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In a continuation of my birthday joy, I went out yesterday (before my coughing and voice issues got really bad) and redeemed my free birthday coupons for stuff. It was a pretty good haul, and I'm so glad that I'm a member of those rewards clubs at my favorite stores. I walked away with:

-- two free pieces of Godiva chocolate (both truffles)
-- 3 tablets of Godiva milk chocolate (on sale and with a 10% birthday discount)
-- an eye-centered trio from Sephora (eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara)
-- Cookie Doughn't You Want Some ice cream from Coldstone
-- a cute purse and trio of Victoria's Secret body products (Love Spell lotion, body wash, and body mist); not free, but I used a $10 giftcard to buy it, so it cut the price in half, which is awesome because just the lotion is $10

The only thing I couldn't find was a GameStop with a used version of Shin Megumi Tensei: Devil Survivor, so that I could just get the instruction booklet. I like collecting things like that, and I sort of want the instructions and tips, because I sort of have no idea what I'm doing in the game, even if it's hella fun.

Unfortunately, halfway through my shopping joy, I started coughing harder. =___=;; It's pretty bad now. I hate unproductive (a.k.a. non-phlem producing) coughs. Dry coughs just hurts my throat and chest and I know that mucus is lingering somewhere.

My voice is pretty much bullfrog-like. I'm going between losing my voice completely and being able to talk, but I sound horrible.

Damn you allergy season. Damn you.
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Tomorrow is one of the most dreaded days on the calendar, at least for Americans. XP

To make things a little better, here's a list of free stuff you can get tomorrow. Well, the first part of the list is the free stuff, the second part is things discounted and such. It's all good.

I might hit up the Cinnabon tomorrow. >_>;;
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Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday~! ♥ ♥ ♥

I had a great time on my birthday. I finally decided to go to San Diego (with Aoi, K-chan, Pet and my parents), specifically Seaport Village. I always loved going there when I was little, and I haven't been back in... 10 years practically. It's still a fabulous place to spend the day. ♥ The Busker Festival was on my birthday, too, so there were a bunch of street performers everywhere, doing their acts. So it was free entertainment!

Oh, Bob. It was worth it just for his act. XD;; I laughed so hard during his performance.

There's so many cute shops and things, and it's right on the ocean, and the weather was fabulous, so I was happy. There was a beautiful view to Coranado, and people were sailing their boats in the harbor. :3 Oh, and I dressed up (there's pictures forthcoming) so all in all it was a very win day.

Also managed to find a new pretty-smelling-things obsession at one of the shops called Bath Junkie. They customize and hand-make a whole bunch of bath/beauty products for you, like scrubs, lotions, soaps, etc. It's so awesome. I bought myself one bottle of their Body Dessert lotion/moisturizer stuff; and I customized it to smell like Asian Rain/China Blossom, and it is purple. I really wanted to get their exfoliating scrub stuff, but that might have to wait for another day.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with my friends and family (even if Pet was loud and wanted to watch a guy bash his head on the rocks). ♥

And, of course, THE LOOT:

-- Shin Megumi Tensei Devil Survivor (for the DS)
-- a box of Krispy Kremes
-- Earthly Delights, by the lady who wrote The Other Boleyn Girl
-- a bottle of Velvet Tuberose lotion
-- Body Dessert lotion (a present to myself~)
-- Cream & Cookies ice cream in a waffle cone from Ben & Jerry's

Haven't seen my closer relatives yet, so I don't know if I'll be getting presents from them. Maybe I should shake them down. :P
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Man, am I SO glad that I had an appointment at the DMV. I don't know why more people don't use the appointment system. It's so much easier and faster. By the time I got to the DMV yesterday, the line was all the way around the building, and I had to circle the parking lot three times to find parking. I finally ended up parking in the neighboring building's lot, and just walking across the parking lot to the DMV.

I didn't even bother getting into the HUEG (typo intentional) line either. I just walked right into the building (probably getting lots of dirty looks but whatever), and found the window with a sign above it that said 'APPOINTMENTS ONLY'. No line there. Imagine that.

I showed her my confirmation, then got my ticket with a number on it, and was allowed to wait until I was called. That still took over an hour of waiting, but I amused myself by playing a silly game on my phone (didn't bring my DS). I even managed to get a seat instead of having to stand (the chair was surprisingly comfy, especially since I was sort of crampy).

