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So I have progressed from a dry hacking cough, to a wet hacking cough, to a wet hacking cough and a whole lot of snot and sinus pressure. Yay. It is officially allergy season.


Have decided to forgo the most excellent (if not-suitable-for-driving) OTC medicine I was using the past two days, so that I can cough enough and loosen up all the junk in my chest. And hopefully get rid of it one way or another. Though, if I start doing the coughing-up-blood thing (not really, because that would be horrifying and I would go straight to the hospital), I'm going back to the medicine. XP

Fun times.

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I took some OTC medicine earlier to deal with my cough and I think its really kicked in. Unfortunately, now I feel really dizzy and tired/sleepy and I'm pretty sure it's because of the medicine.

... am definitely coughing less though.

Maybe tomorrow (since this is 12 hour stuff) I'll only take 1 tablet instead of 2.

Everything's kind spinny.

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In a continuation of my birthday joy, I went out yesterday (before my coughing and voice issues got really bad) and redeemed my free birthday coupons for stuff. It was a pretty good haul, and I'm so glad that I'm a member of those rewards clubs at my favorite stores. I walked away with:

-- two free pieces of Godiva chocolate (both truffles)
-- 3 tablets of Godiva milk chocolate (on sale and with a 10% birthday discount)
-- an eye-centered trio from Sephora (eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara)
-- Cookie Doughn't You Want Some ice cream from Coldstone
-- a cute purse and trio of Victoria's Secret body products (Love Spell lotion, body wash, and body mist); not free, but I used a $10 giftcard to buy it, so it cut the price in half, which is awesome because just the lotion is $10

The only thing I couldn't find was a GameStop with a used version of Shin Megumi Tensei: Devil Survivor, so that I could just get the instruction booklet. I like collecting things like that, and I sort of want the instructions and tips, because I sort of have no idea what I'm doing in the game, even if it's hella fun.

Unfortunately, halfway through my shopping joy, I started coughing harder. =___=;; It's pretty bad now. I hate unproductive (a.k.a. non-phlem producing) coughs. Dry coughs just hurts my throat and chest and I know that mucus is lingering somewhere.

My voice is pretty much bullfrog-like. I'm going between losing my voice completely and being able to talk, but I sound horrible.

Damn you allergy season. Damn you.
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The company potluck/holiday party is this afternoon at 2pm. I'm wondering if I can hold out until then to eat lunch, so I can clock out during it. We're not supposed to stay clocked in during a party like this. XD;;

*nibbles her bagel and drinks coffee*

No other real job-related news, except for co-worker drama, which I think, is somewhat worse than resident drama. After all, the residents are legitimately crazy. >_>;;

Been doing little stupid updates via Facebook, but I guess everyone here should know that I'm trying to fight getting a cold. I've been chugging Airborne since earlier this week, since I've been getting snotty when I sleep and when I wake up in the morning and... pretty much the rest of the day. ^^;; Sneezing frequently too, which is strange, because I'm not a big sneezer. But no coughing, so that's good.

Ooooooohhh coffee... I love you.

Okay, I think it's time to stop making posts at work, even though I'm not doing anything yet. It's Friday, and today is usually the slow day.
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So my parents left about a half hour ago. For Vegas. They wanted me to go but I'm dying of cold and period so I get to stay at home. Yay! I'd rather stay at home anyway. I feel like I got hit by a truck. I only sound good because I'm typing words down, which make sense in my head, but if you saw me in real life, there would be a lot of blank stares, nose-blowing, and hoarse croaking.

Got a mild cough now, but it's a throaty cough from too much mucus, and not a chesty cough that means I've got bronchitis. Yes, I know the difference. I do feel like I got hit by a truck. Went to bed super early last night with my beloved Nyquil (midnight! I went to bed at midnight!), but I kept waking up every three hours. Seriously, at 3am, 6am, and 9am. But in between those times I was pretty knocked out when I wasn't tossing and turning or getting up to blow my nose.


Didn't roll out of bed until 11:30am, and still feel like shit. In fact, I'm considering just going back to sleep again. And it's 1:30pm right now. Whoo. Two hours of consciousness.

