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And don't forget to celebrate Half-Price Chocolate Day tomorrow. :3

An update

Apr. 4th, 2012 11:45 am
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The two chocolate bunnies still live, upon my gracious mercy.

They have not, however, begun to reproduce.

Alas, that my nefarious plans have been overthrown once more.
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On the kitchen counter/bar are two chocolate bunnies. Not Godiva though. The fuckers. But they're Dove, which makes me happy. Also, I had a dollar off coupon for them, so yay for me being cheap. Anyway, not only are they chocolate bunnies, they are chocolate fairy bunnies, which means they have delicious ears and wings for me to gnaw off.

I must be strong. I must not eat them until Easter. I can do this.

.................... or I can eat one, and save one for Easter. Yes. Yes, this sounds like a good idea, too.
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It's closed! Right before EASTER and MY BIRTHDAY! I totally went there today to get my free monthly chocolate and buy my family's Easter goodies basket and THE STORE WAS CLOSED. I can't even put into words how upset I was. Easter is one of my favorite holidays (CHOCOLATE BUNNIES) and my birthday is seriously on the Tuesday right after, so not only would I have gotten tasty Easter chocolates, I also would've gotten tasty Easter chocolates at HALF PRICE, and then another free monthly truffle.

*cries bitterly*

And now the nearest Godiva store is like, 50 miles away. And no, the Godiva chocolates you buy in grocery and department stores don't count because I can't pick a free truffle out of the shiny glass case. >:F WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!

Not even the knowledge that they're adding a Red Robin's to Tyler will soothe my pain. Onion rings just don't stack up against a FREE MONTHLY CHOCOLATEY TRUFFLE.


Apr. 4th, 2010 03:44 pm
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Also, Happy Easter.


Found it! It was a big one. @_@
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Man, am I SO glad that I had an appointment at the DMV. I don't know why more people don't use the appointment system. It's so much easier and faster. By the time I got to the DMV yesterday, the line was all the way around the building, and I had to circle the parking lot three times to find parking. I finally ended up parking in the neighboring building's lot, and just walking across the parking lot to the DMV.

I didn't even bother getting into the HUEG (typo intentional) line either. I just walked right into the building (probably getting lots of dirty looks but whatever), and found the window with a sign above it that said 'APPOINTMENTS ONLY'. No line there. Imagine that.

I showed her my confirmation, then got my ticket with a number on it, and was allowed to wait until I was called. That still took over an hour of waiting, but I amused myself by playing a silly game on my phone (didn't bring my DS). I even managed to get a seat instead of having to stand (the chair was surprisingly comfy, especially since I was sort of crampy).

After my number was called, it literally only took like less than 10 minutes for me to get my driver's license renewed, change my weight (gained 5 pounds since I was 16), take the vision test, pay for the renewal, sign at the 'X' multiple times, AND get my picture taken and my thumbprint scanned. I'd say the whole process took about 5 minutes, not including me having to walk across the building to the eye testing chart, and to the photo-taking area (the lady had to take my picture twice since it didn't save the first time, and my fingerprints are faint so it took awhile to scan).

Then I was out of there!

So, yes, very glad I made that appointment, because I would've been pissed if I stood outside all day, for something that only took 5 minutes to do.

Afterward, I went to the mall (specifically the Godiva store) to make up a small Easter basket for the family. It's very cute! There's a milk chocolate bunny, a package of chocolate eggs (of various flavors), and a package of 8 white chocolate chicks. I got that box especially for my mom, though I'm sure I'll be able to eat half one or two. They're delicious, since I had one as a free sample a couple weeks ago. I would have bought more chocolate, but decided to wait, as it will all be half price on Monday. X3;; That's when I'll get myself a whole flat of Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Now, I will commence to let myself bleed out and hope it ends by Sunday.
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Remember that all the candy will be on sale tomorrow! ♥


For you foodies out there who always like to know what I cook on holidays, here is our Easter dinner menu.

~*~ Beef Ribeye Roast
~*~ Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce
~*~ Lemon Pepper Baby Carrots
~*~ Bacon and Cheddar Skillet Potatoes
~*~ French Bread with Butter
~*~ Caramel and Pecan Turtle Pie (okay this was frozen but I don't make pie from scratch :P)

We have so much leftover, since my Aunt and her family couldn't show up today. I guess I know what I'm eating for the rest of the week. XD;
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Once again, courtesy

It was this or the bunny card, and I liked this one better. Please don't be offended. Now I have a strawberry cheesecake to devour. And Cadbury Creme Eggs. ♥
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*glomps [ profile] luscious_sarah*

♥ ♥ ♥
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Hey, Lav~! This is how the bunny relates to Easter. :3 NOW YOU KNOW.
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Laa~! Easter was surprisingly good, even with my Ate and her family inviting themselves over at the last minute, and us getting an unexpected guest as well. And, hey, I actually didn't have to cook! Plus, my cousin with the big youknows brought her two pomeranian puppies over again, so they also provided entertainment of a fluffy puppy sort. No kareoke this year, thank you very much.

But now all the guests have left, and I'm in my pyjamas, and I'm running two accounts on Gaia so I can collect as many Easter Eggs and Baskets as I can (only have until noon on Monday argh). Also working on my Ides fic (ahahah... I'm slow, remember? >_>;;) and so I'm adding bits as I watch LotR:TTT on TV. But tomorow night I'm going to be putting up the Ides Pimping Post, and some people have asked for extensions, so I'll just keep editing it as needed. ^^;;

Right now though... I think it's time for me to investigate the roast again (yum) and the chocolate cheesecake and ice cream. ♥
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It's raaaaaaaaaaaining. And it's cooooooooooooold. *huddles like she shivering bunny she is* The perfect kind of day to... stay indoors and write.

I got up somewhat early (for me) because I thought me and my mom were going to go shopping (we're running out of votive candles). But as it is raining and also Good Friday, that has been pushed back until tomorrow. I guess that's okay. I still need to check if we have all the stuff for Easter dinner, too. =___=;; I'm going to be cooking again. I thought I got out of cooking for myself when I moved back home. D: But mom has to work on Easter, which I suppose is alright. Afterall, the crazy people need to eat, too (no, I'm not being metaphorical). I'm thinking ham and/or roasted chicken, au gratin potatoes, rice pilaf, some sort of vegetables (carrots? a mix of veggies?), I could bake up some dinner rolls, too. Ack, but we don't have butter, only margerine. XP I like butter. Maybe I'll look up Easter dinner recipies online. Pie or cheesecake for dessert, depending on if I stay away from the chocolate cheesecake in the fridge (not very likely, I've been wanting to cut into that since yesterday).

Hmmm... I think I'm babbling about food again.


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