After my number was called, it literally only took like less than 10 minutes for me to get my driver's license renewed, change my weight (gained 5 pounds since I was 16), take the vision test, pay for the renewal, sign at the 'X' multiple times, AND get my picture taken and my thumbprint scanned. I'd say the whole process took about 5 minutes, not including me having to walk across the building to the eye testing chart, and to the photo-taking area (the lady had to take my picture twice since it didn't save the first time, and my fingerprints are faint so it took awhile to scan).

Then I was out of there!

So, yes, very glad I made that appointment, because I would've been pissed if I stood outside all day, for something that only took 5 minutes to do.

Afterward, I went to the mall (specifically the Godiva store) to make up a small Easter basket for the family. It's very cute! There's a milk chocolate bunny, a package of chocolate eggs (of various flavors), and a package of 8 white chocolate chicks. I got that box especially for my mom, though I'm sure I'll be able to eat half one or two. They're delicious, since I had one as a free sample a couple weeks ago. I would have bought more chocolate, but decided to wait, as it will all be half price on Monday. X3;; That's when I'll get myself a whole flat of Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Now, I will commence to let myself bleed out and hope it ends by Sunday.
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The high point of the day:

I did enough surveys for eRewards, and now I've redeemed my points for another $25 giftcard at GameStop. :3 I think I'll sit on this one for awhile, since there's no new games that I'm really interested in getting.

The low point of the day:

The fact that it's cold and overcast still, and will probably rain again. :/ I'm sick of this weather, even though it's good for, you know, not having everything catch on fire or having droughts and stuff.
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Best Buy now has purple Sony Vaio laptops for sale.



T________T Wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
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Torrential rain? Check.
High winds? Check.
Booming thunder? Check.
Lightning that makes the electronics in the house flicker? Check.
Tornado warnings? Check.
Snow and/or hail in MoVal? Check.
Bitter cold? Check.

It's official, I'm in a miserable mood because of the weather. I can't wait until this weather stops. I might even have to go shopping -- and actually buy things -- to boost my mood up.
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I hope everyone had a rockin' New Year's Eve, and an enjoyable New Year's Day. ♥ I suppose this is where I do the holiday rundown thing, since I haven't done one yet. Been waiting for all my presents first. X3!

cut for babbliness )
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There are some days when you just want to chuck a katana at a DON helicopter. That was me yesterday. I'm glad today is my day off and I am feeling very much less rage-y. I was able to sleep in (yay), had an apple turnover for breakfast (yay), and just had lunch (yay). Internet is being slow (boo), but after messing around a bit online, I'll get to organizing/wrapping some of the presents I bought for Christmas (yay).

Unfortunately, some of the gifts are oddly-shaped and don't have boxes. D: I'll do my best. And then, once dad gets home, I will consider putting the light-up reindeer and the big inflatable snowglobe in the front yard. We have lights and the tree up already, but the rain had put our other decorations on hold. But it's not raining now (yay).

I feel babbly.


Sep. 6th, 2009 04:43 pm
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Started my period late Friday night (like when I was going to bed), which was horrifically bad timing since we had family visiting this weekend. Almost everyone from SF came down because they were going to a wedding in the area, so they all crashed our house for a visit. Somanypeopleomg.

So I was on my first day, which isn't as horrifically bad bleeding-wise as my second and third days, but still very much with the needing of super plus size. x___X;; And then I was coerced into driving the kids (all my younger cousins) to the mall, because some of the girls needed dresses for the wedding still. Plus, they just wanted to get out of the house and away from their parents. There were 7 of them, ranging from the oldest (21) to the youngest (10), and mostly in the annoying high schooler stage. The youngest didn't go to the mall with us, so we all fit in our SUV. Whoo.


And it was really weird because they were all on their cellphones all the fucking time. Like, they should have had their phones surgically attached to their hands. They were always twittering or texting or doing God-knows-what, so I was surrounded by little electric chirping noises and beeping the whole time.

It is only by the grace of God and Advil that I survived. And the milk chocolate caramel chocolixir from Godiva.

After we got back from the mall, most of my relatives left, since they were staying in hotels closer to the wedding. Only my Kuya Charlie's family stayed with us at our house overnight, so it was five extra (Kuya Charlie, Ate Nene, and their 3 girls). Thank god we had rooms enough for everyone to have a bed, though two of the girls shared one.

