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I'm finally getting LJ notif emails! From over a week ago. >_>;; Nice job, LJ! *thumbs up!*

In additional, and more personal fail, my mother doesn't know how old I am. And, after the initial shock wore off, I found that I was, surprisingly, not surprised. Looks like things aren't shaping up for a good birthday this year. Maybe I should just dig a hole to hide in.
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My mother thinks the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, a.k.a. Chessur, is sexy. Or, at least, his voice is sexy.

I have no idea how to respond to this.
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No contacts today. :/ My dad had an appointment for the eye doctor, and I had to go with him because they might dilate his eyes, so I would have to drive back. And I'm not comfortable driving with my contacts, though I can. It's just weird since I'm not used to seeing with my contacts in, blah blah blah.

Anyway, he ended up not getting dilated, but I managed to play a lot of Meteos while I was in the waiting room (which was quite pleasant as it was like a boutique eye store). He also got a new prescription, but not new glasses, since his insurance only covered the exam and not the glasses (which he thought it did). This weekend, we're gonna be going to Lens Crafters to see if they have more reasonable frames (the ones he chose were $350+), and he needs to get his lenses to be polycarbonate or better or he'd end up with the Coke-bottle-lenses.

Plus, we have two gift certificates for Lens Crafters, and they have a way better selection there.

In other news, I have tried the bareMinerals matte foundation that I got from Sephora! I... am not sure how I feel about it. I'm used to creme foundation, which covers everything, because of my scars and hyper-pigmentation. But this stuff works... strangely well for a powder. I suspect I'll have to get used to it. It really does feel like there's nothing there at all, but I had to use a lot of it over my trouble areas. At least there's a good amount in the sample, so I'll use it instead of my normal foundation until it runs out.

And I'll see if I start breaking out or itching because of it too. Dumb sensitive skin. :/


Feb. 6th, 2009 11:48 am
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I'm in such a bad and antisocial mood right now. And it's cold and raining. =___=;; I apologize in advance if I take it out on anyone or act cranky.
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Wow. Two earthquakes this morning, both of which woke me up from sleep. Actually, I slept kind of badly all night. Kept waking up and dreaming strange things, probably because last night I WATCHED SILENT HILL WITH MY MOM.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate scary movies and squeal like a little girl all the way through them. That's why I don't watch them. :/ But we were testing the new BlueRay player we have, and that was the movie we bought, and my mom loves scary movies and I had to appease her.

... it probably also didn't help that after the movie I went to wiki to refresh my memory on what happened in the games. I brought it upon myself.


Oh, and here are the two earthquakes I felt. The one at 9:40-ish that woke me up and got me out of bed (I didn't get out of bed because of the earthquake, I got up because it was time to get up and the earthquake was like an alarm |D;;). And here is the one that hit around 4am. It kinda scared me because it woke me up, and afterwards all the neighborhood dogs started barking really loud.

Point of interest! The city marked 'Riverside' on the maps is where I live. Or at least close enough. :/ They never put Moreno Valley on maps like this.

I can has!

Oct. 24th, 2008 10:26 pm
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I has cookies and TOE SOCKS and chocolates and A LINT ROLLER.

This makes up for having to deal with my parents and their political views today. ♥


Oct. 21st, 2008 03:44 pm
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Oh Jesus, the family drama gets worse and worse the more we find out. Though, I guess it's lucky that my dad is on THIS side of the Pacific ocean, or things might be worse.
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Having such a large (extended) family means so many opportunities for drama. =___=;; I almost wish I hadn't said anything this afternoon, but my parents probably would've found out about the gossip/situation anyway. Better to hear from our own family than another one (who, not-so-coincidentally was at the Trecenians part yesterday). The fallout from this better not hit the fan stateside.


