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So, here I am in the library and I have just noticed that a man has brought a computer into the library and is availing himself of the free wireless like I am.

Note: I did not say he brought his laptop. He has brought his computer.

Next to him are the empty boxes of what looks like a new Acer computer. The Acer computer that he is currently using. It has a tower and flatscreen monitor, keyboard and mouse, and he's checking his email on Yahoo. I know this because his monitor is nice and bright and large.

... I have to say that seeing someone bring in their whole computer to the library is definitely something I haven't seen before.
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So I am currently at the library mostly to get away from my parents. That is not the suck, as I planned to come here anyway and use the free and fast high speed wireless to do some things the wireless I leech borrow at home doesn't do well. Leeching wireless is not the suck either.

What the suck is, is that at the table next to me there is a man and woman doing something. The guy is explaining something to her, what, I don't know nor I care. However, he has this really patronizing tone, and every time he says something, he says: "True?"

Like this:

"Blah blah blah, true? *pauses to wait for the woman to nod or say yes or something like that* Blah blah blah blah, true? *pause* Blah blah, you have to blah blah blah because blah, true? *pause*"

Ad infinitum.



I fucking hate it when people use phrases like that to make themselves seem superior while talking. It's a stupid little ping, but it's so annoying. And it smacks of: "You better say I'm right or I'll haul off and slug you because I'm right you're wrong and you're stupid."


*puts on headphones and plays WinAmp to drown out the retarded*
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Have escaped the house for the library. \o/ It's cold here (not complaining about the air conditioning today), and I gorged on McD's on the drive over, and most importantly I will be away from my parents for like 6 hours. Whoo~

But it doesn't matter because most of you bitches on my flist are at AX. I haet u.
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Some guy just randomly asked me if I was Japanese. WTF.

I've been at the library all day, to help explain. No strange many just looked in my window or anything. Also explains why I've been uncommonly spammy.


The library PA system just announced that they'd be having a Wii Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament in the Teens Section. That's kinda awesome.
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Not gonna go into the Heath Ledger thing, since it seems everyone's flists have exploded from the news. I found out because they said it on the radio while I was driving to the library. It's a tragic thing, and even moreso because it looks like it was drug-related. Seems to be how most actors go these days though, sadly. ;___;

In other news: Rain! Actually, it started raining last night. But color me surprised. This is like... the most rain we've gotten in winter in like... a decade. I'm just waiting for the landslides, but maybe this means that the summer won't be so fire-prone.

And I hit lvl 120/108 on Trickster. I'm still hitting up Skull whenever I get the chance, and stockpiling Ultimate equips and the decent Chaos equips. The latest batch of Chaos, I'm gonna throw to the n00bs in Paradise. :3 I can be generous. I haven't even STARTED thinking about 3rd Job yet (but I have the Adamantite I need if I go Pure). Really, I'd rather focus on my 2nd Job skills first (Gravity Crush!) before thinking about 3rd, since Pure Darks didn't get very many good skills (Fear is haxx though). I'd prefer more 2nd Job skills to come out, actually (Blind!!).

I should probably... do something besides wander about the internet. >___>;;
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This is gonna be a sort of "catch up" post for me, so expect it to be edited as things happen.

First of all, I updated my Project Runway post for my review and ranting about the episode. Feel free to jump in and debate with me about what happened. :3 THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

Second, I'll be working more on the crossdressing!Riku fic for [ profile] questofdreams, so once I'm done I'll probably tell everyone and link it here.

Third... fuck you Shippuden. I watched episode 42 (KyuuNaru!!) and read the translation for the latest manga chapter, and this is exactly why I'll never be free of Naruto. Damn you, Kishimoto, for bringing the good crack. And KyuuNaru's "... :D... :D?" face is cute in a disturbing way. *shakes fist at*


It's really fucking cold in the library all of a sudden. *shivers hard* I'm wearing layers and put on my sweater, but it's still cold. Very distracting. XP Earlier it was pleasantly warm and comfortable.


