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*stabs ovaries*

I didn't let them stop me from going to the bead show today! The stuff I bought is worth the pain. Though I wish I had tons more money.


Dec. 11th, 2011 03:01 pm
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And not only that, I got it for practically free, since I've been hoarding gift cards for a year. For the price of one new game, I got myself a shiny new PSP (black) and 3 games: Patapon, Knights in the Nightmare, and Jeanne d'Arc. I would've gotten Crisis Core, but they were missing the disk when I went up to pay, which made me all ;___;. But I think I'll be happy for now.

... until I start getting new PSP games for Christmas and birthdays.


I want Kingdom hearts: Birth By Sleep, Dissidia, Dissidia Duodecium, and Crisis Core.



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[Poll #1201185]

And here's your explanation, oh wonderful flist.

I have come into the possession of a $65 Visa giftcard, to use for whatever I want. It is a delivery refund from Lowe's when we got our new washing machine (the old one died in a horribly messy fashion). My mom apparently doesn't want to use it for anything, so she gave it to me. Unfortunately the giftcard expires in September (wtf such a short time), so I have to use it up before then.

I also happen to have a $25 giftcard to Target, which was a birthday present from my cousin. I was planning on using it to buy Guitar Hero: On Tour for my DS, since the $25 would pretty much cut the price of the game in half. See, because I want Guitar Hero, but not enough to pay a full $49.95 for it. >__>;;

I originally thought I'd used the $65 card on clothes, since my wardrobe is kinda of lacking these days. x__X;; But I could totally buy a bunch of other things that I haven't been able to buy for months and months because I have no monies (zomg manga). Or I can buy a little of this and a little of that. @__@



I also have a $5 gift certificate for Amazon. >_>;; I just realized that I could finally get Chain of Memories and the guidebook, with free shipping, for a bit over $20. *gnaws things*


May. 4th, 2007 04:34 pm
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Apparently, I spam LJ when I'm bored and have nothing better to do. >_>;;

I'm cold because the place I'm sitting at is somehow colder than where I was yesterday. Or, actually, I think I'm under a bunch of vents. *shivers* Maybe I'll go home early today, but that means fighting traffic all the way home, since it's almost 5pm.

I wanna go shopping this weekend, too, since I have to get my mom a Mother's Day present and a birthday present, and buy Aoi-chan a bday present. And maybe look for higher shoes and stuff to wear to Jrock Revolution.


And I really need to pee, but the bathrooms here at the library are kinda scary, and I'd have to get the key from the front desk.

I'm sure you all wanted to know that.
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So, I didn't go to the library today, nor did I rape Aoi-chan's internet. I spent a chunk of time on the phone, making my hotel reservations for the Bar Exam. Hahaha. I'm taking it at the Long Beach Convention Center, and my hotel is the Westin.

You know.

One of the hotels for Anime Expo this year.

T_T The world is so cruel and likes to taunt me.

Then mom came home early (and called me), and we went out to Mervyn's to buy towels on sale because she needs them for work, and she also dropped her cellphone and broke it, so we stopped at Cingular, too. >_>;; Those PDA phones are pretty nifty. I was messing with some that had internet access and QWERTY keypads, and I managed to surf LJ. It was cool. I'd so give myself carpal tunnel or Blackberry Thumb or something.

And because we were both lazy and hungry, we had dinner at Chili's. They have the best Strawberry Lemonade EVER. I also had the babyback ribs with mashed potatoes and cinnamon apples but was only able to eat half. NOW IT IS A RACE. If my dad gets home before I get hungry again, he's going to eat the leftovers. If I get hungry again, I'll probably eat half the leftovers and save the rest for him. IT'S A FULL RACK OF RIBS. IT'S A LOT OF FOOD.


