Jul. 5th, 2009 06:44 pm
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I have started an experiment! Only, not really. I put my contacts in today and I'm gonna try wearing them for a week to see how I get used to them. Normally, I wear glasses for everyday, and only use my contacts for special occasions. But I do have like, a year's worth of contacts that are supposed to be for everyday use while the glasses were for backup (but my glasses are so cool ;o;).


Still getting used to having peripheral vision, and the contacts have been in for nearly 3 hours. I have a tendency to blink out contacts, or they shift, so that's why I don't wear them more often. Plus, my eyes get dry and I can't find my bottle of eye drops. :/

This sort of vision is weird, because I keep trying to push my glasses up to adjust focus and poke myself in the face. Things are blurrier up close, which is kind of weird, since I'm nearsighted. And I also have astigmatism. F-fail.

Maybe things will be better once I get used this sort of seeing. Or I'll freak out, get a migraine, and switch to my glasses (as tends to happen).

Stay tuned!


For those who are curious, and for those who never believe me when I say I'm blind without my glasses on, my prescription is as follows (right off the contact boxes):

Right Eye: -8.50
Left Eye: -8.00
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Michael Jackson is dead. R.I.P.

No matter what you personally think of him, I still enjoyed his music while I was growing up. He was a great artist even if he touched little boys. And he died at 50, which is still young. For some reason, I always thought he'd live to be 100 or something.

And right after Farrah Fawcett died, too. Don't these things come in threes?
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Just a head's up for those who don't know! To help celebrate the release of Pokemon Platinum in a month, you can go to Toys R Us and download a free Shaymin from now until Saturday.

You get the "land form" now, but when you trade him in Pokemon Platinum, you'll get his "sky form". Apparently this is a good thing.

Have fun. Gotta catch 'em all. ♥
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Those who know why, know why. :P

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

As always, this is an official SPAM POST. I trust you won't let my SHINY SHINY DRAGON EGGS DIE while I'm gone. Go ahead and pimp your eggs out here! Or gimme pr0n. Or link me to shiny things that will make me happy, or news that you think I REALLY SHOULD NOT MISS OUT ON, or pictures of cute animals. Or you can play Pandemic 2 and tell me your devious plan to destroy humanity.

Have at, people. ♥
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In the absence of anything interesting to babble about (because my life is horrible monotony and dullness and emo currently), I give you Nintendo's list of release dates for Nintendo DS games. There's a bunch of interesting stuff there that I've already put on my wishlist of games to buy (when I have monies, of course).

In no particular order, the games I want to get my greedy little hands on are:

-- Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades (I KNEW they weren't going to waste the guitar grip and were going to release more GH games for DS!)
-- Shaun the Sheep (looks interesting since it's from the guy who made Wallace&Gromit, but I will wait for reviews/info first)
-- Puzzle Quest: Galatrix (who doesn't love playing Bejeweled?)
-- Spore Creatures (also interesting though I'll wait for more info/reviews first)
-- Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero (looks supercute, will wait)
-- Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (I like the original Rune Factory, and in this one you get options to play either a girl or boy, then it goes on to the next generation a.k.a. you play your kid)
-- Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? (I like the idea of a portable cookbook, though I would wait to buy this one)
-- Big Bang Mini (looks like a fun puzzle-ish/arcade-ish game, and who doesn't like fireworks? Will wait first though)
-- Final Fantasy IV (DEFINITELY WILL WAIT FOR REVIEWS; I want to play this, but I heard the gameplay would be SUPER hard. T_T)
-- Away: Shuffle Dungeon (not announced yet since it's still in development, but it's a dungeon crawler with extras thrown in)
-- Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise (not announced/still in development, but I happen to like the God-game kind of things)

As you can see, there's a lot of games that I want but very few that I'd snatch up immediately. I prefer to wait and get more info and read reviews about a game... especially if it's going to be on the higher end of the price scale.

... and yes, I'm still shameless. Click my egg.

Adopt one today!


It grew up! Yay! Nao click mah hatchling plz~ ♥
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Blog Like It's The End of the World is upon us again.

I shall be participating again, just like last year. ♥
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To: The World
CC: The Powers That Be
From: Me
Re: My technological backward-ness




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To: Post-Production/Editor
From: Me
Re: This week's Top Chef!

