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There are some days when you just want to chuck a katana at a DON helicopter. That was me yesterday. I'm glad today is my day off and I am feeling very much less rage-y. I was able to sleep in (yay), had an apple turnover for breakfast (yay), and just had lunch (yay). Internet is being slow (boo), but after messing around a bit online, I'll get to organizing/wrapping some of the presents I bought for Christmas (yay).

Unfortunately, some of the gifts are oddly-shaped and don't have boxes. D: I'll do my best. And then, once dad gets home, I will consider putting the light-up reindeer and the big inflatable snowglobe in the front yard. We have lights and the tree up already, but the rain had put our other decorations on hold. But it's not raining now (yay).

I feel babbly.
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The company potluck/holiday party is this afternoon at 2pm. I'm wondering if I can hold out until then to eat lunch, so I can clock out during it. We're not supposed to stay clocked in during a party like this. XD;;

*nibbles her bagel and drinks coffee*

No other real job-related news, except for co-worker drama, which I think, is somewhat worse than resident drama. After all, the residents are legitimately crazy. >_>;;

Been doing little stupid updates via Facebook, but I guess everyone here should know that I'm trying to fight getting a cold. I've been chugging Airborne since earlier this week, since I've been getting snotty when I sleep and when I wake up in the morning and... pretty much the rest of the day. ^^;; Sneezing frequently too, which is strange, because I'm not a big sneezer. But no coughing, so that's good.

Ooooooohhh coffee... I love you.

Okay, I think it's time to stop making posts at work, even though I'm not doing anything yet. It's Friday, and today is usually the slow day.
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Why am I awake.

Why am I at work?

Oh right. They're calling me in every day this week because the State is here.

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So. Uh. I seem to have gotten myself a job.

Yeah, I know. It's shocking to me, too.

cut for job-related babble )

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have to be at work on Monday.
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I think I'll cut this because I might get mean or ranty or long and this is mostly just something I've been thinking about for a few days now.

babble about an RL thing )
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Another day, another job fair. *sighs a little* Though, I do have my resume in at the company my aunt works for. I'm hopeful that I'll get an interview. x__X;; Main good part about today is that I had a double-double from In 'N Out for lunch (and a caramel machiatto from Starbuck's this morning).

Oh! But I ran into (not literally) an asshole driver on my way home. I was in the fast lane and doing a good 70/75 m.p.h. which was the flow of traffic as the freeways were pretty clear from Ontario to Riverside. Now, I was driving the SUV, and I don't like to drive too fast in it since then it sucks up gas like a bitch. I was pretty much cruising along and the asshole suddenly shows up in my rearview mirror and is practically on my ass.

I was like "whatever bitch", because I was getting into the part of the freeway where cops usually hide so they can nail speeders. I went up to 75 then stayed there, and this guy was still all in my rearview. Finally, the other lanes opened up a bit, and he switched to the second lane and I said to myself: "He's going to try to speed up and overtake me and get into the fast lane."

So, naturally, I stepped on the gas. :D!

I went up to just above 80, and passed this slower car in the second lane who had previously been some ways ahead. LOLZ. The asshole got stuck behind the slower car and I cruised by, and he got annoyed and switched back into the fast lane behind me. Except this time he was practically kissing my bumper. I sped up to nearly 85 just to get him off my ass and put some space between us, then I took my foot off the gas to slow down, as Riverside and the interchange was coming up. |D;;

I smiled the whole time he was behind me.

He finally switched lanes to get to the 91, and I laughed as he sped up past 80 in the second or third lane (I was back to 70 again since I hate fast braking in traffic), then had to slam on his brakes quick as he got stuck behind a bunch of big rigs and trucks that regularly bottle that side of the interchange. I almost waved at him as I zipped by free and clear in the fast lane.

Oh, and I just ate two vanilla mochi ice creams. They are so delicious. Like little clouds melting in my mouth. ♥


Aug. 28th, 2008 02:27 pm
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So far today has been bad. Or at least annoying. Except for the food. I bought a Double Double from In 'N Out to make me feel better. Mmmm double meat and double cheese. But no bacon, sorry, Ri.

