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I just got an e-mail from Godiva, inviting me to make a custom Easter basket at their boutiques, and you get a free basket, ribbon and trimmings.

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It's closed! Right before EASTER and MY BIRTHDAY! I totally went there today to get my free monthly chocolate and buy my family's Easter goodies basket and THE STORE WAS CLOSED. I can't even put into words how upset I was. Easter is one of my favorite holidays (CHOCOLATE BUNNIES) and my birthday is seriously on the Tuesday right after, so not only would I have gotten tasty Easter chocolates, I also would've gotten tasty Easter chocolates at HALF PRICE, and then another free monthly truffle.

*cries bitterly*

And now the nearest Godiva store is like, 50 miles away. And no, the Godiva chocolates you buy in grocery and department stores don't count because I can't pick a free truffle out of the shiny glass case. >:F WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!

Not even the knowledge that they're adding a Red Robin's to Tyler will soothe my pain. Onion rings just don't stack up against a FREE MONTHLY CHOCOLATEY TRUFFLE.
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I'm finally getting LJ notif emails! From over a week ago. >_>;; Nice job, LJ! *thumbs up!*

In additional, and more personal fail, my mother doesn't know how old I am. And, after the initial shock wore off, I found that I was, surprisingly, not surprised. Looks like things aren't shaping up for a good birthday this year. Maybe I should just dig a hole to hide in.
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First, HAPPY PI DAY! Geeky holidays are some of the best holidays. ^^ So everyone get your 3.14 on!

Second, I was reminded last week by [personal profile] sukino that my birthday is fast approaching. A little under a month now. =___=;; I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. It's just another year older, but it doesn't really change anything about me except a number. Maybe I'm just being depressed because of the ongoing cold weather (woo S.A.D.) but I can't seem to muster up enough enthusiasm about my birthday like I usually do. Maybe that will change when it hits April, but I'm not sure.

Frankly, it'll just be the day I get older, I only get presents from my friends (my parents stopped giving me presents for my birthday and holidays a long time ago and my relatives barely remember when my birthday is) which are lovely, and I get free things from the places I have rewards cards for (free Godiva and Sephora stuff is not to be sneezed at). Maybe I'll just have a quiet birthday this year. I've had various conversations from friends about how I'm usually the one who does something big or goes somewhere on my birthday, while everyone else keeps things low-key. But right now I just feel "blah" about everything. Maybe I should be a bear and just hibernate until the warm weather comes.

Anyway, because I might as well try to cheer myself up by being ruthlessly materialistic, here is my birthday (and all-around holiday or whatever) wishlist.

Things I Want:

-- a job (probably not anything anyone can give me)
-- to win the lottery (ditto above)
-- a Vespa (third time's a charm)
-- handmade things, which includes fics and fanart
-- stuff from my Etsy Favorites (PROTIP: I've actually taken up jewelry-making as a bit of a hobby. I think it's fun, keeps me busy, and is very non-stressful. Plus, I like making pretty things. So a lot of the stuff on my Etsy faves are either supplies or jewelry kits that I'd like to make.)
-- stuff from my Amazon wishlist (this is where the PSP greedy materialism comes in)
-- nothing terrible to happen
-- Cadbury Creme Eggs (my bday is two weeks before Easter woo)
-- IDK some other things that I can't think of at the moment

There. I think I'm done wallowing in my own emo for the moment. Time to go do something useful. Or eat ice cream. Whatever.
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Torrential rain? Check.
High winds? Check.
Booming thunder? Check.
Lightning that makes the electronics in the house flicker? Check.
Tornado warnings? Check.
Snow and/or hail in MoVal? Check.
Bitter cold? Check.

