday with Aoi-chan having a movie fest. We watched Inception, Kick-Ass, Taken, and Curse of the Golden Flower. A pretty eclectic mix of movies, connected by their awesomeness. And, in two of the movies, the actor who plays Percy (Operations) on Nikita.


Definitely a good way to spend a cold rainy day. Especially with all the popcorn and cookies and pizza for dinner.
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Or Happy Thursday for those who don't celebrate. :3

My house smells so good right now. I'm hungry. ;__;


Oct. 31st, 2010 09:11 pm
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Even after all these years, I still feel a happy thrill whenever I get an alert in my email about someone putting on of my fics on FF.Net on their Favorites. And I'm really happy when I get a little review, even if it's along the lines of: "Yay. It's good."

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Mostly for Lav, but of interest to anyone who wants organic food.

I checked AZ for you Lav, and farmers actually do exist in your state! I know. Shocker.
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Tomorrow is one of the most dreaded days on the calendar, at least for Americans. XP

To make things a little better, here's a list of free stuff you can get tomorrow. Well, the first part of the list is the free stuff, the second part is things discounted and such. It's all good.

I might hit up the Cinnabon tomorrow. >_>;;
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Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday~! ♥ ♥ ♥

I had a great time on my birthday. I finally decided to go to San Diego (with Aoi, K-chan, Pet and my parents), specifically Seaport Village. I always loved going there when I was little, and I haven't been back in... 10 years practically. It's still a fabulous place to spend the day. ♥ The Busker Festival was on my birthday, too, so there were a bunch of street performers everywhere, doing their acts. So it was free entertainment!

Oh, Bob. It was worth it just for his act. XD;; I laughed so hard during his performance.

There's so many cute shops and things, and it's right on the ocean, and the weather was fabulous, so I was happy. There was a beautiful view to Coranado, and people were sailing their boats in the harbor. :3 Oh, and I dressed up (there's pictures forthcoming) so all in all it was a very win day.

Also managed to find a new pretty-smelling-things obsession at one of the shops called Bath Junkie. They customize and hand-make a whole bunch of bath/beauty products for you, like scrubs, lotions, soaps, etc. It's so awesome. I bought myself one bottle of their Body Dessert lotion/moisturizer stuff; and I customized it to smell like Asian Rain/China Blossom, and it is purple. I really wanted to get their exfoliating scrub stuff, but that might have to wait for another day.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with my friends and family (even if Pet was loud and wanted to watch a guy bash his head on the rocks). ♥

And, of course, THE LOOT:

-- Shin Megumi Tensei Devil Survivor (for the DS)
-- a box of Krispy Kremes
-- Earthly Delights, by the lady who wrote The Other Boleyn Girl
-- a bottle of Velvet Tuberose lotion
-- Body Dessert lotion (a present to myself~)
-- Cream & Cookies ice cream in a waffle cone from Ben & Jerry's

Haven't seen my closer relatives yet, so I don't know if I'll be getting presents from them. Maybe I should shake them down. :P
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I suspect that my flist will be rather quiet for the next week, since Final Fantasy XIII dropped today. ♥

Have fun gaming, everybody! Stay hydrated!
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For those of you near a Ben&Jerry's, they're selling special $1 scoops of ice cream to celebrate one of the snowboarder's silver medals from the Olympics. The flavor you get is Hannah's Maple Blondie, since the snowboarder's name is Hannah.

"Maple Blondie is maple ice cream with a maple caramel swirl and blonde brownie chunks."

Go forth and devour!
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For [profile] luscious_sarah, who requested my interpretation of the Sistine Chapel.

... I only did part of it, the most famous part!

I know it's fabulous )
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So, last night I was dragged out (in the rain!) to be sociable and stuff. Went out for the launch party of K-chan's sister's band with her, Aoi and Pet. They're called Buddha Bomb, and they were releasing their first full length CD last night. ^^ It was a pretty good time, everyone was very enthusiastic about things. Though, I'm very glad we had dinner beforehand. XD;;

Highlight of the evening was definitely seeing the many boys in kilts walking by. They were a band that played first called California Celtic. Mwehehehehe. Boys in skirts!