I put pantyhose on today for nothing. XP
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Uhm. So. I think I might have a job...? Sorta?
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It's true what they say, that your life flashes before your eyes before a traumatic event. Or, at the very least, time goes all wonky in respect to you. It's such a weird feeling.

explanations and what I've been doing lately )

Aside from that, not much interesting has been happening for me lately. I've been trying to get to Aoi's to play Trickster as much as I can to finish the Turkey Day Event. I've done 17 runs of the monster quest out of 25. It's pretty easy except that the spawn rate of the monsters is so slow. But I'm still hoping to get the ChocoAlmond equips (or at least the shield).

Also have a job interview tomorrow morning. \o/ I hope I do well. T__T


Sep. 13th, 2007 07:34 am
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*ish awake*
*gets ready for job fair*

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So, here I am, awake and getting ready to get dressed and such for my interview.

Only, you know, I just got off the phone after leaving a message on voicemail for the lady who called me to set up the interview. Because I STILL haven't gotten the email that I was supposed to get that tells me where the hell I'm supposed to go and who I'm supposed to talk to. The email that I was assured I'd get when I made the interview on Wednesday, and the same email that I was once again assured of getting Friday night when I called the lady on Friday at before lunch.

I left a very polite and professional voicemail, with my own cell# AND my email address, just in case they somehow didn't see it on the top of my resume. I also said that if I didn't get the information soon, I would not be able to go to the interview.

I wash my hands of this. I made every effort to try to get information from these people in a nice, polite manner. It's no longer my fault if I don't go anywhere today. >_O;; I'm mostly annoyed by their unprofessionality, frankly. Maybe they really DO need to hire more people, if they can't send out form emails on time.

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So, managed to call the people back, and confirmed that I will get instructions/directions in my email by tonight. Thank goodness, since I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go, and the interview is Monday. I think I should tweak my resume some more, too.

I just cooked a small beef roast in the toaster oven. I love this brand, since the roast came pre-seasoned, so all I had to do was throw it in the oven for 45 minutes or so. Am now making Wild Rice to go with the roast. If my parents don't eat it, then they're ungrateful and I'll have it all myself.


Why, no. There's no particular reason why I'm using this icon. Lies. >_>;;


For those who are curious, this is the roast: Tyson Steakhouse Blend. Perfectly seasoned, and feeds alot for a small-looking cut of beef.
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*drills on Makosensei*


... on a better note, I have an interview on Monday, at 11 am. :3 I'm not sure where it is, but I'm suppsed to get an email with directions and details on who I'm supposed to meet and such. I am hopeful!

Oh, and since I commented on [ profile] luscious_sarah's LJ, here is mine...

Pay It Forward: I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment here on my blog. I don’t know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.

Addendum: ... it might not be handmade. >_>;; Unless you count handwritten fic, which I am leaning towards. I'm so glad I have a year. .___. Maybe I'll try and make something, since I have a good bit of time.
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... I very much enjoy lazy Sundays. It's nice to sleep in and pretty much do nothing all day. Especially when breakfast is a Cinnabon and lunch is fried chicken and potato wedges. ♥ I've had the "Naruto Hundo" on TV for background noise this evening. Hehehehe... we're at the part where the Sannin fight, and now they're heading back to Konoha. Oh, and I took a nice leisurely shower. Yay.

I bought this nice body balm stuff from a Bath&Body Works store while in Vegas (everything was 75% off, so the $25+ jar was only like... $4). It smells like oranges and spice and I really love it. It's... not exactly lotion or body butter, but a "balm". It sorta looks like petroleum jelly in the jar, and has sorta the same texture. I was worried because it seemed like it would be totally greasy, but it's not. It smoothes on and sinks into your skin, and is very very wonderful. ♥ I wash my hands alot, but this stuff is helping them stay smooth and not dry out much better than lotion. I approve!

Also managed to get on Trickster a bit, and finished the last rounds of monster quests for the Fiesta Event. Hahaha... gained another TMlevel because of the TMexp it gives. And since Moff managed to vend off most of my stuff (except the Rose Gun and Custom Metal Gun), I have now hit the 2million mark. :D! Sohappy. Have now gone back to Pyramid Dungeon to drill up those damn Canopic Jars. x___X;; I just need 4 more of the one I'm missing, and I'd be able to finish that quest 10 times! That's where the good quest rewards end. On the hunt for more World Certificates, too, so that I can get more of the World Balloon pet. Hopefully they fix it during the patch, so that it's tradeable. Then I can rake in the cash. $____$

Have set out my suit to wear for tomorrow. And I have my resumes and stuff. All I need to do is transfer my wallet and such to my "Big Girl Bag" (v. professional looking) from my normal tote bag, and I'll be ready. Bleh. I don't have high hopes for tomorrow (but I'm hopeful about the job fair in September), but I'm still gonna give it my best. I really really need to get some sort of employment soon. x___X I need to check up on the City of Los Angeles job, too. That sounded interesting (sorta), and I wouldn't mind working for the City. I think I'll treat myself to Starbuck's tomorrow morning, and figure out what to do for lunch once I'm done with the job fair.