They finally left this morning, and I went back to bed at like, 10:30am after having been awakened at 8am by my ovaries. Actually, had been awakened by then no less than three times (2am, 5am, 8am) because of girly issues, so I slept pretty badly. Slept until 1pm, and woke up in time to watch the new episode of What Would Brian Boitano Make. Have been floppy and curled up not moving since then.

I love my family, but I'm really glad they're gone.
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I can handle not getting the Dissidia Trading Arts (omgCloudandSquall) but I absolutely MUST HAVE the Kingdom Hearts Avatar Static Arts. Hopefully they have more than just Sora. Or, at the very least, those KH Avatar Mascot Straps. OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE. SOCUTE. ♥ ♥

Even the stuffed monster keychains are cute! I think I'd want either a chocobo or moogle... but mostly I want those mascot straps. MUST HAVE.

Hopefully Squeenix won't rape us out the ass for them. ;____;

Wait, what am I talking about? This is Squeenix.
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Man, there is just so much stuff that's been happening that I know I should write a post about, but I've been too lazy. OTL Clearly, I fail at life. Maybe I'll do a list... or bullet points. I seem to think in a bullet point kind of way.

But I just had one of the busiest long weekends of my life, I think. ♥ [ profile] luscious_sarah came to visit, and there was much dorkery and Disneyland with her, [ profile] sukino, [ profile] aoi, and even a bit with [ profile] chibi_faolan.

I guess a quick rundown would go like this:

-- In 'N Out
-- Disneyland
-- Huntington Gardens and Library
-- Little Tokyo
-- Third Street Promenade
-- Santa Monica Pier

♥ ♥ ♥

And before that there was:

-- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
-- Watchmen on Blue-Ray (x2!)
-- Shopping and buying cute dresses
-- free chocolate from Godiva

Very much fun, but now I think I shall be a hermit until Halloween because of the overload. XD;; Then again, I tend to do things in spurts like that.

Also, I am endlessly jealous of everyone who has Dissidia and is playing it right now.

*shakes fist at*
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So, last night I came upon the marvelous discovery that Sony has made a purple Vaio. It practically screams that it was made for me. T_T ♥ Unfortunately, it's part of their Signature Series,which means a bump up in price, but it's like $899, so that's not too bad, especially with all the features and beautiful color it has.

Then today, I found out that Sony has dropped official info on their new Sony Vaio W Series netbooks. Yes. An official netbook from Sony, not the overpriced (but so tiny and beautiful damn why don't you have a touchpad) Vaio P Series. The netbook drops in August and will run about $500. Pricey for a netbook, but you have to remember the Sony tax.

It's like Sony wants to kill me. :/

Now, I will add this caveat: Yes, I know there are cheaper laptops and netbooks out there. I am quite well-aware of the fact that I'm paying a premium just to have Sony Vaio stamped over my stuff. But I don't care. I paid somewhere around $1500 for my Shukaku, my beloved Sony Vaio laptop. And he has been alive and kicking for nearly five years.

Let me repeat that.

I have been using the same laptop for almost five years. That is five years of me doing EVERYTHING from word processing, to internet, to downloading, to watching movies, to chatting, to fuckimg MMORPG, on my laptop. This is nearly five years of Shukaku being turned on nearly every single day for 12 hours. Five years for $1500 os a very good investment for me. Everyone who knows me knows that I would destroy practically any lesser laptop in a year.

And previous to this, I also had a Sony Vaio laptop that ran for 4 years (took me through the end of undergrad and beginning of law school). Previous to that I had a Compaq laptop that barely made it two years, and for nearly the same price -- as laptops were kind of new then -- and is the reason I will never buy Compaq again.

So, am I Sony's bitch?

Yes, yes I am. And I'm quite glad of it.

I still want that purple laptop.
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No contacts today. :/ My dad had an appointment for the eye doctor, and I had to go with him because they might dilate his eyes, so I would have to drive back. And I'm not comfortable driving with my contacts, though I can. It's just weird since I'm not used to seeing with my contacts in, blah blah blah.

Anyway, he ended up not getting dilated, but I managed to play a lot of Meteos while I was in the waiting room (which was quite pleasant as it was like a boutique eye store). He also got a new prescription, but not new glasses, since his insurance only covered the exam and not the glasses (which he thought it did). This weekend, we're gonna be going to Lens Crafters to see if they have more reasonable frames (the ones he chose were $350+), and he needs to get his lenses to be polycarbonate or better or he'd end up with the Coke-bottle-lenses.

