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Ash Wednesday! Time to repent for all the sinning you did on Mardi Gras. XD!

But now it's officially Lent, which means no meat for me on Fridays. Boo. :x And, as usual, now is when I really crave a cheeseburger with bacon. *crai*

Anyway, to mix it up this year, instead of giving up something for Lent (uh besides abstaining from meat on Fridays), I've decided to do something instead. I'm going to try my hardest to make 40 new jewelry pieces for Que Sera Designs. One new piece of jewelry a day, for every day of Lent. At least. Hopefully. :/

I already have the pieces to make a cute necklace for spring! That will be my first project, starting today.

On the jewelry front, I'm also working on designs for the jewelry design contest that is being run by the Southern California Local Bead Store Association. There's some nice prizes, and I'm trying to come up with a fabulous design to really wow the judges. Thankfully, the piece isn't due until June-ish.

Wish me luck!
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So today is/was The Day You Show Everyone That You're Catholic Ash Wednesday. I went to Mass at 4pm -- thought it was at 5:30, since that's what dad said, but I checked the website and it was at 4... then 6:30 for bilingual mass -- like a good Catholic ( >_>;; ) and so I wouldn't have to listen to my parents bitch at me about not being religious enough. *gag* Note: neither of them went to mass today, unless my mom went this morning before work, but she doesn't have a smudged forehead so I'm guessing not. They're hypocrites.

Anyway, I found it strange that many more people stood up to get the ashes than went to get communion. Like, twice as many. See, the priests figured it out that if they give out the ashes before communion, everyone leaves. So they did the ashes after communion. That's right, bitches, you have to sit here for the whole hour of mass before you get the black stuff on your forehead. And fuck the people who think they can walk in, get anointed and walk out.

If you want to wear the Proof Of Catholicism ash, you have to attend the mass!

Back to the point I was trying to make.

If you're going to sit through the whole mass, including the homily, why don't you just freaking get communion, too? You have to wait and wait while everyone else gets theirs, so it's not like you're doing anything in the meantime. Seriously, the lobby was packed full of people who stood for over 30 minutes (if not the full hour), because they didn't seem to want to actually attend the mass, but just get the ashes.


You just listened to the whole thing! There's speakers in the lobby that let you hear the mass. If you came in, you could've had a nice seat and balanced your checkbooks or something instead of standing like a lump during the super-long homily. By the way, I think the priest did that on purpose. Today's all about penance and fasting and stuff.


At least I had a super comfy seat.
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... and there's no ice cream in the house. My mom went grocery shopping (and didn't take me, dammit) and didn't buy ice cream, though I have been dropping BIG GIANT FLASHING NEON SIGN HINTS that we should have ice cream. Because it is hot. Even though today it was... kinda gray and icky and storm-like, which of course probably means thunderstorms, if it ever, you know, actually rained.

Hah for living in a desert.

cut for Sundays happenings, which was mostly food like ice cream )

It's appalling the way I can babble about food. But, I guess it's better than thinking about the MPREs.


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