Library tomorrow though. Unless Trickster patches tonight. :P
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So yesterday's job fair thingy was sort of a bust. =__=;; It was more oriented towards sales positions than I thought it would be, and seemed more for people who were already in Sales than for people who are trying to get in. But I found myself amused by the fact that Forest Lawns is hiring estate planners. Well, it's an industry that will never die at any rate. Ha ha ha. *shot*

I got to the hotel about an hour early (because traffic was bad, but not as bad as I thought it would be), so I got to be bored in the lobby. But I had a very nice fruit salad with lots of pineapple and strawberries. And potato chips. Which really don't taste very good with fruit salad. Bleh.

Today was shopping! Which makes me happy. ♥ There was a dress that I saw advertised online and it looked really nice, so I wanted to see it and buy it. So me and mom went to the mall (JC Penney was selling the dress) to shop. But the dress which looked very nice in the pictures was rather bleh when I saw it on the rack. It would've been terrible on me. But I managed to buy some cute tops instead, which makes me happy.

Then dad swung by (he has jury duty until next week), then him and mom went out to Morongo and I got to shop more (and use the credit card $__$). Forever 21 was having a sale (hush, I know it's a teenybopper store but sometimes the stuff there is cute), so I scored a number of tops for REALLY cheap (two of my shirts were only $3.99!). Also, I found the CUTEST dress and bought it. It's all swishy in the skirt and kinda belted high like an empire waist which means when I wear it, IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE BOOBS. 8D! I was very happy to get my hands on that dress. AND it was less expensive than the dress I had originally wanted. w00t.

Bought myself chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Field's and then KFC, because it had a drive-thru and I didn't want McDonald's again. Yay biscuits and mashed potatoes!

Also I am SO VERY CLOSE to hitting lvl 36 on Trickster. BUT! There are sexy sexy TMexp quests that I want to do, so I went and suicided myself against high level monsters, because when you die in Trickster you lose like... 0.3% EXP. XD! I killed things for quest items until 99.8%, then suicided myself down to 95%, but then I actually managed to kill some of those high level monsters and my EXP went up again. Ahahaha. So I suicided myself down to 80%. I've just been drilling for items lately, which I actually find fun. I'm thinking that maybe I don't NEED those TMexp quests because I drill excessively. I will have to decide. When the wireless doesn't keep kicking me in the middle of those quests. I SWEAR it knows when I need to stay online, and kicks and lags me ONLY then. Grrr!

So, all in all, today was a good day.

Tomorrow I am doing laundry.
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Wow, they really aren't kidding about that longest night of the year stuff. @__@ I left the house at like... 3:45pm and I was driving into a (blinding) setting sun. But, I have FINISHED ALL MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EARLY! YAY! I say early because I have been known to go out on Christmas Eve for gifts. >_>;; *cough*

Now I need to... wrap all of this stuff. And, thankfully, I didn't go over my budget if you cut out all the food purchases I made while shopping! Yay for sales and bargain hunting! ♥

But now I am getting hungry again, so I must disappear for dinner. Then more lounging about LJ, kicking Gaia, and organizing the presents and wrapping.
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*paws at the shiny new icon*

Bed now, since I am going shopping tomorrow with my friends! Bwheeheheh. I had a weird thought that anyone stalking my LJ and in the area could just show up there, too. But that might be kinda unexpected and such. Aaah internets. I'm not making sense. Need sleep.
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[ profile] aoi, [ profile] chibi_faolan, [ profile] sukino!

Tomorrow (Saturday) at Ontario Mills? Pet, IIRC, is working tomorrow from 4-8pm, so would have to leave at 3pm, so we could get there a bit early and do lunch and such. If we stay long enough (and they stay open), maybe even dinner with teh Pet if she wants to come after work. K-chan, you're always welcome to crash here if the trains or what-have-you schedule is being uncooperative.


Chime in and say if it's yay or nay.