It's official, I'm in a miserable mood because of the weather. I can't wait until this weather stops. I might even have to go shopping -- and actually buy things -- to boost my mood up.
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It's come to my attention (from multiple sources) that in a little less than two weeks, it will be my birthday. It's on Easter weekend again, which is kind of sucky, but at least it's the Friday and not on Sunday itself.

cut for not-quite-emo )


Feb. 6th, 2009 11:48 am
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I'm in such a bad and antisocial mood right now. And it's cold and raining. =___=;; I apologize in advance if I take it out on anyone or act cranky.
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So after over 5 years, someone hacked my account on Gaia. I AM SO PISSED. The hacker also changed the name from 'windandwater' to 'waterandwind', as well as stole my Bunny Slippers, Ports and Angelic Mini Wings. They might've taken more but I can't tell SINCE I CAN'T GET INTO MY ACCOUNT.

I am so upset right now. Especially since the Bunny Slippers were given to my by Zanzan/[ profile] driftingdoll ( ♥ ) and my Ports were a gift from Louise/[ profile] girl_starfish ( ♥ ).

Here's my thread in the technical support forum if you want the full story.


What a way to celebrate Christmas.
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I really don't have a life. x___X;;

Have some dragon eggs.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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For reasons unknown, I hate everything today. Oh forget it, I know why. I always get depressed and moody around this time of the year.
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Lets101 - Free Online Dating

... that and I did the Anniversary Event and got the event skill and boxes. Got a BUNCH of Gold Anniversary Necklaces (which I wanted), then a bunch of cakes (*hiss*) and all the other equips I got were the lvl 35 ones (*more hissing*). Oh, and thanks to Moff (♥) I managed to do some more of the Key Quests in Caballa. I need more Ancient Dice and another Selinolite to finish the Dr. Cat quests.

Unfortunately all this happened earlier this afternoon and once my parents came home, my good mood -- predictably -- crashed. And now I wanna get drunk again.
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i'm just going to hate all of today. except for the huggy text messages (♥). and the chocolate.

i'm going to nap now.
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When I woke up, I hated the whole world. Okay, hated is a strong word. I felt severely dispassionate. And now that has petered out and I just feel kinda apathetic and... nihilistic. Wait. That's not the right word either. Maybe ennui is better. I don't know.

I had some chocolate, but it didn't help. Maybe it's the weather. It's hot out (yay air conditioning) and that means I can't bake, and I have a box of brownie mix in the cupboard. Maybe it's just going through another one of my downswings. I'm going to hate the rest of summer, I think. I don't wanna study. Again.

... I really really need to stop doing this to myself.

I might spam tonight, if I can pull out of my funk. I know I was tagged for memes that I haven't done yet, and I want to try and write about happy things. And... I know I owe alot of people drabbles. I fail at timeliness.


I need to fix my mood theme and post fics to my ficjournal, too.
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... 47 points.

I missed it by 47 fucking points.

I'm going to beat myself now.
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Horoscope for: Friday, April 07, 2006
Yesterday | TODAY | Tomorrow

You may think that all is in order as you head into a socially active weekend, but something is lurking in the shadows that you didn't consider. Instead of trying to avoid an unpleasant encounter, it's best to simply ask questions and be prepared to hear the brutal truth. You'll probably feel better once you know what's going on, but the energy of the weekend still could be quite intense.

Okay. So. Who wants to unleash brutal truths on me RIGHT NOW? Come on. Let's get it over with. It's my birthday weekend, afterall. I don't want to emo all through it.


Well, that was quick. I'd almost forgotten that my mom has a day off today. Thank you, mother, for harping on me again. I appreciate it so much.

I'm going to eat brownies and ice cream now.

*rubs eyes*

Apr. 6th, 2006 02:20 pm
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I finally crawled out of bed after 1pm. My parents are not home, nor will they be for the majority of the day. Today is infinitely better than yesterday. I'll try to stop being emo. I think I'll bake brownies.


Jan. 26th, 2006 05:10 pm
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Someone amuse me.

Before I die of ennui.

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I want to be happy. I'd beg for fics and drabbles but that never seems to work out for me. So. Happy things. Where's that site with the kittens? Is there one with bunnies or puppies? Maybe cuteness will help, since I can't find anything good and smutty to read.


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