I nearly poked my eye out trying to re-adjust my glasses because things were looking fuzzy. U____U;; I'm wearing my contacts. This will take more getting used to.
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Hahaha... my mom got called in for jury duty today. This amuses me for some reason. I dunno if she actually has to serve yet or not. And dad came home early today, which is one of the reasons why I'm at the library now. >_>;; And I've got classes on Saturday and Sunday. XP

Someone amuse me in this post and encourage me to write since the library blocks AIM and YouTube and Trickster, and basically all sites like that. ;___;
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... that means unrepentant fucking around on the internet! And maybe some studying. >_>;;

Also, the McD's isn't going down so well. Ohnoes. Maybe it's been so long since I've had so much grease at once, since I've been trying to save money by not pigging out on fast food pigging out on fast food. OTL

But the french fries taste so good...!

So so so!

Jul. 21st, 2007 01:08 pm
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... so!

There's this guy sitting at the table next to mine. He... he keeps asking me for computer help. Like I have a big GEEK SQUAD sticker on my forehead or something. Whatever. I'm reasonably knowledgable and he was polite and not creepy, so I don't mind helping. He's apparently writing a biology book review/paper and he needs to email it to his professor... YES I'VE LOOKED AT HIS DOCUMENT THAT MANY TIMES.

In the last hour I have:

-- showed him how to put page numbers on his paper (in the bottom right hand corner)
-- showed him that hitting 'Enter' repeatedly will scroll his paper down to the second page so his cover page can be on the first page
-- showed him that hitting 'Backspace' repeatedly will scroll his text back up after he types in the cover page info, which offset his essay so it wasn't at the top of the second page anymore
-- showed him how to add an attachment to his email (he uses Yahoo)

... his professor's email is to ULV, which I assume is 'University of LaVerne'. I think I recognize it.

That he is taking college classes and doesn't know how to properly format a document in Word, or send attachments with email rather frightens me. Perhaps he is young, even though he is very large. But I still knew how to email and send attachments when I was 16, in high school, with AOL. Maybe I'm just biased because I'm an utter geek.

He was very awed that a girl knew how to do such things. I caught his expression a number of times, and he was very grateful.

Perhaps he has never seen a geeky girl before. We're a rare breed, or so I've heard. Like the mythical girls who are gamers. Everyone knows THOSE don't exist.


Now I have:

-- showed him how to copy and paste his paper onto a forum thread, since his professor wants the book reviews on the class online forum
-- I have taught him what the shortcuts 'CTRL-A', 'CTRL-C', and 'CTRL-V' do
-- I was right about the University of LaVerne, too

I will further edit if he needs more help from me. >_>;;

Am I being a bitch? Someone tell me if I'm being a bitch. ;__;
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Haha, UPS delivered my copy of Deathly Hallows at 10am on the dot. And... and I waited a half hour before I actually opened it and started reading. >_>;;; Ahahaha... only read a few chapters before I decided to flee the house. Am at the library again, until 5, I think. Or earlier if I get hungry.

I almost didn't want to leave the house, since mom was frying up chicken for me to have for lunch. ;__; And she would've done french fries, too. But I left instead. I guess I can have it for dinner. But still! It smelled good. Then again, everyone knows what I need the first thing in the morning is a fight an argument with the paternal figure. I went with the better part of valor.

I think I'm babbling. I have another Frappaccino. ♥

Now to finish Constitutional Law, and maybe Torts. Or Criminal Law. I haven't decided yet.


cut for spoilers for the first... 3 chapters of DH? I didn't read far, but I'm being ranty... )
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*sucks down a Starbucks Frappuccino*

I so love these refrigerated things. So very handy. At the library early, since I'll be here all day. Again. Gonna take a break at about 3-ish for a proper lunch and to pee (the bathroom here at the library is kinda scary ;__;). Then back to the grind again.

Note to self: remember to buy a little analog clock for the test. And also, snacks for the hotel room.

I think I will fold laundry when I get home.
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Having lunch while surfing teh internets. Mmmm food. I totally brought my whole lunch today (ham&swiss sandwich, kiwi strawberry Snapple, Chessmen cookies and the Doritos that I ate while I was driving). Theoretically, I could spend no money at all today. Except that we ran out of Coke (hence the Snapple) and so I think I might get some kind of caffinated drink from the cafe here later on. It depends on if I get tired or not.