I don't even know if any of this makes sense. Maybe I should lie down.
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I had the best idea earlier today.

A snot saturation indicator on tissues.

No really. Hear me out.

See, like how they have different 'levels' of tampons based on how much, uh, 'moisture' they can absorb? Like light, regular, super, and super plus. Well, they should make tissues like that, too. Except maybe the tissues can change colors based on how much snot they've absorbed. Like, they're normal white and maybe they turn yellow and that's regular. But if they turn green, you're maxing out the tissue. And if they turn red, you're probably hemorrhaging and should see a doctor. THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA. Because then I could figure out how much snot my body is producing because I'm blowing my nose all the time.

In other news, I started my period too. *stabs ovaries*


Hello. I'm sorry for the TMI. I'll go lay down now or something.
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A cold!


My throat started to feel scratchy last night, but I hoped it was just something I ate that irritated it and not a cold. But lo, I started getting stuffy last night, and kept waking up because I can't swallow. At least my body is consistent with having everything attack my throat. x___X;;

Sucking on ColdEze and Chloraseptic lozenges now, in hopes to not let this get any worse. I feel perfectly fine, except for the painful swallowing thing.


Oh, and [ profile] aoi? If you get a cold too, it's not my fault. In fact, I'm tempted to blame you for this. YOU REPAY MY KINDNESS IN BUYING DELICIOUS GODIVA CHOCOLIXIRNESS WITH A COLD. YOU'RE SO UNGRATEFUL.


Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:18 am
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Ugh... going to bed early. Like right now. I developed a weird headache/eyeache a few hours ago and it hasn't gone away. And now I feel weird-tired-sick-hurty.

I hope my allergies aren't getting worse.
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I could survive for 51 seconds chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor

In other news, I think my body can't decide whether to give me a cold or allergies, and has instead given me a bastard hybrid of the two.

*blows nose*

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*has a drippy nose again*
*blow a bajillion times*

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Still snotty, but I'm getting better. Slowly. I can only judge because I can tell that I'm blowing my nose significantly less than last week. Maybe I won't rip through this third box of tissues after all. Maybe that was a bit TMI.

Unrelated to my snottiness, I've joined The Backloggery. It's a pretty nifty site where you can keep track of your game collection, and let people know what you're currently playing and where you are. My DS collection is quite small at the moment (and it's the only gaming system I have at the moment besides my laptop), but that's mostly because the games I really want to get haven't been released yet. And I don't have any money.

If you join, be sure to tell me, so I can add you to my friends list and stalk you. ^^

And as usual, some dragon eggs. All of these were bred from my existing dragons. :3 Whee~

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Ugh x___X

Aug. 21st, 2008 12:47 pm
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*throws away the second empty box of tissues and opens a third*

I don't get it. I'm still sick. But I feel mostly fine except that I'm drowning in snot. Go away stupid cold. Go awaaaaaay.
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i'm a snot monster. i'm a monster made of snot. my nose hurts from blowing it so much why didn't my mom buy the puffs tissues with lotion in them? i have gone through a full box of tissues. ugh ugh ugh.


Adopt one today!
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Cecil is a slut.

That's the only explanation I have for why he has so many party members. :/ He plays with them a bit, then tosses them away, but then he feels crappy for being callous and calls them back again.

You're such a slut, Cecil. SLUT. Damn, he's so pretty once he's a paladin. *pets him*

In other news, still sick. And I know I'm sick because I felt exhausted at 9pm last night even though I had a nap. Took Nyquil-equivalent at 9:30pm, and was asleep by 10pm. Whoo. Hopefully I'll stay up long enough to watch Phelps swim on the Olympics. Because that man is a dolphin. Tru fax.


I blew my nose so hard earlier today that I blew out my eardrums and gave myself vertigo. :/ I had to sit down.


... blew my nose again. Been doing it all day. My dad asked me if I was calling him for something. ;__; I don't blow my nose that hard, do I?
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1. my mom has a cold. a bad one with coughing and stuff. but she's allergic to codeine and most medicines react with her blood pressure medicine so she usually just has to tough it out.