Dear Post-Production/Editor person --

You are fucking badass. Putting in porno music in the background of the bathtub scene this week was a complete pimp move.

Please accept this internets, it is full of lulz.




Wholly unconnected to the above, have a review of possibly the worst romance novel ever. A NSFW pic is linked in the review, but this whole thing is HILARIOUS.

It's a het romance, btw. But, apparently, is completely about double penetration anal sex. And not gay at all! REALLY! It's just a threeway with two guys and a girl! The girl makes it NOT GAY. *gigglesnorts*

Includes this gem (yes, an actual part of the book!):

"What the hell are you doing?" Luc barked.

Tensing a little more with every inch he pushed inside Kimber’s tight passage, the tendons on his neck standing out, the muscles in his arms shaking, assailed by the amazing sensations of being slowly enveloped by her tight, ready flesh, Deke could barely form a word. "Fucking her ass. Saving her life."

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I am participating in the LJ Content Strike from 5pm today (Thursday) until 5pm Friday. While I have any number of reasons to participate, for me, it's gotten a tad personal since it was my comment in the announcement on [livejournal.com profile] lj_2008 that was ohsowonderfully targeted by an LJ Staff member to reply to. How wonderful. LJ Staff gives their position, but has to bury it 3 pages into a wankstorm. Forgive me for failing to be impressed.

I know who Anton Nosik is. I read his interview (both translations even!). I read his response to being out-ed by everyone. I still fail to remain impressed by the spin, and the fact that he seems to prefer attacking those critical of him rather than giving honest answers.

I think that I will spend tonight and tomorrow playing Trickster, writing fics, and RPing. Because these things make me happy. ♥ Oh, I'll be doing my laundry, too.
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[hiatus. gone a'barrin'. one week.]


*hangs up second sign*

[pr0n and cuddles welcomed here.]
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Wonderful. XP

I am making my blanket statement right now to ease any worries: I am NOT locking down my LJ nor deleting any possibly 'offensive' content. In fact, when I checked my interests, the worst thing there was 'tentacles' and 'bunnies'. I didn't delete those either, btw.

I will not let the Weeaboos of Ignorance scare me off my own journal.

Since I started this LJ years and years ago (ogod in undergrad), I made it a policy to keep this journal open for public viewing and commentary. I do not delete even the most noxious of flames (but I will publically mock you for it). I have, in the years this journal has existed, only flocked a small handful of entries that were of extreme personal nature.

Basically, if you want to read about what I had for lunch (many entries on this subject, today is tater tots and fried shrimp), listen to me whine about the library (yes, it's very cold), or even... possibly! ... read pr0n when I put it up (hahaha I haven't written in awhile, so keep wishing), HAVE AT. I only require an open mind, an appreciation for irreverent humor, and I'd sorta like it if you were semi-literate (or else you wouldn't be reading this journal anyway).

Now that I've said that, I feel much better.

Let's move on to other things, shall we?


In an effort to not be a downer, here is a list of happy things that happened to me that I would like to share:

-- I DID get my check from Treasure Trooper. It came last week (Thursday to be exact) and I still haven't had time to go to the bank and deposit it. I will be taking a picture of it for proof. ^____^
-- I got my free 10-pack of MOO Cards in the mail yesterday! They are so little and cute, and yes, I will take pictures of them too, just to share the cuteness! Now I really want to make up a second set for an RP account just for fun.
-- My full JRock Revolution concert report for both days is upcoming! I want to make it all pretty with pictures and such, so those still need to be uploaded. I think it's just taken me this long to finally settle and process everything that happened. I do, however, have one of my videos up online already. Yes, I joined YouTube just to share my vids. ^^ I apologize for the shakiness and the sound of my screechy screaming (you can hear my voice strain and crack at some points).
-- I was supposed to go rape Aoi-chan's wireless to the library today, but apparently the maternal unit ordered some sort of storage system to be delivered today (like a shed for the backyard or something), so I have to stay here to get it. Bleh. I hope to see Pirates 3 tomorrow then. *prods Aoi*

That's it for now, I think. Time for lunch. And then a shower. And then the shed-thingy should get here.
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I tend to make a post like this every year so here we go.

I know what day tomorrow is, so I shall be either ignoring everything on LJ or believing they're all filthy, dirty lies meant to prank me. It is much easier this way.