I have a weird bruise on my leg and I don't know how it got there. ;__;

I don't want to be here today. I want to just curl up in my bed and sleep. But I can't. And when I get home I need to do laundry. And shower. Not at the same time.


Jul. 16th, 2007 11:50 am
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... I'll put something more coherent here later.


Back but not really more coherent. Let's have some lists.


-- Dad filled up the gas tank on the SUV so I didn't have to. Yay.
-- My second jewelry order from Silver Jewelry Club. They are pretty and I have a full set (earrings, ring, necklace) to wear that matches. ♥
-- Stupid bitch in a little red car tried to cut me off but I sped up and she settled for tailgating me. Apparently she wasn't happy that I had two car lengths between me and the truck in front of me, so she tried to overtake me again. >_>;; I just stepped on the gas to narrow the distance, and she got stuck behind a slow truck in the second lane while the truck in front of me sped up. :D I laughed to myself when I couldn't see her in my rearview mirror.
-- Gonna order HP:TDH from Amazon so they ship it to me on the 21st and I don't have to go anywhere. Will be avoiding 4chan and most of teh internets to avoid spoilers. SPOIL ME AND DIE. I WAS SPOILED FOR HBP AND I WAS PISSED.


cut for your sanity and mine )
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Traffic was bad today. Lots of big rigs and such on the freeway. I'm not loving the thought of the drive home. Maybe I'll take University again.

*checks email and such after Civil Procedure cramming*
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At the library instead of raping Aoi-chan's internet. Have been struggling valiantly to stay in denial and complete disassociation with the end of the month, but I have failed. .___.;; Woke up early today to call the Bar, since I haven't received my Admittance Card yet, even though I should've gotten it in June. It'll be sent out today though, so I should have it in a week (hopefully).

... there is a pair of twins sitting at the table in front of me, happily munching on a snack of gummi gummy bears and chocolate milk. They're both wearing identical bright blue shirts. And they're very tiny. I'm crap at judging ages, but they have to be at least 2 or 3, but not old enough to be able to form complete sentences. Socute.
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I thought today was gonna be a fairly normal day. Woke up a bit early, lounged about and texted Aoi-chan to see if I could come over, had cookies for breakfast. And then the power went out just as I was getting dressed to go to the library since Aoi-chan was out of the house. Apparently the power company was working on the lines again today and my parents ngelected to infor me. I only found out when I called my mom about it.

Thus I was stuck in the house until my dad came home, since I don't have the keys to the front door and there's no way for me to leave without either leaving the garage or front door unlocked. Finally dad came home at 2:30 and I escaped, figuring I could while away a few hours at the Mo Val library, since it was traffic time and I didn't want to go through it to get to the Riverside library. I got there just fine and settled in at the long table and plugged in my laptop and... nothing. Was confused and tried plugging again and... still nothing. Finally asked a librarian and apparently the code inspectors or whatever still haven't approved the 'public' outlets for use yet. And I couldn't check if they had wifi since my battery was dead and I wanted to charge it.

Finally sent off a text to Aoi-chan again, and went to McD's for french fries and soda, and drove around slowly. And now I am at Aoi-chan's house. *____* On Shukaku, who is happily charging up. He's at 17% now!

I'm gonna drown myself in sweet internets now.
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Am feeling all sorts of grumpy and cranky today. Probably because my sleep was interrupted by the neighbor's construction project. They've been putting new stucco on the front of their house, but now I think they're replacing their driveway. I was rudely woken up at something that felt like 6am by the sound of power tools. Managed to roll over for more sleep, then was woken up AGAIN at 8am by drilling, something like a jackhammer and a scraper or saw or buzzing thing and I nearly wanted to cry. I stumbled about trying to ignore the noise (even tried to sleep in my parents' room but you could hear it there too).

Finally remembered that I had earplugs left from JRock Revo, so I stuffed those in and managed to get to sleep again.

=___=;; One thing I hate is being woken up before I'm ready to. It totally throws off my sleep/dream schedule. And I don't get enough REM sleep as it is. I even went to sleep an hour early, in hopes of waking up earlier and taking my time in the morning. Now, because I kept being woken up, I overslept.