And Aoi, tell me if you're dead of flu, because that would probably alter the plans.
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Laa... I will spare you all my shopping babble and inanity but judiciously using a cut. Don't you love me? *chugs soda*

I like shopping )
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So, guess who nearly passed out today? I'll give you three chances and the first two don't count. 8D

cut because it's shopping babble and I'm a pretty pretty princess )
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... after I ate and had soda. ♥ Because such things are necessary for my health and well-being and crap like that.

cut for shopping babble )

So. Yesterday didn't suck as much as I thought it would. I managed to de-stress some, though I'm still totally nervous about tomorrow. And, apparently, I'm sounding more and more like a Valley Girl as time goes on. Like. How horrible. I need to remember not to do that tomorrow.
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So, I got up realtively early but normal-ish for a Sunday, showered, and was hustled out of the house by my parents, thus completely destroying the plans I had for myself. Because they're inconsiderate like that. Whatever. They figured that because they had to go someplace and I had to go someplace, we could go together. I hate having to argue pretty much first thing after I wake up.

a whole lot of babble about shoppping and tomorrow )

Everyone, vibe good vibes at me tomorrow, 12:30pm PST. ♥


Suit and shirt are ironed! I am now munching on some brownies for a snack before I do my nails. Neutral tones FTW. Hopefully. And I have all my stuff in one place and my alarm is set. Just need to do my nails and wash up before bed.
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I am spending all of tomorrow in complete and utter denial of what day it is.

I will not be waiting anxiously for 6pm.

If I am online, I will be reading porn, and not refreshing a certain website.

In fact, I will contrive to not be online at all tomorrow around 6pm.

If I have to, I will go out shopping and burn a hole in my credit card, because shopping is good therapy and I want to go to Old Navy and buy cute capris and shirts. This might be difficult because I will not have a car, but I can hope. Or shop online. Wait. No. Not online. Bad.

I am not thinking of tomorrow. At all. I'm not.

I am going to go to bed tonight and fall asleep and dream of happy things. I will not be tossing and turning all night until I feel like gnawing my arm off.

I have a half pint of Cookie Doughn't You Want Some ice cream left. I will be eating it tomorrow. All of it. As needed.

I'm still not thinking.


Not at all.

Don't ask me about it either. Because I'm not thinking about it. At all. You can look at my tags for this entry and that should explain everything.

In fact, don't reply to this entry at all unless it concerns porn. Or boysex. Or tentacles. Or other such happy and mindless things. Or puppies. Or fluffy bunnies. That counts, too.
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AUGH. Fucking So Cal. Everyone has forgotten how to drive because it's raining. LIEK OMG WATER! FALLING! FROM THE SKY! Let me slow down as much as possible to witness this MONUMENTAL EVENT FOR IT MAY NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Or, conversely, I must GET AWAY FROM THE BAD WET STUFF so let me hit over 90mph on the congested freeway while it POURS. BLINKERS WHAT ARE THOSE LET ME IN THAT LANE.


But I had the Rich Espresso flavor of my coffee today, and it is also good. It's not as sweet as the Mocha and Caramel ones, so you can definitely taste the coffee, but it's sweet enough for me to finish. If you don't really like sweet coffee and actually like the coffee taste, this might be for you. I burned my tongue again. ;__;

Okay, so for everyone who doesn't know and is wonder why:

1) I am awake and coherent at this time


2) I was driving previous to this

it is because daddy has an unfortunate habit of smashing up cars. So now we only have two. And one is in the shop for an absurdly long period of time while they fix something in the engine that I do not even begin to fathom, because I'm a girl and I can make men fix these things for me if I ask nicely. So now there's only one car -- the SUV -- and my parents both have different work schedule. So now I have been recruited (read: forced) into driving them to and from work. Dad drives mom to work at an obscene time in the morning, comes home for a bit of sleep and/or food (or whatever the hell he does while I'm asleep), then wake me up, and I go with him to his work. He leaves, I drive to mom's work and pick her up around 1:30pm. Then home. Then back in the car again to pick up dad from work at 10pm or midnight, depending if he has to work overtime. It's annoying because I'm tired and I try to catch a nap in the afternoon between driving session, but I am NEVER ALONE. And my parents both love to annoy me so much. x____X I can't get anything done.

Today is almost a relief because even though I was forced out of bed at a stupidly early time, both my parents went to work at about the same time. So now I am home alone! YAY. I'm going to take a nap soon. z____Z Then when I wake up, maybe I can actually get some writing and such done before I have to pick up my mom and dad at like... 11pm.