2. we have been watching the olympics together. for hours. next to each other on the couch.

3. woke up in the middle of the night last night when i couldn't breathe and my throat was all swollen.

4. woke up this morning with a drippy nose and the above, but no coughing (yet). throat hurts like a bitch.

5. called my mom, blamed her for my cold, and told her to buy soup and orange juice on the way home.

6. =___=;;

7. medicine and a nap now. even though i woke up like 2 hours ago.

Adopt one today!
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[hiatus. gone a'barrin'. one week.]


*hangs up second sign*

[pr0n and cuddles welcomed here.]


Feb. 21st, 2008 12:17 pm
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went to bed early last night like before midnight early because i was so tired and i slept for like 12 hours x.x but not all at once cuz i kept waking up and tossing and turning and was hot and cold and i've got a cough ugh maybe i should take it easy today and hope this goes away before next week but i'm gonna miss out on my studying i hate my dad this is all his fault


Jul. 18th, 2006 05:44 pm
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i suddenly feel very sick and like i'm going to throw up. thank you, ovaries. i'm going to lie down before i hurl.


May. 11th, 2006 10:04 pm
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i feel like i'm gonna barf. and i've got a nasty taste in my mouth that won't go away. stupid medicine. now you know why i'm not on AIM. i'm in a shitty mood and will spare those i adore from it.
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i feel like complete and utter crap. the antibiotics must be working.

k-chan? aoi? call my cell, but i don't think i'll be able to go out tonight. i have aoi-chan's birthday present though.
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Say hello to my shiny new antibiotics that I have to take, two pills, once a day, for five days with food because it will cause nausea and such.

Also say hello to my super new cough syrup, to be taken only before bedtime as it causes drowsiness and dizziness, and not to be consumed with alcoholic beverages. I also am not allowed to drive, hence the at bedtime part. But, the doctor said I'm to take it as needed, so if I'm at home and not going anywhere (and not consuming alcoholic beverages), I can take it.

Obviously, I am going to be spending a great majority of my time unconscious.


This smilie does not encompass the levels of absolute joy I feel at the moment. I am also being sarcastic, but I can't tell if it's coming through, because I just took the pills. But not the syrup, because I have to drive and pick up my mom from work and I don't wanna pass out in rush hour traffic.


Oh, apparently I've been walking about all week with a low-grade fever that I didn't notice. I just thought it was getting warm. =___= But my lungs aren't filled with fluid (yet). The doctor said I came in just in time to stop this from really developing into bronchitis. Again. Goddamn lungs.


Totally unrelated, but if you buy a paid account, and upload a custom mood theme, and the paid time runs out, do you still get to keep and use the mood theme? What about stuff uploaded into the ScrapBook? Can you still access/use/hotlink the pics or do they disappear/freeze when your paid time goes?
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... at this point, I almost wish that I was coughing up blood, because then I'd be coughing for a reason. The Robitussin and codeine I have are doing absolutely nothing. This sucks more than anything I have ever known. And I can't sleep for long periods of time, because I wake myself up coughing.

Doctor appointment tomorrow. Thank god. Maybe I can finally figure out what's wrong.
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... who the fuck do I have to blow to get a bowl of chicken noodle soup?


Jan. 7th, 2006 03:05 pm
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I woke up (after much toil and rolling over and sleeping more) feeling like someone beat me in my sleep. And I think I have a fever. Thank you, antibiotics, for working. Though, no love to the Robitussin DM, because I took that stuff and was still coughing like a bitch all night. Maybe I spoiled myself with all the Nyquil.

My parents have disappeared off somewhere, so I am home alone and raping making love to the neighbor's wireless connection.

Also, I forgot how cool Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are. The mini ones. Yum. ♥
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Guess who has some shiny new antibiotics?

That's right. Me. Yay. And I think they're working, because I took a nap and woke up all hot and in a sweat, which usually means something has kicked my antibodies in the ass and made them work. Or something. That sounded much better in my head. Also have Robitussin DM, because apparently I was taking the wrong kind of Robitussin. WTF. I don't understand all those DM, CM, XXX formulas anyway. I just bought the one that said "COUGH" in big letters on the front.