I think I might poke around for dinner and see if there's fried chicken left.
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Maternal unit is frying french fries and fried chicken for dinner. This makes me hate her a little less. But mostly, I am severely annoyed at her harping on me about getting a job. Does she think I'm not trying or something? At this point not even McD's would hire me, since once they see on my resume that I'm a lawyer (or have my degree anyway) they reject me. And all the lawyering jobs I find that I'm interested in require, oh, I dunno, acceptance ito the CA Bar. =___=;;

But on Monday I'm going to a job fair in Anaheim, since I scored an interview from one before. There's another in Ontario in September that I wanna go to, too.

Bleh. At least I have fried chicken.

In Trickster news, I'm level 61/57 now. Thank you, Nora Sprayers quest. ♥ I've been spending most of my time in Nora's Sewer to level up and do the quest. I put on my GMV and switched out to my better lvl 60 equips, and damn, I'm doing some good damage now, and can tank hits pretty well. ^___^

Today I managed to teleport to the top of Nora's (needs 1 Nora Doll and 1 Crystal Coupon [5 galder coupon/paper/crystal compounded by Paul]) and wandered around Abyss Dungeon 3 for a bit. All the Salamanders are there (lvl 71+) and I know I need their drops for compounding. It's not a bad place to fight, but they hit hard and love raping you mobbing.

Also realized that since I leveled to 61, I can do the next set of the World Fiesta monster quests. The monsters are lvl 70 Cucools, and the reward is a very very nice 2 million TMexp each time. I think I'm gonna do that now, since my TMlevel is lagging behind again, and I need the points for my skills. God, I love Hellfire so much. Since I got Arrow Rush, I no longer see 1000+ damage for my arrows, so I've gotten used to seeing smaller amounts of damage multiple times. But when my Hellfire connects (god it has bad accuracy), it's always 1000+ damage, which makes me happy in my Dragon pants... skirt. Dragons wear skirts. >.>;;

Yay. ♥ Massive damage is why I went Dark in the first place. XD!
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So yesterday's job fair thingy was sort of a bust. =__=;; It was more oriented towards sales positions than I thought it would be, and seemed more for people who were already in Sales than for people who are trying to get in. But I found myself amused by the fact that Forest Lawns is hiring estate planners. Well, it's an industry that will never die at any rate. Ha ha ha. *shot*

I got to the hotel about an hour early (because traffic was bad, but not as bad as I thought it would be), so I got to be bored in the lobby. But I had a very nice fruit salad with lots of pineapple and strawberries. And potato chips. Which really don't taste very good with fruit salad. Bleh.

Today was shopping! Which makes me happy. ♥ There was a dress that I saw advertised online and it looked really nice, so I wanted to see it and buy it. So me and mom went to the mall (JC Penney was selling the dress) to shop. But the dress which looked very nice in the pictures was rather bleh when I saw it on the rack. It would've been terrible on me. But I managed to buy some cute tops instead, which makes me happy.

Then dad swung by (he has jury duty until next week), then him and mom went out to Morongo and I got to shop more (and use the credit card $__$). Forever 21 was having a sale (hush, I know it's a teenybopper store but sometimes the stuff there is cute), so I scored a number of tops for REALLY cheap (two of my shirts were only $3.99!). Also, I found the CUTEST dress and bought it. It's all swishy in the skirt and kinda belted high like an empire waist which means when I wear it, IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE BOOBS. 8D! I was very happy to get my hands on that dress. AND it was less expensive than the dress I had originally wanted. w00t.

Bought myself chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Field's and then KFC, because it had a drive-thru and I didn't want McDonald's again. Yay biscuits and mashed potatoes!

