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At the moment I am:

-- doing laundry
-- flipping between the Super Bowl, the Puppybowl, the marathon of Being Human, and the marathon of Auction Hunters
-- doing things online (like FB, Farmville, RP, etc.)
-- playing Plants vs. Zombies on my DS

I have already:

-- finished 3 loads of laundry
-- cooked and ate my lunch of orange chicken and rice
-- killed zombies on my DS
-- done things online (of course)

I will be:

-- continuing to rotate through the channels depending on commercials
-- taking a shower (after the laundry is done because if I do it now the water will be cold the poor water heater)
-- probably killing more zombies
-- folding the laundry I've done or maybe I'll do that tomorrow
-- still being online :P
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My layout is back! ♥ Much thanks to [ profile] sharona1x2! And of course to [ profile] driftingdoll for making me this layout that I love. ♥ ♥

In other news, I am doing laundry. I might bake cookies later if it isn't too hot. Fucking weather. It was a cold snap for all of three days, but now it's another heat wave. Well, I guess that'll be good for kiddies walking around outside on Halloween. Though, it's usually cold and dark by then. Let's see how the weather is this year. 8D;; Go global warming!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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So, I was in the middle of having my lunch (a panini and french fries), when dad came home. Not unexpected. But not 5 minutes after he got home, there was a knock on the garage door, and it was my uncles (dad's brothers). They decided to visit for somereason, and even my dad was surprised. Probably because one of my uncles is supposed to be in Japan (he's in the Navy and is stationed there for now). He's on leave or somesuch.

And then my mom came home.

So it is busy in the house again. D: And all I wanted to do today was my laundry, then attack my legs with Veet again and shower.

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No, really. Guess. >_>;;

I've been letting it stack up. Oh well. At least it's not OMGHOT anymore, so I can actually run the dryer in the afternoon, instead of having to wait until late at night when the temperature is cooler.
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*sucks down a Starbucks Frappuccino*

I so love these refrigerated things. So very handy. At the library early, since I'll be here all day. Again. Gonna take a break at about 3-ish for a proper lunch and to pee (the bathroom here at the library is kinda scary ;__;). Then back to the grind again.

Note to self: remember to buy a little analog clock for the test. And also, snacks for the hotel room.

I think I will fold laundry when I get home.


Jul. 18th, 2007 03:51 pm
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Am considering just staying home and studying (and doing laundry and other things that need to be done). But that is bad. Bad bad bad Sera-chan bad. Maybe I'll feel better after a shower.


Had my shower and am doing laundry and reviewing Corporations. =__=;; At least I'll be able to eat something not fast food or sandwiches. And thank you, LJ, for being a complete h0r and dying constantly.
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Yup, stayed home today to do laundry and other miscellaneous chores that need doing. Also, was feeling all sorts of bleh and ick and didn't wanna go out. Hopefully this feeling will pass (maybe it was from the pina colada I had last night with dinner), because I wanna go to [ profile] aoi's house tomorrow and rape her internet.

The Poppuri Event on Trickster is ending in like... two days? I wanna drill like a fiend for more boxes (I've still only got 80-something tickets so I'm sure I can at least hit 100 tickets for the Necklace), and possibly do some vending. I've got a who shitload of equips and 2nd Job items that are just taking up all my Storage and Bank space and I wanna get rid of them. I'm saving some of the slotted equips for myself though, or maybe I'll try to compound them and THEN sell them, since you can vend equips with good compounds for alot more than blank ones. But... I also suck at compounding. XD;; Maybe I'll just wait for the next event, which is gonna be a refining event. Maybe I can take some of my equips past Level 2.

