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Ash Wednesday! Time to repent for all the sinning you did on Mardi Gras. XD!

But now it's officially Lent, which means no meat for me on Fridays. Boo. :x And, as usual, now is when I really crave a cheeseburger with bacon. *crai*

Anyway, to mix it up this year, instead of giving up something for Lent (uh besides abstaining from meat on Fridays), I've decided to do something instead. I'm going to try my hardest to make 40 new jewelry pieces for Que Sera Designs. One new piece of jewelry a day, for every day of Lent. At least. Hopefully. :/

I already have the pieces to make a cute necklace for spring! That will be my first project, starting today.

On the jewelry front, I'm also working on designs for the jewelry design contest that is being run by the Southern California Local Bead Store Association. There's some nice prizes, and I'm trying to come up with a fabulous design to really wow the judges. Thankfully, the piece isn't due until June-ish.

Wish me luck!
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Hello out there, denizens of LJ-land!

I know it's been awhile since my last really big update, so I've decided to catch everyone up on what's been going on with me IRL to keep me away from my beloved internets (besides all the damn outages and DDOS attacks LJ has been suffering). I've actually been pretty busy lately with...


Yes, I've actually started up a small business featuring my artisan jewelry. You can also find me on Etsy, though the selling portion of my shop isn't up yet. ♥ I've actually been making jewelry as a hobby and to keep busy, but after making a lot for friends and family (and myself), I was encouraged to expand and sell to everyone who wants one-of-a-kind, affordable pieces of jewelry. I'm pretty enthused about this, since it's something creative that I enjoy doing, and I certainly don't mind making money doing it.

I've also been accepted to the Inland Empire Women's Business Center's 'It's Your Time' Program. It's a non-profit program that runs about six months long and is specifically aimed at helping and encouraging women in my area (the Inland Empire) to be successful small business owners. I'm really happy to have been accepted into the program, even if my 'final' of writing a complete business plan (with financials!) is a bit daunting. But hopefully I'll be successful. And all of y'all can cross your fingers for me, because the person who has the best business plan wins a prize package worth... I think it's over $3000. All I know is that last year, the winner got an iPad as part of the prize package. :3 I could use something like that definitely.

Actually, I've been pretty busy attending my classes and networking and, of course, selling my jewelry every month at Riverside's Art Walk. Though, now I'm hoping to expand to other local art events and farmer's markets and the like.

And now for the shameless pimping:

All of my jewelry is for sale.

I'm also available for custom orders (just ask Pet and Aoi and K-chan, since I've made pieces for them). Please feel free to contact me through FB, Etsy, e-mail, or -- of course -- here on LJ if you'd like to purchase something or get custom jewelry made for you. The holiday season is approaching! So you should totally buy presents for everyone you know from me. :3

I've been thinking of a way to kickstart some funding for my business as well (buying supplies is pricey when you work with semi-precious gemstones), so I'm considering offering up a little promotion. I'm working on cute angel pendant necklaces for the holidays. They're made of freshwater pearl, antique silver wings and halos, with high quality crystal bodies, each individually handmade and hung from sterling silver plated chain. If you're interested in a necklace (or a smaller pair for earrings), drop me a line. I'll custom make an angel (or two) for you in your choice of color for $20. I already have some made for sale, so I'll be posting a couple pictures later on FB and here on LJ for everyone to see.

♥ ♥ ♥

Aaaaaaaaaaand to return the favor, since she already pimped me out, [personal profile] gunxshyed is making CHUBBY POTTERS for sale. They're absolutely adorable felt ornaments that are individually handmade for you. She's made Snape and Harry so far, with a Draco as a custom chubby. I think she's willing to make anyone you want, so you should totally hit her up for cuteness.


So was that pimping shameless enough, or should I have more blinking text?
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So... I got my hair cut today at a salon.

It is short.

Like... nearly pixie cut short.

And for the first time in, like, 10 years, I have bangs.

I think I like my new 'do.



Pics for you greedy greedy people. :P Though they're taken with my crappy cellphone camera. In a Staples. Because I was shopping after getting my haircut, and remembered: "Oh, people will like to see my hair, and I'm all dressed properly and everything."