Also I am SO VERY CLOSE to hitting lvl 36 on Trickster. BUT! There are sexy sexy TMexp quests that I want to do, so I went and suicided myself against high level monsters, because when you die in Trickster you lose like... 0.3% EXP. XD! I killed things for quest items until 99.8%, then suicided myself down to 95%, but then I actually managed to kill some of those high level monsters and my EXP went up again. Ahahaha. So I suicided myself down to 80%. I've just been drilling for items lately, which I actually find fun. I'm thinking that maybe I don't NEED those TMexp quests because I drill excessively. I will have to decide. When the wireless doesn't keep kicking me in the middle of those quests. I SWEAR it knows when I need to stay online, and kicks and lags me ONLY then. Grrr!

So, all in all, today was a good day.

Tomorrow I am doing laundry.
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It rained last night. T_T And it's been cold and cloudy all day. *shivers*

I hope it clears up by tomorrow evening. I'm going to another job fair thingy, but it isn't until 6pm. Sorta weird, but this one is hosted by a hiring company, People Not Paper, and they have a pretty interesting lineup for how it'll work. It won't just be a "cattle call" with walking around to booths; instead, I've sent my resume in for the employers to look at beforehand, and during the fair every company will give a 2 minute presentation on who they are and what they're looking for, and the job seekers get little 'introduction cards' from companies who are interested in talking to you more after seeing your resume. And of course, you can also go to the company booths for yourself after the presentation things. Seems to be more mingling and networking, but it's still worth a shot.

In less depressing news, I've hit lvl 35 in Trickster. :3 I got myself Mana Storm, which is an AoE (area of effect) spell, and I've been gleefully abusing it to kill multiple monsters at once. It's so refreshing to see a whole FIELD of monsters just drop dead from one spell. T_T ♥ But now I REALLY need to level up my TM, so I can advance my skills more and get them stronger.

And I think I might cook something tonight. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I want cake for some strange reason.
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I really had hoped the rain would stay away until I got home, but I got drizzled upon. D: It's a good thing I remembered to toss a coat in the car with me before I left this morning, or my suit would've gotten wet. And it was chilly.

Anyway, the job fair was sort of a bust. I only got one good prospect with the City of Los Angeles. I don't mind working for the city (yay benefits) but I still need to figure out what the job entails. It's something like police auditing, but not financial, rather it's making sure the police follow policy and procedures or something like that. They are particularly looking for people with a legal background.

Also, drank some Starbuck's on an empty stomach AND burned my tongue. But that was mitigated b having lunch with Pet. ♥ We had fun just gossiping over our food, and I only ate half of mine so I took it home and had it for dinner. 8D Also, my nice two-and-a-half hour nap really helped. I supposed I didn't drink enough coffee to stay awake, or possibly the fact I only got 4 hours of sleep because I tossed and turned and worried (even though I went to bed early) contributed to my sleepy feeling. >_>;;

I'll still chalk this up to being a good day. Even if it's raining and cold.
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So I'm going to a job fair tomorrow in hopes of getting my resume out there more and seeing what my options are. The last job fair I went to got me those interviews at the Place I Really Wanted To Work, even if it didn't pan out. I'm hopeful that this time I can be similarly lucky. I know that at least one of the employers at the fair is looking for legal applicants, so my fingers are crossed.

Of course, this means I'm going to be getting up ridiculously early in the morning so I can prep and primp and get my suit on. And I want to swing by Starbuck's because I feel I will need the caffiene boost. It's in Ontario, so if anyone in the area wants to have late lunch/early dinner with me (because I will be starving by the time I'm done), just tell me. ^__^

Unfortunately, I'm also breaking out like you wouldn't believe. =___=;; Hopefully it clears up some, or else I'll be slathering on the concealer and foundation tomorrow morning.
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Both my parents came home early. D: Well, actually, I think my dad didn't go to work at all, and the maternal unit came home early, probably because of the holiday. But now they've disappeared to go... somewhere. Bleh. I'm going to drink soda and have pie and then I have to make up some stuff that my maternal unit is nagging me about. Also need to clean up that begging letter since I think I can safely inquire about things now god i need a job *cries*
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It's Monday, I've been awake since alittle before noon and have cooked and eaten and washed up and got the package from the FedEx guy and stalked the answering machine for messages. And now I'm trying to decide if I want to make one of the pasta dishes tonight for dinner. And I'm drinking a Coke.


How appropriate is it to email prospective employers and whine and wonder when I'm getting a callback? I wanna know if they rejected me like everyone else or not. *whine*


Oct. 24th, 2006 01:11 pm
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To: LJ
From: Me
Re: Your Asshattery

Stop fucking up! I know that YaoiCon is over and now my flist is going to explode after being particularly quiet for like, a week, so now is NOT the time to not be sending comment reply e-mails! Also, you are totally killing timely RPing, and I've got a Muse in my head that is Very Much In Love and willing to strangle me to get me to refresh that thread every five seconds.

