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Fuck you, too, Kishimoto.

Who changed the brand of paint thinner that you're inhaling?


Unrelated to the above, can someone give me and mp3 of "Shiny Happy People" by REM? That song is in my head lately but I can't get past the chorus.
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Oh, Itachi.

Admit it. You slaughtered your clan because they didn't accept you being utterly fabulous. I knew the nail polish was a sign.
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Went to see HP:OotP with Aoi-chan today. It was very good and I will possibly be squeeful in another post. Right now I'm feeling hot and tired and strangely sleepy. Tomorrow my dad's having one of the meetings for the Trecenians here at the house, so I have to wake up early tomorrow. Also have to get the chocolate fountain working again. And the punch fountain maybe. But not until tomorrow.

*rolls around aimlessly*


Oh, we also stopped by Walden's since it's at the mall, too. So I picked up KH:CoM 2, KH2 1, Loveless 4&5, and Our Kingdom 5. It's been so long since I bought manga. T__T ♥
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To: Kishimoto
CC: That Good Crack You're Smoking
From: Me
Re: This Week's Manga Chapter

Kishimoto --

Thank you for making neko!Sasuke canon. I always knew my doujinshi told the truth.

A very happy fangirl,

-- Me =^__^= Nyao~!


Also, I am at the library again. After raping Aoi-chan's internet for two days (it wanted it, the slut). Currently sitting at the 'wireless cafe' because there's no tables near outlets in my regular area.

On Trickster, I managed to vend off a lot of extra items I had laying in my Bank (whoo galders!), then promptly spent a good chunk of it on my 2nd Job items. ^^;; I wish Eagle Feather Pens weren't so expensive though. =__=;; I've bought or drill everything I need EXCEPT for them. I need 16, but they run about 100-150k to buy. D: I have like... 5. But I'm sure if I vend off more of my stuff, I should be able to buy the rest of them.

I suicided myself down to less than 50% of lvl 50 (I was close to 70%), JUST so that I could do the Ghost Book TMexp quest at Phantom School. There's no way in HELL I'm missing out on such a good and easy way to get MASSIVE TMexp. I did the quest 5 times, and leveled my TM one and a half times. Whoo!

Then I did the Ice Family Event (Pink Ice Ring), and OMG it was HELL. I drilled up most of the items beforehand and had them ready and in my inventory, so that wasn't the problem. It was the damned Monster Quest portion of it that tormented me. I died four damn times trying to complete it. Gee, thanks, for making my level 50 (51 by the end since I leveled up doing the event) dragon have to kill 30 Cucools in 20 minutes, when they are level 70 and THE EVENT MAP WAS SWAMPED WITH THEM. AND DID I MENTION THAT THEY MOB AND ARE SUPER AGGRESSIVE? I stepped into the map and died in the first minute because I wasn't expecting such a mob. I couldn't even run away, and I couldn't spam my pots fast enough.

My only saving grace was that I ran for my life to the bottom corner of the map, and there were a bunch of dragons there (including a lvl 91 2nd Job dragon). We formed a party, and the lvl 91 and me were slaughtering the Cucools as fast as we could. I was spamming my Mana Storm like you wouldn't believe, and I was almost tempted to level it up for more power. (I'm saving my TM points at the moment for Mist of Mana and Arrow Rush). I still died a bunch of times, and had to keep running back to Snow Hill to restart the monster quest. =__= So annoying. But I finally did it. And my TM leveled up again because I was slaughtering so many monsters.

But I finished the Ice Family Event and got the Ice Family pet and Pink Ring! Yay! But I really want to do the Blue Ring side too, because of the sexy EXP and TMexp bonuses, and because the Blue Ring is the better ring for dragons/mages. >_>;; I don't fancy drilling in the event map though, especially with that mob. Maybe I'll be lucky and find another bodyguard.


Mar. 22nd, 2007 12:58 pm
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Anyone who reads Naruto should know what this post is about. Oh Kishimoto, just when I think you're an asshat, you do things like this. I forgive everything you've ever done, and I want more.

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upload faster plz


I retract my previous statement. >_>;;

ilu asuka ♥ ♥ ♥


Jan. 21st, 2007 09:59 pm
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Home again. Tired. And wallet is MUCH lighter. But I am happy. Could be happier fucking horses fucking jockeys. I have chocolate cake! And more manga. This makes everything better.
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... but someone come here and convince me I'm not crazy.

One of the manga I bought yesterday was I Can't Stop Loving You by Row Takakura. Same person who did Skyscrapers of Oz (love it!), because I recognized the artwork. BUT! That wasn't my first thought when I saw this on the shelf. I literally stared at the cover for five minutes going: "Now where have I seen this before...?"