Ahahaha... someone in the family might get murdered by the end of the month. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

No, that's not a cute turn of phrase.
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I actually went shopping today and bought things. Things like clothes. ♥ Okay, actually, I needed a dress for one of my dad's Trecenian events. It's next Sunday and in the afternoon, and all my dressy clothes are... evening wear and super-formal. x__X;;

So I went shopping (with the parental units), and picked up 3 dresses: one for the event, one casual/everyday, and then a nice black dress because for some reason I DO NOT OWN A BLACK DRESS. Yeah, shocker. I also got two pairs of shoes, one to go with my event dress (red leather heels!), and another pair that's gray suede but can be dressy or worn with jeans. The gray ones I would've gotten in red, too, but they didn't have my size.

Plus, everything was ON SALE. Like, 50% or more off. And for my mom's dress, she was able to get another 10% off because there was tearing around the zipper, and it was the last dress of that type left.

There was another supercute dress that I wanted, but they only had a size 4, which I could wear. But I wouldn't be able to breathe, eat, or move in it. I really wanted it though, as it was also one sale. ;__;

An then In 'N Out for lunch. Yum yum.

Okay enough babble. I need a shower.
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1. my mom has a cold. a bad one with coughing and stuff. but she's allergic to codeine and most medicines react with her blood pressure medicine so she usually just has to tough it out.

2. we have been watching the olympics together. for hours. next to each other on the couch.

3. woke up in the middle of the night last night when i couldn't breathe and my throat was all swollen.

4. woke up this morning with a drippy nose and the above, but no coughing (yet). throat hurts like a bitch.

5. called my mom, blamed her for my cold, and told her to buy soup and orange juice on the way home.

6. =___=;;

7. medicine and a nap now. even though i woke up like 2 hours ago.

Adopt one today!
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The weather is bad today. It was gloomy yesterday but it rained overnight and this morning, so today is very cold and dreary and windy. The sun just came out a bit ago once the wind really started picking up, but I doubt that will last long.

In other news, my dad has the flu, so he's been staying home. Ugh. Thankfully he hasn't been harping at me all day or anything. I've been trying to steer clear of him, but this morning I woke up with a bit of a tickle in my throat. It still hasn't gone away. DX I'm hoping it does, because I CANNOT be sick next week. I CAN'T. I WON'T ALLOW MYSELF TO BE.

I've gotten through my re-review of Wills, Trusts, and I'm halfway through Evidence. I'll hopefully be starting Crim Pro/Crim Law later this evening and tomorrow. Ugh. My brain feels like it's fried. But I will persevere.

I am craving Krispy Kreme donuts (original glazed) and In 'N Out burgers (plain hamburger) something awful. I don't know why.

I wanna take a nap. ;___; Nooooo have to keep going. Argh.


Jan. 25th, 2008 01:26 pm
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*whines and rubs lower back* Feeling all crampy and hurty and bleh, so that ovary-stabbing time must be coming soon. If it doesn't hit this weekend (dammit class is on Sunday), it definitely will by Monday. =___=;; I think I dislike this pre-bleh feeling more than the during-bleh feeling.

I really didn't want to leave the house today because of this, and also because it's overcast and raining off and on, but the maternal unit is home today. >_>;; It was the better part of valor (and sanity) for me to leave the house. Besides, I have things to get done.


After I start feeling less bleh-y.
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... and by funny, I mean utterly unexpected and somewhat tragic.

Today is/was my Dad's bday, so we were gonna go out to eat with my Ate, cousin, and my cousin's boyfriend. Family. Yay. Then after lunch, we'd go to watch a movie (The Golden Compass, which deserves its own post), and generally spend family-bonding time.

Unfortunately, while I was in the car and cleaning my glasses on my shirt hem because they were smudgy, my frames snapped. Let me repeat this.

The frames of my glasses -- frames made from titanium -- snapped in my hand while I was cleaning the lenses.

And it didn't snap somewhere nice, like the bridge over the nose or the arms. No, it broke on the top of the frame above the right lens. This was impossible to fix and I am blind without my glasses on. Did I mention that these are the only glasses I own? The good thing was that we were a bit early leaving the house, so we went to Lenscrafters, which was luckily near the restaurant we were going to (and I have my prescription there). Then the bad started rolling in.

Lenscrafters couldn't fix the frame. They couldn't stick my lenses in a new frame. They couldn't even make me up new glasses because my prescription was outdated (been 3 years), and my prescription is so high in the first place that they have to send my glasses out to be made (no 1 hour for me :/). With no other choice, I set myself up for an appointment to get my eyes checked.