Plus, we have two gift certificates for Lens Crafters, and they have a way better selection there.

In other news, I have tried the bareMinerals matte foundation that I got from Sephora! I... am not sure how I feel about it. I'm used to creme foundation, which covers everything, because of my scars and hyper-pigmentation. But this stuff works... strangely well for a powder. I suspect I'll have to get used to it. It really does feel like there's nothing there at all, but I had to use a lot of it over my trouble areas. At least there's a good amount in the sample, so I'll use it instead of my normal foundation until it runs out.

And I'll see if I start breaking out or itching because of it too. Dumb sensitive skin. :/
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It is soooooooo hot now. I know I was bitching before because it was cold, but things were pretty pleasant for two months, but now it is A BLISTERING HEAT WAY. 100+ degree temperatures. My parents finally caved and turned on the air conditioning yesterday, and the air conditioner ran pretty much non-stop for 12 hours to cool the house down. But now the house is regulated and the air conditioner now automatically turns off again! At least, until the afternoon, when it blasts for hours. XP

Also, to get away from the heat, I went out shopping yesterday. XD;; Nothing like spending the hottest part of the day in an air conditioned mall. I mostly just wandered around, though I did buy cheesy bacon fries to nosh on. Also, I had a coupon to GameStop for 20% used DS games, so I wandered in, hoping to find something good. And I did! I found a copy of Meteos for only $9.99, so the discount dropped it to like, $7-something. I'm so happy because Meteos is a puzzle game that I've been interested in, but it's out-of-stock/no-longer-printed, so I thought I'd have to pay alot for it. Lucky for me!

Saw a cute dress in a store for only $10 (on sale, I love sales) but didn't buy it because I needed a second opinion, and Aoi wasn't there with me. :/ She's my shopping buddy.

As for tips and bargains (since I always tend to know these things), here we go:

-- Sephora is currently giving away free samples of bareMinerals matte foundation, and a baby kabuki brush. It's absolutely free if you go to the stores and ask. I need to go back and get that, since I didn't know until after I got home and checked my email. Also, sign up for the Sephora Beauty Rewards club if you like their stores/products. Not only do you get special deals and sales, they give you a gift on your birthday. :3

-- Join the Godiva Rewards Club, too. I did! Just for signing up, you get a free piece of chocolate (including truffles!). And every month you spend at least $10, you get a free piece of chocolate. It's a good deal for me, because me and Aoi are shopping buddies and we usually split one of their Chocolixir drinks, which is $4.95, at least twice a month. So I will be getting my free delicious chocolate pretty regularly. *^^*

-- Este Lauder in Macy's will be having a special event around the 28th of July. They'll be giving out free samples of products and stuff. I don't know if you have to be on the list or something. I put my name down because I walked through Macy's heading for the shoe section, and the saleslady snagged me. I didn't want to buy the product I tested (though I'm interested) because I tend to have sensitive skin and certain things make my face go even more horrible than it already is. When I asked if she had any samples, she told me about the event.

Hmm... in other shopping news, I bought a cute wristlet from WalMart, of all places. I've been looking for one forever that matches my red shoes, and this was pretty close! Only $5 (on sale) too! And I didn't even spend money because I have a gift card. 8D! My mom saw it and said she wants one too, so I'll have to go back later this week.
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Let's keep track:

+ I have Advent Children Complete!
- Had to go to two different Targets on opposite sides of the city for it.
+ Got it for only $7, instead of $30.
- Started my period.
+ Bought lots of tasty McDonald's to chow down on.
+ Didn't have to use my own money for it.
+ Got two free collectible glasses!
- Cramping.
+ Showered!
- Ran out of nice smelling lotion.
+ Spent time with [personal profile] aoi (since she drove me around today).
- Still bleeding.
+ Still have more chicken nuggets and french fries to eat later!

... yes, I think I'm reasonably ahead for the day. :D!
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I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day weekend. ^^ Mine went reasonably well, considering that I cooked dinner, and my mom actually liked the present I gave her (which was inexpensive! score!). For those who are nosy and like to know, here was my menu:

~ Baked Spiral Sliced Ham (with honey glaze)
~ Cornbread stuffing
~ Steamed baby potato and vegetable blend
~ Apple pie with Cinnabon frosting

Not too adventurous, but it was only the three of us since my Aunt and her family were elsewhere and didn't spend the day at our house.