Then it hit me, and I almost squealed out loud.


Or, at least, doujinshi by the same person or has an uncannily similar art style. THIS IS THE PERSON WHO DID THE PHALLUS DOUJINSHI. THE ONE WITH THE SUPER SEXY SEME DUO. I was staring at the cover of the manga going: "AAAAH! I have this doujinshi! This is Duo and Heero! Because Heero has the same bangs and pouty lips in the doujinshi! And AAAH! On the inside, the seme guy braids his hair back and HE IS DUO YOU CANNOT CONVINCE ME HE IS NOT THE SAME DUO."

Someone? Anyone? [ profile] iniq, I know you scanned some Phallus images once? The pic of SUPAH SEME DUO covered in the other GBoyz like bits of pretty uke jewelry?


I'm not crazy! I know I'm not! This is the same artist, it has to be because I REMEMBER THAT UKE HEERO ASS AND LONG SEME DUO HAIR.

Also, while I was reading this manga (it's very great and funny and sexy btw), I kept mentally replacing the lead characters' names with "Duo" and "Heero". I know I'm lame. ._____.;;
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*paws at Naruto* Why won't Kishimoto let you stay looking sexy? WHY?!
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... all I have to say is that if Naruto's training involves ANYTHING like getting into a pod where time moves faster, so he can train for a year in three days, I'm putting down the manga and watching re-runs of DragonBall Z instead.

I swear to god, Kishimoto, STOP FUCKING WATCHING DBZ.
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[ profile] zalia wanted KH doujinshi, which are like the Holy Grail of doujinshi, and I just happened to have some. It's all mostly scavenged from 4chan. I didn't want to waste the uploads to YSI, so here they are for the taking. ♥ Please tell me if the downloads run out, and I'll upload again. ^^

Also, some fanart and comics that were also scavenged, so I'm not sure of the artists. ^^;; Ahahaha... thank 4chan again.

I don't think I have to remind people that everything below the cut will be NOT WORKSAFE.

KH doujin happiness here )
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So today started out sucking. Alot. But then I baked a pan of brownies, the hot weather bedamned. And I licked the spatula and bowl clean, too. It made me feel better. So does doing laundry, strangely.

And this mistranslation of Naruto manga chapter 309 is absolutely hilarious and helped me feel better. Fucking euphemisms, indeed. Penis~ ♥

Tomorrow is... more laundry, I think. And studying. Or maybe just laying about in crippling denial of the world around me. But at least I have those brownies.


My working mood theme still makes me happy. ♥
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*gibbers and flails in a corner*



Waaaahh~! Sasuke, you're continuing to move up the seme scale! You stupid bastard!
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♥ !!!

That's it. Kishimoto can do no wrong. *puts the voodoo doll away*
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*points to icon*

No one will ever be able to convince me that NaruSasu isn't canon. Kthanxbai. Thank you, Kishimoto. *removes some pins from the voodoo doll*
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OMG. Chapter MOST needing a translation! WTF, I have no idea what's going on anymore.
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WTF... where the hell is my Naruto Chapter 302?! WHERE. I'm one of the minority that ACTUALLY LIKES THE MANGA PLOT RIGHT NOW. And not just for Sasuke. Gimme more of Naruto and his pretty hands!

*stabs pins into the Kishimoto voodoo doll*
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Sasuke, you bitchy whore. ♥
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... fuck you, Yamato. *kicks in the head*

;___; I want Kakashi back. I want the original Team 7.

And Kishimoto better not be a hoser. I want Sasuke in the next chapter. Number 300, bitch. Sasuke better be there. I don't even care if he's wearing lipstick, or in a kimono, or have purple buttbow, or even stuck in Curse Seal Level Two. JUST GIVE ME SASUKE POST-TIMESKIP. AUGH.
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Happy Π Day!

Yes, I am just geeky enough to celebrate this.


If you have a Robinson's May store anywhere near you, GO TO IT NOW. Robinson's May just got bought out by Macy's, so now they're having sales; really really good sales. Like 50-80% off sales on EVERYTHING. Stores officially shut down a week from Wednesday, or so a saleslady said while me and my mom ogled the jewelry. The pickings might be a bit slim since it's near the end, but it's worth a look. Seriously, think Lenox China going down from over $1000 to only $200. I wanted some of the nice jewelry like burning. ;___;


Cinnabon now has these cute little mini Cinnibons for sale. They're called Cinnabon bites. They're so little and cute and tiny and come in a sleeve of six. I ate four of them and they were good! Mom had the other two. I like them because I can't actually eat a whole regualr cinnabon by myself. I get all full and oversugared. But these were perfect.