They also told us the jeweler/watchmaker across the way might be able to solder the frame of my glasses. However, when we got there, the guy took one look at my glasses and said no way, since the frames are titanium. He didn't have the right tools for fixing it. We even stopped by Sears (since they do optometry too), but no luck in fixing my glasses.

So I got to eat lunch pretty much blind. It was an interesting experience.

Anyway, went back to Lenscrafters for my eye appointment afterwards. I decided to get a prescription for contact lenses, too, hoping that if I couldn't walk out with glasses, they might have something in stock so I wouldn't be blind. But yet again Teh Powers That Be stepped in. I seem to have astigmatism, and the contact lenses they had in stock didn't correct it. So, whether I got glasses or contact lenses, I'd have to wait 7-10 days for them to arrive.

But, I was able to get a pair of trial contact lenses that work (I'm not blind) and will last until my permanent ones get here. Yes, I'm going to be wearing contact lenses now. But I also ordered a pair of glasses (since I might get struck by lightning or rip all my contacts or something) as backup. I'll be wearing whichever gets here first quite gladly.

And then we watched the movie and went to Victoria's Secret.

At least that was a good thing.
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I forgot today was a holiday (Veteran's Day) so both my parents don't have to go to work. Also, my dad is a veteran. Well, technically they both should be home, but my dad disappeared somewhere before I woke up. Mom is still here though, and I'm doing my best to avoid her. >_>;;

I wanted to go to Aoi-chan's and play Trickster. ;___;

So anyway, now I've got a little cornish game hen baking in the toaster oven (works marvelously and I don't have to use the regular oven). I'll probably bake those brownies today, but right now I'm eating M&M's.

A fair warning: I have either skipped one of my periods entirely, or I've managed to stress myself into being VERY late. I'm getting backachey, but not doing much more than that, and it's making me abnormally cranky. x___X I'd rather have the period.
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So, I've decided that I'm going to cook the Chicken Parmigana from Bertolli for my dinner. Yay for one skillet meals. Also gonna toss the last garlic bread loaf we have in the freezer into the oven to go with the pasta. Mostly gonna do that so the oven helps warm up the house. >_>;; I'm also gonna see if we have brownie mix or something to bake, to keep that oven going.

Or I could, you know, turn the heater on. Decisions, decisions.

My parents also just left to do their weekly gambling thing. Maybe I should see if Aoi is home so I can raid her internet and do the Anniversary Event on Trickster. Or I can try and go sometime this weekend, so I have a full day of it. I have bajillions of Old Passports. ♥


I am weak. And frozen. So I turned on the heater. ^^;; Threw the bread in the oven anyway, but I'm considering whether or not to make the brownies.
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*watches as good mood crashes in about 0.3 seconds*

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Sohot. x___X

Went out to Tyler today, since I ran out of Proactiv and needed more. Also bought a four-pack of Cinnabons. *__* ♥ Numnumnum. But, crap, was it ever busy today. It took me forever to find a parking space. I finally had to park at the top of the parking structure. XP The only thing that made it bearable was that I was able to park near the stairs, and that I wasn't facing the sun. But still, in 106 degree weather, I was hoping to park in the shaded part of the structure.

Getting food was a hassle too, and there were no tables, except the ones outside. I managed to snag one in the shade and by the doors, so everytime the doors opened, a blast of air conditioning hit me. Yay.

AND I VISITED THE PUPPIES OMG. ♥ The puppies are just so cute. I got to pet a tiny Puggle who had the cutest face and floppiest ears. Such soft fur, too. Also, there were two Weimeraners (sp?) in one of the windows. They were napping together cutely, then they woke up and started playing with each other. One of them started barking at the other, because he didn't want to play. XD! They were a gorgeous grey-blue color, too. ZOMG Rikupuppy and Ripuppy!

Then I came back home, had an argument with the paternal unit, and now he's gone. Yay. Maternal unit is also absent (I think she got called in to work for something).