I did, however, manage to confirm that traffic isn't so bad after 2pm. 1pm must really still be part of the lunchtime rush. My drive to the library was quite speedy all the way down, except for this one idiot who didn't know how to drive.

Have finished all my soda.
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Usually it take me about 20 minutes to get to the library from my house, and that includes going through the McDonald's drive-thru for tasty greasy goodness (mmm french fries), which I generally eat while driving. I usually eat about half my food (yay chicken nuggets), and drink maybe a fourth of my Coke before I park at the library. Yes, this is how I measure time. :P

Anyway, today started off with a hellish line for the drive-thru. I had about 4 cars in front of me, and yet, the line wasn't moving. I have NO IDEA what took so long to get through, except that more than one person ahead of me was on their cellphone while ordering/paying/etc. x__X But I managed to get my food (wtf people, once whoever it was that was slow went away, I was done in less that 5 minutes -- from paying to driving up to the next window and getting my food).

Made my merry way to the freeway.

And that's where things REALLY started to suck.

I swear to god, the construction/traffic/hell on earth that is the 215/60/91 junctions GETS WORSE EVERYDAY. It took me more than 30 minutes to get from the 215 to the freaking merge with the 60 and past UCR. =___=;; I was languishing so long and was stop-and-go and now I have my driver's arm tan back. With a funny pale stripe where my watch is. And what sucks even more is that once I managed to get past the 91 as well, it took me all of 10 minutes (actually less) to get from there to the library. I wanted to kill things. And I'd eaten almost all my food in a cranky rage, and drank 3/4s of my soda.

And when I got to the library, all the library parking was taken up, so I had to park in the metered part, and spend $2 for 2 hours. D:

I knew I should've listened to the little voice in my head that told me to stay home today.
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At the library again because Aoi-chan is still at school and thus I cannot rape her internet. Well, I could sit in my car in her driveway and tap in like that, but then I'd run out of battery power quick, and it's also kinda stalkery and I'm not THAT desperate. >_>;;

I'll just rape hardcore tomorrow. I really want to get enough Poppuri Tickets from the boxes during this event! T__T I want the Poppuri Hat, but it costs 125 Tickets. I've got like... 25? I'd also like the Poppuri Earring that boosts MA/LK for my Dragon. It also has one slot for compounding, so I could probably boost the LK on it. I've still got those Green Elixirs from Gacha that I've been saving to get good compounds on equips. Or maybe I'll boss Mong some more, and try to get 2 slot equips and use the elixirs on one REALLY GOOD equip. I might be lucky.

In other news, I have a weird bruise on my left knee. I don't remember knocking my knee against anything yesterday. *pokes it* Ow.

Not connected to any of the above, there was a complete asshole who cut me off in his crappy little car while I was driving to the library. YEAH GO AHEAD BUDDY. MY SUV WILL ROLL OVER YOUR CAR AND I WON'T EVEN FEEL A BUMP. FUCKING JERK. I even honked at him, so I feel proud of myself.

... I think the girl who works at the cafe is starting to notice that I sit here in the library and bring in my own food. I think it's because today I have Panda Express, and it smells very good. Mmmm orange chicken. And I still have my fortune cookie, which I will eat as a snack in an hour or so.

I am being totally random today. Bleh.
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At the library. Of course.

One good thing about this wireless cafe section is that I was able to bring in my sandwich and drink from Subway (mmm ham&swiss) and eat it here at the table while I did my internet surfing and survey taking (yay completed the Treasure Trooper survey today which was, interestingly enough, about my online habits). And I still have my soda, and didn't have to throw it out half-full like I used to. Yay.

Apparently Photobucket is being blocked by the library today, which sucks because I was gonna upload my JRock Revo pics. =__=;; I guess I'll just chuck them all in my LJ ScrapBook. I was gonna pick at my Live Report today/tonight, as I expect that it will be very very long. And I wanted to add pictures and such because they're pretty (even if I take the crappiest pics in the world).

Mmmrrrrrr... back to the grind.
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Managed to do my banking today (yes, I like going into the bank and talking to a teller for some strange reason) and got my lunch (crazy Spongebob guy was working the drive-thru window of McD's again). Am not raping Aoi-chan's new wireless (she got a new router) because she is taking care of the baby today and tired and taking a nap. *pats her* I will rape hardcore tomorrow.