Yay manga! I finally went out to buy new volumes of manga (am so behind) and got my greedy little hands on Saiyuki Reload 3, Yami no Matsuei 9-10 (I still refuse to use Descendants of Darkness), and Loveless 1. Cafe Kichijoji 2 isn't out yet though. And I know there's a bunch of yaoi ones I want to buy, but I can't remember the titles. D:


I want to smack my dad.

... for reasons well above and beyond the normal.


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I must've blinked and missed something somewhere. Overall, I liked this chapter, because things are getting intriguing. See, I can totally be non-spoilery. =D
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Hey, you know what? I like Kabuto again. I used to like him all through the Chuunin Exams (aahh... silver hair and glasses are a weakness) but then I started to massively dislike him for what he did to Tsunade. And I cheered when Naruto Rasengan'd him. But, I'll admit that I have been waiting for another Naruto/Kabuto fight (which I sorta got) and another Kakashi/Kabuto fight (because OMG there needs to be one).

But today?

Today I like Kabuto again.

All because of what he did to Sai.

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I told [ profile] askerian last night that I was going to make a poll. So I am. Because I need to find some way to make the Four Tails thing amusing and pervy. And really, this is a very important question! I happen to like debating and speculating about what will happen in the future of the manga. It's fun.

Urrrr... this could possibly get spoilery, but not so much. At least, I don't think it's too spoilery.


I dedicate this post to [ profile] rokudaime_yo. Because I can. And because I'm in a post editing mood. =D!

[Poll #670788]
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*gibbers in a corner after reading the translation and seeing the raw scan*

Also, how much crap does Orochimaru have in his mouth, anyway? This is getting ridiculous. But he must give a HELL of a blowjob.
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*looks over LQ Naruto chapter 293*

... no wonder everyone is bitching about Naruto's Four Tails form.

But, ha! No one can think I'm weird for writing furry pr0n now. It's CANON.


So I don't spamminate everyone today, here have a meme.

Dear Cupid,

This year, I've had my ups and downs in the love department.

I played ‘seven minutes in heaven’ with Kodalai and Kaltia (at the same time) – and they had busy hands!
Ponderosa121 and I had a sexy mud fight and I was victorious.
I got a secret admirer letter that was written on the back of Iniq's report card.

So, as you can see, it's been a hectic year. Can you please make Suzume-sparrow fall in love with me this Valentine's day?


Take this Quiz at
( or, take the 'adult' version at )


The comments and such in this post now have SPOILERS and PICTURES for the current Naruto manga chapter.
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... and you can blame [ profile] rokudaime_yo, too!!!

Might be a spoiler. :P

ph33r the sloppy MS Paintness and Happy Treasure Trails! )

HA! It is SO there! You just have to look at the differently, lighter shaded bits, helpfully highlighted by me in yellow blond.

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>_>;; Why is my mom home today? She said she had a day off, but she said she was going in to work anyway. Liar. At least there's a roast for me to gnaw on. And she hasn't been bothering me. So that's a plus.


I want the high quality scanlation of Naruto 291. I NEED it. And I want the FULL SCAN DAMMIT, because all the raws and quick scanlations coming out now are missing two pages in the middle. Jiraiya strips! This is IMPORTANT! And everyone in the world needs to see Naruto wearing that sexy ninja mesh. ♥ EVERYONE.

... and the fact that Naruto is a natural blond is now scoured into my brain. Hello~ happy treasure trail~! *perv*

And yes, I'm using this icon on purpose.
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I just saw some spoiler scans of Naruto 291. *pants* I WANT IT. Why the hell is this not out and scanlated yet?! OMG.

cut for some semi-coherent spoilery rambling )
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This is the funniest thing I have seen ever.

And that's not just the drugs talking! SPOILERS (sorta) for Naruto chapter 290. This is a "fantranslation" of the chapter... mostly, it's just an utter perversion with sex jokes and Surprise Tentacle Rape. No. For once, I am not kidding. Plus, the word "penis". Alot. But that's all Sai's fault. Really.
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I need to get my hands on the newest Naruto manga chapters. It is now official... NARUTO WEARS MESH UNDER HIS JACKET.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY for the ninja mesh fashion trend! Now I can't wait for a terrifically big fight where Naruto's jacket gets blown off. The only times we've seen Naruto without his jacket (not counting when he stripped down totally topless) is the fight against Gaara and when Tsunade cut through his clothes to heal him after the fight with Kabuto. And both times he just wore a plain black tee-shirt underneath. But now! NINJA MESH!