It's hot. I'm not gonna turn on the dryer yet.
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I'm feeling quite blah and bleh and urgh. Lazy and tired, even though I slept enough. I think I will stay home today and do domestic things. And have brownies and ice cream. ♥

Trickster patches tonight from 7pm-1am, and they're gonna be taking down the Ice Family Event and putting up the new event (that has 7 stages omg!). [ profile] aoi, I shall be visiting you again tomorrow. ^___^ I was raping her wireless yesterday and managed to finish both parts of the Ice Family Event on my main account, so yay! I have the Pink Ice Ring, the Blue Ice Ring, and two Ice Family Pets. I hope the 'extra' prize for actually completing the event is awesome. :3

I'm kinda pissed that I couldn't finish the event on my other accounts. The level ranges for it were WAY wacked out. How is my level 18 Fox supposed to kill level 40 event monsters? I tried and besides being mobbed, I was criting them for '1' damage. =__=;; Maybe I'd have a better chance if my Fox wasn't just my pure WT mule. And my second Dragon is WT, too, so I know he would die against the lvl 40 monsters even though he's lvl 21. Though... I've been thinking of deleting him in order to make an HV Raccoon, just for fun. XD No no no... I love my main Dragon too much to abandon him.

*flops around*

I think it's getting near lunchtime...
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... and still no period. T___T *rubs lower back* I want it to coooooome. Concert is this weeeeeekend. If it doesn't come IT HAS TO STAY AWAY UNTIL NEXT MONDAY GODDAMMIT.

Anyway, my lunch is cooking at the moment (tater tots!), and once my parents come home, I we're gonna go grocery shopping. I need to buy body wash and food and tampons and Midol and ice cream. You know, the neccessities.

On Saturday I went out (shoe) shopping with Aoi-chan again. Yes, our brave search for proper footwear continued, and we both returned triumphant. Or she did, and I finally bought a pair because I was pissed at not being able to find ANYTHING. Her shoes makes her about an inch taller than me. *jealousy* >_>;; I get about two inches from mine. Still, we had fun and bought other accessory-type things (I got a new pair of armwarmers and a hipbag). I like shopping. ♥

I still need to do another load of laundry here (yes, it is mild chores day), since all my jeans have somehow ended up dirty. XP I usually rotate them so I don't run out, but eh, I was lazy and now I have to catch up.

Oh, and one of my cousins is getting married in June. D: He's in the Philippines and it's just gonna be a civil ceremony for now, with a big church wedding next year. Hahaha... she's 5 months along, which is the reason for the rush. Oh those wacky Filipinos and their shotgun weddings. But one of my other cousins teased me that next time will be mine. DDDDD: No way! Though, it does seem like it's been going by age. First was Emerson, and now Edsel, I would be the next oldest of our group, followed by Karen, Melody, and Russel. I'll just Karen that I'll let her switch places with me. XD

Bleh, and it's kinda overcast/smoggy today. Ick. Good thing I'm staying (mostly) home today.
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Feeling kind of 'bleh' today. Maybe it's because I ate so much yesterday. Or maybe it's hormones. Whatever. Just gonna do my laundry and other miscellaneous chore-type things today.

And no, I don't know why my dad is home today. You know, instead of at work. He's still asleep though. I'll just leave him alone and hope he doesn't wake up soon. >_>:;

Tomorrow, I think I want a smoothie from Juice It Up. I'm in a smoothie mood. And then the library, unless Aoi-chan is free to let me rape her internets and give her her bday present.

Tater tots are tasty.
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At home today and doing laundry! No, it's not really that exciting, but I got to sleep in and thus am happy.

In other news, sometimes I really wish that I knew how to sew. Like clothes. Properly. Because then I could make my own outfits like this, or this, or this, and this, and not have to pay outrageous amounts of money for them. No, I didn't bid. Those are just examples.

And yes, I like hoodies. Especially cute ones with ears. *___* ♥ And the last outfit would be so cute to wear to JRock Revolution.


