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"Okay, mom, calm down! Now is not the time to be panicking. You go start the car, I'll get the shovels."

That is one of the best lines I have read in a fic recently. And it makes absolutely no sense out of context. XD!
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It's been confirmed! Neku from The World Ends With You has shown up in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.


*throws money at Squeenix*

Just take all of it! And you better give us teasers for TWEWY 2! And KH3! IT'S TOKYO GAME SHOW. GIVE US THE GOOD CRACK.
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Why the hell did an RP group (not a very good one from what I've seen) suddenly invade the Naruto comms? I've seen them on [ profile] chuunin and [ profile] narutoyaoi so far. It's sort of annoying. >_>;; Can't they just keep their activities to themselves, instead of invading other comms with their stupidity and terrible shoddy OOC roleplaying?

... is it a plot to get new members? Are they just being stupid? God, it's like when /b/tards invade someplace, but with less cat macros and pr0n.

I'm going to find something to snack on.
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I'm sorry that I gave everyone my cold over the interwebz. .____.;; I didn't mean to. This is SO not part of my Terrible Horrible Revenge. Now I'm curious as to whether the people who talked to me on the phone got the cold or are still healthy. >_>;;

... but if you have a cold and it's not MY cold, you can't blame me! That's between you and your immune system.


And here, have a quiz. I graduated high school!

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I. I just. I just found Kingdom Hearts tentacle porn. T_______T ♥ Tentacles/Sora even! I. I think I might be able to die happily now. Tentacles! And Sora! I knew he was the game's bicycle. Thank you, 4chan, for everything you give me.

*weeps happy tears*

Though... KH fandom, WTF is wrong with you? KH is BUILT for crossovers and I can't find any decent xover fics AT ALL. The best I could scrounge up was a KH/HP xover, which was pretty good. Until Riku got bastardized. Then everything sorta went downhill from there for me. Don't bastardize Riku! He's emo and self-flagellating enough already!


*ducks the hurled rocks* Sorry! Sorry! I didn't know that anyone else would actually want to SEE tentacles/Sora porn! Though, maybe I should've thought twice, considering what most people read my LJ for. :P Here, have the pretty tentacle porn below the cut. SO NOT WORKSAFE. The pic is BIG. And TENTACLEY. And Sora... has lost some of his clothes.

Also... extra KH porn at random, since I was already uploading.

you're all perverts )
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1) Dir en Grey is doing the Family Values Tour? With Korn? WTF. Did the world suddenly spin on its head while I took a nap? But still... Dir en Grey!

2) I feel like I'm the only one eating that chocolate cheesecake in the fridge. It makes me feel all weird and greedy. But I don't wanna waste food and throw it out. Why couldn't my cousin and Ate eat more of it while they were here?

3) All the fandom kerfluffle is stirring up the muses. I just might drive one of the boys insane again and kill them. It's been awhile since I did that. Or I just might write more fluff. Or actually write smut. *pokes muses with a stick*

4) CLAMP is going to AX. *weeps bitter bitter tears of BLOOD* CLAMP torments me so!

5) There is no five. Well, I guess this will count as five. Huh. Retract that first bit then.
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You know, it's been a good long while since I've been embroiled in fandom... fandomness. I've always been in that sort of lurking part of the fandom, crawling out from the darkness only to review certain fics or answer the odd ficsearch. And even though I've been in the Gundam Wing fandom for 10 years (dear god, has it been 10 years already?), I didn't really start participating (albeit mostly on the GWAddiction board) and posting my fics until 2001 or so. Yeah, it took that long for me to gather my courage and post my stuff. XD;; That and I was mostly in the Sailor Moon fandom before then.

But, I was there for the gnarled and snarly beginnings, when we were trading VHS tapes with fansubs and wondering what the hell was up with the funky politics and changing mecha designs and OMG THE BOYS. And the claimings. And the character wars. And the ship wars. And the flame wars. And the in-fighting and growling and the "OMG STOP ABUSING MY BAAAAAABY". And you know what? I will freely admit that I more or less got interested in GW because of Duo Maxwell (or rather, his hair). Then I got into the politics of the plot of GW (especially when I took that Japanese history class and realized Relena was a metaphor for the Peace Party in Japan) and keeping track of the twists and turns and betrayals.

