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R.I.P. Dick Clark.

I've watched him on TV pretty much every New Year's Eve for my whole life. Even if other channels had their NYE celebrations on TV (and with better performances/people showing up), I always watched New Year's Rockin' Eve because I felt it was the "real" New Year's celebration. And I've always wanted to celebrate NYE in New York with all the people in Times Square even if it would be crazy and loud and bitterly cold.

I know the past years after his stroke affected him terribly. It always made me sad to think that someone I've seen and had good memories with would suddenly disappear from my universe of experiences. It's sort of like when John Paul II died; he was my Pope. He was the one I'd known my whole life, I was fond of him even if I'd never met him, and I didn't want there to be another.

But Dick Clark kept hosting every single year (except 2004 since that's when he had the stroke).

He persevered. He proved to the world that you can recover from a tragedy and still go on with your life. He wanted to make the people who watched and celebrated happy along with him. Even though it was obvious that hosting was becoming an ordeal for him, he still wanted to do the show he's been known for and made famous around the world. He even said: "Last year I had a stroke. It left me in bad shape. I had to teach myself how to walk and talk again. It's been a long, hard fight. My speech is not perfect but I'm getting there." This is the kind of hope, strength, and spirit that should be praised and applauded, even if you're not family, or a friend, or a neighbor, or even met the man at all.

It won't be the same without him counting down to ring in the new year.

Dick Clark is my New Year's host.
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So I was watching the finale of Worst Cooks in America while I was having my lunch. I love that show because it's amazing how many fires can be accidentally set during one episode. Anyway, I missed the finale when it first aired, so I was glad to catch a re-run on The Food Network by chance. Woo TV. \o/

Anyway, one thing that bothered me was that Bobby Flay's cook (okay okay everyone knows I hate Bobby Flay but I liked the cook all through the season) had to make creme brulee for the final dessert to be served to the judges. During his test run, the guy accidentally got water into his creme brulee, so it didn't set-up properly and was basically ruined.

... for those who don't know, when you cook creme brulee (which is a custard), it has to be cooked in a water bath. Then you let the whole thing set up in the fridge before you torch the top. But if you get any water into the custard (say, from the water in the pan for the water bath), the custard will NOT set up and instead will be runny and ick. But you don't know it's ruined until you actually stick a fork in to eat.

So the cook was very careful when he was carrying his pan (filled with water for the bath and the ramekins of creme) to the oven to cook, but still managed to get a little water spilling in without his knowing about it, thus, ruined creme brulee. He was very careful again during the final cook-off for the judges, so 2 of his brulees came out perfectly. But one got water in it and was ruined (poor Marcus Samuelsson he didn't get to eat dessert).


What made me angry? Is why didn't Bobby Flay tell the cook to do WHAT PROFESSIONAL CHEFS DO (and what Alton Brown said on Good Eats)..................


That way you're not filling a pan with water then having the water slosh around while you carry it to the oven.

I mean, jeeze. Not that I make a ton of creme brulee, but doesn't it make sense to not carry a sloshing pan of water when you know water will ruin your creme brulee?


That was my little annoyance for the day.
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I don't know how I'll survive until The Walking Dead season 3 finally airs. ;___; The season 2 finale is tomorrow night AND OMG I AM SO FULL OF ANTICIPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

....... SHUN.
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At the moment I am:

-- doing laundry
-- flipping between the Super Bowl, the Puppybowl, the marathon of Being Human, and the marathon of Auction Hunters
-- doing things online (like FB, Farmville, RP, etc.)
-- playing Plants vs. Zombies on my DS

I have already:

-- finished 3 loads of laundry
-- cooked and ate my lunch of orange chicken and rice
-- killed zombies on my DS
-- done things online (of course)

I will be:

-- continuing to rotate through the channels depending on commercials
-- taking a shower (after the laundry is done because if I do it now the water will be cold the poor water heater)
-- probably killing more zombies
-- folding the laundry I've done or maybe I'll do that tomorrow
-- still being online :P
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Okay. So. I've been watching MTV recently because I got caught up with this season of America's Best Dance Crew. Hush. I think the teams are really talented and I'm very torn between Iconic Boys and I Am Me at the moment, who will be going head-to-head in the finals.