I've always said that I wanted to get my first heart attack and midlife crisis out of the way early. I think I just may be on the right track with that. I had McDonald's for breakfast/lunch/the first meal of my day. Yaaaay french fries. And my coffee! Yaaay. And dad actually paid instead of trying to bum money from me, so this is doubly good.

On the way home I also stopped by Best Buy and bought Narnia and Brokeback Mountain. Ha. I should've, like, burst into flames holding those two DVDs at the same time. Also bought the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (musical with original cast, not the movie) because I've been wanting it for awhile, and I saw it, and I figured I might as well get them all at the same time.

I'm getting a headache. And I don't know if I'm making sense. I think it's time for that nap.


Someone tell me what the fuck "Harajuku Girls" is supposed to mean because I keep hearing that song over and over again when I drive and it's EATING AT MY BRAIN. It doesn't make sense. ;___; It hurts us, precious. IT'S BANANAS. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

... oh god, Gwen Stefani, go back to No Doubt, plz. At least then you were singing GOOD SONGS.


I'm going to sleep now. I swear.
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Why the hell is it Wednesday? That means I spent all of yesterday thinking it was today, because I woke up thinking today was Thursday. D: And I was expecting the new Naruto manga chapter scan to be out by the time I got up, too! Now I'm confused. ;__;

Anyway, I need to go to the bank, for it is that time of the month again. No, not that time of the month, but the OTHER time of the month which is -- in some ways -- more painful. Loan paying time. *flinch* And it's a big one this month, too. But I need to make deposits (!!) and deposits are Of The Good. And maybe I'll stop by Best Buy or the mall or something, becuase... I want to buy more manga and CDs. :D! Nononono... bad. Bad bad. Because I need to be saving money, not spending it.

... my mouthwash has a curious effect of making my mouth taste weird for a long time AND killing my appetite. This was random, but it's been bothering me for a bit.

Now I should stop babbling.


Still taking drabble requests, btw. Because I only wrote three. Wait, no, four. I only wrote four. So yeah, go to my previous post and request if you want anything.


Forget the bank. XP Apparently, mom took the SUV and the other car is in the shop. And dad is home because he didn't go to work. >_>;; As long as he doesn't bother me, I think we'll be fine. Bank tomorrow then.
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Happy Π Day!

Yes, I am just geeky enough to celebrate this.


If you have a Robinson's May store anywhere near you, GO TO IT NOW. Robinson's May just got bought out by Macy's, so now they're having sales; really really good sales. Like 50-80% off sales on EVERYTHING. Stores officially shut down a week from Wednesday, or so a saleslady said while me and my mom ogled the jewelry. The pickings might be a bit slim since it's near the end, but it's worth a look. Seriously, think Lenox China going down from over $1000 to only $200. I wanted some of the nice jewelry like burning. ;___;


Cinnabon now has these cute little mini Cinnibons for sale. They're called Cinnabon bites. They're so little and cute and tiny and come in a sleeve of six. I ate four of them and they were good! Mom had the other two. I like them because I can't actually eat a whole regualr cinnabon by myself. I get all full and oversugared. But these were perfect.


Yay manga! I finally went out to buy new volumes of manga (am so behind) and got my greedy little hands on Saiyuki Reload 3, Yami no Matsuei 9-10 (I still refuse to use Descendants of Darkness), and Loveless 1. Cafe Kichijoji 2 isn't out yet though. And I know there's a bunch of yaoi ones I want to buy, but I can't remember the titles. D:


I want to smack my dad.

... for reasons well above and beyond the normal.