Anyway, at the library (duh) and for some reason they're doing construction EVERYWHERE on my normal driving routes, so the commute was a little GRRRRRRR. >_>;; And now I'm sitting in the wireless cafe and the elevator in front of me is broken so the doors keep opening and closing of their own will. Aaaahh... smells like a Monday.

Took a pic of my check from Treasure Trooper, so that will go up tonight, along with pics of my MOO Cards. Also, I gave in and made MOO Cards for [ profile] windup_boytoy. X3! They're so cool.

Yesterday I went to see PotC:AWE with Aoi-chan (such a good movie!) and visited K-chan. ♥ It was a good day.
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Aoi-chan's internets has committed seppuku in order to to stop me from raping it. ;___; Didn't it know that our love was pure and beautiful as long as it let me rape it as much as I wanted, as long as I wanted?

Whatever shall I do now? Why do all the wireless connections that I regularly rape die like this? It's enough to give me a complex or something. Should I feel guilty?

Anyway, at the library today and away from any nasty cold air blowing vents (at least, I think). There's a plotbunny gnawing at my brain, but I don't know where it will go. I already told Asuka the plot of it, but I'm not sure I can get it to come out just the way I want it. Bleh.
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Okay, I am going home now, slightly early, because:

1) I think I'm frozen (damn this vent and my tank top and capris!),


2) I'm gonna stop buy Best Buy and/or Circuit City and see if they have pink iPod Shuffles so I can get one for my mom's birthday on Friday. Yes, the pink one. Because she likes pink.

Let's hope there's less idiots on the road. Hopefully the traffic won't be too bad.
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-- Still no period. If I don't get it by tomorrow, it's not allowed to come until Monday. *grumbles*
-- I have a strange sore-hurting-twingey feeling in my right shoulder/neck area. I guess I must've slept funny, but not even a hot shower and stretching made it go away. >_>;; I don't want to have to break out the Ben Gay, since then I'd really feel old.
-- Don't fucking honk at me when I'm in the drive-thru line at McD's and obviously stopped in front of the speaker. The person in front of me wasn't going anywhere, and the guy had asked me to wait and hadn't even taken my order yet. They were very busy today. Give them a break. It's not like I could pull forward! There wasn't room to! You can wait like the rest of us in the line, or, I dunno park and go inside to make your order. I considered doing that except I couldn't because I had more than two cars behind me.
-- Why is it that people lose all sense when they drive and something changes? There was construction on the side of the street at an intersection, and the lights were flashing red to show that it was a four-way stop, since the lights were being messed with. You'd think people had no idea how to negotiate through a four-way stop with the way everyone kept trying to jam their way forward from all sides. Thank god I wasn't one of the people who had to make a left turn.
-- ... oh, there's a big vent over there. No wonder it's very chilly in the library. I'm practically right under it.


-- Boo LJ! Stop being a h0r about comments! It makes it hard to RP!
-- Forgot my headphones at home. T__T Now I am forced to listen to the people who don't realize you must be quiet in the library. GIGGLY TEENAGE GIRLS I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU.

... huh

May. 18th, 2007 04:46 pm
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I've been sniffling and rubbing at my nose ever since I got to the library. I hope it's only because it's super chilly in here, and not because I'm getting a cold.

Or maybe it's my allergies.


Also, my period better get here soon because this dull ache in my lower back is annoying, and I keep tossing and turning in my sleep. And I don't want it during the concert when I'll be wearing fishnets and a supershort skirt. e___e;;
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To: Kishimoto
CC: That Good Crack You're Smoking
From: Me
Re: This Week's Manga Chapter

Kishimoto --

Thank you for making neko!Sasuke canon. I always knew my doujinshi told the truth.

A very happy fangirl,

-- Me =^__^= Nyao~!


Also, I am at the library again. After raping Aoi-chan's internet for two days (it wanted it, the slut). Currently sitting at the 'wireless cafe' because there's no tables near outlets in my regular area.