On another note, I went out shopping (or rather, looking) with Aoi on Saturday, during one of our regular 'stop being a hermit' outings. At the mall, we saw a woman who was dressed rather inappropriately. Just from the way she was dressed, I knew two things upon seeing her:

1) She wasn't wearing panties


2) She waxed her nether regions.

How did I know this?

Her pants were that damn low.

I swear, as she walked by, it was like a car crash. Me and Aoi both wondered if her pants were just going to drop straight off. It was horrible in a traumatizing way. Do people just not look in mirrors anymore? DON'T YOU FEEL A DRAFT?!

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So because Shukaku (my beloved laptop) rather old (4+ years) and making grindy noises of DOOM -- I have a tendency of frying the motherboard of every laptop I've ever owned -- I got myself one of the nifty portable hard drives to back everything up on. It's 320GB and supercute and I got it for practically free. ♥

See, because Circuit City is going out of business, you can't use the Circuit City credit card anymore. However, my mom's card had a TON of reward points on it. So we were able to redeem those points and I used the gift certificates to get my harddrive. ^^ Mom wanted a camera, but there were like, no good ones left when we went. XD! Lucky for me.

Anyway I have decided to do my backup tonight -- 26.2GB of files! -- so Shukaku and the new harddrive (I haven't named it yet, though it might be Gaara, since it is red) are currently grinding away with the backup. But now Shukaku is running hot (which... isn't all that unusual these days =__=) and I'm sort of afraid of running too much at once (poor lack of RAM) and making him crash. That and the dial-up is being crap about me being on AIM for some reason and won't connect. Grrr.

In other news, I have managed to finish playing Ninjatown, which is AWESOME if you like tower defense-type games. It's soooooooooo cute. And hard. D: I'm currently replaying the levels I got bad rankings on (you can rank A through E). There is seriously one level I've played over 20 times, and I still can't get better than a C-rank. ToT Maybe I'll write a review of the game if people are interested.

... what I love most is that the Anti Ninjas are orange. It made the Naruto fangirl in me squee in geeky joy. Anti Ninjas are stronger than the regular Wee Ninjas because they don't focus on being stealthy. LOL. But they are slow. Socute.

For Rune Factory 2, I have reached Spring of Year 2. I have decided to marry Dorothy. But I think I'll hang around to see the weddings of other couples first. I still need to collect stuff for moving onto the second generation anyway.

That's enough babble for now, I think.
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Must you make me hump your leg even more, Sony?

T_T ♥

It's so beautiful. And so small. Okay, no touchpad is kind of sucky since I'm used to it but LOOK HOW SMALL IT IS. Unfortunately, it's also $900, so for that price I'd rather have a slightly larger (and less expensive) Vaio laptop that has full functionality.

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It's been quiet on my end of the internets, but for good reason. I hope everyone had a happy Christmas~! ♥ And New Year's is here very soon. It's strange to have it in the middle of the week. @_@

Anyway, what I got for Christmas consists of:

-- a cold
-- my period
-- a summons for Jury Duty starting January 5th


Well, those were the bad things. Family has been popping by the house a lot so things have been busy (with me snotting everywhere and curled up in pain). Planning on going out for New Year's Eve with my cousin and her boyfriend, so hopefully I won't be sick (or crampy) by then.

As for real gifts, I had a small haul this year, but I didn't expect much anyway. Thank you to everyone who sent me cards! ♥ ♥ And especially thank you to the ones WHO SENT ME CANDY. I omnomed through the chocolates with a vengeance. Rawr.

Other gifts are as follows:

-- Harajuku Lovers perfume
-- a G-PAK game case for my DS and games
-- a warm scarf
-- giftcard to Target
-- box of cookies&cream chocolate clusters
-- Rune Factory 2
-- gingersnap cookies
-- Sora and Ri plushie ornament heads
-- a plush sperm (technically Ri's present)

No present from my parents, even though I got them each one. And an anniversary gift. >_>;; Not that I'm surprised.

Well, there's the update. I need to blow my nose again. >_O
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My Wish List

Has some strange things on it, but eh. I just wish I wasn't stuck on the dial-up, because then I could surf around and add more things.