Why don't they sell cute bunny ear hoodies here? DAMN YOU JAPAN FOR STEALING ALL THE CUTE.
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I think I'll clip some coupons today. We might be going grocery shopping later (we better, we need food), and so it would be good to save some money. Also doing laundry. Sorta. Need to fold it and all. I feel very domestic and blah lately. I don't know why.
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So today started out sucking. Alot. But then I baked a pan of brownies, the hot weather bedamned. And I licked the spatula and bowl clean, too. It made me feel better. So does doing laundry, strangely.

And this mistranslation of Naruto manga chapter 309 is absolutely hilarious and helped me feel better. Fucking euphemisms, indeed. Penis~ ♥

Tomorrow is... more laundry, I think. And studying. Or maybe just laying about in crippling denial of the world around me. But at least I have those brownies.


My working mood theme still makes me happy. ♥
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It is so fucking cold right now that it isn't even funny. And it's overcast and might rain. This sucks.

I also had possibly the worst night of sleep ever that didn't involve me being deathly ill. I was up and down ALL NIGHT, getting maybe 2 hours of sleep at a stretch, and being woken up on multiple occassions. Once was just before 7AM, when the neighbor started TO FUCKING PRUNE BUSHES OR TREES OR SOME SHIT WITH A LOUD AND NOISY ELECTRIC TRIMMER. RIGHT UNDER MY WINDOW. I was screaming in my head and praying for either the neighbor to drop dead, or his trimmer to blow up in his hand and kill him or maim him or something.

And my ovaries still hate me.

Gonna do laundry now, just so I can lay in it when it comes out warm and nice from the dryer.

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Okay, I've got the laundry going, so once it's all done, I get to fold it all and put it away. I need to rip apart my closet to find something to wear for tomorrow night. I have the shoes, but the rest? Argh. There's a skirt I want to wear, and a top, but they don't go together. *kicks them* I'll figure something out. I need to find my makeup case. I need to eventually withdraw money from an ATM, because doing so at the casino is EXPENSIVE. They put the most unholy ATM charge on the machines there. I also need to charge the batteries for my camera, and clear out the memory stick. I need to eat something.

Ah, and everyone coming tomorrow? I know I caught Aoi-chan and Pet on AIM last night. Plan on getting to my house at about 5-6pm, though I think 5pm would be better. Then we can figure out how many cars we'll need, and then make the drive to Morongo. I thought it would be nice if we had dinner first, then the gambling and drinking.

Here is the Morongo website, so you can see where we're going. I don't know where we should have dinner, though I suppose we could look at all the restaurants when we get there and decide (especially if we can see the menus first). And I know I wanna go to 360 or Mystique for cocktails. First round is on me. And I am planning my Gambling Strategy.

... I need someone who is good with numbers and/or can count cards. >_>;;



Almost forgot to say that you're welcome to swing by the house earlier than 5pm. I don't have anything set up though. And you'll probably watch me running around trying to get dressed and make myself pretty. And that is a tedious, boring process.


Mar. 20th, 2006 04:07 pm
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... I didn't wake up until 2pm. =___=;; Ugh. I didn't mean to do that. I'm usually awake WELL before that. I even slept early (for me). But I tossed and turned all night, and kept having to get up, and I guess my body overcompensated for the interrupted sleep. Plus, I'm used to having sun when I wake up, and it's been cold and gloomy and overcast all day.

I'm gonna do some laundry today, because I feel like it. I'd bake cookies, but I don't have any cookie dough. ;__; I really wanna munch on something sweet, too. My parents and the multiple rejection letters are sapping out my will to live. .____.;;

In non-emo news, if anyone sees me on AIM, kick me and I'll randomly cough up a drabble for you. You only get one, so beating me with a trout multiple times *glares at [ profile] askerian* will not get you multiple fics.

Also to do:

-- the OT5 Ides drabble with Duo and the cursing and Relena's stalker
-- the very very late Valentine's Day drabble with Heero and Duo and the chocolate
-- poke at Naruto stuff
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-- The neighbor or who the fuckever it is outside needs to totally turn down the stereo in his car. The bass alone is making my window rattle. And it's some sort of nonsensical rap song being played over and over and it's annoying. *twitch*

-- I'm cooking french fries and chicken tenders for my lunch. Yum. ♥ I think it'll be tempura shrimp and rice for dinner. I need to see what's in the fridge.