I will eat one of those tasty Cinnabons later. *___*

In an unrelated note, I'm toying with the idea of creating a Trickster comm here on LJ. The one that exists... sucks. No one posts. But I think it might be nice to have a friendly comm for everything related to Trickster. And an easy way to rustle up party members. Yes/No?
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Maternal unit is frying french fries and fried chicken for dinner. This makes me hate her a little less. But mostly, I am severely annoyed at her harping on me about getting a job. Does she think I'm not trying or something? At this point not even McD's would hire me, since once they see on my resume that I'm a lawyer (or have my degree anyway) they reject me. And all the lawyering jobs I find that I'm interested in require, oh, I dunno, acceptance ito the CA Bar. =___=;;

But on Monday I'm going to a job fair in Anaheim, since I scored an interview from one before. There's another in Ontario in September that I wanna go to, too.

Bleh. At least I have fried chicken.

In Trickster news, I'm level 61/57 now. Thank you, Nora Sprayers quest. ♥ I've been spending most of my time in Nora's Sewer to level up and do the quest. I put on my GMV and switched out to my better lvl 60 equips, and damn, I'm doing some good damage now, and can tank hits pretty well. ^___^

Today I managed to teleport to the top of Nora's (needs 1 Nora Doll and 1 Crystal Coupon [5 galder coupon/paper/crystal compounded by Paul]) and wandered around Abyss Dungeon 3 for a bit. All the Salamanders are there (lvl 71+) and I know I need their drops for compounding. It's not a bad place to fight, but they hit hard and love raping you mobbing.

Also realized that since I leveled to 61, I can do the next set of the World Fiesta monster quests. The monsters are lvl 70 Cucools, and the reward is a very very nice 2 million TMexp each time. I think I'm gonna do that now, since my TMlevel is lagging behind again, and I need the points for my skills. God, I love Hellfire so much. Since I got Arrow Rush, I no longer see 1000+ damage for my arrows, so I've gotten used to seeing smaller amounts of damage multiple times. But when my Hellfire connects (god it has bad accuracy), it's always 1000+ damage, which makes me happy in my Dragon pants... skirt. Dragons wear skirts. >.>;;

Yay. ♥ Massive damage is why I went Dark in the first place. XD!
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I thought today was gonna be a fairly normal day. Woke up a bit early, lounged about and texted Aoi-chan to see if I could come over, had cookies for breakfast. And then the power went out just as I was getting dressed to go to the library since Aoi-chan was out of the house. Apparently the power company was working on the lines again today and my parents ngelected to infor me. I only found out when I called my mom about it.

Thus I was stuck in the house until my dad came home, since I don't have the keys to the front door and there's no way for me to leave without either leaving the garage or front door unlocked. Finally dad came home at 2:30 and I escaped, figuring I could while away a few hours at the Mo Val library, since it was traffic time and I didn't want to go through it to get to the Riverside library. I got there just fine and settled in at the long table and plugged in my laptop and... nothing. Was confused and tried plugging again and... still nothing. Finally asked a librarian and apparently the code inspectors or whatever still haven't approved the 'public' outlets for use yet. And I couldn't check if they had wifi since my battery was dead and I wanted to charge it.

Finally sent off a text to Aoi-chan again, and went to McD's for french fries and soda, and drove around slowly. And now I am at Aoi-chan's house. *____* On Shukaku, who is happily charging up. He's at 17% now!

I'm gonna drown myself in sweet internets now.
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I'm going to clip coupons and then I'm piling up the grocery cart with food. Glorious, wonderful, food. ♥ ♥ Maybe even sandwich fixings so I don't have to pay Subway $5 everytime I just want a nice ham and swiss. ;__;


Seriously, I might be acting like a dork, but food. Food that I get to choose. Dad only bys food for whatever he feels like cooking that day and mom just went on a spree and threw out and reorganized the cupboard and freezer, so now we have... like nothing. Because I'm the only damn one in the house who actually buys food beyond what to use for one day. I'm gonna stock up for at least a month. Maybe two. And I'm buying ALL the goodies and snacks that I usually try to skip on to save money. >_>;; GLUTTONY. YES. AND THEN I WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO EAT.

