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Birthdate:Apr 10
Location:California, United States of America
I'm Sailor Seraphim and I've given up on trying to be sane.

I babble alot about my very boring life as a 1L2L3L... HOLY CRAP I GRADUATED. And I recently took the CA Bar Exam and am anxiously waiting for my results. Actually, I just have a bad tendency to babble. Random plotbunny attacks and ficsnips will be placed here, too. They are mostly of the Gundam Wing variety. Hell, my GW Muses pretty much run the joint. You are warned.

The name Wind and Water is dedicated to Kazeno Shinji and Yukino Makoto... two characters from an original work I created called "Hoshi no Namae mo Wasurete." They are, for a reason unknown and unintended to me, very slashable together. I didn't write them that way! I swear!

There will be slash here. Also yaoi and shounen ai, and sometimes just two bishie boys randomly jumping each other for no other reason than I think they look pretty together. No flames. They leave burn marks that are hard to get out of the carpet.

And just because I couldn't resist...

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The Very Goddess of Naught.
I distribute tentacle porn over the internet! Ask me how!

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