On Trickster, I managed to vend off a lot of extra items I had laying in my Bank (whoo galders!), then promptly spent a good chunk of it on my 2nd Job items. ^^;; I wish Eagle Feather Pens weren't so expensive though. =__=;; I've bought or drill everything I need EXCEPT for them. I need 16, but they run about 100-150k to buy. D: I have like... 5. But I'm sure if I vend off more of my stuff, I should be able to buy the rest of them.

I suicided myself down to less than 50% of lvl 50 (I was close to 70%), JUST so that I could do the Ghost Book TMexp quest at Phantom School. There's no way in HELL I'm missing out on such a good and easy way to get MASSIVE TMexp. I did the quest 5 times, and leveled my TM one and a half times. Whoo!

Then I did the Ice Family Event (Pink Ice Ring), and OMG it was HELL. I drilled up most of the items beforehand and had them ready and in my inventory, so that wasn't the problem. It was the damned Monster Quest portion of it that tormented me. I died four damn times trying to complete it. Gee, thanks, for making my level 50 (51 by the end since I leveled up doing the event) dragon have to kill 30 Cucools in 20 minutes, when they are level 70 and THE EVENT MAP WAS SWAMPED WITH THEM. AND DID I MENTION THAT THEY MOB AND ARE SUPER AGGRESSIVE? I stepped into the map and died in the first minute because I wasn't expecting such a mob. I couldn't even run away, and I couldn't spam my pots fast enough.

My only saving grace was that I ran for my life to the bottom corner of the map, and there were a bunch of dragons there (including a lvl 91 2nd Job dragon). We formed a party, and the lvl 91 and me were slaughtering the Cucools as fast as we could. I was spamming my Mana Storm like you wouldn't believe, and I was almost tempted to level it up for more power. (I'm saving my TM points at the moment for Mist of Mana and Arrow Rush). I still died a bunch of times, and had to keep running back to Snow Hill to restart the monster quest. =__= So annoying. But I finally did it. And my TM leveled up again because I was slaughtering so many monsters.

But I finished the Ice Family Event and got the Ice Family pet and Pink Ring! Yay! But I really want to do the Blue Ring side too, because of the sexy EXP and TMexp bonuses, and because the Blue Ring is the better ring for dragons/mages. >_>;; I don't fancy drilling in the event map though, especially with that mob. Maybe I'll be lucky and find another bodyguard.
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At the library and, you know, doing stuff. Sorta. I just got here and booted up Shukaku. But it seems very quiet today (yay) and I'm near an outlet, so all is well in my tiny corner of the world. Slept kinda like crap, tossing and turning all night. z__Z;; I hate those kinds of nights.

Anyway, Trickster patched last night to fix the event monster quest, but there is no wireless raping for me. I remembered that Aoi-chan told me that she was going to school today to do whatever it is she does (something scientific and very smart that I don't understand), so perhaps I will accost her tomorrow.

I hope my salad is still in her fridge. XD

And no, I don't know why I'm listening to this song, but I am.

It's catchy.
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Huh. Traffic on the way to the library was kinda heavy today, even though it's not the weekend, and it wasn't close to quitting time. I got to the library at 2:30pm, so the drive wasn't bad or anything; there were just more cars on the freeway than usual. And trucks. Bleh.

I was supposed to go to Aoi-chan's house today to rape her internet because Trickster patched last night and the Ice Family Event is up now. Alas, her mom skipped out on work and took her out shopping. *sobsob* So now I'm at the library instead. At least I'm getting a little bit of work done. And, you know, mindlessly surfing the internet and reading fics and stuff. Hahaha.

cut for shopping stuff that I did earlier this week )

At any rate, I still need to go out shopping again, since I still need to buy presenty things. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

And now there are very loud teenage boys sitting at the table next to mine. >_>;; I'm not going to complain. They're not making out with each other. XD
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Okay, so I am now home (early) and my parents aren't here. I forgot that the library closes early on Fridays (6pm), but the drive home wasn't horrible mostly because they were playing good music on the radio. :3

But I don't know where my parents are. My dad stayed home today because he was 'sick' but now he's not here and neither is my mom's car, which means they are out somewhere together. He's a lying liar that lies. And refuses to go to the doctor.