-- My feet are cold. I should probably put socks on. *shivers* But I can't find my cute bunny socks. Maybe they're in the laundry.

-- Speaking of which, I totally need to do my laundry. I'll start that after I have my lunch. *nodnods* Sounds like a good plan. Yami agrees with me, too.

-- This is the most innovative solution to beastiality that I have ever seen. It sure beats out just busting a guy for animal cruelty. Though, now that the goat is his "wife" he gets to fuck it whenever he wants and that makes me feel sorry for the goat. Someone tell me why we don't behead people or chop off hands anymore? Oh right... cruel and unusual punishment, right? XP There go my morals and scruples again.

-- There was something else I was supposed to babble about, but I forgot. Maybe it's because the fucktard with the loud stereo finally went away.

-- This is in no way a notice for people to poke me about writing because the bunnies are gnawing at me.

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I thought having Jayne would be fun enough, but now Camp has Jay and Silent Bob. And Silent Bob is Jay's "pet journal." XD!

CFUD -- Nothing is Sacred Anymore ♥

Also, I am manfully restraining myself from heckling Naruto into using his Sexy no Jutsu on Jayne. It hurts, but I will be strong.

Oh, and it's laundry day.
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Mrrrr... just woke up a ittle bit ago. =___=;; Yes, I'm somewhat on the lazy side. But I didn't go to bed until 3am. I've been having problems sleeping lately. I really need to get my sleep schedule changed, since my being practically nocturnal seems to disturb my parents. XP

Also still feel in a writing mood. I wanted to write something smutty for 1x2x1 Day, which was yesterday, but got caught up in writing my GaaNaruNejiSasu. But now I have an idea that is less smutty and more domestic and involves laundry. WTF. Heero? Duo? Stop being so goddamn domestic. But if the bunny stays with me, I might work on it.

Or write something else. I have a ton of drabble requests to fill. ^^;;

... oh, and I woke up with "Major Tom" going through my head. I have no idea why. I don't even HAVE that song in mp3 or anything. Weirdness.


Aug. 31st, 2005 12:49 am
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Geh. Long day. Hot day. Buried under laundry.

Things to do tomorrow:

-- more laundry (folding, hanging, etc.)
-- look for a bag to pack my stuff in for the weekend
-- shower
-- eat
-- try and find my CDs so I can put more songs on Yondy
-- mail out phone bill
-- other miscellaneous grown-up paperwork that sucks ass
-- buy lottery ticket (?)
-- try and write some pr0n (NES, FMA, GW)
-- eat some ice cream

Now I think I'll go to bed early (for me), once I pull myself away from watching Itachi and Neji have icon sex. *fangirl giggle*
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That's right. Studying Evidence today.

It is also laundry day... once I sort through my laundry. But first, lunch. I'm hungry. Also, should do the dishes. No no, this is totally not me procrastinating at all.


If anyone spoils me for HBP, I will take the time out of my studying to go to your house and STAB you with like, a highlighter or #2 pencil or something. And I mean ANY spoilers AT ALL besides, like, the title of the book and that JKR wrote it. No taunting lj-cut tag lines, no "OMGWTFBBQ" entry titles, NOTHING.


If you want to watch Live 8 again, MTV is playing it this weekend, uncut and stuff. :3 Starts at 3pm. Well, 3pm for me here on the PST anyway.


Maybe it's on VH-1 instead? @___@ I'm confused. I just turned on the TV and Sir Paul McCartney is singing "Hey Jude" on VH-1. Maybe it's gonna be on both channels? I don't know. Go turn on your TVs and check. =3


Well, now VH-1 is playing something else, but MTV IS showing Live 8 for FIVE HOURS. Yayness.


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