Before this, a couple weeks ago, I got my hair cut finally. I was starting to look like a shaggy dog again, even though I'd gotten my previous hairstyle in November. Now I've got an A-line bob, shorter in the back and longer near the front. I'm very happy to have shorter hair again.

But now it is raining (boo), so I think I'll bake chocolate chip cookies to help warm up the house (and fill my tummy). Also, I only have one more week of work. ;o; Goodbye, money. I loved you very much.
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I hope everyone had a rockin' New Year's Eve, and an enjoyable New Year's Day. ♥ I suppose this is where I do the holiday rundown thing, since I haven't done one yet. Been waiting for all my presents first. X3!

cut for babbliness )
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I hope everyone has happy holidays and an enjoyable weekend. ♥
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Or for those of you who don't celebrate: HAPPY FOURTH THURSDAY IN NOVEMBER!

And, since people tend to be endlessly curious about what gets served during holiday meals at my house, here is the menu for dinner.

Hor d'oeuvres:

~ Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms
~ Crab Rangoons
~ Chocolate Chip Cookies


~ Roast Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing
~ Prime Rib (brought by my cousin)


~ Loaded Mashed Potatoes
~ Wild Rice
~ Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce
~ Mixed Lemon Herb Vegetables


~ Apple Pie
~ Lemon Custard Pie
~ Flan

Still deciding whether I should make crescent rolls, but I think there's enough starches in the meal. Also, I am quite proud of the fact that I don't always make things from scratch thank-you-very-much. I'm pretty much handling all the side dishes and the apple pie this year. And I'm not sure if my mom is actually putting the stuffing into the bird, or making it separate in a dish. If it's seperate, I'll probably do that, too. I ate a cookie already. My dad just had to run to the store to buy more mushrooms.

Yay food! ♥
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Gaia Online is having their Halloween Event and I'm trying to work my way through it (very very slowly >_>;;). But I need followers to do some of the missions, so if you'd like to help me out, please click this link.



Oops! I forgot to say that the link above is for my B.O.O.-sided account (a.k.a. The Good Guys). This link is for my S.I.N.-sided account. Yay for having account mules.

Clicking on both gets you twice the love!


Oh, fine. If you have Gaia accounts, pimp your links in the comments, so we can go on mutual follower-sprees. ♥
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Japanese Mochi Ice Cream recipe, for if you wanna take a stab at making it yourself.

Or you could be like me and buy your mochi ice cream from a grocery store. This brand is decent -- though nothing compares to mochi fresh from the shop -- though it gets points for availability. If a grocery store near you actually carries these, that is. I actually found them in the ice cream section of the Stater Brothers near my house.

The third option is being super fancy and ordering Bubbies mochi ice cream to be shipped to you. It's gourmet and super-expensive and from Hawaii though. But they're apparently one of the best mochi ice cream makers in the world.

I still prefer that little shop in Little Tokyo though. XP ♥

Oh, and have a recipe for Sea Salt ice cream, too. It came up during my search, so fear my google-fu.
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Man, there is just so much stuff that's been happening that I know I should write a post about, but I've been too lazy. OTL Clearly, I fail at life. Maybe I'll do a list... or bullet points. I seem to think in a bullet point kind of way.

But I just had one of the busiest long weekends of my life, I think. ♥ [ profile] luscious_sarah came to visit, and there was much dorkery and Disneyland with her, [ profile] sukino, [ profile] aoi, and even a bit with [ profile] chibi_faolan.

I guess a quick rundown would go like this:

-- In 'N Out
-- Disneyland
-- Huntington Gardens and Library
-- Little Tokyo
-- Third Street Promenade
-- Santa Monica Pier

♥ ♥ ♥

And before that there was:

-- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
-- Watchmen on Blue-Ray (x2!)
-- Shopping and buying cute dresses
-- free chocolate from Godiva

Very much fun, but now I think I shall be a hermit until Halloween because of the overload. XD;; Then again, I tend to do things in spurts like that.

Also, I am endlessly jealous of everyone who has Dissidia and is playing it right now.