Foooooooood food foodie food.

... no, I haven't eaten yet today. Why do you ask?
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Looks like I'm being dragged out to the casino today, since today is the luckiest day of the year. 777!

... maybe I'll be lucky. If I had any money to gamble in the first place. XP

At least I'll get food. We haven't gone grocery shopping yet.
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It had been gradually getting hotter and hotter in the house all day and I was wondering why, since I checked the thermostat and had the air conditioner set at 76 degrees. Checked again, since the heat upstairs was unbearable and it was getting icky downstairs too.

One of my parents turned off the air conditioner. 105 degrees and someone turned the damn thing off and my mom was complaining that it was hot. OF COURSE IT'S HOT ONE OF YOU STUPIDLY TURNED OFF THE THING KEEPING THE HOUSE COLD.

... I turned the air conditioner back on and things are much better now.
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Paternal unit is still home for unknown reasons. Oh wait, he has a doctor's appointment. Am fleeing the house early and will take refuge in the library.

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Wonderful. XP

I am making my blanket statement right now to ease any worries: I am NOT locking down my LJ nor deleting any possibly 'offensive' content. In fact, when I checked my interests, the worst thing there was 'tentacles' and 'bunnies'. I didn't delete those either, btw.

I will not let the Weeaboos of Ignorance scare me off my own journal.

Since I started this LJ years and years ago (ogod in undergrad), I made it a policy to keep this journal open for public viewing and commentary. I do not delete even the most noxious of flames (but I will publically mock you for it). I have, in the years this journal has existed, only flocked a small handful of entries that were of extreme personal nature.

Basically, if you want to read about what I had for lunch (many entries on this subject, today is tater tots and fried shrimp), listen to me whine about the library (yes, it's very cold), or even... possibly! ... read pr0n when I put it up (hahaha I haven't written in awhile, so keep wishing), HAVE AT. I only require an open mind, an appreciation for irreverent humor, and I'd sorta like it if you were semi-literate (or else you wouldn't be reading this journal anyway).

Now that I've said that, I feel much better.

Let's move on to other things, shall we?


In an effort to not be a downer, here is a list of happy things that happened to me that I would like to share:

-- I DID get my check from Treasure Trooper. It came last week (Thursday to be exact) and I still haven't had time to go to the bank and deposit it. I will be taking a picture of it for proof. ^____^
-- I got my free 10-pack of MOO Cards in the mail yesterday! They are so little and cute, and yes, I will take pictures of them too, just to share the cuteness! Now I really want to make up a second set for an RP account just for fun.
-- My full JRock Revolution concert report for both days is upcoming! I want to make it all pretty with pictures and such, so those still need to be uploaded. I think it's just taken me this long to finally settle and process everything that happened. I do, however, have one of my videos up online already. Yes, I joined YouTube just to share my vids. ^^ I apologize for the shakiness and the sound of my screechy screaming (you can hear my voice strain and crack at some points).
-- I was supposed to go rape Aoi-chan's wireless to the library today, but apparently the maternal unit ordered some sort of storage system to be delivered today (like a shed for the backyard or something), so I have to stay here to get it. Bleh. I hope to see Pirates 3 tomorrow then. *prods Aoi*

That's it for now, I think. Time for lunch. And then a shower. And then the shed-thingy should get here.
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So, bumming around at home, doing last minute chores and such. Yay clean laundry and clean bathroom. I don't want my parents to get on my case and be all: "blah blah blah you went to the concert but didn't clean up". >:F Now they have nothing to complain about.

Still no period. It is officially not allowed to come until Monday. e____e;; I can hope for the best, at the very least. I have tons of Midol and Super Plus tampons if worse comes to worse. And I am quite glad that the twingey feeling in my shoulder mostly went away by the time I woke up this morning. It still makes me go 'ow' mildly if I bend my neck too far, so I just might slap another Icy Hot patch on my shoulder later if it gets worse or something.

... they really do feel cold, then hot. It was a novel experience.

