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Looks like it's technology fail day around here. Gaia has died on me, LJ isn't sending me comment reply e-mails, and my connection is super slow. I suppose this is a message from the powers that be that I should play video games on my DS.

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Free ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware. Today only.

ZoneAlarm is giving out free software for spyware cleaning and basic firewall, along with a year of free update. ♥ I happened to like ZoneAlarm when I tried it, so this is pretty good. Especially since Norton keeps telling me that I need to buy another subscription soon. >_>;;
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Been waking up earlier and earlier lately, probably because of having to wake up early for the bar exam. Also probably because I've been going to sleep earlier. >_>;;

Got on Trickster late last night again and the wireless worked, so I managed to get to lvl 31 by beating on the Queen Yamus and Popos again. SUCH GOOD EXP. But now the wireless won't connect at all. The bitch. T__T!

Moff? Pet? I dunno if I can get on to play this afternoon, since Aoi-chan is sick and at the doctor's. I'm going out in a bit to buy 300 since the DVD came out today, and maybe swing by the Starbuck's near Circuit Cuty and see what the wireless situation is like. >_>;; If it's not good, I'll just go home and hope the wireless will be nice to me until I at least finish the event monster hunts. >_O;; I really wanted all the festival equips, too. Grrr.

In other news, my back hurt so bad last night that I kept tossing and turning. I think the ovaries want revenge this month.


Jul. 29th, 2007 05:57 pm
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*wails and gnashes teeth and beats the wireless with a shovel*

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So, here I am, languishing at the home comp on dial-up AOL. Why? Because I keep forgetting to keep the home comp updated to my satisfaction, so I always end up having to download huge chunks of updates (Microsoft, Norton, AdAware, etc.) at one time instead of small manageable chunks every day (like with Shukaku).


It's not too bad though. Once I get everything set up and downloading, I can leave the computer alone (and threaten my dad so he doesn't pick up the phone) and go to the leeched wireless on Shukaku in the comforts of my own room. And I have tater tots in the toaster oven right now, and I shall eat them for a tasty tasty late dinner/snack thing. Also, Blasterball is on this comp (it's a puzzle/pong type game that I happen to like), so I get to play that, too.

For some reason though, whenever I play Blasterball, my mind tends to wander (I'm also reading fics in between levels). I usually end up thinking of a strange KH plotbunny-but-not-exactly type thing.

cut for excessive geeky ponderings and fangirling )

... I should stop babbling. I think my tater tots are done and I'm hungry.
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I knew that my wireless connection hated me. So what if I leech it? I'm kind. I try not to go on during peak times to minimize the stress. In fact, I try to keep my Trickster-ing to the dead of the night, just so I know the neighbors are asleep and to hog the connection.

*throttles wireless*

I've been trying to do the Siremaid monster quest and I keep lagging and losing connection in the middle of it. *whine* I have to kill 50 of the bitches in 30 minutes and I COULD TOTALLY DO IT IF THE CONNECTION STAYED.


I'm so close to leveling up again, too.

Stupid wireless.


So the connection held for over the full 30 minutes, but I still failed the quest because THERE WAS SOME BITCH THERE KILLING ALL MY SIREMAIDS BEFORE I COULD GET THEM. RAAAAAAAAAAWR. They don't spawn very fast and the map is HUGE. I was 10 Siremaid deaths away from completing the quest when the time ran out. T__T!! All because the map was busy and BITCHES WERE TAKING MY MONSTERS.

But I leveled up. And finished an items quest. I guess that's a good thing.
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It is freaking cold right now, and stormy. Yesterday it drizzled, but this morning there was full on BUCKETS pouring. And there's still dark clouds even now. *shivers* A few days ago I was panting from the heat at this time, but now I'm in layers again.

I thought March was supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb?

Anyway, in probably not related news, the wireless keeps dropping me constantly. I think it knows when I'm on AIM and want to chat, or when I want to RP, or play Trickster, or an reading a particularly good fic. Because THAT'S when the connection drops out on me. XP Bleh. It's making me sorta cranky, but that might just be hormones.

I have a strange craving for cheesy garlic bread. I don't know why. It just sounds really good right now.
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So, but Shukaku (my laptop) and the home comp have Norton on them. The free trial period for Norton on the home comp just ran out and it's bothering me to subscribe. I'm planning on doing so, but I want to know if the subscription I get for the home comp will ALSO be transferrable to my laptop, or if I'd have to pay for the subscription twice. That doesn't seem very fair somehow, though very capitalist.