I started reading fics, trying to fill in the rather wide gaps that canon left so open and tantalizing. Duo and Quatre spent a month together in the desert, what did they do? Why did Wufei call his Gundam "Nataku" when it's obviously named "Shenlong"? If Trowa isn't really Trowa Barton, then who is he? Where does Heero go at the end of the wars? And, I'm not going to lie, I wanted to read the boys getting it on, because they were pretty obviously subtexty (helloooo flute and violin duet). And through the years, I've pretty much read it all. I read the safehouse fics. I read schoolfics. I read the blanket fics. I read the aphrodisiac fics. I've read the ZERO System insanity fics. I've read backstories and future fics and missing scenes. I've read AUs. I've read "Timeline What Timeline?" fics. I've read Heero self-destruct and not self-destruct dozens of times over. I've read brilliant and heart-rending fics. I've read utter and complete garbage. I've read the boys up, down, sideways, and hanging in Zero-G.

When the fics started talking about Solo and Father Maxwell and Sister Helen, I had to know who they were. When the fanon kept mentioning Odin Lowe, I wondered who this man was. When the name Long Meiran became important, I wondered why she wasn't in the show. And when I kept seeing the name Triton Bloom, I wondered if he was related to Cathy. I dove back into the canon. I found the manga, and the novels (or at least summaries), and then even more manga and technical manuals and interviews. Endless Waltz came into my greedy little hands and I practically wept with joy.

And then I threw myself back into the fandom. I knew what everyone was talking about now. I found a level of depth that I had completely missed in other fics. I found NEW fics and new situations. I read Trowa rape fics. I read Trowa not rape fics. I still can't tolerate the Original Trowa Barton. I read Quatre as a test-tube baby, and I read him as a natural born. Usually, Quatre ended up running Winner Enterprises, Incorporated no matter what he was. Wufei never let Meiran go. Wufei learned to let Meiran go. Heero went on to become Relena's bodyguard, a Preventer, suffered a traumatic mental break, changed his name to Odin Lowe, Jr., had a dog, painted for a living. Duo was a thief, a streetrat, a whore, a gangleader, the head of an underground L2 political movement, an ESUN senator, a priest, a mechanic, and a guy who wants to learn to crochet.

I've seen the GW fandom be born, crawl, start walking, and go through the awkward and gawky teenage phase. I watched the fandom be trained for war and shoved into Gundams. The fandom went on secret undercover missions in OZ boarding schools, got caught and tortured (because everyone knows Ozzies are Bad Guys), and blew their way out with a healthy amount of C-4 and rock 'n roll. And then things settled down, and there was peace.

I still consider Duo's eyes to be violet. I think Heero might not ever have a very good sense of humor, but he has his moments. Quatre should drink less tea and maybe go on a vacation in the tropics. Trowa will always be able to do the trapeze, even if he's hiding a six-pack under his ugly turtlenecks. And Wufei still practices his swordsmanship, but now he does it for himself and not as a tribute to Meiran. Zechs... might eventually not be crazy anymore, but it's a good thing he has Noin around to make sure he doesn't start running into doors or something. Relena's still awfully young to be Vice Foreign Minister, but Dorothy is on her staff and should be able to help or try to take over the world herself. Une, despite everything, is a very good mother to Mariemaia. Treize is still dead (except in AUs).

Is it fanon? Is it canon? I don't know, but I don't care too much.

GW became MY fandom. It's the only fandom that I consistently and continuously write fics for, even 10 years later. It's also the fandom that I consistently and continuously read fics for, even 10 years later.

I'm clinging to it to the bitter end.
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Reading HBP has totally put me into another HP swing again. I read fics for the HP fandom, but I have to admit that the rampant wank and spooginess scared me away for a good long while. But now I'm devouring fics for my favorite pairings (which, tend to be out of the norm anyway), and trying frantically to keep myself of any fandom debacles. I'm totally going through [ profile] painless_j's thematic recs lists. Damn, EVERYTHING you could EVER want to read is linked. Even my rare pairings! I'm so happy.