In other, happier news, I perused the claims at [livejournal.com profile] springkink and all of my prompts except for one were claimed! YAY! But one of my fics was double-claimed, so YAY YAY! It evens out. :3 I am a happy bunny.

Also, the clips from Re:CoM continue to make me squee, even though I know the plot and everything already. And the miscellaneous vids I've seen of KH2:FM+ also make me squee. I always knew Marluxia had a thing for shouta.
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Also, don't forget that you can get FREE PANCAKES AT IHOP because it is also National Pancake Day. Who would say no to free pancakes? And you could also give to charity, which is A TAX DEDUCTION since tax season is also upon us have mercy on our souls.

... ♥?
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Today just might be a spamming day. :Db I have an RL post to make (I fail at being timely but still want to squee), and a poll to put up (yay ticky boxes), and today's 12 Days entry to do. So... at least three entries today. *nods*

Wait, plus this one. Four. Four entries then.
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I am doing my absolute best to not post anything in regards to the Mark Foley scandal that is currently in the news. Anyone who reads my LJ should know by now that I try to avoid having political debates in my LJ, despite my own political science leanings. I do this mainly because I like to have my LJ to be a happy, shiny (and sometimes emo) place. Also, because one of the very few times where I said anything even vaguely political, I was flamed to hell for it.

I do not enjoy engaging in political and philosphical debates with ignorant bystanders who refuse to see the light of logic, or even to conduct themselves in a polite manner. I do not care if you disagree with me, as that makes for the best discussion, but I do not enjoy just being browbeaten with what certain people consider "the truth," with an absolute disregard for any other opinions besides their own.

So. All you need to know is that I consider the Mark Foley thing to be absolutely shameful, and the new information coming out just confirms my opinions.

This is a warning that if I do end up writing up a diatribe, I will mark it as such and put it under a cut. Feel free to pass over such an entry if it occurs.


Jul. 28th, 2006 06:48 pm
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celebrated bar exam being over by vomiting the second i got home. airplane peanuts taste bad coming back up. then i slept for 12 hours. now i'm gonna take a nap. so exhausted.
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Also, since I'll be gone and in dire need of distraction and alcohol when I return, it's time to put up a nice meme/spam post in my LJ. And no, this is not just a way to h0r for drabbles. Really. Maybe people are tired of this meme already though, and I suck at guessing, so feel free to just spam this post and make my inbox cry (since I will be internet-less until I get back home).

Most of my flist are writers with a few artists tossed in. And although I don't always comment on your posts, I do (mostly) always read them. I do, however, notice styles, details, certain turns of phrase that are uniquely... you. Or at least I think I do.

That being said, I thought it would be fun if you, as a writer, would indulge me by writing a few paragraphs-- ANONYMOUSLY --in a comment and let me try to guess who you are. Just be yourself as hard as you can be and write some fiction, be it fanfiction or original works.
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... I still need to pack, and shower and a million other things before I leave tomorrow morning. =___=;;


I found my fishnet stockings~! ♥ My club!bunny outfit is complete. That is, assuming that someone can actually convince me to wear it, as the skirt is terribly short. :P

Bed now.
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Self --

Stop answering the house phone. =__=;; Anyone important would know to call your cellphone.

Boom shaka,

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Will be disappearing this weekend because it's my mom's birthday and we always go to Vegas on my mom's birthday. Wish me luck gambling. Or, at the very least, wish that I get to spend copious amounts of time at the pool and/or shopping and/or consuming pina coladas all weekend again. Also, going to see Mama Mia. Yay.

Yes, I am in hard core denial. I love you, too. ♥

And I'm going to be dressed pretty. I have new sandals. ♥
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I am spending all of tomorrow in complete and utter denial of what day it is.

I will not be waiting anxiously for 6pm.

If I am online, I will be reading porn, and not refreshing a certain website.

In fact, I will contrive to not be online at all tomorrow around 6pm.

If I have to, I will go out shopping and burn a hole in my credit card, because shopping is good therapy and I want to go to Old Navy and buy cute capris and shirts. This might be difficult because I will not have a car, but I can hope. Or shop online. Wait. No. Not online. Bad.

I am not thinking of tomorrow. At all. I'm not.