Boom shaka,



To everyone else, hello! ♥

I've still got the cold, so I'm still stuffy and coughing a bit (damn postnasal drip), and my tissues are scratchy and have no lotion in them. Woe. No call yet. *trembles in fear* And if you're willing to read through all that TMI-ish babble, I also wrote a whole bunch of ficlets (can't really call them drabbles anymore) for the drabble request thing. I've still got Suzu's to do, then Questy's fic that I owe her, and Repliku is about to Dark Fire my ass, so I have to write that other fic for him. After that... well...

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Obviously, I'm not going to YaoiCon this year. *sulk* Maybe it's for the best. Besides the ovaries starting up, I woke up this morning with my throat burning and now that I've been awake for a bit, it doesn't burn unless I swallow, but my tonsils and the back of my throat are all pretty red and inflamed. If this doesn't go away soon, I'm going to have to go to the doctor for some antibiotics again. *sigh*

No call yet.

But I will make you all pay. Oh yes. I will. I'll... I'll write this weekend. Write all the stuff I owe people and meant to finish but I'll... I'll like chuck them in comments or hidden posts and then everyone who isn't YCon will see them and go: "Oh Sera! Your writing is amazing it was worth the wait!" And I will go: "Yes, I know! I love you my loyal readers who aren't at YCon! ♥" And then when everyone comes back, they will read posts gushing about me and go: "But, Sera! We want to read these fics too!" And I will just say: "Oh! You can! Later... when I'm done revising. ♥" And then me and the people who already read will be able to go: ">:D" at each other. And such. Yes... YES. THIS PLAN WILL WORK. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AND PEOPLE WILL FEAR ME AND LOVE ME AND DO WHAT I SAY AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS VIVA LA REVOLUTION~!

I haven't had breakfast yet. Maybe tea is in order, my throat hurts.
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Throat still feels fucked up. Dunno why. Asked mom to buy soup and tea on the way home.

*stabs at ovaries* They started up, too. Paaaaaaaiiin.

No call yet.


Oct. 18th, 2006 02:31 pm
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Obsessive phone-checking is a go.

*curls up in a little ball*

Also, I woke up with my throat feeling scratchy and weird. I hope I'm not catching something. That would suck. But I drank some OJ and it didn't burn going down, so maybe it's just the weather change fucking with me. I'll make sure to put another comforter on my bed though, because it's pretty cold at night. And I need to remember to buy more multivitamins, I haven't been taking them since my last bottle ran out.

I am awake

Oct. 17th, 2006 12:25 pm
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Early, once again (maybe it's because I've been going to bed about an hour earlier than usual). And I'm staring at my cellphone, waiting for it to ring. Or for the housephone to ring. Ring, damn you, ring! T_____T

Maybe I need a distraction or something.


No longer watching the phones. I just checked my email and they said it'll be in another "day or so". *whimpers* This is bad. Is this bad? Well, I know they take a long time to hire, but I filled out the forms and talked to the people and what if I did something wrong that I don't know? What if there's an FBI file on me or something that I don't know because I've never had a background check omg. *collapses*
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I'm awake. I've been awake. I woke up early of my own accord and also because I needed to pee. I've eaten, and I'm working on a Pepsi right now and I'm wrapped up in sweatpants and a sweater and socks. My hair survived the night, since I slept on my stomach and sides, but I've got an itch under a hairpin and I can't reach it to scratch. ;___;

No call yet.

I am a seething ball of anxiety. Or something.


GIP. This icon is appropriate if you squint your eyes and tilt your head. Or maybe it only makes sense to me.


[ profile] chibi_faolan! [ profile] aoi! Someone tell me what the fuck is Chris' last name from West Coast Fantasy. I need it for this form I'm filling out, and even though I was his wageslave and eyecandy for a summer, I don't know what his last name is.


Oct. 13th, 2006 12:53 pm
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I'm back. Finally.

I was there from 8:30AM until almost Noon, and I talked to 4 different people in the HR staff, plus the lady I met last week for lunch (just dropped in tot ouch base and such). I think... well, I feel okay. I think things went well, and I hoped I answered questions right and made myself sound smart and knowledgable and enthusiastic and stuff. ;___; I hope I didn't mess up somewhere that I didn't notice. I get the call on Monday omg.