;___; ♥ He's growing up! And getting sexier!
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*shakes fist at Kishimoto*

Damn you! I already KNOW that Naruto is a pimp and his milkshake bitchslap brings all the boys to the yard. Stop STOP STOP giving me the Shino/Naruto hints! Just STOP. I GET it already! Naruto is tasty! Yum yum. Sasuke doesn't need any more competition when he finally decides to show up again, what with Gaara and Neji already.

In other news... HINATA. DAMN. The timeskip was extremely good to her. Boobies! And WOW KIBA. You could cut diamonds on his jawline now. And... I have to admit that now I want to see Shino naked. Because. He HAS to be hiding something under all those layers. Alas, the loss of his 'fro.
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... the idea of Sabaku no Gaara a.k.a. Mr. Godaime Kazekage a.k.a. "I KEEL J00 AND UR LEETLE DOG 2!!!!111" having fangirls kinda creeps me out alittle. Because everyone knows Naruto is all anyone needs, really. And if, by chance, he's not enough, he has the kage bunshin for all your instant orgy and harem fantasies. AND he can be a girl, too.

So take that fangirls! Because you're getting in the way of my burgeoning OTP. Or sorta-OTP since I like Naruto with Sasuke, too. And Neji. And Yondaime. And sometimes Shikamaru. And Hinata. And... well, you get the point.

Now I want the scanlation, even if I read the translation.


Why, no, this is not a GIP either. Whyever would you ask that?
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Ahahaha! Managed to get my dad to leave me my car today. And thus, I was able to leave the house. Of course, that's because I had to get passport photos taken (needed for my MPRE admittal card thing) and to deposit a check. It was funny, because I was using my Gaara bag today (it looks like Gaara's sand gourd) and while I was waiting for the photo guy, one of the clerks looked at me and said: "That's a cool bag!" and I was surprised and grinned and said: "Yeah, it is." And then he said: "Gaara, right?" and then TOTALLY whipped out his keychain, which had a little Sasuke keychain catcher hanging off it. XDD!! That was so cool.

After I deposited my check and got my photos, I was free! With a car!

And so, of course, I went out and bothered [ profile] aoi.

cut for a baby, bowling, and ice cream )

Now I am home. And typing.

AND! I now need the input of certain peoples.

This Friday I'll be taking my MPRE. [ profile] windsorblue invited me to go out (on Saturday?) to Bar Sinister. I think [ profile] mikkeneko and [ profile] aoi expressed interest in going, too. Maybe [ profile] _faolan_ and [ profile] sukino, too? I'm still not sure yet.

Anyway, me and Aoi were thinking that if we do go to Bar Sinister, we might as well spend the whole day out, and go to Disneyland or something during the day, and then the club at night. Yes, I'm the geek who likes Disneyland. XPP Plans are still up in the air, so I wanna know what everyone else thinks. I'm mildy iffy about the club, mostly because it seems like there's a pretty strict dress code. And while I would dearly love to see some spankings, I don't know if I'm very goth. I also read a very bad review/blog entry about the club's mean bouncers (and heard it from someone, too). And I can't find my pleather pants yet. Geh. But spankings! Nnnngh!

On the other hand, there could be relaxation instead at Glen Ivy Hot Springs. I REALLY want to go here, and the price would be the same as Disneyland, I think. Heh. I don't know if we'd do the club afterwards though. Or maybe the spa on another day, but that might crush too many wallets.

Of course, after the MPRE I just might be too braindead to do anything besides lay in bed and gibber to myself. Who knows?

Now go! Comment! And that means YOU, Aoi-chan!
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I woke up early this morning (even set my alarm) so I could go out and buy HBP once the mall opened. I didn't get to the Target at Serramonte until a little after 9am, but I went straight to the book section and snatched up a copy. *purrs* It was on sale, too! Only $16.98 or something like that. I was so tempted to read while in line to pay, but I restrained myself.

Anyway, since the Mall opened at 10am, and it was a little before 9:30, I decided to wait until the mall opened, and buy Panda Express, so I wouldn't have to cook at all today. I was weak though, and sat down at the courtyard area and started reading. ^^;; No spoilers. I'm not saying anything yet. I want to READ MORE.

X3 I also bought some manga from Suncoast; not that I'll be reading them anytime soon, but at least I'm caught up on the titles I'm following (DNAngel 8, Saiyuki 9, and Yami no Matsuei [I refuse to call it Descendants of Darkness] 6).

Now I am home, with hot chinese food and my HBP. I'm even using a FORK to eat, instead of chopsticks, so I don't have to think about how to eat. Chopsticks take concentration, you know.

Don't expect to see me for the rest of the day.


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