Because I've been watching ABDC, I've been unfortunately treated to repetitive MTV commercials pimping out their new shows (when I don't change the channel to Food Network or something that is). And one of MTV's new shows is something titled, I shit you not, Teen Wolf.


So, yeah. Shitty new teen/young adult show meant to snag onto the whole Twatlight/vampire craze that's currently popular, except this time it's Twatlight with werewolves. Even from the commercials this show looks terrible, in ways that make someone who likes classic horror/vampire/werewolves (me!) want to rage.

Premise of the show is that teenage boy gets infected by werewolf and now has to deal with it. Enter pretty new classmate, who he is very attracted to, but OHNOES every time he's around her he gets all wolfy and doesn't want to inflict his curse on anyone else. How do I dislike this show? Let me count the ways.

1) The new girl's name is Bella Swan Allison Argent. Argent. ARGENT. THE WEREWOLF BOY IS ATTRACTED TO A GIRL NAMED ARGENT. *froths at the mouth*

... for those too lazy to wiki, argent means "silver". >_>;;

2) Werewolf boy gets 'wolfy' when his blood pressure rises, or he gets angry/excited/upset/emotional/whatever.


3) It reeks of Twatlight. 'nuff said.

4) I don't know if there's going to be classic turns at the full moon wolfy stuff, but it does look like werewolves are pretty feral killing machines. That's one plus, but it doesn't forgive all the other horrible things.

5) I have no fifth point. Except that maybe people need to start being original and not riding the wave of current popularity. But if you're going to ride that wave, at least do something different.


....................... *goes away to chew on things*



I just saw a new commercial and guess what? Guess what?! That silver girl? HER DAD IS TOTALLY A WEREWOLF HUNTER. I guess the name 'Argent' becomes suddenly relevant.

But still stupid.
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... for huddling under tons of blankets. D:

I was really worried that the weather would continue to do the psychotic thing of being cold and stormy for one week, then 100+ degrees the next, but that doesn't seem to be the case. On one hand, I'm glad of non-psycho weather. On the other, IT IS FREEZING. Literally! It was 34 degrees the past two nights. It'll be hitting 30 tonight, I think. I'm almost afraid to look.

So, in honor of the season, I have busted out with my flannel sheets. ilu flannel sheets T_T ♥. They're so warm and cozy and make me not want to roll out of bed. Unfortunately, they also make me have kind of static-y hair. Bleh. It's the price I pay to stay warm, I guess.

So yes, it is overcast and rainy and windy and cold, and will likely stay this way for Turkey Day. When relatives are coming for dinner. Blargh.

In other news, there are things that I want to babble about in a geeky way. But I'm lazy. And cold. And can't feel my fingers and so I'm typing horribly. :x But I have such an urge to babble/rant/be meta. Like about The Walking Dead. Or maybe Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. Or even Top Chef: Just Desserts.


*rolls about*
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All I have to say about the new The Walking Dead TV series on A&E is...

that poor horse.

I knew it. I KNEW that would happen to the horse. Dammit, horse! It's a zombie apocalypse! Don't let some dumbass ride you into a major city full of zombies. I thought animals were supposed to have better senses and know when shit like this happens. YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED ON THE FARM, HORSE.

Anyway, the series looks good (only 6 episodes for the first season, too!) and I like how it was more like a movie than a TV episode. The special effects on the zombies were well done. But I am skeptical on how well this series will do, since the tone of the comics gets really damn dark really damn fast. This is not Happy Shiny Funtiems Zombie Apocalypse. This is We Have Become The Monsters Zombie Apocalypse.

