Jan. 23rd, 2013 10:31 am
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*stabs ovaries weakly*

i knew this would be a bad month i can't even capitalize or punctuate properly
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So did everyone have a good Christmas? Hmmmmm? ♥

I spent time with the extended family, which was good. But damn that felt like a long two days. My Christmas started with Midnight Mass (which ended at 2am omg), and then I didn't get much sleep before I had to be awake again so we could go to my cousin's Christmas party. Thankfully, I managed to nap in the car, but I still feel weird and tired. Bleh. The weather isn't helping either.

Now it's time to raid all those tins of fancy Christmas cookies we got as presents.
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*stabs ovaries*

Oh ovaries, I didn't miss your wacky hijinks. =____=;; At least you timed yourselves properly this month. But please, I'd like to be able to eat something.
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*stabs ovaries viciously for being uncooperative]


Aug. 8th, 2012 10:50 pm
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*stabs ovaries*

I got so angry at my dad today that I started my period early. Nnnnnnnngh. =___=;; This, along with the super hot 100+ weather lately is making me cranky. And I have no chocolate or ice cream.

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It seems like the week has gone by superfast, but I guess that's because I had a terrible Monday. If you don't already follow me on Facebook, Monday morning, someone broke into my house while I was in it. It was a terrible way to wake up.

I'm perfectly fine if still a little paranoid, but I wasn't hurt and nothing was stolen. Please don't freak out. I did plenty of that already.

a really terrible way to start the week )


Jun. 15th, 2012 10:58 am
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*stabs ovaries*

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And I'm sorta lazy.

This "here's what I've been doing for the past month lolz" post keeps getting longer and longer. It's almost like I have a real life.
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*stabs ovaries*

I didn't let them stop me from going to the bead show today! The stuff I bought is worth the pain. Though I wish I had tons more money.
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I hope everyone has a good day today. ♥
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*stabs ovaries*

... *chugs some Advil and Mountain Dew*

Even when I know it's coming, my ovaries still find ways to cause me pain. =___=;;
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R.I.P. Dick Clark.

I've watched him on TV pretty much every New Year's Eve for my whole life. Even if other channels had their NYE celebrations on TV (and with better performances/people showing up), I always watched New Year's Rockin' Eve because I felt it was the "real" New Year's celebration. And I've always wanted to celebrate NYE in New York with all the people in Times Square even if it would be crazy and loud and bitterly cold.

I know the past years after his stroke affected him terribly. It always made me sad to think that someone I've seen and had good memories with would suddenly disappear from my universe of experiences. It's sort of like when John Paul II died; he was my Pope. He was the one I'd known my whole life, I was fond of him even if I'd never met him, and I didn't want there to be another.

But Dick Clark kept hosting every single year (except 2004 since that's when he had the stroke).

He persevered. He proved to the world that you can recover from a tragedy and still go on with your life. He wanted to make the people who watched and celebrated happy along with him. Even though it was obvious that hosting was becoming an ordeal for him, he still wanted to do the show he's been known for and made famous around the world. He even said: "Last year I had a stroke. It left me in bad shape. I had to teach myself how to walk and talk again. It's been a long, hard fight. My speech is not perfect but I'm getting there." This is the kind of hope, strength, and spirit that should be praised and applauded, even if you're not family, or a friend, or a neighbor, or even met the man at all.

It won't be the same without him counting down to ring in the new year.

Dick Clark is my New Year's host.
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Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday on Tuesday! ♥ ♥ ♥

Having a birthday that's during the week is always kind of bleh, because you can't really go out and do stuff on a Tuesday. Boo. I had a low-key birthday day, but I still had a pleasant day that made me happy, so that's always good. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to meet up with friends and have lunch or dinner or something. I get free desserts at TGI Friday's and Buffalo Wild Wings. :3

And I found out that the Inland Empire's First Annual Chocolate Festival is being held on April 21st. XDDDDDD! I think I'm going to make that my "birthday" event, even if it's like 2 weeks after my actual bday. It's worth it for chocolate and wine tastings. Yum~

Anyway, the birthday haul... which isn't very much since I don't get presents from anyone in my family, not even my parents. So let's make this Free Stuff (or heavily discounted) I Got For My Birthday instead.

-- Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo Set from Sephora
-- free truffle FUCK YOU TOO GODIVA
-- Buy One Get One Free ice cream from Coldstone (I got Birthday Cake Remix, of course, and Oreo Overload)
-- $25 Gamestop giftcard (okay, this is a promo from eRewards that I earned, but I'm totally counting it even if it's still being shipped to me)
-- 50% off some pretty crystals I've been lusting after at Michaels. TRUEFAX: they released a one day coupon valid only on my bday, so I went to see what they had since I was out already. I thought they'd sold out of the crystals I liked months ago and never restocked them (I've been checking diligently) but I managed to find ONE STRAND buried behind a bunch of other beads in a totally different section. It is fate. So I got them. :3
-- Wishes and kisses from friends... too many to count ♥
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And don't forget to celebrate Half-Price Chocolate Day tomorrow. :3
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On the kitchen counter/bar are two chocolate bunnies. Not Godiva though. The fuckers. But they're Dove, which makes me happy. Also, I had a dollar off coupon for them, so yay for me being cheap. Anyway, not only are they chocolate bunnies, they are chocolate fairy bunnies, which means they have delicious ears and wings for me to gnaw off.

I must be strong. I must not eat them until Easter. I can do this.

.................... or I can eat one, and save one for Easter. Yes. Yes, this sounds like a good idea, too.
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I just got an e-mail from Godiva, inviting me to make a custom Easter basket at their boutiques, and you get a free basket, ribbon and trimmings.

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It's closed! Right before EASTER and MY BIRTHDAY! I totally went there today to get my free monthly chocolate and buy my family's Easter goodies basket and THE STORE WAS CLOSED. I can't even put into words how upset I was. Easter is one of my favorite holidays (CHOCOLATE BUNNIES) and my birthday is seriously on the Tuesday right after, so not only would I have gotten tasty Easter chocolates, I also would've gotten tasty Easter chocolates at HALF PRICE, and then another free monthly truffle.

*cries bitterly*

And now the nearest Godiva store is like, 50 miles away. And no, the Godiva chocolates you buy in grocery and department stores don't count because I can't pick a free truffle out of the shiny glass case. >:F WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!

Not even the knowledge that they're adding a Red Robin's to Tyler will soothe my pain. Onion rings just don't stack up against a FREE MONTHLY CHOCOLATEY TRUFFLE.
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Ash Wednesday! Time to repent for all the sinning you did on Mardi Gras. XD!

But now it's officially Lent, which means no meat for me on Fridays. Boo. :x And, as usual, now is when I really crave a cheeseburger with bacon. *crai*

Anyway, to mix it up this year, instead of giving up something for Lent (uh besides abstaining from meat on Fridays), I've decided to do something instead. I'm going to try my hardest to make 40 new jewelry pieces for Que Sera Designs. One new piece of jewelry a day, for every day of Lent. At least. Hopefully. :/

I already have the pieces to make a cute necklace for spring! That will be my first project, starting today.

On the jewelry front, I'm also working on designs for the jewelry design contest that is being run by the Southern California Local Bead Store Association. There's some nice prizes, and I'm trying to come up with a fabulous design to really wow the judges. Thankfully, the piece isn't due until June-ish.

Wish me luck!

A miracle!

