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This thread from [community profile] ontd_political has the absolute most hilarious comments ever. How can you not like a thread with gems like this:

Most people outside of the U.S. don't realize this, but the delegates of the Constitutional Convention were overwhelmingly composed of two prominent groups within early American society: zombies and vampires.

Ben Franklin, of course, was a werewolf.

And this:

I seriously think that everyone in the Tea Party thinks the Founding Fathers were like the Justice League or something, battling evil, tyranny and injustice everywhere they found it. The Founding Fathers were NOT a superhero team, completely infallible and always right. Although the thought of George Washington as Superman, Thomas Jefferson as Batman and Ben Franklin as the Flash is an amusing thought.

And, of course, this beautiful summation of history wherein it is explained how the Founding Fathers abolished slavery:

john adams and john hancock. see, they built a time mechine, and used to to lanch them selfs forwards in time and join forces with ab lincon after there time mechine exploded upon reentry. together, the trio hacked, slashed, shot and killed there way across the south, till they finaly had an epic duel with the forces of slavery in the captial of the confedates. john adams, an old man, was mortaly wounded, and lay dieing. then, albert enstine steped in. claiming that history must be repaired, he took adams and hancock, and transported them back to there own time, lieing adams upon his death bed.

then, with his work complate, slavery abolished, and the time line restored, enstine nodded with statsfaction, and went to pick up stephen hawking, for there own trip to the future...

Politics, comics, and time traveling zombie historical figures. Of course I love this stuff.
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I'm currently having an argument with someone on Facebook.

(As an aside, you can find me there under my real name, so friend me if you like! Just make sure to leave a message that says you know my from LJ.)

It's not really an argument per se, because those who know me know that when I get angry, I get really cold and overly polite. Because I believe that you should be logical and polite, even if you think the other person is a raging douchebag who should be taken out back and beaten with a flaming baseball bat. But this is... different. See, I friended This Guy mostly because he's another friend's BF/fiancee/whatever, and because I wanted another Farmville neighbor. >_>;;

cut for political beliefs, mild ranting, pettiness, and the issue that sent me into a rage )


I think I'm done ranting.

Let's see if this political post causes another flame war in my LJ. I think I'm running 2-for-2 on that front. I really hate it when that happens. Maybe I should just stick with silly ranting about food and chibi pr0n.


The 'conversation' has ended, even though I could've answered back because This Guy's last line made my brain explode. But I just decided that I'd have more luck squeezing blood from stone.

Now I'm considering putting the whole 'discussion' here for posterity reasons. And to see if anyone thinks I was being too... zesty.
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2) Furries? In my Congress? It's more likely than you think! Auuuuugh. Why a pedobear. Wryyyyyyyyyy??? And he's on LJ, too!

3) I need to get my hands on Advent Children Complete LIKE BURNING.

4) E3 didn't suck this year!

5) I'm hungry.

6) I wish I could afford the PSP Dissidia bundle from GameStop. T___T

7) WTF. It suddenly rained today, and the weather's been cooling down all week. It'll be in the 60s by Friday. I'm getting freaked out since last year at this time, we were in the scorching 100s. Well, at least the electricity bill is lower since we're not running the air conditioner.

8) ... a corollary to #6 sort of: I wish I could afford all the DS games that I want to buy. Like Henry Hatsworth, and Shin Megami Tensei, and everything else. *sigh*

9) Still hungry.

10) ... I've got nothin'.
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So everyone is clear, I own no monkeys.

.............. ilu Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. ♥
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Too bleh to write coherently, so I will resort to my love of lists, since I'm thinking of a lot of things.

-- I GOT MY GAIA ACCOUNT BACK WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! One month and two days, and I finally have my account back! Everything has been returned (the hacker pretty much only took my older-than-December-2003 items, which are the priciest), though I am strangely missing a good chunk of my inventory (like regular clothes). As far as I can tell, the hacker (and I know who it is because the Bank keeps the trade records) sold off my higher-priced clothes for gold.


So now I'm missing my full purple Pimping Set, and my high boots, and my Fairy Wings. *weeps* I'll have to buy those back, as well as my other clothes.

-- Because it seems to be the thing to do: President Obama's first 100 hours in Office. If you're interested further, the BBC is tracking The First 100 Days. Whoo global perspective.

-- I baked chocolate chip cookies yesterday. ♥ Also, we have those refrigerated crescent rolls in the fridge, so I made some, but I put shredded cheddar cheese in them before rolling them up. They were very delicious! I also tried putting some ham inside (we had ham for dinner the other night so I just sliced a bit of it) along with cheese and it was ALSO DELICIOUS. ♥ I love food so much.

-- My neck finally feels better! Still twingy if I turn my head too far to the left or right, but it's definitely not horrible. I am so happy.

-- I must highly recommend Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. I've been playing it for the past week and it is so much fun omg. Not only can you grow crops on your little farm and tame monsters and woo the eligible bachelorettes, but there's an RPG-aspect to it, where you can fight monsters in the dungeons. There's also a plot! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN GOTTEN INTO THE SECOND GENERATION YET, WHICH HAS EVEN MORE COOL STUFF.