But now I had a nap and I'm kinda hungry or something. Or possibly manic. They say you shouldn't take cough syrup for longer than 7 days. But this is Robitussin DM not Robitussin CM, and not Nyquil either. It's not the same! I get, like, another 7 days!
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So, here I am innocently stealing borrowing my neighbor's wireless connection. And the damn thing won't let me download the YSI file [ profile] merith sent me! *growls* DOWNLOAD DAMMIT. I WANT MY LOVELESS AMVs!!! *kicks* Suuuuure, I can do LJ and Gaia and everything else, but no downloading of huge files. Bastards.

*goes off to sulk*
*and blow nose*
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The Powers That Be (TPTB): Gee, We wonder how We can make Sera's life miserable.
Life: I agree... she was way too happy at YaoiCon.
TPTB: ... a cold, maybe? We gave her a cold last year.
Life: That's a good start, but she got the cold AFTER the con, so it doesn't have the same impact. Ah! I know. I'll make her take the MPREs again this Friday!
TPTB: Damn, that's harsh, but We like it!
Life: We're still missing something though.
TPTB: Something worse than a cold and having to take a big test?
Life: Yeah. Just can't exactly put my finger on it...
TPTB: Eeeeeeexcellent...


Oct. 31st, 2005 08:20 pm
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1) Happy Halloween! Be kind to small children and give them good candy and squeal appropriately over their costumes (or be afraid if they're supposed to be scary).

2) Have been pwned by a cold. I've been pretty much asleep all day, except for maybe 2 hours or so between 1pm and 3pm. I just woke up again at 7pm to eat something. After this, I have a date with a bottle of Nyquil and my bed. Way not to disappoint, YCon. I should've remembered that I got sick last year, too, but at least this time I wasn't sick DURING that con.

3) Con report, pics, and the like will have to wait until I can sit up without feeling dizzy.

4) *goes away to pass out again*
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Blah, should be toddling off to bed, but I once again showered and my hair is wet. Need to dry that first.

babble )
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So, my theory was correct. If I don't take the codeine, I don't sleep like the dead for 16+ hours. I don't need it anymore anyway, since I don't have that cough anymore. I think I'll just stick with the antibiotics (one pill left!) and the Sudafed since I'm still stuffy and snotty.

I'm feeling better now, and not woozy like before, probably since the codeine is all out of my system (it's been 24 hours). I think I'll attempt to do some small chores and studying today. I have to go grocery shopping, but I might save that for tomorrow. I really need to get back on track, since I basically did no studying for a week.

=___=;; Warui Sera-chan.

I feel like writing something, too. Maybe I'll do the second part of the Sasuke Finds Out fic? Or maybe just drabble a bit? I'm not sure yet. I think I'll have some lunch before deciding.
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Yeah. That codeine still remains very strong and me sleeping like the dead was not just a fluke. Except this time, I didn't "wake up" until 4pm. On the plus side, I'm not as woobly and woozy as I was yesterday. I still am, a bit, and it's still hard to keep focused on stuff. Had weird dreams again, about people I know.

Me, [ profile] aoi, [ profile] _faolan_ and [ profile] mikkeneko were in some sort of cafe, that reminded me of Starbuck's. Maybe it was Starbuck's, but they had more desserts than coffee. We were all picking desserts to eat, and I told Mikke that we could split a slice of chocolate cake (the monster chocolate cake that I buy that comes from Safeway -- why it was in Starbuck's, I'll never know). Anyway, Mikke said she didn't want that cake because she didn't like it. And I was upset and had to look for more desserts for myself. I decided on the cake anyway, and the girl behind the counter took it out, but it was all melty and not-very-visually-appealing. I complained, and the girl tried to get the melty frosting back on the cake. Then I dreamt other stuff I don't remember.

Yeah, my dreams are stupid. Don't remind me.

And now, everyone is away at AX for the holiday weekend, or with their families or something. T__T I will not be lonely. I won't. I'm giving up AX so that I can focus on the Bar Exam and I'll pass. It's a sacrifice.