Feb. 21st, 2012 02:54 pm
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So the neighbor with the "band" is finally practicing new songs! Covers of songs that are already popular. Right now they're playing The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army". They get points for picking a cool song, at least. I love the bass line.
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Now I just... need to buy a wireless router so that we have wifi and I have FAST INTERNETS on my laptop, and all will be perfect.
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At the moment I am:

-- doing laundry
-- flipping between the Super Bowl, the Puppybowl, the marathon of Being Human, and the marathon of Auction Hunters
-- doing things online (like FB, Farmville, RP, etc.)
-- playing Plants vs. Zombies on my DS

I have already:

-- finished 3 loads of laundry
-- cooked and ate my lunch of orange chicken and rice
-- killed zombies on my DS
-- done things online (of course)

I will be:

-- continuing to rotate through the channels depending on commercials
-- taking a shower (after the laundry is done because if I do it now the water will be cold the poor water heater)
-- probably killing more zombies
-- folding the laundry I've done or maybe I'll do that tomorrow
-- still being online :P
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Coming back from Midnight Mass means it's officially Christmas!


... and apparently everyone's forgotten that I write fics, since I only wrote one response to the meme in my last post.
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First of all, to get this out of the way...

*stabs ovaries*

Also, having to wander around a grocery store early in the morning without breakfast and on your period sucks hardcore. I only survived because of Super Plus tampons and the free hazelnut coffee. It was delicious and I had two cups. Then I knocked back Advil from the new bottle I bought at the store. That made things much much better.

Second, and totally unrelated, a meme! Just because I feel in a meme-y mood. 'tis the season and all that. ♥

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.


Dec. 11th, 2011 03:01 pm
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And not only that, I got it for practically free, since I've been hoarding gift cards for a year. For the price of one new game, I got myself a shiny new PSP (black) and 3 games: Patapon, Knights in the Nightmare, and Jeanne d'Arc. I would've gotten Crisis Core, but they were missing the disk when I went up to pay, which made me all ;___;. But I think I'll be happy for now.

... until I start getting new PSP games for Christmas and birthdays.


I want Kingdom hearts: Birth By Sleep, Dissidia, Dissidia Duodecium, and Crisis Core.



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Dear Russia,

Please stop taking out LiveJournal every time you have an election, political turmoil, dissidents speaking out, or some 16-year old girl in Moscow sneezes and decides to post about it.

This DDOS thing is getting really tiresome. No love for you.


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*stabs ovaries*

And to make it more interesting, this month I'm having rather violent moodswings. :/ I just want to curl up in bed and not talk to anyone, which is strange because I was in a good mood yesterday.
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Hello out there, denizens of LJ-land!

I know it's been awhile since my last really big update, so I've decided to catch everyone up on what's been going on with me IRL to keep me away from my beloved internets (besides all the damn outages and DDOS attacks LJ has been suffering). I've actually been pretty busy lately with...


Yes, I've actually started up a small business featuring my artisan jewelry. You can also find me on Etsy, though the selling portion of my shop isn't up yet. ♥ I've actually been making jewelry as a hobby and to keep busy, but after making a lot for friends and family (and myself), I was encouraged to expand and sell to everyone who wants one-of-a-kind, affordable pieces of jewelry. I'm pretty enthused about this, since it's something creative that I enjoy doing, and I certainly don't mind making money doing it.

I've also been accepted to the Inland Empire Women's Business Center's 'It's Your Time' Program. It's a non-profit program that runs about six months long and is specifically aimed at helping and encouraging women in my area (the Inland Empire) to be successful small business owners. I'm really happy to have been accepted into the program, even if my 'final' of writing a complete business plan (with financials!) is a bit daunting. But hopefully I'll be successful. And all of y'all can cross your fingers for me, because the person who has the best business plan wins a prize package worth... I think it's over $3000. All I know is that last year, the winner got an iPad as part of the prize package. :3 I could use something like that definitely.

Actually, I've been pretty busy attending my classes and networking and, of course, selling my jewelry every month at Riverside's Art Walk. Though, now I'm hoping to expand to other local art events and farmer's markets and the like.

And now for the shameless pimping:

All of my jewelry is for sale.