I'm not rushing though. I am at a quandary because one of the girls I want to marry is Cecilia, and she 'automatically' gets married in the second year if you don't marry her first. But there's another girl I might want to marry, Dorothy. If I marry Dorothy then I can have a wicked threesome with her and Barrett -- the town's 'bad boy' son of the Mayor -- since Barrett is Dorothy's default husband. The imaginary threesome option is not open with Cecilia because her default husband is Jake, who hates me. >_>;; But Barrett is my best friend!

I suppose I can just use the other save slot, but there's no option to save your game in the other spot; i.e.: keep my current progress until the marriage, then split saves from there. I'd have to start all over from the beginning again. Not that it's such a bad thing, as the game is fun.


-- I think I'm done for now.
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I actually voted yesterday. I had picked up my ballot over a week ago because I had to check my voter's registration and such. I thought that the Registrar of Voters would be the same as when I visited the first time; it was very quiet and there weren't very many people inside early-voting and I was able to check my registration, change my address and pick up my ballot in less than 10 minutes. I also was able to park right by the front door.

I figured I'd be able to do the same thing yesterday, and went to the Registrar at about 1:30pm, which would be certain to be a non-busy time (not the morning, not lunch and not after work).

Man, I was wrong.

The Registrar happens to be at the end of a very long block/street. On the left, when you turn the corner onto the street, is a hospital/clinic. Then you drive down the street where there are no other buildings, and at the end of the street on your right is the Registrar building. When I turned the corner, I saw A WHOLE LOT OF CARS parked on both sides of the street. I just figured that the hospital was busy. I kept driving. When I finally got to the Registrar building, it was a CRUSH of people and cars. People were lined up outside the building, and they actually had people out on the sidewalk and in the parking lot holding boxes to just drop your mail-in ballot into (I had the ballot).

I was so shocked to see SO MANY people there. It really was people voting who had parked the whole length of the block then walked the distance to get in line and vote. There were also a lot of minorities. I was so very proud and happy to see all these people, and they didn't seem angry at all. They were talking amongst each other in line, and just seemed very happy to be voting.

I drove through the parking lot (a whole line of cars that, like me, couldn't park), then dropped off my ballot into one of the volunteers' boxes. He was very kind and even jogged over from the sidewalk he was standing on to come straight to my window. I thanked him, then drove past all the cars and people again and went home.
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Yesterday ended up being a good day.

Even through I was dragged out of bed at 7:30am for church (when I'd only gotten to bed at the new 2am which felt like 3am) -- wherein the priest gave us a politics homily and read off how the Bishops wanted us to vote about three of the Propositions (I only agreed with one of them) -- I was able to take a bit of a nap after we got back home. And watch MythBusters. Whoo.

Then I went out with [ profile] aoi and Pet and we met up at Ontario Mills as usual. Mostly dinner and window-shopping, though there was much browsing of clothes and shoes and video games. It was fun. ♥ And I bought myself a box of Krispy Kremes. After that, Aoi and I swung by [ profile] chibi_faolan's mom's house, since we found out K-chan was actually in Mo Val for a day BUT DIDN'T TELL US. She could've had dinner and hijinks as well. But we hung out and I was able to pet the cats, who did not attack me for once.

There was some politics discussion, which was inevitable considering the current climate. However, it reminded me to pimp this out, from [ profile] doortoriver. It's a very well-thought out and well-referenced post/essay from a conservative Christian who is voting for Obama. There's discussion of various points that have been hotly debated/smeared around during the campaign, and includes analysis of McCain and Palin as well. With sources.

Also, I hope [ profile] ontd_political keeps going, because I enjoy Shennanigans Friday for the macros.

Now I am going to omnom some Krispy Kremes and throw a load of laundry into the wash.

And it's freezing cold and this makes me an unhappy bunny.
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Who's interested in going to an election night party? K-chan? Pet? People in the area?

Aoi and I managed to (at the last minute) go to The Winery on the last night of the debates and it was pretty fun. The atmosphere was very laid-back and not-scary (no fistfights over politics yay). And the wine was very delicious by the glass (and either $12 a bottle for fruit wines or $15 for other traditional varieties). We were told that they're gonna have a thing on election night, too, so did you guys want to go?

I'm not sure if you can go though, K-chan, since I don't know your schedule. ;__; It would only be for a few hours on that Tuesday night. And I don't know yours either, Pet.

But Aoi's brother said he might be interested in going, and I told my cousin with the big you-knows and she said she's interested and might bring her boyfriend. And if Jason comes, he doesn't drink, so there would be a designated driver. >_>;;


For the Pokemon fans on my flist (and I know you're out there), Toys-R-Us is having another Pokemon download day. You'll be able to pickup a free Dragonite! Pokémon Diamond and Peral gamers can pick up their Dragonite's between 12pm and 4pm on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of November at Toys-R-Us stores.