I am going to go to bed tonight and fall asleep and dream of happy things. I will not be tossing and turning all night until I feel like gnawing my arm off.

I have a half pint of Cookie Doughn't You Want Some ice cream left. I will be eating it tomorrow. All of it. As needed.

I'm still not thinking.


Not at all.

Don't ask me about it either. Because I'm not thinking about it. At all. You can look at my tags for this entry and that should explain everything.

In fact, don't reply to this entry at all unless it concerns porn. Or boysex. Or tentacles. Or other such happy and mindless things. Or puppies. Or fluffy bunnies. That counts, too.
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i feel like complete and utter crap. the antibiotics must be working.

k-chan? aoi? call my cell, but i don't think i'll be able to go out tonight. i have aoi-chan's birthday present though.
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My Duo Maxwell sucks cock.

And he likes it.

Now if only I could get over my non-smuttiness and actually write it.
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I baked a pan of fudgy brownies this afternoon. Mmmm... brownies.
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Note: I'm going to be spamming my LJ tonight. Why? Because. Because RL conspires against me. I apologize beforehand for this. But, hey, ficcage is good, too, right? So let's start the evening off with a meme.


[livejournal.com profile] zania bumrushed me and I went down like a whore who needs to pay rent. =D;; So here are five random and strange habits about myself.

1. I'm fussy about toilet paper. The paper needs to come UP and OVER the roll, and NOT dangle against the wall. RAWR. If I see toilet paper hanging the other way, I take it off the roll and flip it around. I'm usually able to control myself in public places or strangers' houses, but if you're a relative or close friend, I'm going to flip your toilet paper into the appropriate position.

2. When I'm upset, I bake. I do bake on other occasions, but usually any baking of brownies or cookies or cake means that I'm not in a good mood and I'm trying to compensate for my bitchiness with an overload with sweets. If I start baking multiples things (like brownies AND cookies), and I'm not preparing for some holiday or gathering, this is a warning sign.

3. I have very mild OCD. I tend to put things in the same places (likes my keys will always hang in one place, or my shoes will be placed somewhere in particular), and do things out of habit. It's comforting to me to always have things the same. When someone moves my stuff without telling me, I get nettled and unhappy until I move whatever it is BACK to its proper place.

4. I like to chew on ice. I know that it's annoying and loud, but I like chewing on ice because it's all fun and cold and it does NOT mean that I'm sexually frustrated dammit.

5. I get distracted easily. Okay, it's not a strange habit, but I suppose it explains alot about me. ^^

Ain't nothin' goin' on but the rent: [livejournal.com profile] sukino, [livejournal.com profile] zalia, [livejournal.com profile] askerian, [livejournal.com profile] trowacko, and [livejournal.com profile] iniq.
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... so.

We're not going to talk about last night.

... no matter what I said in text messages.

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... no, not really that perky, but exclamation points make everyone notice. :P

I feel like my place in Hell is assured right now, because after being dragged to Mass on Sunday night, the family (including myself) went straight to the casino. x___X I lost $20.

... but I won $230.

XD! That's my YCon money right there.

And yes, it's true, this is the official announcement if you didn't already know:


I'm flying into Oakland at 9:55AM on Friday morning, so I should be at the hotel by Noon at the latest (I hope). I think I'll be taking either BART or SuperShuttle to get to the hotel, since I wouldn't make anyone drive all the way to the East Bay just to pick me up. ^^;; I'm leaving on Sunday, and my flight leaves Oakland at 8:55PM.

Also rooming with an old friend and dormmate from undergrad, [livejournal.com profile] love4anangel. Though, I forget when exactly they'll be at the hotel, so I might badger someone (HI PET) to let me leave my stuff in their room for the meantime. And give me a place to change into my cosplay.

>_>;; Uhhh... that is if I finish my costume in time. I think I will. I hope. *cringes*

There's gonna be a number of good panels this year, and I'm definitely going to the GW Meet and Greet, the Naruto panel, the Incest panel (HI PONDY), and I suppose I'll help fill in seats at the Yaoi in Canon and Fanon panel (HI MIKKE) or I'll never be left alone. But a certain someone (HI AOI I'M TALKING TO YOU) has cruelly abandoned me. So I will not share my doujinshi with her. HAH.

... I need to find my bunny ears. :3


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