At least I have my orange chicken for dinner. ♥


May. 4th, 2007 04:34 pm
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Apparently, I spam LJ when I'm bored and have nothing better to do. >_>;;

I'm cold because the place I'm sitting at is somehow colder than where I was yesterday. Or, actually, I think I'm under a bunch of vents. *shivers* Maybe I'll go home early today, but that means fighting traffic all the way home, since it's almost 5pm.

I wanna go shopping this weekend, too, since I have to get my mom a Mother's Day present and a birthday present, and buy Aoi-chan a bday present. And maybe look for higher shoes and stuff to wear to Jrock Revolution.


And I really need to pee, but the bathrooms here at the library are kinda scary, and I'd have to get the key from the front desk.

I'm sure you all wanted to know that.
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At the library, of course, but I'm sitting in their semi-new "wireless cafe" section. They set up a little coffee stand/cafe kiosk thing on the second floor with little tables and such. I didn't sit yesterday because it seemed kinda busy and I couldn't find any power outlets. Hahaha! But today it is not busy (only 2 other people here besides me), and the power outlets are cleverly disguised behind decorative rocks.


So now I can drink my Pina Cool-ada from Juice it Up (yaaay I didn't want to throw half of it away), and possibly might be able to eat my Panda Express while doing my work (yum orange chicken).

This bunny is happy for right now. And hopefully the more public nature of this area will keep teenyboppers from making out in front of me.


*slurps smoothie*
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Look, I don't have a problem with happy couples being lovey dovey squishy with each other in public. Show your love to the world as long as you don't get arrested. Whatever. What I DO have a problem with is a hormonal teenage couple sitting at the table next to me and pretty much making out for the last two hours.

Jesus. Get a fucking room already. And it doesn't help that they are being rather LOUD and there's people here at the LIBRARY actually trying to READ and get WORK DONE. I even have my earbuds in my ears and listening to WinAmp and can STILL hear their lip smacking. *twitches*

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I always seem to forget that the library tends to be very cold inside, no matter how nice it is outside. >_>;; I totally need to figure out where I put my arm warmers. My hands are always cold.

Anyway, my library UNF skills work, since I was wandering about, looking for a table near an outlet, so I could plug in my laptop easily. Could find none, then finally settled on the second floor between two occupied outlets. Then I shot VIBES OF DOOM at one of the guys, and LO, HE LEFT. HAHAHAHA. So now I am sitting at a nice table in the back and Shukaku is happily plugged in.

In studying news, Community Property. Contracts between unmarried cohabitants are not enforceable to the extent that they are explicitly founded on consideration of sexual services.


*flops over and surfs LJ for a bit*
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Library time, but I shall lunch at 2pm. Of course, this means that today will be a spamming day. ♥ I haven't had a good spamming day in a bit now.

Well, maybe not spam, because in between bouts of studying, I'll be writing my AX Con report. *nodnods* That is my goal for today!


Jun. 27th, 2006 12:15 pm
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It is Tuesday. I'm in the library until 5pm. I have no snacks (except for a strawberry NutriGrain bar) because I ate all my chocolate already. I should be studying Professional Responsibility. I had another argument with my dad. I hope I can go to AX. I'll have my lunch at 2pm. There's ice cream in my freezer. I need to stop procrastinating. When I get home I need to call the hotel and book for the 23rd to the 27th. I need to check SuperShuttle. I need to send in those payments for loans so I'll be clear for July. I better not get my period during the Bar Exam. I want to bake something. The books in front of me on the left are all computer-related programming books, but on the right, it's about writing. This doesn't make sense to me for some reason. The computer just downloaded an update and says I need to restart. I feel like I'm in a haze today, maybe because I woke up at 10am, but didn't get to sleep until almost 5am. I need to stop thinking so hard at night. I'm breaking out because of stress again. Beef jerky is not a good breakfast. I feel completely and totally overwhelmed sometimes. And that is the stream of consciousness babble for the day.
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I've fled my house on a Saturday to avoid my paternal unit. =___=;; I'm still avoiding him, for reasons to be explained in another post. I grabbed my books and laptop and have sequestered myself in the Riverside Main Library, where I know that I'm going to be spending alot of time. I didn't expect to have to be here on a Saturday though, but I'd rather not be at home.