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I'm not allowed to say anything anymore about multi-bladed razors. I just shaved my legs with a 5-blade razor after using a 3-blade one, and my legs are so much smoother and non-stubbly.

ilu 5-blade razor. ♥

But I will balk at using 10 blades. That's overkill, I think. At that point, one should just consider waxing.
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In a continuation of my birthday joy, I went out yesterday (before my coughing and voice issues got really bad) and redeemed my free birthday coupons for stuff. It was a pretty good haul, and I'm so glad that I'm a member of those rewards clubs at my favorite stores. I walked away with:

-- two free pieces of Godiva chocolate (both truffles)
-- 3 tablets of Godiva milk chocolate (on sale and with a 10% birthday discount)
-- an eye-centered trio from Sephora (eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara)
-- Cookie Doughn't You Want Some ice cream from Coldstone
-- a cute purse and trio of Victoria's Secret body products (Love Spell lotion, body wash, and body mist); not free, but I used a $10 giftcard to buy it, so it cut the price in half, which is awesome because just the lotion is $10

The only thing I couldn't find was a GameStop with a used version of Shin Megumi Tensei: Devil Survivor, so that I could just get the instruction booklet. I like collecting things like that, and I sort of want the instructions and tips, because I sort of have no idea what I'm doing in the game, even if it's hella fun.

Unfortunately, halfway through my shopping joy, I started coughing harder. =___=;; It's pretty bad now. I hate unproductive (a.k.a. non-phlem producing) coughs. Dry coughs just hurts my throat and chest and I know that mucus is lingering somewhere.

My voice is pretty much bullfrog-like. I'm going between losing my voice completely and being able to talk, but I sound horrible.

Damn you allergy season. Damn you.
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Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday~! ♥ ♥ ♥

I had a great time on my birthday. I finally decided to go to San Diego (with Aoi, K-chan, Pet and my parents), specifically Seaport Village. I always loved going there when I was little, and I haven't been back in... 10 years practically. It's still a fabulous place to spend the day. ♥ The Busker Festival was on my birthday, too, so there were a bunch of street performers everywhere, doing their acts. So it was free entertainment!

Oh, Bob. It was worth it just for his act. XD;; I laughed so hard during his performance.

There's so many cute shops and things, and it's right on the ocean, and the weather was fabulous, so I was happy. There was a beautiful view to Coranado, and people were sailing their boats in the harbor. :3 Oh, and I dressed up (there's pictures forthcoming) so all in all it was a very win day.

Also managed to find a new pretty-smelling-things obsession at one of the shops called Bath Junkie. They customize and hand-make a whole bunch of bath/beauty products for you, like scrubs, lotions, soaps, etc. It's so awesome. I bought myself one bottle of their Body Dessert lotion/moisturizer stuff; and I customized it to smell like Asian Rain/China Blossom, and it is purple. I really wanted to get their exfoliating scrub stuff, but that might have to wait for another day.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with my friends and family (even if Pet was loud and wanted to watch a guy bash his head on the rocks). ♥

And, of course, THE LOOT:

-- Shin Megumi Tensei Devil Survivor (for the DS)
-- a box of Krispy Kremes
-- Earthly Delights, by the lady who wrote The Other Boleyn Girl
-- a bottle of Velvet Tuberose lotion
-- Body Dessert lotion (a present to myself~)
-- Cream & Cookies ice cream in a waffle cone from Ben & Jerry's

Haven't seen my closer relatives yet, so I don't know if I'll be getting presents from them. Maybe I should shake them down. :P
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So, last night I was dragged out (in the rain!) to be sociable and stuff. Went out for the launch party of K-chan's sister's band with her, Aoi and Pet. They're called Buddha Bomb, and they were releasing their first full length CD last night. ^^ It was a pretty good time, everyone was very enthusiastic about things. Though, I'm very glad we had dinner beforehand. XD;;

Highlight of the evening was definitely seeing the many boys in kilts walking by. They were a band that played first called California Celtic. Mwehehehehe. Boys in skirts!

Before this, a couple weeks ago, I got my hair cut finally. I was starting to look like a shaggy dog again, even though I'd gotten my previous hairstyle in November. Now I've got an A-line bob, shorter in the back and longer near the front. I'm very happy to have shorter hair again.

But now it is raining (boo), so I think I'll bake chocolate chip cookies to help warm up the house (and fill my tummy). Also, I only have one more week of work. ;o; Goodbye, money. I loved you very much.
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No contacts today. :/ My dad had an appointment for the eye doctor, and I had to go with him because they might dilate his eyes, so I would have to drive back. And I'm not comfortable driving with my contacts, though I can. It's just weird since I'm not used to seeing with my contacts in, blah blah blah.

Anyway, he ended up not getting dilated, but I managed to play a lot of Meteos while I was in the waiting room (which was quite pleasant as it was like a boutique eye store). He also got a new prescription, but not new glasses, since his insurance only covered the exam and not the glasses (which he thought it did). This weekend, we're gonna be going to Lens Crafters to see if they have more reasonable frames (the ones he chose were $350+), and he needs to get his lenses to be polycarbonate or better or he'd end up with the Coke-bottle-lenses.