Now I get to root through my closet and dresser drawers looking for clothing to completely figure out what I'm wearing on Friday and Saturday. I know the basics, but I need to make sure stuff matches and/or fits. And [ profile] aoi is coming over tomorrow to spend the night(s) for convenience and because her dad probably wouldn't let her walk out of the house in the skirt she plans on wearing. XD

Also, all the little teenybopper, 'hardcore' JRock fans make me sad. They tried lining up on MOnday and Tuesday, and the Wiltern people and the LAPD told them to go away. There's even a sign saying no lining up until 6am the day of the concert. I'm so glad we have Mezzanine seats for the first night. Honestly, the reactions and weemo outrage on the [ profile] jrock_revo comm kinda makes me glad I am no longer a teenager.

... even if I WAS a teenager, I wouldn't sit 4 days out on the sidewalk for a chance at the pit. I'll be happy just getting in and not being blocked by a tall person. Or, you know, punched in the face.
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Okay, so I am now home (early) and my parents aren't here. I forgot that the library closes early on Fridays (6pm), but the drive home wasn't horrible mostly because they were playing good music on the radio. :3

But I don't know where my parents are. My dad stayed home today because he was 'sick' but now he's not here and neither is my mom's car, which means they are out somewhere together. He's a lying liar that lies. And refuses to go to the doctor.

At least I have my orange chicken for dinner. ♥
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So I am at home, rather than the library (or Aoi-chan's house), because the cabinet people came today to finish installing the cabinets that should've been finished LAST week. >_>;; Well, at least it's finally getting done. Hopefully there isn't some huge mistake on their parts like last time (the guy who did the estimates wrote down the wrong numbers for cabinet sizes, so the cabinets the installing people brought were too big).

Did a food run to McDonald's for me and my mom (she came home early because she's obssessive and wants to make sure the cabinets get put in right). Now I'm feeling all... sleepy from the food. *yawns* Doesn't help that I was woken up by my dad being... well, my dad. Which means crazy. But there's an extra $100 in my bank account, so it's okay. x__X He needs to stop using me like a walking ATM though. I don't have any money to keep funding him.

On a high point, I finally hit level 50 on Trickster! YAAAAAAAAY! Now I just, you know, need to get all the items so I can Job Change. D: I fail at drilling in high level areas. Esepcially when the monsters whack me and I nearly die. T__T Time to see what equips I can get for level 50 and spend some galders. Or maybe try vending if I can get the wireless to cooperate long enough.

*chews on things*
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So yesterday's job fair thingy was sort of a bust. =__=;; It was more oriented towards sales positions than I thought it would be, and seemed more for people who were already in Sales than for people who are trying to get in. But I found myself amused by the fact that Forest Lawns is hiring estate planners. Well, it's an industry that will never die at any rate. Ha ha ha. *shot*

I got to the hotel about an hour early (because traffic was bad, but not as bad as I thought it would be), so I got to be bored in the lobby. But I had a very nice fruit salad with lots of pineapple and strawberries. And potato chips. Which really don't taste very good with fruit salad. Bleh.

Today was shopping! Which makes me happy. ♥ There was a dress that I saw advertised online and it looked really nice, so I wanted to see it and buy it. So me and mom went to the mall (JC Penney was selling the dress) to shop. But the dress which looked very nice in the pictures was rather bleh when I saw it on the rack. It would've been terrible on me. But I managed to buy some cute tops instead, which makes me happy.

Then dad swung by (he has jury duty until next week), then him and mom went out to Morongo and I got to shop more (and use the credit card $__$). Forever 21 was having a sale (hush, I know it's a teenybopper store but sometimes the stuff there is cute), so I scored a number of tops for REALLY cheap (two of my shirts were only $3.99!). Also, I found the CUTEST dress and bought it. It's all swishy in the skirt and kinda belted high like an empire waist which means when I wear it, IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE BOOBS. 8D! I was very happy to get my hands on that dress. AND it was less expensive than the dress I had originally wanted. w00t.

Bought myself chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Field's and then KFC, because it had a drive-thru and I didn't want McDonald's again. Yay biscuits and mashed potatoes!