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I never quite remember that I can shop for a DAMN long time when I feel like it. Or I need to. Both of which tend to occur around the holiday season. >_>;;

I was planning on doing alot today. I failed at most of that, but passed on the shopping. With bonus points for utilizing sales and 40% off discounts to great effect. I have practically all of my presents bought now! Even for my mom and dad (who are notoriously hard to shop for). Tomorrow is my parents' anniversary, too. I bought a really nice wooden photo display box thing, and I'm going to put some of my parents' photos in the little windows. :3

And they better damn well appreciate it. D:<

I also... uhhh... bought stuff for myself. But shhh, we don't need to talk about that. ^^;;
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Now that I've had my pie (with frosting!) and nothing is happening on CFUD, I can finally get down to writing a real (as opposed to fake) LJ post and catch-up on comments and responses and emails. =D

Hey, shopping is fun except when it's not! )

possible spoilers for Chronicles of Narnia (movie and books) and definite pervitude )
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It's really cold. And I'm too lazy to put on a sweatshirt when I'm about to curl up in bed and have to take it off again. So any typos will be attributed to me shivering. Right. Believe it!

cut for the catch up on what's been happening in Sera-Land )


Nov. 11th, 2005 11:55 pm
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Bleh, I have to go to ANOTHER wedding tomorrow. Goddamned huge family, going around making it BIGGER. Plus, uhhh... this wedding might make me related to a friend IRL. Which is... you know, weird.

It better not rain, because I'm going to be wearing a dress. Again. =___=;;

Oh! And before I forget... I don't know if it's happening at every store, but the JC Penney's here is going to have a HUGE jewelry sale (maybe more?) on Sunday. Everything already on clearance is gonna be an extra 40% off. Me and my mom are hitting it on Sunday, because the clearance stuff was 60% off. That with an extra 40% off means some great bargains. So, if you're interested in maybe scoring some nice jewelry at a low price, consider checking it out. No one better take that necklace I liked.

And I've been pwned by [ profile] askerian. Or maybe we pwned each other. But I'm gonna be writing kitsune!Naruto ficcage this weekend. Because I'm a h0r and I want arts. And yes, it's going to be part of THAT universe. You know, the universe with kitsune!Naruto, tanuki!Gaara, and preggy!Sasuke. Now with added karasu!Neji!
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I went to the bank and the anime store. :3 I have money for the con, and I have a Konoha headband. Whee. I need to shower and pack, and my flight leaves tomorrow morning! Yayness! I also stopped by Hot Topic, was pwned by the Naruto stuff, and bought a shirt with Sasuke on it. It's AWESOME. Sasuke is surrounded by gay purple-pink jutsu smoke. Hehehehehe. I'll be wearing it tomorrow. ^_~* And yes, I do have my bunny ears.

In CFUD related news, I am still saddened by the lack of Naruto. He missed Sakura's sparkly pink waterwang (which is, incidentally, named "Sasuke-kun") and now he's going to miss Yuusuke, Hiei, and Kurama trying to PWN the hell out of the Camp's barrier. And Yuusuke is gonna get all grrrmazokudemony and stuff. Yes, I am such a geeky fangirl.

Okay, I need to run and finish up my last minute laundry~!

*hangs up a sign*



Well, CRAP. SuperShuttle costs $85 for service to the con hotel from Oakland. Fuck that. I guess I'm taking the BART all the way to SFO, then catching one of the hotel shuttles to the hotel. Unless someone wants to, you know, pick me up or something. *KICKS PET HARD* Just call my cellphone or text me. Cellphone number totally in the next locked post for YCon people. Unless you wanna use the LJ texting thing in my profile. :3
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Ninmu... kanryou.

Well, it took a few hours and five different stores, but I managed to find an outfit to wear to the wedding that wasn't lavender, but respectable shades of purple. It would've been easier if I had found a nice dress, but I got a skirt and two different tops instead. Damn, it's a bitch trying to match shades of purple. The skirt is silky and layers and flows in a pretty way, and the tops I managed to get on sale. X3;; They're pretty and silky too, and the best thing is that I can probably wear them with other stuff. I like to have a wardrobe that I can mix and match.

I'm thanking TPTB that I didn't have to buy shoes to match. I'm just gonna wear this really nice pair of black heels that I think... I've only worn once. To another cousin's wedding. Bwhehehe. And my manicure and pedicure are still nice and match everything (French tips yay), so I don't have to worry about THAT either. The only real worry I haveis concerning my undergarments, as the tops are cut REALLY low, and I don't think I have the right bra. =___=;; Damn being female anyway.