I do not expect anyone to actually buy me a Vespa. TY for bringing that to my attention, Pet.


Pet called me to yell at me because the first thing she saw on my wishlist was a Vespa. THAT I REALLY DON'T EXPECT ANYONE TO BUY FOR ME.


I really mean it. Don't buy me a Vespa. There's things on my wishlist I'd like but don't really expect to receive. LIKE A VESPA.
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Someone tell me what day it is.

Because I just saw a bunch of people camped out in front of Best Buy. They had a tent-thing and camper chairs. Yeah, it seemed like a bunch of teenagers/college students, but there were two older guys in the line behind them with their own chairs, and they weren't with the teen group.


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Cheap Ass Gamer has a list of Black Friday Deals for 2008 out.

Now you can check this list and see if there's anything that catches your eye. And maybe anything that will make you wait outside in the cold for 2 hours for, full of good Thanksgiving dinner and wanting to sleep but you CAN'T because you'll lose your place in line.


Seriously, my Aunt practically left dinner right away because the Cabazon Factory Outlet stores opened up at midnight for Black Friday shopping. D: I was in a food coma and thus wallowed at home.

Oh, and for everyone else on my flist not particularly interesting in gaming geekery, here, have ALL THE OTHER BLACK FRIDAY SALES.
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Courtesy of [ profile] ontd_political...

In partnership with the Dress for Success nonprofit organization, here is a 30% off coupon for The Gap Inc.'s stores (that means The Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic). You're allowed to pass the coupon around and use it as many times as you like.

In addition, 5% of your purchase will be donated to Dress for Success, which provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to low-income women in over 75 cities worldwide. The coupon is valid from November 13 (today) to November 16.

So you can shop, make things less expensive, and donate to a charity at the same time.

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Yesterday ended up being a good day.

Even through I was dragged out of bed at 7:30am for church (when I'd only gotten to bed at the new 2am which felt like 3am) -- wherein the priest gave us a politics homily and read off how the Bishops wanted us to vote about three of the Propositions (I only agreed with one of them) -- I was able to take a bit of a nap after we got back home. And watch MythBusters. Whoo.

Then I went out with [ profile] aoi and Pet and we met up at Ontario Mills as usual. Mostly dinner and window-shopping, though there was much browsing of clothes and shoes and video games. It was fun. ♥ And I bought myself a box of Krispy Kremes. After that, Aoi and I swung by [ profile] chibi_faolan's mom's house, since we found out K-chan was actually in Mo Val for a day BUT DIDN'T TELL US. She could've had dinner and hijinks as well. But we hung out and I was able to pet the cats, who did not attack me for once.

There was some politics discussion, which was inevitable considering the current climate. However, it reminded me to pimp this out, from [ profile] doortoriver. It's a very well-thought out and well-referenced post/essay from a conservative Christian who is voting for Obama. There's discussion of various points that have been hotly debated/smeared around during the campaign, and includes analysis of McCain and Palin as well. With sources.

Also, I hope [ profile] ontd_political keeps going, because I enjoy Shennanigans Friday for the macros.

Now I am going to omnom some Krispy Kremes and throw a load of laundry into the wash.

And it's freezing cold and this makes me an unhappy bunny.
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If you want a chance to get a free (!!) handbag, go here!

Their official launch is tomorrow, and to celebrate, they're giving away one free handbag every hour. 24 different handbags! I know there's some fashionistas on my flist, so this is a good chance for you to accessorize. Yes, I did sign up. And I picked a handbag that would be good for everyday, as I am sadly lacking in that department.
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I actually went shopping today and bought things. Things like clothes. ♥ Okay, actually, I needed a dress for one of my dad's Trecenian events. It's next Sunday and in the afternoon, and all my dressy clothes are... evening wear and super-formal. x__X;;

So I went shopping (with the parental units), and picked up 3 dresses: one for the event, one casual/everyday, and then a nice black dress because for some reason I DO NOT OWN A BLACK DRESS. Yeah, shocker. I also got two pairs of shoes, one to go with my event dress (red leather heels!), and another pair that's gray suede but can be dressy or worn with jeans. The gray ones I would've gotten in red, too, but they didn't have my size.

Plus, everything was ON SALE. Like, 50% or more off. And for my mom's dress, she was able to get another 10% off because there was tearing around the zipper, and it was the last dress of that type left.