WTF, Riverside Main Library webpage! You FAIL. When I checked the times the other day, it said that the Library is open until 9pm on Saturday, and 6pm on Sunday. But when I got here, the sign said 6pm on Saturday, and 5pm on Sunday. NOOOOOES. I wanted to stay out of the house for a lengthy period of time! And it's practically 5:30pm right now!

Well, I guess that once I get kicked out, I'll just drive really slow or something. I wish the Moreno Valley Library was open. Too bad Mo Val doesn't care if its citizens are literate. XP


Icon is curiously appropriate for today.


Aaaaaaaand there's the half hour warning bell announcement thing.


Feb. 17th, 2006 12:30 pm
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I just woke up a little bit ago. Obviously, this means that I'm not in the library.

This day is looking better already.
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I'm sorry if I worried anyone earlier today, which apparently I did, because once I got on AIM, I was hit by no less than three IMs with variations on Are you okay? I'm alright. I was just cranky and tired and hungry and stressed and it's not going to get any better until after the Bar Exam.

Mom picked me up from the library just fine, and we even stopped to have dinner out. I demolished a steak and shrimp and had butter on my baked potato. And I drank a Pepsi. Then I got home, laid about, and then took a long hot shower. All this went towards making me feel much better. Though, I'm seriously debating going to the library tomorrow. I need to find my other workbook. Which is... somewhere. In a box. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

On a happier note, I promised to YSI some things for people, so here you go.

Two Mix -- Just Communication (Gundam Wing OP English)

And as a bonus, have this:

Two Mix -- Rhythm Emotion (Gundam Wing OP2 English). This one cuts off after two minutes, but it's enough for you to get a taste of what the English version is like. ^^

I also have the Rave Mix of Rhythm Emotion. X3;; I like it.

Oh... and this Autosave feature thingy on LJ is pretty nice. I always get pissed when I write long entries and they crap out when I'm updating. Good for you, LJ.

I'm going to surf around idly now, until my hair dries enough so I can sleep.
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It's 6:30pm or damn close enough to it. I'm going to pack up my stuff now, walk slowly (or maybe not, it's cold and dark outside), and have myself some chinese food. And I'll take my time eating. And linger. And digest. And probably read more Contracts while I eat, but whatever.

And then I'll call my mom and make sure she's coming to pick me up at the right time.


Nevermind. Mom is actually leaving earlier than expected. :3 I'll just hang out for 15 minutes instead. I can have dinner at home, and save my money.
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So, it's almost 4pm. That means 4 more hours to go. I'm trying to decide if I should take that break for lunch (I'm sorta not hungry yet after the pizza and all the chocolate I've been scarfing), or if I should wait it out, then at like 7 or something, go and get dinner from the Chinese food place. It could go either way. I mean, I'm not going to starve to death. I have more chocolates, plus chips and a bottled water in my bag. I could hold out until later. But if I take a break now, I could get some air and food and such to help me get through until I go home. Well, the cafe place I go to usually closes at 5pm, so I'd probably be getting chinese food either way. Huuuuuuuuurrr... but do I really want to pack up all my stuff now, take a break, then have to come back and do it all over again? I hate how this library isn't like the University library, where I could drop all my shit in a carrel and leave it all out (even my laptop) and go and get lunch for an hour and not worry about someone stealing my stuff (huurrr lawyers know better hur hur hur).

Mrrrrrrrrrrr... I hate making decisions.

*eats another chocolate*


The guy in the suit at the other table was staring at me kinda funny while he was cleaning his glasses. Or he was staring at my huge books. Oh god, I hope he's not a lawyer who thinks I would make a shitty lawyer. Hello, paranoia, my old friend. I haven't seen you around lately. *tries to get a look at what the guy is reading stealthily* ... it's something "Digest"... maybe "Reader's Digest." Maybe "Lawyers Who Don't Suck And Passed the Bar Digest." Maybe "Creepy Perverts Digest." I don't know.



It's "Writer's Digest." And he's not looking at me funny anymore. He's reading his magazine digest thing.


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