I'm also available for custom orders (just ask Pet and Aoi and K-chan, since I've made pieces for them). Please feel free to contact me through FB, Etsy, e-mail, or -- of course -- here on LJ if you'd like to purchase something or get custom jewelry made for you. The holiday season is approaching! So you should totally buy presents for everyone you know from me. :3

I've been thinking of a way to kickstart some funding for my business as well (buying supplies is pricey when you work with semi-precious gemstones), so I'm considering offering up a little promotion. I'm working on cute angel pendant necklaces for the holidays. They're made of freshwater pearl, antique silver wings and halos, with high quality crystal bodies, each individually handmade and hung from sterling silver plated chain. If you're interested in a necklace (or a smaller pair for earrings), drop me a line. I'll custom make an angel (or two) for you in your choice of color for $20. I already have some made for sale, so I'll be posting a couple pictures later on FB and here on LJ for everyone to see.

♥ ♥ ♥

Aaaaaaaaaaand to return the favor, since she already pimped me out, [personal profile] gunxshyed is making CHUBBY POTTERS for sale. They're absolutely adorable felt ornaments that are individually handmade for you. She's made Snape and Harry so far, with a Draco as a custom chubby. I think she's willing to make anyone you want, so you should totally hit her up for cuteness.


So was that pimping shameless enough, or should I have more blinking text?
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It's Monday.

My neighbor's metal band has been "practicing" for over an hour already. Not only have they started early, they apparently have louder amps now, judging from the way I can feel the bass through the house.



May. 21st, 2011 10:58 pm
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In case anyone was worried, I was not, in fact, Raptured out.

Is anyone surprised?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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So, here I am in the library and I have just noticed that a man has brought a computer into the library and is availing himself of the free wireless like I am.

Note: I did not say he brought his laptop. He has brought his computer.

Next to him are the empty boxes of what looks like a new Acer computer. The Acer computer that he is currently using. It has a tower and flatscreen monitor, keyboard and mouse, and he's checking his email on Yahoo. I know this because his monitor is nice and bright and large.

... I have to say that seeing someone bring in their whole computer to the library is definitely something I haven't seen before.
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I'm finally getting LJ notif emails! From over a week ago. >_>;; Nice job, LJ! *thumbs up!*

In additional, and more personal fail, my mother doesn't know how old I am. And, after the initial shock wore off, I found that I was, surprisingly, not surprised. Looks like things aren't shaping up for a good birthday this year. Maybe I should just dig a hole to hide in.


Mar. 10th, 2011 11:50 pm
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I hope everyone in Japan is alright! T___T
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So the neighbor boy-teen-person-thing has a garage band. They have been very loud lately. They played very loud last night from about 8pm until midnight. They are playing loud again right now, practicing, I think. They've been at it for at least two hours.

They are bad. As in, not very good.

And they keep playing the same loud song with screechy-yelling-omg-I'm-hardcore-so-I-must-scream-incoherently "lyrics". I've counted. They're at the fifth repetition. I thought they were done, because they were playing other stuff (still badly), but then they started again.

I'm about ready to throw a brick at them.



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Dropped by the mall today on the way home to pick up a freebie bag from Godiva (rewards club perk~) and managed to snag a free Red Velvet Cake truffle, and the free panty from Victoria's Secret (another rewards club perk, I love free things). While I was window shopping, I walked by Macy's and happened to notice some very... colorful standees in front of the makeup counter by the entrance, advertising something or another. They were drawn in "life-size" anime-ish style. And I had to do a double take, because first thing I thought when I saw the standees was:

Why are they using Bridget to advertise perfume? I mean, I know Bridget is cute, but also a trap. Possibly not the best way to advertise a legitimate product not related to the Guilty Gear games.

I was a bit boggled, but kept walking. However, at the food court, I was accosted by more of the standees and a lady passing out flyers. I then found out that, no, they're not representations of Bridget, but of Paris Hilton, to advertise her new fragrance line. I guess she's trying to the Gwen Stefani Harajuku thing except five years late.