I know you're all excited.


And for even more geekery, yes, I will have to get my hands on Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades. Just the game itself, since I already have the guitar grip.

Because the full track list just came out and I think it's kind of awesome.


T__T My voice isn't high-pitched enough to sing that song properly.


And Gaia finally came out with its MMO, the ever-elusive and near-legendary "Battle System"!! AFTER FIVE YEARS OF PROMISES IT IS FINALLY HERE.

And it's called zOMG!!!


I've played a little, though I'm still in the beginning tutorial part because the wireless connection hates me. It's fun so far. ♥
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Figured I should actually write something in my LJ that isn't about my allergies. >_>;;

Firstly, since this Friday is the first Presidential Debate between Obama and McCain (if McCain doesn't back out of it like he's currently trying to do lolz). I'm actually interested in watching it, as the topics for the evening will be centered around Foreign Affairs.

There will also be a number of Debate-Watching Parties around Riverside County. I think it would be interesting to go to one, if I can get someone to go with me. Best bet seems to be at The Winery (non-partisan, but with wine) or at the Riverside Marriott (Democrats, with a $5 fee, and cash bar, etc., as it's in the hotel).

[ profile] aoi? [ profile] chibi_faolan? [ profile] sukino? You guys in?

I'm leaning towards The Winery (even if Republicans will be there), because it's Fruit Wine Friday, and you can sample 5 fruit wines for free, and get a discount if you buy them. >_>;; This will also be nice if I can manage to have one of my gaming-and-drinking weekends, like I've been putting off for months now (I play Guitar Hero better when I'm tipsy truefax).

And speaking of...

The Guitar Hero World Tour Set List.

I know there's been lots of squabbling about which is better, Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour. I'm not a big enough gamer geek to engage in it. All I'm saying is that my money is with Guitar Hero for one reason:

The Eagles, "Hotel California".

Yes. That's it. That one song sold the game to me. Though, the Jimmi Hendrix is very nice, too. But I'm not a hardcore game player like most of the people engaging in the Band Warz are. I happily plunk and squeak my way through on the Easy and Medium settings. I still like Guitar Hero better.
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Yes, I've read the news about the latest Supreme Court ruling (re: child rape and death penalty).

No, I do not plan on saying any more on the subject unless asked in a comment or some-such. I have certain opinions that I'm pretty sure would be considered unfavorable by many, and I don't like to cause undue RL drama in my LJ. Subjects like this are very touchy and above all, personal, and I'd hate to somehow alienate people whom I consider friends, let alone start a fight about this.

Back to your regularly scheduled flist surfing.
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This is just a little bit beautiful.

I can't wait to see if more flags will be made, and which countries they'll be. What a smart and innovative way to get people to see the problems in the world. I approve.
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Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated.

I sorta figured it would come down to this, even though she's been under house arrest for... the longest time ever, but this is still shocking.

Nothing good will come of this.

.__. This wasn't the post I wanted to start out my day with.
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I actually watched The O'Reilly Factor this afternoon just because Stephen Colbert was the guest. And now I just watched The Colbert Report. I love Stephen Colbert so SO much. ♥ Though not as much as I love Jon Stewart. Colbert totally ripped into O'Reilly, and it was so obvious that O'Reilly either didn't get the jokes, didn't get that he was being mocked, or is just terribly bad at being witty. Possibly all three!

TV winz tonight. WINZ.
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I went to bed with the world okay, but when I woke up, the Democrats had the House (well, I knew that already), and now they might take the Senate and Rumsfeld is resigning.

I'm so confused. And happy. But mostly confused.

And also, not connected to the above, [ profile] zania, I ♥ you madly!!
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I am doing my absolute best to not post anything in regards to the Mark Foley scandal that is currently in the news. Anyone who reads my LJ should know by now that I try to avoid having political debates in my LJ, despite my own political science leanings. I do this mainly because I like to have my LJ to be a happy, shiny (and sometimes emo) place. Also, because one of the very few times where I said anything even vaguely political, I was flamed to hell for it.

I do not enjoy engaging in political and philosphical debates with ignorant bystanders who refuse to see the light of logic, or even to conduct themselves in a polite manner. I do not care if you disagree with me, as that makes for the best discussion, but I do not enjoy just being browbeaten with what certain people consider "the truth," with an absolute disregard for any other opinions besides their own.

So. All you need to know is that I consider the Mark Foley thing to be absolutely shameful, and the new information coming out just confirms my opinions.

This is a warning that if I do end up writing up a diatribe, I will mark it as such and put it under a cut. Feel free to pass over such an entry if it occurs.
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So. Hi. Uhm. No one in Texas is married right now.

I hope they have fun with that.

... part of me wants to read over the text of the proposition myself, but not right now. Right now I am sleepy and not in the mood to logically rip apart clauses. But I can. I so totally can. I have a degree to prove it, too.

*snorts* Identical to marriage.

Wow. That was just really amusing.


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