Plus, we have two gift certificates for Lens Crafters, and they have a way better selection there.

In other news, I have tried the bareMinerals matte foundation that I got from Sephora! I... am not sure how I feel about it. I'm used to creme foundation, which covers everything, because of my scars and hyper-pigmentation. But this stuff works... strangely well for a powder. I suspect I'll have to get used to it. It really does feel like there's nothing there at all, but I had to use a lot of it over my trouble areas. At least there's a good amount in the sample, so I'll use it instead of my normal foundation until it runs out.

And I'll see if I start breaking out or itching because of it too. Dumb sensitive skin. :/
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It is soooooooo hot now. I know I was bitching before because it was cold, but things were pretty pleasant for two months, but now it is A BLISTERING HEAT WAY. 100+ degree temperatures. My parents finally caved and turned on the air conditioning yesterday, and the air conditioner ran pretty much non-stop for 12 hours to cool the house down. But now the house is regulated and the air conditioner now automatically turns off again! At least, until the afternoon, when it blasts for hours. XP

Also, to get away from the heat, I went out shopping yesterday. XD;; Nothing like spending the hottest part of the day in an air conditioned mall. I mostly just wandered around, though I did buy cheesy bacon fries to nosh on. Also, I had a coupon to GameStop for 20% used DS games, so I wandered in, hoping to find something good. And I did! I found a copy of Meteos for only $9.99, so the discount dropped it to like, $7-something. I'm so happy because Meteos is a puzzle game that I've been interested in, but it's out-of-stock/no-longer-printed, so I thought I'd have to pay alot for it. Lucky for me!

Saw a cute dress in a store for only $10 (on sale, I love sales) but didn't buy it because I needed a second opinion, and Aoi wasn't there with me. :/ She's my shopping buddy.

As for tips and bargains (since I always tend to know these things), here we go:

-- Sephora is currently giving away free samples of bareMinerals matte foundation, and a baby kabuki brush. It's absolutely free if you go to the stores and ask. I need to go back and get that, since I didn't know until after I got home and checked my email. Also, sign up for the Sephora Beauty Rewards club if you like their stores/products. Not only do you get special deals and sales, they give you a gift on your birthday. :3

-- Join the Godiva Rewards Club, too. I did! Just for signing up, you get a free piece of chocolate (including truffles!). And every month you spend at least $10, you get a free piece of chocolate. It's a good deal for me, because me and Aoi are shopping buddies and we usually split one of their Chocolixir drinks, which is $4.95, at least twice a month. So I will be getting my free delicious chocolate pretty regularly. *^^*

-- Este Lauder in Macy's will be having a special event around the 28th of July. They'll be giving out free samples of products and stuff. I don't know if you have to be on the list or something. I put my name down because I walked through Macy's heading for the shoe section, and the saleslady snagged me. I didn't want to buy the product I tested (though I'm interested) because I tend to have sensitive skin and certain things make my face go even more horrible than it already is. When I asked if she had any samples, she told me about the event.

Hmm... in other shopping news, I bought a cute wristlet from WalMart, of all places. I've been looking for one forever that matches my red shoes, and this was pretty close! Only $5 (on sale) too! And I didn't even spend money because I have a gift card. 8D! My mom saw it and said she wants one too, so I'll have to go back later this week.
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I actually went shopping today and bought things. Things like clothes. ♥ Okay, actually, I needed a dress for one of my dad's Trecenian events. It's next Sunday and in the afternoon, and all my dressy clothes are... evening wear and super-formal. x__X;;

So I went shopping (with the parental units), and picked up 3 dresses: one for the event, one casual/everyday, and then a nice black dress because for some reason I DO NOT OWN A BLACK DRESS. Yeah, shocker. I also got two pairs of shoes, one to go with my event dress (red leather heels!), and another pair that's gray suede but can be dressy or worn with jeans. The gray ones I would've gotten in red, too, but they didn't have my size.

Plus, everything was ON SALE. Like, 50% or more off. And for my mom's dress, she was able to get another 10% off because there was tearing around the zipper, and it was the last dress of that type left.

There was another supercute dress that I wanted, but they only had a size 4, which I could wear. But I wouldn't be able to breathe, eat, or move in it. I really wanted it though, as it was also one sale. ;__;

An then In 'N Out for lunch. Yum yum.

Okay enough babble. I need a shower.
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I am obligated to say this:

Fuck you, Lakers. Fuck you.