And is there a way to find out just WHEN your subscription runs out? I'm sure the one on Shukaku will run out sooner or later but I want to know before it actually happens.
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Bwehehehe. My computer clock changed back all on its own! I'm such a geek. But at least I know for sure to change the time back.

Yay Daylight Savings Time!
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T____T *weeps bitter tears of wanting* And I thought the TX series was cool. This... this is just... *whines and whimpers to self* A full computer in the palm of your hand! Sony ownz me so hard.

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Today was a good writing day. And I updated the home comp. And the medicine works, I just had to take more of it. But the medicine works a bit too well because now I'm all snotty and had to blow my nose a million times. Blech.

More writing tomorrow hopefully!

Bed now.
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Had some tea and ingested a slice of pizza. Lemon tea and pepperoni pizza do NOT taste good together, btw. Now I'm on the home comp, because I like to get the updates weekly and such, and make sure everything is running smooth, since I'm the only one in the house who does these things. XP

I suppose I shall hang about on AIM, and poke about (slowly) online. And write.

LJ is still doing that stupid switching the date/time thing. It's annoying. =__=;;
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GAH! I was in the middle of some good RP when AIM kicked me and the wireless went wacky and Shukaku decided that I should restart. ALL AT ONCE. *beats things to death* [ profile] moffit! Tell me you saved! I'm on the home comp now, and the dial-up, because there's stuff I need to email out that's on this comp and not Shukaku. Blargh. At least the internet and AIM work, even if it's slow.

Also got to eat some dinner. And my mom helped me pull the hairpins out of my hair. All of them. But my hair is... still up and curly even with the hairpins gone. This is some good hairspray. And my head feels all weird. *scratches*

And WTF LJ? Stop fucking with my time. I know I picked PST for my timezone, so why do you keep changing things? I've been having to edit posts for like, a week now, because you keep giving me that stupid backdate error when I make new posts. *kicks*


FUCK YOU LJ STOP FUCKING WITH THE DATES TOO. *had to edit this because of the date*
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Was distracted from my drabble-writing. .___.;; It wasn't my fault. Really. I downloaded the new IE 7.0 because IE 6.0 has been acting rather bitchy to me lately, and giving me errors whenever I try to go to the Microsoft Updates website. That is very Not Good, even if I have Automatic Updates running, because I like to go to the site physically and look at the optional updates too.

IE 7.0... *sporfle* They totally ripped off Firefox, what with the tabbled browsing and stuff. It kinda threw me for a loop, because I expect IE to look drastically different from Firefox, but suddenly there's TABS, but they're IE tabs, and I got confused. So I had to fiddle with it some before I was happy. And then I got the damn updates I wanted to get to.

Also, the wireless has gotten over its hiccuping. I think. I tempt not Teh Internet Godz.


Oct. 6th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Blah, the wireless that I steal normally use is being all fiddly and bitchy with Shukaku lately. I don't know why it futzes out every now and again. Bah. Playing on the home comp now, so I'm probably going to finish up more of those drabbles while I download things here. *pats the modem*

In a bit of geekery, I really like the Active Security Monitor that I downloaded onto Shukaku and the home comp. ^___^ It's from AOL, but you don't need to have AOL or anything to use it. Basically, it watches over your comp and gives you a security score so you always know how locked-down your comp is against outside threats. It works really well, and it looks neat, and it's easy to use. It even reminds you if your programs are missing updates and such. Very good for me, since I sometimes forget to update my protection (like AdAware and Spybot and such).

In other news, it is suddenly chilly and overcast. It was hot yesterday. ZOMG, I think we're actually getting a change in the weather!

And I want pie.
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I'm de-fragging my laptop. I think Shukaku is well-past the time for it. Though, I'm probably just gonna have to tweak everything again once I actually get off my ass and burn off all the stuffs on my harddrive. ^^;; So looks like I'm on the home comp and dial-up for today, until Shukaku finishes.

*pops in OK Go CD*
*drinks Mountain Dew*

... there was something else I wanted to say, but I forgot. Maybe I'll remember later.
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*quietly burns a CD with driver files after only 16 minutes of downloading through the wireless instead of 4+ hours over dial-up*
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... well, maybe not fiddling while Rome burns, but that's something entirely different.