Have some lists, because this is a listy day and I'm in a listy mood.

Food Eaten:

-- Two (2) pieces of JOLT gum (two pieces = 1 cup of coffee in caffeine -- v. excellent! I started shaking once it kicked in!)
-- One (1) piece of Starbuck's After Coffee Gum
-- One-fourth (1/4) of a butter croissant (later ate half on the drive home)
-- A few sips of Caramel Machiatto (alas, the coffee ;__; a waste -- good thing I only bought a tall)
-- water


Yes, I'm going to eat real food now. My lunch is cooking as I type. I'm starved.

Drove through San Timeteo Canyon to get to the place, which not only cut my commute times by more than half (fucking construction on the freeways), but is rather fun, once you ignore the white crosses on the sides of the road. And the potholes. And the stupid people who put their trashcans right over the curb into the street when the road is ONE LANE EACH WAY. Yes, I drove safely. No, I didn't pass anyone, because that's suicide. Even if that truck in front of me was really slow.

Animals Nearly Crushed Under the SUV Wheels:

-- One (1) hawk (it totally dove for something right in front of me, I was scared I was gonna hit it)
-- One (1) squirrel (it was stupid and ran into the middle of the road. and stopped. i should've gunned it instead of mashing the brakes in panic)

I think that's it.

Well, I need to pick up my mom from work, but not until 4:30PM.

Food time. And soda. Yay.
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More reminding myself than anything else.

-- pick out suit and shirt to wear
-- iron suit and shirt
-- pick out shoes to match
-- shower (in the morning)
-- set alarm clock
-- do nails
-- print out forms and directions
-- fill out forms
-- organize purse with things to bring
-- charge cellphone and iPod
-- eat fortifying dinner
-- re-read interviewing tips
-- re-read company info (not really necessary since I already had meeting with Y)
-- get directions to company
-- buy Starbucks on the way (if time allows)
-- eat breakfast or something resembling breakfast (?)
-- pick which hair thingy will match suit (darker or lighter?)

... I think I'm forgetting something...

-- don't barf


Oct. 12th, 2006 02:45 pm
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Playing phone tag kinda sucks.
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Don't tell me my paid time is running out, you h0r! I'll lose my bajillions of icons too, since you can't have bajillions of icons without having a paid account. *throttles* You weren't supposed to expire until I got a job and could pay for it!

Got the call back for more interviews with HR. 3-4 people in one day, 15-20 minutes each! OMG. *hyperventilates*
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I apologize for becoming spoogey in my last post. I'm not taking it down, but I'm sorry to people on my flist who had to suffer through my capslock rage.

... I don't really have a spoogey icon, so this will have to do.

The post I meant to write was about my day. I think the interview went well. It lasted for two hours! That's good, right? Even if it was a lunch interview? I talked alot with the lady from the department I'd be working in, did the get-to-knowyou thing and the this-is-what-we-do thing, and I think I asked some good questions and such. I should be getting a call by Friday about whether I get another interview with the head of HR, etc. *crosses fingers*

The only 'bad' thing that happened during the meeting was that we were sitting outside and a bee attacked me and landed on my shoulder. But! I did not freak out, as I am wont to do. Instead I brushed it off, then dodged it when it came after me again.

And for those who wonder, my lunch was a delicious ham sandwich on wheat, with fruit salad on the side, and a Coke. I also had (half) a Caramel Machiatto beforehand for the caffeine boost, and chewed a piece of gum to get rid of the coffee breath. I had to wait a bit before she got me from the visitor's area, and when she came in, I had to swallow my gum to get rid of it. ^^;; But at least I wasn't chewing it.


Oct. 2nd, 2006 11:09 am
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Save the good vibes for Wednesday. ;___;
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So, I got up realtively early but normal-ish for a Sunday, showered, and was hustled out of the house by my parents, thus completely destroying the plans I had for myself. Because they're inconsiderate like that. Whatever. They figured that because they had to go someplace and I had to go someplace, we could go together. I hate having to argue pretty much first thing after I wake up.

a whole lot of babble about shoppping and tomorrow )

Everyone, vibe good vibes at me tomorrow, 12:30pm PST. ♥


Suit and shirt are ironed! I am now munching on some brownies for a snack before I do my nails. Neutral tones FTW. Hopefully. And I have all my stuff in one place and my alarm is set. Just need to do my nails and wash up before bed.


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