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Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday on Tuesday! ♥ ♥ ♥

Having a birthday that's during the week is always kind of bleh, because you can't really go out and do stuff on a Tuesday. Boo. I had a low-key birthday day, but I still had a pleasant day that made me happy, so that's always good. Maybe this weekend I'll be able to meet up with friends and have lunch or dinner or something. I get free desserts at TGI Friday's and Buffalo Wild Wings. :3

And I found out that the Inland Empire's First Annual Chocolate Festival is being held on April 21st. XDDDDDD! I think I'm going to make that my "birthday" event, even if it's like 2 weeks after my actual bday. It's worth it for chocolate and wine tastings. Yum~

Anyway, the birthday haul... which isn't very much since I don't get presents from anyone in my family, not even my parents. So let's make this Free Stuff (or heavily discounted) I Got For My Birthday instead.

-- Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo Set from Sephora
-- free truffle FUCK YOU TOO GODIVA
-- Buy One Get One Free ice cream from Coldstone (I got Birthday Cake Remix, of course, and Oreo Overload)
-- $25 Gamestop giftcard (okay, this is a promo from eRewards that I earned, but I'm totally counting it even if it's still being shipped to me)
-- 50% off some pretty crystals I've been lusting after at Michaels. TRUEFAX: they released a one day coupon valid only on my bday, so I went to see what they had since I was out already. I thought they'd sold out of the crystals I liked months ago and never restocked them (I've been checking diligently) but I managed to find ONE STRAND buried behind a bunch of other beads in a totally different section. It is fate. So I got them. :3
-- Wishes and kisses from friends... too many to count ♥
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I'm finally getting LJ notif emails! From over a week ago. >_>;; Nice job, LJ! *thumbs up!*

In additional, and more personal fail, my mother doesn't know how old I am. And, after the initial shock wore off, I found that I was, surprisingly, not surprised. Looks like things aren't shaping up for a good birthday this year. Maybe I should just dig a hole to hide in.
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First, HAPPY PI DAY! Geeky holidays are some of the best holidays. ^^ So everyone get your 3.14 on!

Second, I was reminded last week by [personal profile] sukino that my birthday is fast approaching. A little under a month now. =___=;; I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. It's just another year older, but it doesn't really change anything about me except a number. Maybe I'm just being depressed because of the ongoing cold weather (woo S.A.D.) but I can't seem to muster up enough enthusiasm about my birthday like I usually do. Maybe that will change when it hits April, but I'm not sure.

Frankly, it'll just be the day I get older, I only get presents from my friends (my parents stopped giving me presents for my birthday and holidays a long time ago and my relatives barely remember when my birthday is) which are lovely, and I get free things from the places I have rewards cards for (free Godiva and Sephora stuff is not to be sneezed at). Maybe I'll just have a quiet birthday this year. I've had various conversations from friends about how I'm usually the one who does something big or goes somewhere on my birthday, while everyone else keeps things low-key. But right now I just feel "blah" about everything. Maybe I should be a bear and just hibernate until the warm weather comes.

Anyway, because I might as well try to cheer myself up by being ruthlessly materialistic, here is my birthday (and all-around holiday or whatever) wishlist.

Things I Want:

-- a job (probably not anything anyone can give me)
-- to win the lottery (ditto above)
-- a Vespa (third time's a charm)
-- handmade things, which includes fics and fanart
-- stuff from my Etsy Favorites (PROTIP: I've actually taken up jewelry-making as a bit of a hobby. I think it's fun, keeps me busy, and is very non-stressful. Plus, I like making pretty things. So a lot of the stuff on my Etsy faves are either supplies or jewelry kits that I'd like to make.)
-- stuff from my Amazon wishlist (this is where the PSP greedy materialism comes in)
-- nothing terrible to happen
-- Cadbury Creme Eggs (my bday is two weeks before Easter woo)
-- IDK some other things that I can't think of at the moment

There. I think I'm done wallowing in my own emo for the moment. Time to go do something useful. Or eat ice cream. Whatever.
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Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday~! ♥ ♥ ♥

I had a great time on my birthday. I finally decided to go to San Diego (with Aoi, K-chan, Pet and my parents), specifically Seaport Village. I always loved going there when I was little, and I haven't been back in... 10 years practically. It's still a fabulous place to spend the day. ♥ The Busker Festival was on my birthday, too, so there were a bunch of street performers everywhere, doing their acts. So it was free entertainment!

Oh, Bob. It was worth it just for his act. XD;; I laughed so hard during his performance.

There's so many cute shops and things, and it's right on the ocean, and the weather was fabulous, so I was happy. There was a beautiful view to Coranado, and people were sailing their boats in the harbor. :3 Oh, and I dressed up (there's pictures forthcoming) so all in all it was a very win day.

Also managed to find a new pretty-smelling-things obsession at one of the shops called Bath Junkie. They customize and hand-make a whole bunch of bath/beauty products for you, like scrubs, lotions, soaps, etc. It's so awesome. I bought myself one bottle of their Body Dessert lotion/moisturizer stuff; and I customized it to smell like Asian Rain/China Blossom, and it is purple. I really wanted to get their exfoliating scrub stuff, but that might have to wait for another day.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with my friends and family (even if Pet was loud and wanted to watch a guy bash his head on the rocks). ♥

And, of course, THE LOOT:

-- Shin Megumi Tensei Devil Survivor (for the DS)
-- a box of Krispy Kremes
-- Earthly Delights, by the lady who wrote The Other Boleyn Girl
-- a bottle of Velvet Tuberose lotion
-- Body Dessert lotion (a present to myself~)
-- Cream & Cookies ice cream in a waffle cone from Ben & Jerry's

Haven't seen my closer relatives yet, so I don't know if I'll be getting presents from them. Maybe I should shake them down. :P
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How much ass do I kick?

I kicked so much ass on my birthday that I fucked up my knee. :3

My whole body is stiff and sore, my throat is raw and scratchy from screaming, and I'm just... really really tired. I had a completely awesome birthday. ♥

Now I'm going to go lie down and not move my joints. Will write up the full blow-by-blow account later.
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It's come to my attention (from multiple sources) that in a little less than two weeks, it will be my birthday. It's on Easter weekend again, which is kind of sucky, but at least it's the Friday and not on Sunday itself.

cut for not-quite-emo )
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I'm not celebrating my birthday! Whoo! x_____x

Instead, I'm going to run myself ragged driving all over southern CA to attend 2 job fairs. *sighs* One is in LA in the morning, and the other is in Ontario in the afternoon. I figure I can make it to both, but it'll probably kill my whole (birthday) day.

I've even got a plan!

Leave home a little before 8am --> Hit Starbuck's for coffee and a pastry to eat on the drive to LA --> 10am to whatever, the Women's Job Fair --> leave, drive through a McD's to grab lunch and eat while driving to Ontario --> 1pm-ish to whenever, the Inland Empire Job Fair --> Death

... well, maybe not the last part. I'll probably have to get dinner eventually, or maybe just go straight home and die.

I guess any birthday celebrations will have to take place on Friday or this weekend. I have a bunch of free birthday coupons things for Coldstone, TGI Friday's, and Red Lobster. Who wants to help me use those up?


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