Also I am SO VERY CLOSE to hitting lvl 36 on Trickster. BUT! There are sexy sexy TMexp quests that I want to do, so I went and suicided myself against high level monsters, because when you die in Trickster you lose like... 0.3% EXP. XD! I killed things for quest items until 99.8%, then suicided myself down to 95%, but then I actually managed to kill some of those high level monsters and my EXP went up again. Ahahaha. So I suicided myself down to 80%. I've just been drilling for items lately, which I actually find fun. I'm thinking that maybe I don't NEED those TMexp quests because I drill excessively. I will have to decide. When the wireless doesn't keep kicking me in the middle of those quests. I SWEAR it knows when I need to stay online, and kicks and lags me ONLY then. Grrr!

So, all in all, today was a good day.

Tomorrow I am doing laundry.
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Woke up early again (not too early, and I was planning on getting up anyway since I've been waking up earlier for some reason lately) because my parents were being loud. And mom was complaining. About me. Again. Insert belittling adjectives here. So I just got up, washed up, got dressed, grabbed my laptop and my book, and left. So now I'm at the library, as usual. But I got to have McDonald's for breakfast/lunch/meal/whatever, so I'm okay.

I think this is the best way to deal with her. She bitches, I leave. Maybe she'll get that I'm trying to stay away from her, but I doubt it. I'm not staying in the house if all she's going to do is complain. Three hours of bliss (and high speed wireless!), and then I think I'll drive slow on the way home.
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Was woken up at a hellish time this morning because of suddenly visiting relatives (they just dropped by to say that my uncle's birthday is tomorrow, so we have to go and celebrate). I was in my room and trying to sleep but couldn't because everyone kept slamming the door to the garage (my room is above the garage), so I would drowse, then start awake, drowse then start awake, etc. etc. etc. For an hour.

this gets cranky )

Then I locked myself in my room and did internet things and played Trickster until I hit lvl 14 and got kicked. And now the wireless is being particularly bitchy and I'm on dial-up now. I feel tired still. Probably because I haven't had any soda. I'll have dinner later.


I'm charging my iPod for tomorrow.
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Had a very tasty lunch of tempura shrimp and caesar salad. That is the high point of my day.

Didn't get to go out much yesterday, but I did get dragged out by my mom, who I think is having a midlife crisis of some sort. Anyway, oggled stuff at the BX (I might buy Black&White 2 just so that I can subjugate peasants to my will and it's on sale). Then we went grocery shopping, which made me ridiculously happy. Yay food. I can eat!

Also, bought a whole truckload of stuff for the pre-New Year's get-together thing, where the theme will be breakfast/brunch, just to prove that I CAN cook such food. And use Aoi-chan's gift to me. ♥ Y'ALL BETTER COME HUNGRY. AND EAT ALOT. BECAUSE EVEN I CAN'T EAT ALL OF IT MYSELF.

Also, Pet, ticket is no problem. ^^ $10, IIRC, since I texted K-chan after I got up today.

And then mom came home early today and is talking again, and so I think I'll hide here in my room a bit before I drown myself in the shower.
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I'm kinda cranky, pan frying chicken for dinner, and the house is freezing cold because I didn't turn on the heater. Yes, I will cut off my nose to spite my face, because I was woken up early by one of mom's regular rants (she always thinks I'm sleeping, but her loud voice wakes me up), about how I keep turning on the heater SO HOT and wasting money and if I got out of the house I would see it's warm outside.

Right. This afternoon (the warmest part of the day), I was washing dishes and the water was visibly steaming in the air and the water was warm, not scalding hot (since I wash dishes without wearing gloves). That's how cold it is. Sorry for turning the heater up from 50 (or below since for some perverse reason my dad chucks the thermostat down even though he complains about the cold) so the house is warm and comfortable for my parents when they get home. I will cease being considerate from now on. They can freeze to death for all I care. I have my little space heater.