In happier news, Tilly's is having a massive sale, up to 70% off. I just got the clothes I ordered from them, and I am pleasantly surprised! I was worried the clothes would be cheap or something, but they're pretty fab~ ♥ Plus, only $5 for shipping, or free shipping for orders over $50.

Though, watch the sizes. The top I ordered is a Medium, and the cropped pants are a size 9 (they both fit quite nicely, not too tight). If you've seen pictures of me, estimate accordingly. Though, they also do pretty easy returns as well.
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Just a little news/geekery roundup, since apparently, I am a news source. XD;;

-- Don't forget to get your legit Deoxys from GameStop. It's happening this weekend and next, all you addicted Pokemon fans.
-- Toys R Us will have its annual Buy Two Get One Free Sale for Nintendo DS games next week. This is a good way to build up your game library if you've been waiting... but sucky because all the new games are coming out in like, July. LOL.
-- The Spore Creature Creator comes out today, for all you guys who like to create your own creatures and such. There's a trial demo version that's absolutely free and has about 25% of the full version's stuff, so you can have fun messing around with that.

And on a personal note, I have spent most of my giftcard already. ^^;; I bought:

-- Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Of course I did. :P
-- Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Official Strategy Guide. So I could get the free shipping. Strangely enough, this hit my doorstep today but the game is still in transit.
-- A new cute top, since I wanted to buy clothes.
-- A pair of denim crops, to go with the top. >_>;;
-- A wing charm necklace, to round out my order. I think it's pretty.
-- And I think I still have like... $4 left on the giftcard. XD;; Maybe I'll buy a smoothie. GAMES, CLOTHES, AND FOOD. I DID IT AAAAAAAAAAALLL.
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Randomly stopped by the Fresh and Easy market to see what they were all about because it's next door to the Longs Drugs. It's a nice enough place, but while I was browsing the bakery section, a lady randomly walked past me, paused and said: "I really like your haircut!"

I said thank you.

#^^# It made me feel all happy.

And then I went to KFC to buy delicious, artery-clogging chicken, because I have a craving. Lunch time~!

... so

May. 23rd, 2008 05:57 pm
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I've been meaning to write a bunch of posts on different things, RL, Prince Caspian, Trickster, and The World Ends With You, but I've been lazy and unmotivated.

... in other news, I got a haircut today, and caramel highlights. Are pictures needed?
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This proves that God does not exist.

On the converse, it may prove that God exists but has a horrible sense of humor.

*goes to a corner to weep*


This might be better. Or worse. Or something horrible.
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*glares at the tube of Veet by the sink*

... into the breech I go.




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... I very much enjoy lazy Sundays. It's nice to sleep in and pretty much do nothing all day. Especially when breakfast is a Cinnabon and lunch is fried chicken and potato wedges. ♥ I've had the "Naruto Hundo" on TV for background noise this evening. Hehehehe... we're at the part where the Sannin fight, and now they're heading back to Konoha. Oh, and I took a nice leisurely shower. Yay.

I bought this nice body balm stuff from a Bath&Body Works store while in Vegas (everything was 75% off, so the $25+ jar was only like... $4). It smells like oranges and spice and I really love it. It's... not exactly lotion or body butter, but a "balm". It sorta looks like petroleum jelly in the jar, and has sorta the same texture. I was worried because it seemed like it would be totally greasy, but it's not. It smoothes on and sinks into your skin, and is very very wonderful. ♥ I wash my hands alot, but this stuff is helping them stay smooth and not dry out much better than lotion. I approve!

Also managed to get on Trickster a bit, and finished the last rounds of monster quests for the Fiesta Event. Hahaha... gained another TMlevel because of the TMexp it gives. And since Moff managed to vend off most of my stuff (except the Rose Gun and Custom Metal Gun), I have now hit the 2million mark. :D! Sohappy. Have now gone back to Pyramid Dungeon to drill up those damn Canopic Jars. x___X;; I just need 4 more of the one I'm missing, and I'd be able to finish that quest 10 times! That's where the good quest rewards end. On the hunt for more World Certificates, too, so that I can get more of the World Balloon pet. Hopefully they fix it during the patch, so that it's tradeable. Then I can rake in the cash. $____$

Have set out my suit to wear for tomorrow. And I have my resumes and stuff. All I need to do is transfer my wallet and such to my "Big Girl Bag" (v. professional looking) from my normal tote bag, and I'll be ready. Bleh. I don't have high hopes for tomorrow (but I'm hopeful about the job fair in September), but I'm still gonna give it my best. I really really need to get some sort of employment soon. x___X I need to check up on the City of Los Angeles job, too. That sounded interesting (sorta), and I wouldn't mind working for the City. I think I'll treat myself to Starbuck's tomorrow morning, and figure out what to do for lunch once I'm done with the job fair.

