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"Okay, mom, calm down! Now is not the time to be panicking. You go start the car, I'll get the shovels."

That is one of the best lines I have read in a fic recently. And it makes absolutely no sense out of context. XD!
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Last night I read that "Snakes on a Sora" fic. I didn't believe that it was bad as people said it was, since I've read ALOT of freaky fics over the years. Hell, I've written some freaky stuff. Snakes on a Sora? Easy peasy, right?

I was wrong.

............................................. I feel so dirty. ;o;
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Why do I always end up reading fics that have sad endings right before bed? .____.;; Now I'm all upset and sad and I have to go to sleep feeling this way. And no one seems to write happy fics that I like.

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Alphabet Fiction Meme

a- A Case of Crack. GW. Trowa, Wufei, Pookie.
b- Beautiful Music. FMA. Elricest.
c- Cold Comfort. NES. Bastian/Atreyu
d- Detention. Sukisho. Minato/Nanami.
e- Environmental Control. GW. Heero/Wufei.
f- Forever Never. GW. Heero/Duo.
g- Gravity. Naruto. NaruSasu.
h- Humidity. GW. Trowa/Duo.
i- Ichi. GW. Heero.
j -
k - Kage to Kasumi. VPM. Miyu/Larva.
l- Leave A Message. GW. Heero/Duo.
m- Movie Night. GW. Trowa, Wufei.
n- Never Forget. GW. Quatre/Heero, Quatre/Duo.
p- Pair. GW. Duo.
q- Quiet. LotR. 'Mirbrothercest.
r- Run Deep. Naruto. Itachi/Shisui.
s- Secret. KKM. Yuuri/Murata.
t- Taboo. CFUD. Naruto/Sasuke/George.
u- Unapologetic Man-Smut. GW. Heero/Duo.
v- Visible. GW. Heero/Duo.
w- Words. GW. Solo, Duo.
y- Yours and Ours. Naruto. GaaNaruSasu.

... wtf. I was so sure that I'd titled something with an "O". And "Z" as well. *shakes head* And I seem to have a thing for using one-word titles. Pfff... mostly oneshots anyway. It would suck if my title was longer than my fic. XD!
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I... I just finished uploading all my GW fics (plus miscellaneous fandoms) from my FF.Net account and from drabbles on this LJ to [ profile] plotbunny_hutch. I... I hit the third page. That's... that's 81 fics.

And I'm not done putting up ALL the fics I've written.

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It seems that today is a spamming day. ^^;; Sorry to everyone on my flist, but I've been updating and shoving fics onto [ profile] plotbunny_hutch, and sometimes I forget to hit the "This entry is backdated" ticky box.

But at least I'm putting up alot of fics and drabbles up! So pop on over there to see if there's anything you've missed. :3 EVENTUALLY I'll make it past all my drabble memes and work on posting up all my fics from FF.Net. Eventually. Yes.
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I. I just. I just found Kingdom Hearts tentacle porn. T_______T ♥ Tentacles/Sora even! I. I think I might be able to die happily now. Tentacles! And Sora! I knew he was the game's bicycle. Thank you, 4chan, for everything you give me.

*weeps happy tears*

Though... KH fandom, WTF is wrong with you? KH is BUILT for crossovers and I can't find any decent xover fics AT ALL. The best I could scrounge up was a KH/HP xover, which was pretty good. Until Riku got bastardized. Then everything sorta went downhill from there for me. Don't bastardize Riku! He's emo and self-flagellating enough already!


*ducks the hurled rocks* Sorry! Sorry! I didn't know that anyone else would actually want to SEE tentacles/Sora porn! Though, maybe I should've thought twice, considering what most people read my LJ for. :P Here, have the pretty tentacle porn below the cut. SO NOT WORKSAFE. The pic is BIG. And TENTACLEY. And Sora... has lost some of his clothes.

Also... extra KH porn at random, since I was already uploading.

you're all perverts )
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I drank a soda and had a very tasty meatball sandwich. So here, have some snippets from some fics that I'm currently poking at.

*ducks away from the people trying to lynch me*


The very last thing Quatre Raberba Winner expected when he stepped out of his ten-thirty meeting and into his office for a fortifying shot (or three) of espresso before his eleven-fifteen was the fist that came flying out of nowhere and into his face. And for some reason, a hand-pressed Italian wool suit wasn't all that impressive when you were on your ass on the floor, trying to remember if you'd insulted any stockbrokers lately.


Turn the page.

Atreyu frowned a little, his fingers rubbing at the cuff of his collared shirt. "Are you sure this is right, Bastian? Your people wear such odd clothing, I can hardly move like normal in it. How do you stand it?"

Bastian's eyes traveled down the length of Atreyu's body, taking in the pressed white shirt, dark blue necktie, and matching blue pants (his extra uniform, brought for just this occasion). Atreyu's bare feet peeked out from under the slightly too long pants legs and Bastian reached out, swatting Atreyu's hands away and doing up the buttons and knotting the tie with practiced ease.

"I suppose it's an acquired taste," Bastian stated, his hands smoothing the fabric over what was normally bare skin. "I'm just used to wearing it. I have to."


"Hey! You!"

Saki blinked and looked up from her perusal of the store's display. Standing just behind her was a group of rowdy looking young men, obviously drunk. She wrinkled her nose in distaste at the sharp smell of cheap sake wafting from them. The men laughed and leered and Saki unconsciously took a small step back away from them.

"Yeah, you," one of the men said, pointing his finger and nearly poking Saki in the chest. She frowned and pulled her lacy wrap higher over her shoulders. Some of the shoppers and store owners were starting to look in their direction and Saki's cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She was about to politely excuse herself and try to find Naruto when the man's belligerent voice cut through the air again.

"Are you really a chick? Or some faggy little boy?"

And the whole world stopped.



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