Somehow, I'd be more impressed if it was actually Bridget.
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I want to eat cream puffs. T__T And eclairs. And those pumpkin frosted donuts from Krispy Kremes. And... practically anything else sweet and tasty and delicious.

Damn you, strange and sudden cravings!

*shakes fist at*
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Had chicken Caesar salad for dinner. It made me happy. At least something does. I've had a terrible week.
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Had a mildly traumatic incident occur yesterday afternoon. D:

First, the background.

Behind my house (well, backyard) is a kind of alley between this housing subdivision and the one on the next street (yay suburbia). It's made up of the backyard fences of both subdivisions, and the openings are closed off by tall chainlink fencing (the subdivisions run between two fairly busy streets). Now, the alley area is fenced off because there's power lines that run the length of the alley, and the alley itself is mainly used by the electric company trucks, when they service the lines and stuff. So there's really nothing in the alley except dirt and weeds, not even trash, because the property owners who live against the alley have the keep their bit of it clean and debris-free so the company trucks have clear access (or else we get a fine or something).

But because this alley is so convenient and between two major streets, lots of the kids from the high school down the street use it as a shortcut through the subdivisions. I mean, why walk all the way around the blocks to get home, when you can just duck through the alley and hop your own backyard fence? So, there's foot traffic in the alley, though not as much as you'd think. It's not a major thoroughfare or anything (what with those chainlink fences and all).

Anyway, yesterday afternoon after my mom came home, she went up to her bedroom to change and watch TV, etc. The master bedroom in our house has a big window that -- ta-dah -- overlooks the backyard and the alley. I was in the computer room doing my internet things, when I suddenly hear my mom shout:


Now, my mom's TV was on, so at first I thought she was just talking to the TV. You know, like when you yell at people in horror movies for being stupid and getting axe-murdered. But my mom is still squawking, so I get up and go to her room to see what the fuss is about. I look out the open blinds (normally they're closed because of the heat) and there is a body in the alley.

I freak out and my mom freaks out, so we're there freaking out together. It looks like a teenage boy and he's all curled up like he's asleep but very limp and to me it looks like his pants have been pulled down (or else he's doing that stupid sagging thing where you can see a boy's boxers). But I don't see any blood or anything like that. I think that maybe he was jumped and beaten up or something.

We get my dad upstairs to look and eventually I get out from my mom that she saw some other guy leave this boy in the alley. So we're all freaking out and my dad goes to call the police about what's going on. I'm rushing about and my mom says some other guy has come to check on the guy in the alley, and apparently he's not dead! Just very limp. And high. Or drunk. Maybe both. The guy tries to get him up, leaves him there and goes away. Eventually he comes back, with some girl and they both manage to heave the limp guy up and drag him through the alley.

I tell my dad this while he's on the phone with the cops, and the Dispatcher says she's sending police over right away. I suppose it helps that we were very specific. The people were headed towards the street the school is on, and it was just after 3 PM, which meant there was a lot of traffic in the area because of the school.

They were super fast though, since not even two minutes after we hung up the phone, we could hear the police sirens and such. I didn't see what happened though. My dad was even looking over our back fence after to check the area (no blood or anything like that), and the guy who dragged the limp guy showed up again. My dad had the balls to ask what was going on, and the guy said the limp guy was drunk.

Teenage boy drunk at 3 PM on a Wednesday afternoon. Uh huh.

Anyway, I heard police sirens pretty frequently that afternoon, so I have no idea what really happened. But I'm really glad the guy wasn't dead. And the police didn't come over to take our statements or anything, so it must not have been anything major. Still, it was frightening while it was occurring.

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An ice cream truck just went by.

The song it was playing was the theme from A Love Story. WTF. I don't want to hear the theme from A Love Story playing in tinkling ice cream truck music. It's depressing!


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