I think I might poke around for dinner and see if there's fried chicken left.
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*not with its head cut off, thankfully*


Obviously, this means I will be very scarce on LJ all weekend, probably until Monday. Not only is JRock Revo Friday and Saturday nights, but on Sunday I'm going to one of my dad's Trecenian meetings in San Diego (I bargained and so I get to go to the concert if I don't duck out of the meeting like I usually do). I wish I could get the TextLJ thingy to work on my cellphone, because then I could pump out stupid little posts like: 'IM THE OLDEST PERSON HERE OMG' and 'LONG LINE IZ LONG'.

I'm currently putting everything I'm considering wearing in a pile to make sure things match and such. >_>;; I'm gonna have to shave my legs high with that skirt I'm gonna be wearing. Apparently no cameras will be allowed in the Wiltern, but I'm still bringing mine to take pictures of the people in line and such.

And Aoi-chan refuses to be my human shield. I'll convince her later.
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So, bumming around at home, doing last minute chores and such. Yay clean laundry and clean bathroom. I don't want my parents to get on my case and be all: "blah blah blah you went to the concert but didn't clean up". >:F Now they have nothing to complain about.

Still no period. It is officially not allowed to come until Monday. e____e;; I can hope for the best, at the very least. I have tons of Midol and Super Plus tampons if worse comes to worse. And I am quite glad that the twingey feeling in my shoulder mostly went away by the time I woke up this morning. It still makes me go 'ow' mildly if I bend my neck too far, so I just might slap another Icy Hot patch on my shoulder later if it gets worse or something.

... they really do feel cold, then hot. It was a novel experience.

Now I get to root through my closet and dresser drawers looking for clothing to completely figure out what I'm wearing on Friday and Saturday. I know the basics, but I need to make sure stuff matches and/or fits. And [ profile] aoi is coming over tomorrow to spend the night(s) for convenience and because her dad probably wouldn't let her walk out of the house in the skirt she plans on wearing. XD

Also, all the little teenybopper, 'hardcore' JRock fans make me sad. They tried lining up on MOnday and Tuesday, and the Wiltern people and the LAPD told them to go away. There's even a sign saying no lining up until 6am the day of the concert. I'm so glad we have Mezzanine seats for the first night. Honestly, the reactions and weemo outrage on the [ profile] jrock_revo comm kinda makes me glad I am no longer a teenager.

... even if I WAS a teenager, I wouldn't sit 4 days out on the sidewalk for a chance at the pit. I'll be happy just getting in and not being blocked by a tall person. Or, you know, punched in the face.
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Hahaha. I went out shopping again today. ^____^

cut because I'm sure no one wants to hear my babble on shopping )

I'm pretty sure that I'm babbling now, and I'm getting tired.

Goodnight, LJ-Land.

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This is what I looked like last night. >_>;;

If my glasses aren't on, I can't see, so I'm usually squinting at the camera. Plus, I have a tendency to blink, which makes me look dumb in photos alot of the time. Also, I may have been drinking AMFs with my cousin last night. So.

cut because you don't REALLY wanna see pics, do you? )
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Awake! Since... let's say a little before 9AM, even though I didn't actually drag myself out of bed until 9. XD;; I have showered (yay) and practically drained the hot water heater because it's cold this morning. ;___; Noooooes... no rain! No cold! Will freeze to death!

Hair salon appointment was at 10AM, hence the waking up and showering early. Me and mom went, and now my hair is all pinned up and shellacked from here to Tuesday. No lies, the stylist used a TON of hairspray to get my hair up and curled, and like a whole box of hairpins, and then ANOTHER type of hairspray that was stronger. She said my hair would stay today, tonight, tomorrow... XP Well, that's reassuring, since my hair really doesn't like to have anything done to it. And it only took an hour! I totally thought we'd be there until Noon.

But now I have pretty much an hour to kill, and I have to remember not to touch my hair overmuch, or lean my head back. I shall be spending this hour on the internet having lunch (yay food), and folding some laundry (since we're gonna have people at the house AGAIN), and then I'll repaint my nails (have stripped off the bland polish and will put on something metallic and shiny yay shiny). I've found the coat that I'm going to wear, too. Unless I change my mind. Which is possible.

And then, the torments of getting made-up, and dressed, and add the accessories and the shoes I'm going to kill myself in. Must also remember to check the batteries in my camera, and put the big memory stick in. Yes, pictures will be taken. And if your number is in my cellphone, you may be getting drunken text messages and/or calls. There's gonna be an open bar. ♥



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