The home comp has been BSoD-ing (twice that I've witnessed) because of some device driver problem. XP The only device I've hooked up to the home comp (that wasn't part of the set-up) is the printer. So I just went to find the new drivers for the printer. If that doesn't work, I'm going to assume it's a Windows XP thing, and check the Microsoft Updates I need. I remember my laptop doing the device driver error thing, and I needed something from Microsoft, I think. *tries to remember*

Either way, it's pain and blood and tears because this driver file is 29.6MB, and I'm on the dial-up. I might sign off and try to connect again at a higher speed. It was giving me 46k when I first signed on (before the BSoD). But now... 28.8. *weep*
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Just woke up a bit ago. I managed to beat the new comp mostly to death and got those antivirus updates. But now... are the Windows updates. All 39MB of them. On a dial-up connection that doesn't seem to want to connect higher than 28.8. It is all full of blood and pain and tears.

Since my brain hasn't kick started yet, I decided I need an appropriate, generally geeky icon. And I found it. Yay! GIP.
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Finally, after many years of pleading, my mom consented to get a new home desktop computer. YAY! Seriously, our home comp was bought in 1996, was loaded with viruses, and abominably slow. It was running Windows 95, IE 5.0, and AOL 5.0, which should tell you how bad it was. I should take it out back and shoot the thing.

Anyway, we went computer shopping yesterday and I just finished taking out the old computer (so many wires and cables x.x) and setting up the new computer. I still have to strip out all the unnecessary programs and crap that always come pre-installed, but we're pretty much good to go! :3

It's an HP with 2 GB RAM, AMD Athalon processor, 250GB of HD space, plus a 17 inch flat panel LCD. X33!! *makes a little happy noise* Mom also bought herself a new digital camera, because it came with a photo printer and free memory card. Circuit City always makes me happy.

Of course, the thing that's annoying me right now is that we still have only AOL dial-up, and it's being a bitch and a half right now. I keep getting kicked offline, and it SUCKS because I'm trying to download the Norton antivirus updates I need.

Slow dial-up + getting kicked + huge updates = cranky Sera

But I shall prevail! Eventually. I just really wish LiveUpdate would SAVE the updates it's already finished, instead of me having to download the same 16 files over and over again after I get kicked and reconnect. x___X;; Too bad there's no wireless on this comp, or I'd try to piggyback off the neighbors, but then again, I think that's on the other side of the house. XP

Okay, back to tweaking things.
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Is there a way to save your Favorites/bookmarks from IE and transfer them to another computer?

I just realized that I had a TON of important bookmarks and websites saved on Solo, and I don't have them on Shukaku. I'd rather not go to each website and save it all over again.
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You know, I really shouldn't exploit whichever one of my neighbors who has an open wireless broadband connection. One that I can connect to from the comforts of my room. *looks at the 70+KB/sec speed* Right, well, I'm not hurting anything. And I just paid for a month's worth of direct downloads at *rubs hands together* Finally! I can see episode 134!

... maybe I should make [ profile] sukino send me stuff, too. Like the rest of Loveless that I salivate for.

In other news, it is snack time. Or rather, I should have some sort of lunch before going back to the grind. *chomps popcorn* I remembered to take a steak out for dinner, so it's defrosting in the fridge. Maybe I'll make potatoes too... or maybe just rice. I dunno yet. Bleh, need to do the dishes and shower, too. And fold laundry. *sighs*

*watches Naruto download*
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And today is one of those sometimes.

Guess who has a new laptop?


cut for babble and squeeing and computer bitchery )

Now I must away to finish up with Shu-chan. *twitch* Once these fricken' Norton Anti-Virus updates finish. x___X So many. And I don't wanna install/download/mess with things while this is running.
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Solo is dead.

After getting the Blue Screen of Death WAY too many times for me to feel happy, I went ahead and uninstalled AOHELL 9.Fuckyouuptheasswithoutlube in hopes that would save Solo. It didn't. I kept getting the Blue Screen of Death while doing other things (most notably: starting up, shutting down, and running Disk Cleanup). I broke down and went to Circuit City this morning, to see if I could get Solo fixed by a professional since my own dabblings weren't doing CRAP.

So I went, and talked to a tech guy... hahaha... only highlight of the day is that I didn't have to pay for the consultation. Once I told him I had a laptop and was getting the Blue Screen of Death (yes, I said Blue Screen of Death, he's a tech guy, he should know what it means), the tech guys VISIBLY FLINCHED. I saw him flinch. I also told him exactly what the BSoD said, since I wrote it down. He read, flinched again, and told me the only thing there was to do was to reformat the harddrive. *cries* That means I lose EVERYTHING on Solo and bring him back to factory specs. I talked to the guy more to see if there was anything else possible, but he said no, since this is a harddrive problem and can't be fixed without reformatting. He also told me I could do it myself since I have the disks for it.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Now I am using Mama Lin's computer to get online. I need to call my parents, too, and tell them about what happened. I might get a new laptop, but that's iffy. The problem is that like fucking ALL MY NOTES AND WORK is on Solo. So is a whole lot of vital information that I, you know, NEED FOR THE BAR.

