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"Okay, mom, calm down! Now is not the time to be panicking. You go start the car, I'll get the shovels."

That is one of the best lines I have read in a fic recently. And it makes absolutely no sense out of context. XD!
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Those new Geico commercials with the piles of money with eyes creep me out for some reason. I have no idea why.
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So, who knows who [ profile] evilgrins is? And why s/he invited me to join [ profile] kill_de_bunnies?

........ yeah, I'll use a cute bunny icon for this, just to be perverse.
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Feeling kind of 'bleh' today. Maybe it's because I ate so much yesterday. Or maybe it's hormones. Whatever. Just gonna do my laundry and other miscellaneous chore-type things today.

And no, I don't know why my dad is home today. You know, instead of at work. He's still asleep though. I'll just leave him alone and hope he doesn't wake up soon. >_>:;

Tomorrow, I think I want a smoothie from Juice It Up. I'm in a smoothie mood. And then the library, unless Aoi-chan is free to let me rape her internets and give her her bday present.

Tater tots are tasty.
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The Evolution of Dance.

This guy is HILARIOUS and he's a really good dancer. ♥ It is, indeed, the evolution of dance from the 50s to today. Oh god, the mocking of the Brady Bunch killed me, and once the music and dances hit the 80s, I couldn't stop laughing. XD! My mom had to ask me what was wrong, since apparently it sounded like I was choking. It's even better if you've seen the actual music videos that he takes a lot of the dances from.

Just let me state for the record that I have never seen a white guy Krunk before, and this one does it well. Also, N'SYNC? FULL OF WIN. I can't stop watching.


Have Dane Cook's Comedy Central special, too.
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I knew that real manties had to exist somewhere.

A lot of them look like fancy granny panties, though. ;___; Where's the Victoria's Secret for Men? Cute cotton prints are classic!


Have realized how utterly wrong this icon is with this post. Shall pretend that the panties belong to Yuugi. ♥
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-- Doing laundry today. Yay for clean clothes.

-- LJ gave me 11 emails today, and I forget how many came in one-at-a-time yesterday. x___X At least it's not a HUGE flood, but saying that probably just jinxed me.

-- I don't know whether I want pie, or if I want to bake cookies. I'll decide later.

-- There's a fic gnawing on my brain right now, but it's not at the point of actually writing. *kicks plotbunnies* Work, you bastards!

-- And finally... Cthulhu is giving out presents this year! *wiggles tentacles at everyone*

cut for the Cthulhu meme )
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Things randomly because I'm thinking randomly today.

-- OMGWTFBBQ!!! WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY didn't anyone TELL me that there's a NINTENDO DS BUNDLE WITH NINTENDOGS?! You can get the US Nintendo DS in PINK or TEAL BLUE and it comes with Nintendogs Best Friends Edition!! There's also the RED US NINTENDO DS but it comes bundled with MarioCart. *writhes in agony* I want the Red DS, but I'll settle for the Teal Blue if it comes with Nintendogs! WRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY?!? *gnaws on self and tries to stay away from eBay*

-- The ringer on my cellphone is turned off. >_>;; For certain reasons.

-- I love CFUD. Inui's head just popped off like a cork from a champagne bottle. ROFL. I know it's sad and disturbing, but he can type pretty well for being headless. *gigglesnort*

-- I need to buy nice (and naughty) Xmas cards still.

-- I need to shower.

-- Fuck you, LJ. Stop eating comment emails again. You worked fine yesterday, and I was getting my hopes up. Now I have to look through all my posts all over again.

-- Another CFUD thing, but I need to stop the Rikuou/Raenef thoughts. I really really need to. I'll continue until Kazahaya stops being mean and bitchy.

-- It's really cold. ;__;

-- Look at the shiny icon! Look! It MOVES.

-- I have 3 icon spaces left, but I just ganked a bunch of shiny new ones. *whines* Now I have to figure out which icons to remove to make more space. What a folly it was, to think that 100 icons were too many.


And now, with added memeage ganked from [ profile] mikkeneko!

On the first day of Xmas the perverts gave to me... )


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