*shakes fist at*
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I know there are some Shin Megami Tensei fans on my flist, so this question is for you, since I have no idea what the game(s) are like.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is coming out this week for the DS. I am interested in it, but don't want to waste my GameStop giftcard on a game I might not like playing or wouldn't be interested in. So, who out there has played the Shin Megami Tensei games? There's like... a whole bunch of them or something, right? What kind of a game is it? I read something about how it's like Pokemon, but with demons or something and I don't know if that's true or not.

Please help me! Or else I'll just save my giftcard for 358/2 Days.
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Let's keep track:

+ I have Advent Children Complete!
- Had to go to two different Targets on opposite sides of the city for it.
+ Got it for only $7, instead of $30.
- Started my period.
+ Bought lots of tasty McDonald's to chow down on.
+ Didn't have to use my own money for it.
+ Got two free collectible glasses!
- Cramping.
+ Showered!
- Ran out of nice smelling lotion.
+ Spent time with [personal profile] aoi (since she drove me around today).
- Still bleeding.
+ Still have more chicken nuggets and french fries to eat later!

... yes, I think I'm reasonably ahead for the day. :D!
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[personal profile] sukino, this is totally your fault. Yours and your Star Trek squee. For everyone else, me, Pet and Aoi went out yesterday and watched the new Star Trek movie, and it was AWESOME.

Hence, I am now pimping a great fic I found.


'Dear Ambassador Spock,' Jim writes, 'The new Spock thinks I am a total asshole and that sucks.'
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I have two Dreamwidth codes if anyone wants to have an account there. Feel free to comment and ask for one.
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Courtesy of WalletPop, I give you yet another list of free things for you to take advantage of! All dealing with food!

Mars Corp is giving away 250,000 every Friday for a free candy bar. How is free chocolate not a good thing? Be careful though because there's reports that the servers have been crashing as people try to get their coupons.

♥ For the nurses on my flist, you can get a free Cinnabon during National Nurses Week, which is 5/6 through 5/12. Lucky you.

♥ And for the foodies and/or people who just like to cook get yourself some free recipe booklets. Most are downloadable!
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I've got links accumulating here that I've been wanting to pimp out, but I keep forgetting. XD;; So I might as well consolidate and put it all in one big post, right? Right!

♥ First of all, for the foodies on my flist (or wanna-be foodies like me), you can go here to sign up to recipe 8 free recipe booklets. I love recipes since I can make practically anything as long as I have a recipe to follow. There's a good selection of choices here, from bread baking recipes, to seafood, to cooking with wine. I signed up to get all of them. XD;;

♥ Now for a bit of humor... Uncomfortable Plot Summaries. Exactly what it says; plot summaries of a bunch of movies and books, in a very uncomfortable fashion. Some of my favorites include:

-- 300: Gays kill blacks.
-- Highlander: Elderly immigrant destroys property.
-- Harry Potter: Celebrity jock thinks rules don't apply to him, is right.
-- Lord of the Rings: Midget destroys stolen property.
-- The Golden Compass: Critique of Catholicism upstaged by polar bear fight.

XD;; Joss ends up on the list for pretty much everything he's ever done, too.

♥ Now, because everyone loves zombies and literature, have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's Pride and Prejudice, but with zombies! I BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING. I want to read this, if only for the opening line.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains."

♥ This has been passed around, but I'll link it, too, in case anyone hasn't read it. Why Aren't People Commenting On My Post/Story/Whatever?

♥ Oh, and since we all love food around here, this is the perfect way to end this post: The Fandom Recipe Book. I still haven't downloaded it yet (because of my slow-ass connection), but everyone says it's really good.

... and now, time for lunch!
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Remember that all the candy will be on sale tomorrow! ♥


For you foodies out there who always like to know what I cook on holidays, here is our Easter dinner menu.

~*~ Beef Ribeye Roast
~*~ Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce
~*~ Lemon Pepper Baby Carrots
~*~ Bacon and Cheddar Skillet Potatoes
~*~ French Bread with Butter
~*~ Caramel and Pecan Turtle Pie (okay this was frozen but I don't make pie from scratch :P)

We have so much leftover, since my Aunt and her family couldn't show up today. I guess I know what I'm eating for the rest of the week. XD;


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