But I read that they've got the second season already ordered and oh-so-crazy Michonne will be showing up. LOLZ. I wonder how the series will handle her for the primetime TV audience.


Sep. 9th, 2010 10:48 pm
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Holy crap. Nikita.

I totally wasn't expecting that ending on the premiere episode. I was totally fooled, since I've seen not only the movie (with Bridget Fonda) and the TV series, so I know Nikita's original background in joining Section Division. I don't want to get my hopes up too high though, since I really loved the original La Femme Nikita TV series.

... I also like French Michael better. Because of his sexy accent. And Madeline is more badass and evil.
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Last night's Top Chef.

Who thinks Alex stole the pea puree?

So much drama. I've been generally unimpressed by this season (which is now halfway through), as things are horribly cutthroat and more about chef drama than good cooking. I really enjoyed last season because the food was consistently amazing. I mean, hell, even the guy who came in third is going to have a spot on the US Team for the Bocuse d'Or.

I still love Top Chef Masters best though. And I want to see what Top Chef Just Desserts is like.
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What Would Brian Boitano Make? is a fucking hilarious cooking show. It's beyond awesome and now I shall have to watch it every week.

And yes, the theme song is "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" from South Park. That makes it more awesome.

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That's right. Studying Evidence today.

It is also laundry day... once I sort through my laundry. But first, lunch. I'm hungry. Also, should do the dishes. No no, this is totally not me procrastinating at all.


If anyone spoils me for HBP, I will take the time out of my studying to go to your house and STAB you with like, a highlighter or #2 pencil or something. And I mean ANY spoilers AT ALL besides, like, the title of the book and that JKR wrote it. No taunting lj-cut tag lines, no "OMGWTFBBQ" entry titles, NOTHING.


If you want to watch Live 8 again, MTV is playing it this weekend, uncut and stuff. :3 Starts at 3pm. Well, 3pm for me here on the PST anyway.


Maybe it's on VH-1 instead? @___@ I'm confused. I just turned on the TV and Sir Paul McCartney is singing "Hey Jude" on VH-1. Maybe it's gonna be on both channels? I don't know. Go turn on your TVs and check. =3


Well, now VH-1 is playing something else, but MTV IS showing Live 8 for FIVE HOURS. Yayness.
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I got kicked offline by the Blue Screen of Death about 9pm, and have spent the time since them trying to fix things. Restarted after I was first kicked, signed on, promptly got another Blue Screen of Death. At which point, I unconnected my modem and started to fiddle. I've burned off all the anime on my harddrive to CD, which freed up quite a bit of space. Then I ran Disk Cleanup and Disk Defrag of both my C AND D drives. Also got yet another Blue Screen of Death.

T__T I fear that Solo has come up against his warranty, as it has been 3 years since I bought him, and he's been through alot of abuse. I don't know if it would be worth it to take Solo in to a computer place to get looked at. If I was back in Mo Val, I would ask the Techie Boy for help, but alas, I am not. I can only hope Solo lives and stays online until August.


Now I shall exploit the internets as much as I can, before things die again.


I WAS able to watch TV while I was offline. I am going to pimp out one of MTV's new reality TV shows, called: "MTV's 70's House." Basically, a bunch of people are put into one house... but the house is totally 70's. They have to stay in-character as if it is still the 70's; that means dress, language, and attitude. *giggles* It's soooo funny. There's no cellphones, computers, CD players... but there IS a record player, 8-track player, they have Pong! And fondue parties!

And, every time a certain bell rings, they ALL have to drop what they're doing (on the phone, sleeping, hanging out, whatever) and DO THE HUSTLE. The music plays, too. I LAUGHED AND LAUGHED when the bell went off and one guy jumped out of the SHOWER, wrapped a towel around his waist, and joined everyone in the living room to disco.

Watch it just for the funny. It's great.


Kicked while trying to post this. How ironic. x___X


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