There was another supercute dress that I wanted, but they only had a size 4, which I could wear. But I wouldn't be able to breathe, eat, or move in it. I really wanted it though, as it was also one sale. ;__;

An then In 'N Out for lunch. Yum yum.

Okay enough babble. I need a shower.
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In the absence of anything interesting to babble about (because my life is horrible monotony and dullness and emo currently), I give you Nintendo's list of release dates for Nintendo DS games. There's a bunch of interesting stuff there that I've already put on my wishlist of games to buy (when I have monies, of course).

In no particular order, the games I want to get my greedy little hands on are:

-- Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades (I KNEW they weren't going to waste the guitar grip and were going to release more GH games for DS!)
-- Shaun the Sheep (looks interesting since it's from the guy who made Wallace&Gromit, but I will wait for reviews/info first)
-- Puzzle Quest: Galatrix (who doesn't love playing Bejeweled?)
-- Spore Creatures (also interesting though I'll wait for more info/reviews first)
-- Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero (looks supercute, will wait)
-- Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (I like the original Rune Factory, and in this one you get options to play either a girl or boy, then it goes on to the next generation a.k.a. you play your kid)
-- Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat? (I like the idea of a portable cookbook, though I would wait to buy this one)
-- Big Bang Mini (looks like a fun puzzle-ish/arcade-ish game, and who doesn't like fireworks? Will wait first though)
-- Final Fantasy IV (DEFINITELY WILL WAIT FOR REVIEWS; I want to play this, but I heard the gameplay would be SUPER hard. T_T)
-- Away: Shuffle Dungeon (not announced yet since it's still in development, but it's a dungeon crawler with extras thrown in)
-- Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise (not announced/still in development, but I happen to like the God-game kind of things)

As you can see, there's a lot of games that I want but very few that I'd snatch up immediately. I prefer to wait and get more info and read reviews about a game... especially if it's going to be on the higher end of the price scale.

... and yes, I'm still shameless. Click my egg.

Adopt one today!


It grew up! Yay! Nao click mah hatchling plz~ ♥
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I am obligated to say this:

Fuck you, Lakers. Fuck you.

In happier news, Tilly's is having a massive sale, up to 70% off. I just got the clothes I ordered from them, and I am pleasantly surprised! I was worried the clothes would be cheap or something, but they're pretty fab~ ♥ Plus, only $5 for shipping, or free shipping for orders over $50.

Though, watch the sizes. The top I ordered is a Medium, and the cropped pants are a size 9 (they both fit quite nicely, not too tight). If you've seen pictures of me, estimate accordingly. Though, they also do pretty easy returns as well.
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Just a little news/geekery roundup, since apparently, I am a news source. XD;;

-- Don't forget to get your legit Deoxys from GameStop. It's happening this weekend and next, all you addicted Pokemon fans.
-- Toys R Us will have its annual Buy Two Get One Free Sale for Nintendo DS games next week. This is a good way to build up your game library if you've been waiting... but sucky because all the new games are coming out in like, July. LOL.
-- The Spore Creature Creator comes out today, for all you guys who like to create your own creatures and such. There's a trial demo version that's absolutely free and has about 25% of the full version's stuff, so you can have fun messing around with that.

And on a personal note, I have spent most of my giftcard already. ^^;; I bought:

-- Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Of course I did. :P
-- Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Official Strategy Guide. So I could get the free shipping. Strangely enough, this hit my doorstep today but the game is still in transit.
-- A new cute top, since I wanted to buy clothes.
-- A pair of denim crops, to go with the top. >_>;;
-- A wing charm necklace, to round out my order. I think it's pretty.
-- And I think I still have like... $4 left on the giftcard. XD;; Maybe I'll buy a smoothie. GAMES, CLOTHES, AND FOOD. I DID IT AAAAAAAAAAALLL.
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x___X There's a very loud baby sitting at the next table omg. *goes to put louder music on WinAmp instead of instrumental stuff, and turn the volume up*

Anyway, I've been meaning to write a sorta of catch-all post regarding everything that's been happening lately, so here it is. Because I'm bored, but not bored enough to study more, and I should do this while I still remember it.

holidays, Trickster, and general RL things, etc. )
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Finally finished my Xmas shopping!

Unless I completely forgot someone!