Yes, I'm also feeling bitter. Yay for the holiday season.
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It's cold and overcast and rainy and it's my parents' anniversary. Of course this means I'm obligated to do whatever they want today. >_>;; Day started good too. I gave them their present (a butler/organizer thingy which is super cool), which they liked, and now it's sitting on the kitchen counter with their keys and letters and such all organized. Then we got into a raging argument over me being a complete and utter failure again. And I told them that I was staying in the house because it was free and I didn't care if I was using them for my own benefit because they should know that about me already. :Db My mom got so upset that she got that choked-up-not-exactly-crying voice and I ate delicious fried chicken. I think that counts as a win for me. Plus, I was right. All my bar review books are in my bedroom, thanks, and not in boxes in the garage. I carted those bitches down and dropped them on the floor in front of them to prove it. Yay I win.

Now things are normal again. Mom is singing karaoke downstairs and I'm locked in my room (with the space heater on) and they are leaving me alone because I said I was wrapping and organizing presents. Yay.

Probably going out in a bit for dinner or some such. Bleh.

And tomorrow is the paternal unit's Trecenian Christmas party thingy, so I have to go to that, too. =___=;; I'm making sure to charge my cellphone and iPod and camera. I have no idea what to wear, either.
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This is getting annoying and I'm starting to hate those error code things that come up pretty much everytime I try to load a thread. YOU ARE DESTROYING MY RP GROOVE.

In other news, parents left to go somewhere and I have showered. I think I'll raid the kitchen in a bit and finds some non-leftovers to eat.
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If I hear:



one more time, I just might fucking start screaming. =___=;; They're watching stupid Filipino game shows. And it has to be one of the more annoying ones.

In other language related news, [ profile] askerian, you may want to avoid a certain post in CFUD. They're abusing French. =D! I'll just sit here and be glad I can conjugate 'etre' in the present tense.

I'll be cooking tomorrow.
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Both my parents came home early. D: Well, actually, I think my dad didn't go to work at all, and the maternal unit came home early, probably because of the holiday. But now they've disappeared to go... somewhere. Bleh. I'm going to drink soda and have pie and then I have to make up some stuff that my maternal unit is nagging me about. Also need to clean up that begging letter since I think I can safely inquire about things now god i need a job *cries*
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Mom woke me up (not early, because it was 12:30pm and I was gonna get up anyway) because she had to go out and look at something she needs for work. Also, she had a gift card to Red Lobster that she got as part of her bonus, so we had to use it before it expired. I'm not going to say no to free food. The errand took a long time though; the store was pretty far, and it ended up being closed. WTF. And it seems that all my mom wanted was scrubs for work. WTF. There's a store at the mall that sells NOTHING but scrubs. Big waste of time totally.

But Red Lobster made up for it. I had steak and shrimp (yum) and the most tasty Sunset Pina Colada. It was a pina colada, but there was strawberry at the top of it, that mixed in as the drink got kinda melty. ♥ It was awesome. The bad thing was that before we left home, I took this new cough medicine from Robitussin. It's gel pills, with liquid on the inside. And even though it's 'non-drowsy', it ended up making me feel loopy and weird. By the time I finished my meal (well, half of it since there was lots), I was sorta out of it and fell asleep on the ride home, and had to take a nap once I GOT home. Bleh. I hate being sick.

y hay thar

Oct. 10th, 2006 12:23 pm
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Guess who's awake and has been awake for... two hours, and didn't want to be? That's right! Me.

... fucking paternal unit.


And I can't really go back to sleep because I've been awake and ate and have to pick up the maternal unit in a few hours. *stabs things*

Also, it's chilly.
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So, I got up realtively early but normal-ish for a Sunday, showered, and was hustled out of the house by my parents, thus completely destroying the plans I had for myself. Because they're inconsiderate like that. Whatever. They figured that because they had to go someplace and I had to go someplace, we could go together. I hate having to argue pretty much first thing after I wake up.

a whole lot of babble about shoppping and tomorrow )

Everyone, vibe good vibes at me tomorrow, 12:30pm PST. ♥


Suit and shirt are ironed! I am now munching on some brownies for a snack before I do my nails. Neutral tones FTW. Hopefully. And I have all my stuff in one place and my alarm is set. Just need to do my nails and wash up before bed.


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