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Everyone is being mean to me about being sick!


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Hi. Wow. I've been asleep since last night. Well, not completely, because I sorta remember getting up once or twice to use the bathroom, but it's all fuzzy and dizzy. Even right now I'm feeling... you know. Wobbly. I guess the combo of the three medicines really knocks me down. I totally slept through my alarm. =___=;; And it plays music for an HOUR.

I'm not sure I like the codeine. It knocks me way out, but not before making me think/dream weird things. Like, I dreamt that [ profile] suzume_sparrow finally told everyone what that Naruto fanfic she liked/didn't like was, but she did it by writing a totally long public LJ post where she ripped the fic to shreds. Like, there would be a line,

"blah blah blah"

and Suzume would have an arrow,


and then she would say stuff,

"I hated this line it was pointless and stupid" or "I loved this line why couldn't the rest of the fic be like this?"

She also did not like the author's use of certain words. Like "and". I remember that I replied to her post, and so did a bajillion other people. Then I dreamt about something else that I can't remember.


Maybe if I start taking the codeine earlier in the night, it will be better. Or, maybe not take it at all, unless I'm coughing bad. We'll see.

*goes to eat something*
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we were all wrong. the doctor said that in addition to the inflamation in my throat and tonsils swelling like whoa, i've got bronchitis. >_O;;

so now i have 3 shiny new prescriptions. one is the antibiotics that i have to take once a day for a week, the second is sudafed nasal decongestant since i'm all snotty, the third (yay) is cough suppresent with... CODEINE. yaaaaaay for mildly narcotic presecriptions! i know i'll be sleeping tonight. i just have to make sure i sleep enough and time the medicine so i don't just pass out.

i took the antibiotics and sudafed already. now i'm gonna eat my mashed potatoes and sleep or something. i wanna see how this medication affects me.

;__; hopefully i will be going to lecture tomorrow.
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got worse. didn't go to review. hurts.

but i have an appointment to see a doctor this afternoon. if i get drugs out of this, it will be a good day.


am happy now. mikke sent me a bottle of honey in a squeezy bear. X3 looooooooove~!
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So today went pretty well, according to my standards.

cut to spare you RL babble )

My mashed potatoes are calling me. And I didn't have a nap this afternoon, so maybe that will help me to start falling asleep earlier and stuff. Bleh. Wills Review is tomorrow. And then Trusts. And then another Performance Test.


Ganbatte, Sera-chan~!
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have found out (after calling j-san) that there is no bar review class tomorrow. yay. but, i have to go into the city anyway, because i have a meeting with the bar review coordinator person at school. =___=;; thankfully the meeting isn't until 2:30 pm, so i'll be able to have plenty of time to sleep in and make my way to campus.

am also considering bring my laptop to abuse the internet. dunno yet. depends on if i still feel bleh.

now i'm going to have some cup noodles.
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didn't go to review today. was bad girl. why didn't someone remind me that taking too much tylenol cold medicine makes me kinda trippy? had the most freakish night ever. felt like i was conscious the whole time but not really awake. need to call j-san and ask what happened in review.

gonna go lay down some more.

have to go to review tomorrow. have to have to.
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Okay. I've started taking Tylenol Cold medicine now. =___=;; My throat still keeps feeling bad, and now I'm getting congested and snotty. But it's weird because this doesn't feel like a normal cold (which includes a lot of coughing and fevers, etc.); my throat just feels bad and it's sorta hard to swallow and now I'm getting congested.

Fucking time for me to get sick. >_O And my doctor is back home. If this continues (even after I use OTC medicines), I'll see if I can get an appointment. Maybe this is... allergies or something. Or maybe my tonsils have finally decided to rebel after all these years.

I think I'll just stay in bed... wait, I can't. I have a bajillion chores to do.

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Guess who's sick?

Throat sore, hard to swallow, headaches that come and go, and a slight fever (I think). Fuck you, immune system. Fuck you.

*goes to drink lemon tea for the rest of the day and gargle with salt water*


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