I'm going to see if I can't burn off what I can from Solo, since he DOES start up and work for a bit before the BSoD. I'm so fucking glad that I burned off all that anime already. Getting off my personal files shouldn't be so hard and the programs I can always get again. I also burned back-up CDs already of stuff, but I'll fucking DO IT AGAIN, since there's new stuff I have since then, and God apparently hates me THAT much. I don't want to lose the papers I've bled and written.

Don't expect to see me about online. I just want to say that I'm not dead.

And if you have technical knowledge *pokes the Techie* this is EXACTLY what my BSoD says, in case there's something else that can be done. But I doubt it. Even last time, when I went to the Best Buy tech people, they said that Solo had a harddrive problem that they couldn't fix, and would have to ship Solo off to the Sony people. *cries some more*

This is for Techie types )
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AOL is still managing to be a pain, but it seems that I can get on for short periods of time. Don't expect to see me about though. x___X I'll probably just be checking email and LJ mostly. Though, if I keep Blue Screening of Death, I might actually take Solo in to be fixed or at least looked at.

Also, it's Crunch Time. I have about two and a half weeks until the Bar Exam. I'm going to be studying INTENSELY for this whole time (yes, weekends, too) so I'm probably going to be braindead and stressed out like you wouldn't believe.

If you love me, start sacrificing the babies n00bs Mary Sues virgins fat shouta ukes anything you feel like sacrificing and praying that I pass the Bar. Oh, and the MPRE in August, too.

T____T Please, think of teh Seras.
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I got kicked offline by the Blue Screen of Death about 9pm, and have spent the time since them trying to fix things. Restarted after I was first kicked, signed on, promptly got another Blue Screen of Death. At which point, I unconnected my modem and started to fiddle. I've burned off all the anime on my harddrive to CD, which freed up quite a bit of space. Then I ran Disk Cleanup and Disk Defrag of both my C AND D drives. Also got yet another Blue Screen of Death.

T__T I fear that Solo has come up against his warranty, as it has been 3 years since I bought him, and he's been through alot of abuse. I don't know if it would be worth it to take Solo in to a computer place to get looked at. If I was back in Mo Val, I would ask the Techie Boy for help, but alas, I am not. I can only hope Solo lives and stays online until August.


Now I shall exploit the internets as much as I can, before things die again.


I WAS able to watch TV while I was offline. I am going to pimp out one of MTV's new reality TV shows, called: "MTV's 70's House." Basically, a bunch of people are put into one house... but the house is totally 70's. They have to stay in-character as if it is still the 70's; that means dress, language, and attitude. *giggles* It's soooo funny. There's no cellphones, computers, CD players... but there IS a record player, 8-track player, they have Pong! And fondue parties!

And, every time a certain bell rings, they ALL have to drop what they're doing (on the phone, sleeping, hanging out, whatever) and DO THE HUSTLE. The music plays, too. I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED when the bell went off and one guy jumped out of the SHOWER, wrapped a towel around his waist, and joined everyone in the living room to disco.

Watch it just for the funny. It's great.


Kicked while trying to post this. How ironic. x___X
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Why the hell does all the stuff happen while I'm asleep. I swear, I go to bed thinking that all is right with the world(though not so right with my internets) and I wake up to trauma and chaos and a million other things. x___X

*BIG HUGE HUGS* to everyone in the London area, or hell, the whole of England. This is terrible and I'm just... in utter shock over it. Looks like the schedule for the Apocalypse is being pushed up. Sorry, bad gallow's humor.

And my flist is full of all the Solacium goodbyes, too. T__________T *weepy clinging* What am I supposed to do with all the perviness that will now have no outlet? Who will I ship jars of Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter to? WHO?!

But, on the upside, I think my internets have gotten stabilized. Or, at least, more stable than they were before.

And in case she reads this... HI PHINEY-WAN! *waves like a geek*

Also, I have chicken caesar salad for lunch. Yum.


Jul. 7th, 2005 01:42 am
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Fine. Tomorrow I'm going to be burning off everything on my harddrive, running Scan Disk and Disk Defrag, and then I'm running every single one of my spyware/virus programs (and getting updates if needed). Fucking hell, it's like I can't stay online for longer than 15 minutes!

Now I'm pissy.

I'm going to bed.



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