Wow. Okay. I think that was enough girly crap for one LJ entry.
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... but kept getting distracted.

Let's see if I can remember everything without resorting to either mining my brain, or bleeding from the ears. My memory tends to go when it's so hot. XP

The MPREs and L.A. traffic and bitchery )

Well, now, after all that depressing and vaguely-angry bitchery, let's have all the GOOD stuff that I did last Sunday.

Saturday was brain-death day. ^^;; I just sorta laid around and eventually my brain stopped gibbering at me about the proper procedures and what a lawyer could be sanctioned for. On Sunday, I really wanted to get out of the house (and not have to go to Mass), and so I dragged [ profile] aoi with me to visit [ profile] mikkeneko at her (sorta) new apartment, since I hadn't seen it yet. I made Aoi-chan drive, too, since Friday's romp through LA had traumatized me.

cut for me TOTALLY BEING 12 YEARS OLD... and shopping and DDR )

Finally left Mikke's place at about 10pm. It was a long, fun day. And I was happy.

... and now I think I need to write a post with a review about iDogs. XDDD!

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Ahahaha! Managed to get my dad to leave me my car today. And thus, I was able to leave the house. Of course, that's because I had to get passport photos taken (needed for my MPRE admittal card thing) and to deposit a check. It was funny, because I was using my Gaara bag today (it looks like Gaara's sand gourd) and while I was waiting for the photo guy, one of the clerks looked at me and said: "That's a cool bag!" and I was surprised and grinned and said: "Yeah, it is." And then he said: "Gaara, right?" and then TOTALLY whipped out his keychain, which had a little Sasuke keychain catcher hanging off it. XDD!! That was so cool.

After I deposited my check and got my photos, I was free! With a car!

And so, of course, I went out and bothered [ profile] aoi.

cut for a baby, bowling, and ice cream )

Now I am home. And typing.

AND! I now need the input of certain peoples.

This Friday I'll be taking my MPRE. [ profile] windsorblue invited me to go out (on Saturday?) to Bar Sinister. I think [ profile] mikkeneko and [ profile] aoi expressed interest in going, too. Maybe [ profile] _faolan_ and [ profile] sukino, too? I'm still not sure yet.

Anyway, me and Aoi were thinking that if we do go to Bar Sinister, we might as well spend the whole day out, and go to Disneyland or something during the day, and then the club at night. Yes, I'm the geek who likes Disneyland. XPP Plans are still up in the air, so I wanna know what everyone else thinks. I'm mildy iffy about the club, mostly because it seems like there's a pretty strict dress code. And while I would dearly love to see some spankings, I don't know if I'm very goth. I also read a very bad review/blog entry about the club's mean bouncers (and heard it from someone, too). And I can't find my pleather pants yet. Geh. But spankings! Nnnngh!

On the other hand, there could be relaxation instead at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. I REALLY want to go here, and the price would be the same as Disneyland, I think. Heh. I don't know if we'd do the club afterwards though. Or maybe the spa on another day, but that might crush too many wallets.

Of course, after the MPRE I just might be too braindead to do anything besides lay in bed and gibber to myself. Who knows?

Now go! Comment! And that means YOU, Aoi-chan!
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There's nothing like some shopping to make me feel better, especially when I'm not paying the bill. I went out to the mall today with my mom, since I've been wanting to get an actual pair of sandals I can use all the time (instead of the black slip ons I normally wear). I ran my last pair of sandals down completely, mostly because I took them with me when I went to Thailand. XD;; The climate (and the fact that I wore them All The Time when I went out everywhere on the weekends) decimated them. I'd like to find another hardy pair of sandals like that again, that I can wear and utterly decimate.

cut for me being giggly and girly about shopping )

So then we went home and I had quite and enjoyable dinner. And dad better not have eaten those two veggie spring rolls I was saving. Those are MINE.


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