Anyway, this evening I decided to watch POA again. Bwehehehe. I forgot how good it was, despite the stuff that they cut out of the movie. Though, I couldn't help thinking pervy things through the whole movie, especially when it got to the part where Remus was teaching Harry the Patronus. All I could think about was [ profile] maeglinyedi's fic, The Phases of the Moon, which is a totally naughty and dirty and pr0ny and delicious Remus/Harry. Nnngh. *lick*

Dirty dirty Professor Lupin! All through that scene all I could think about was Remus seducing young, helpless Harry and gaining his trust and nnnnngh...! *lick*

In fact, I've been reading damn near all of [ profile] maeglinyedi's fics, because she wrote an AWESOME Remus/Sirius/Harry arc of fics that starts with Of Wolf and Man. Yeah, if you haven't figured it out, I'm totally onboard the Remus/Sirius/Harry (and permutations thereof) ship. I can't help myself. Nnnnngh...! *lick*

Okay. And now I must go find more pr0n.
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*checks time* Took me about six hours. And yes, I took a potty break during that time period. And munched on veggie spring rolls while I read. I will say something more coherent once everything sinks in.
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I woke up early this morning (even set my alarm) so I could go out and buy HBP once the mall opened. I didn't get to the Target at Serramonte until a little after 9am, but I went straight to the book section and snatched up a copy. *purrs* It was on sale, too! Only $16.98 or something like that. I was so tempted to read while in line to pay, but I restrained myself.

Anyway, since the Mall opened at 10am, and it was a little before 9:30, I decided to wait until the mall opened, and buy Panda Express, so I wouldn't have to cook at all today. I was weak though, and sat down at the courtyard area and started reading. ^^;; No spoilers. I'm not saying anything yet. I want to READ MORE.

X3 I also bought some manga from Suncoast; not that I'll be reading them anytime soon, but at least I'm caught up on the titles I'm following (DNAngel 8, Saiyuki 9, and Yami no Matsuei [I refuse to call it Descendants of Darkness] 6).

Now I am home, with hot chinese food and my HBP. I'm even using a FORK to eat, instead of chopsticks, so I don't have to think about how to eat. Chopsticks take concentration, you know.

Don't expect to see me for the rest of the day.
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If I had someone to go with me, I would totally go out at midnight to a Potter Party, like I did with [ profile] aoi for OotP. Even now, I am tempted, but geekery isn't fun without another geek with you, really. Instead, I shall go buy my copy tomorrow morning and promptly spend all day reading it.

In other fandom news, it's fun to heckle people on CFUD. Though, it appears that my anonymouse persona likes to heckle the campers over their sexual preferences. But [ profile] screwfate just makes it SOOOO easy.

Now for dinner. Or something that sounds like it.


[ profile] askerian has confirmed that sigh is masculine. Go me. I learned something in those 4 years of French afterall.
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*blows raspberry at Asuka*

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*shakes fist at flist*

I know you people on my flist are following CFUD! Why aren't you TELLING ME these things?! Especially since I'm mostly offline and not able to heckle enjoy the events as they occur?!


I'm going to bed now. I swear.
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Uhm. Well. [ profile] sukino was being a NOSY H0R and read through the comments in [ profile] billion_dlr_boy's post and I hat3z0rz her now.

*ducks and hides*


*lures people away from her hiding place with peanut butter*

Solacium spoilers in here )
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Why the hell does all the stuff happen while I'm asleep. I swear, I go to bed thinking that all is right with the world(though not so right with my internets) and I wake up to trauma and chaos and a million other things. x___X

*BIG HUGE HUGS* to everyone in the London area, or hell, the whole of England. This is terrible and I'm just... in utter shock over it. Looks like the schedule for the Apocalypse is being pushed up. Sorry, bad gallow's humor.

And my flist is full of all the Solacium goodbyes, too. T__________T *weepy clinging* What am I supposed to do with all the perviness that will now have no outlet? Who will I ship jars of Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter to? WHO?!

But, on the upside, I think my internets have gotten stabilized. Or, at least, more stable than they were before.

And in case she reads this... HI PHINEY-WAN! *waves like a geek*

Also, I have chicken caesar salad for lunch. Yum.
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I am but an innocent (if curious) bystander to the events which occur around me.


*sparkles with innocence*


... uhm. And if you don't believe that then, I was put under EXTREME DURESS to do it by [ profile] trowacko. tro MADE me do it!

EDIT, the Second...



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