I'm early this year, as sometimes I go out the day before Xmas to finish up shopping. XP

Tomorrow is laundry, wrapping presents and futzing with the giant inflatable snowglobe that goes in the front yard.
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Do you guys wanna go to Victoria Gardens tomorrow, or just stick with Ontario Mills? The main difference seems to be that Victoria Gardens is like... an outside mall. I was only there once but it was pretty cool from what I saw.

I guess if the weather is nasty, we'll do Ontario? I'm good for either one.


Nov. 14th, 2007 03:23 pm
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Someone stop me from charging MyShop points just so I can get some more SE Anniversary Boxes and pets before they're removed with tonight's maintenance.



$5 = 1 Anniversary Box
$10 = 2 Anniversary Box or 1 Anniversary Box SE and 3 Gacha coins
$15 = 3 Anniversary Box or 2 Anniversary Box SE and 1 Gacha coin
$20 = 5 Anniversary Box or 2 Anniversary Box SE and 1 Anniversary Box and 1 Gacha coin

$20 is my limit since I don't have much in PayPal currently. >_> The Anniversay Box is $5. The SE Box is $7. Gacha is $1. I shouldn't even be considering this. GODDAMN YOU CUTE TRICKY PRINCESS PET. DAMN YOU AND YOUR HAXX STATS.

*runs away crying*
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*yawns and flops over*

Weather is pissing me off because the temperatures keep fluctuating and something is setting off my allergies, so my nose is kinda runny and my eyes are watery. x___X And having my ovaries screaming at me doesn't help. Didn't go to be until nearly 3am last night, mostly because I was reading fic I had saved on my comp, but also because I couldn't find a comfy position to lay down.

Managed to get on Trickster a bit to drill (have more 2nds for Moff to sell for me), but now I've put Makokun in Seabed Field 5 in Ghost Blue. I'm going to hunt Baby Pockets for comping MA from the Sea Dragons. Hahahaha. I can OHKO them and the Gentle Stings. I won't leave until I run out of pots and/or hit 99% WT. The only thing is that I have to stay away from the Leviathans, which are a lvl 209 monster. Luckily, they seem to only stay at the bottom of the map, so I can avoid them. I want to farm as many Baby Pockets as I can before they get rid of Ghost Blue. T___T

Oh, and on Sunday, I was dragged away to the casino by my parents. Kinda bleh and I was feeling cranky about it. Especially when the restaurants didn't have lunch on Sundays (they have brunch), so we had to wait until 4pm to eat. I was starved, but luckily a hot chocolate and apple danish from the coffee shop filled up my belly. Parents gave me some cash to gamble with, and I had a little pocket money of my own. I vowed to not blow all the cash and hang onto it as much as possible. But I ended up being lucky and even though I lost some money at the machines, I ended up ahead. *____* By... like, alot. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'll have to go to the bank to deposit it (so I don't spend it), but I'll keep a little as my own personal cash for doing things shopping with. If I can hold on to that lucky money, I can use it as Xmas present cash. ^^ But I'll probably end up paying off my bills with it instead. XP

Oh well, I'm not complaining. And at least I didn't press my luck after I broke even and got ahead. I tend to do that because I'm bored and/or curious about the games.
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Now in backwards chronological format! With 20% more lists and lazy bulletpoints!

because I've been meaning to babble and such )


Sep. 22nd, 2007 11:18 am
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1) It is raining. Rather hard at times.
2) I woke up with a stiff neck. Can't turn my head too far to the right.
3) Put on a Ben-Gay patch over my hurty area.



Oh yeah...

Sep. 21st, 2007 09:59 am
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Forgot to mention that my parents are going on a weekend trip with friends. They'll be leaving soon, which is why I have been forced awake at an ungodly hour. >_>;;

Thankfully, I don't have to go. Nor did I want to. They're going to Laughlin and the Grand Canyon, I think. Since their friends have never been there before. I get to stay at home. \o/ And maybe go shopping either today, or most likely, tomorrow. Estee Lauder at Macy's is having a free gift with purchase thing, and I want the gift. I have to buy foundation anyway. ♥ Yay free gifts.

But WTF. Why is it so cold suddenly? I kept shivering all night, and even now my feet are cold. XP I need socks.
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*demolishes half a bag of newly-bought T.G.I. Friday's Cheddar&Bacon Potato Skins Snack Chips*


*wolfs them down*


But if I die of a heart attack someday, we'll all know why. BUT THEY'RE SO GOOD.


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