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-- My dragons grew up! *is still a-squee about that* And I immediately bred them. >_>;; Yay new pink egg!
-- My booster bracer on Trickster ran out. It's was a 15-day 1.5x bracer that I got as a prize so it's no big loss, but still. Boo. I didn't use it to its fullest extent (like how I was grinding for a full 3 hours in a Royal party with my EX bracer), but I'm not too upset. I managed to level anyway.
-- Straight from [ profile] lj_2008, apparently, I am a target for wankery. Please avoid this link if you don't wanna see the current LJ bitchery.
-- This is where I'm be playing during the boycott. If you're curious. Nothing much there yet, but I found some tools to help me migrate my journal entries and such. I'm not leaving LJ wholesale yet, so don't worry.
-- ForumWarz is still tons of fun. Domination is turning me into a bitch. Or maybe that's my hormones.
-- I have chocolates~!! ♥ ♥
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Since it's video posting day, this is my contribution. :Db Plus, this is a good intro for a longer, babbly Trickster post.

Some random things first:

-- the Buffalo is obviously on something. He looks completely out of it.
-- the DRAGON. LOLZ. He looks so peeved to be doing that dance.
-- Much amusement that the Lion is the shortest of all the boys, and significantly shorter than the Fox.
-- LOOK IT'S THE RACCOON'S SUPER HIPS. *bricked for bad Coon joke*
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-- Much ♥ and cuddles for [ profile] merith! *cuddlehuggles* I really liked those cards you sent me. ^___^ Especially the one with all the cute fuzzy puppies and kitties.

-- Something [ profile] askerian (and others) might be interested in: WolfQuest, an MMORPG where you can be... a WOLF. Yes, you can be a wolf, and be a part of a pack, and HUNT DOWN DEER AND RABBITS OMFG. Also, hassle coyotes. I'm not lying. This is from the game info:

# Hunt elk. Follow scent trails to locate elk herds, then sneak up on the herd, find the weakest one, and begin your attack. Pursue your prey and sap its strength while dodging its counterattacks, to make the kill.
# Harrass coyotes who try to eat elk carcasses, or just for the fun of it.
# Chase and eat snowshoe hares.

It's supposed to be educational too, but who cares? YOU GET TO HUNT ELK AND HASSLE COYOTES. I might try downloading this myself, just to see if it's amusing.

-- DON'T FORGET TO CLICK ON MY EGGS SO THEY HATCH. You don't want them to DIE, do you? e__________e

-- I should make a babbly Trickster post eventually. I have alot to say.
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-- There are more 30 Second Bunnies movie parodies up. :3 I love these parodies.
-- For some reason, I joined ForumWarz. It's amusing and a nice time-killer. Plus you only get 4 forum turns a day, so you don't have to be obsessive about it. I'm currently a Level 5 Emo Kid. Yes, I know that's not really a haiku.
-- My thumb still is numb and it hurts when I try to open bottles and jars.
-- No one is writing fics I want to read.
-- I should probably grind on Trickster. Everyone is leveling past me. DDDDX
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So, I totally referred myself for a mule account on Trickster because of the current events going on. I made myself a 4114 pure-AP Buffalo (Repliku, because I'm a nerd like that and the Bunny is a girl). I managed to get him to lvl 13 last night and finished the first chapter of Episode 0.

God, it's so fun to just whack at things until they die. I haven't even used up any of my Good Luck Pink/Blue Potions yet because I was tricky and bought a BUNCH of oranges from the tutorial thing, and they heal 20HP. I pretty much used them all up halfway through that first chapter. And I forgot how awesome it is to get 2% exp for whacking a Torrobie. Even at lvl 13, my straight melee-whack OHKOs a Torrobie, when it took me like... until lvl 70 to do that with my Dragon. >_>;;

Once I get home it will be more drilling (last night I managed nearly 350 boxes), then after I'll grind Repliku up a bit to at least 15. Maybe I'll do the monster quests in Coral. Or I can just take him straight to Desert Beach and get him started on the second chapter of Episode 0. Those stupid Thiefmons can kick my ass though, so I might whack at them for awhile, just for revenge.

Note: K-chan, you are immune from this post. So don't bother commenting about how you're not going to play. I already know, and this post isn't aimed at you. :P


It's so freaking cold in the library again. And this chair is more uncomfortable than usual. x__X;;
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*shakes fist at Trickster*

They gave us the Poppuri Event again! There go my plans to grind and level up. I'm pretty much gonna be drilling for the whole event. Bwahahaha this time I'll save up my tickets to get another Poppuri Pendant and a Poppuri Hat (I didn't get the Hat the last time). But at least we'll see the prices on those items crash in the shops. That's a good thing for you, Moff! And the event rewards look pretty damn awesome. 25k MyShop points OMG! Hell yes I'll be drilling my ass off for some free MyShop.

They're also having another Refer-A-Friend Event with some really good rewards this time around, though the referred person has to make it to lvl 35 (usually it's 25 or 30). And yes, I'm totally going to be referring myself again and making (another) mule account. I've always wanted a pure-melee Power type. And I could always use more bank space for the items I collect. So anyone who hasn't joined Trickster yet, DO IT NOW because even if you don't make it to lvl 35, if you're lvl 15, you get the rewards from the Poppuri Event.

And someone tell me that I'm not the only one tempted by the new Stage 10 drill they came out with. I still need to drill in Snow Hills Mine. >__>;;
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I'm feeling kinda blah and cranky and out-of-sorts today. Might be because it's getting near the end of the month and the hormones are flaring. Or maybe it's the weather.

*flops over*

Maybe some food and a shower will make me feel better. Or I can play Trickster until the patch, then do some stuff, then it'll be Project Runway time. *yawns* But I'm not feeling up to doing anything right now. Bleh.


This post on Project Rungay sums up exactly how I feel about this season. I love them so.


Re: the new Naruto manga chapter spoilers --

What the fuck, Itachi. What the fuck.


This is what avant garde haute couture looks like. Galliano's collection for Christian Dior. I don't like everything here, but the details and execution are amazing. I really like the 'de-constructed kimono' look to some of the outfits, and you can see the 60s mod-vibe Galliano's been playing with lately.
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The biggest n00b in WoW.

This whole thing was hilarious. I don't n00b-bait in Trickster, but I totally would if someone was annoying me. Unfortunately, even without my equips, I'd still do a bit of damage. XD;;
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Not gonna go into the Heath Ledger thing, since it seems everyone's flists have exploded from the news. I found out because they said it on the radio while I was driving to the library. It's a tragic thing, and even moreso because it looks like it was drug-related. Seems to be how most actors go these days though, sadly. ;___;

In other news: Rain! Actually, it started raining last night. But color me surprised. This is like... the most rain we've gotten in winter in like... a decade. I'm just waiting for the landslides, but maybe this means that the summer won't be so fire-prone.

And I hit lvl 120/108 on Trickster. I'm still hitting up Skull whenever I get the chance, and stockpiling Ultimate equips and the decent Chaos equips. The latest batch of Chaos, I'm gonna throw to the n00bs in Paradise. :3 I can be generous. I haven't even STARTED thinking about 3rd Job yet (but I have the Adamantite I need if I go Pure). Really, I'd rather focus on my 2nd Job skills first (Gravity Crush!) before thinking about 3rd, since Pure Darks didn't get very many good skills (Fear is haxx though). I'd prefer more 2nd Job skills to come out, actually (Blind!!).

I should probably... do something besides wander about the internet. >___>;;
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I was a bit busy today. Whoo~ I'm at the library at the moment, but before this not only did I wait in the drive-thru at McD's (to the dude 2 cars ahead of me, stop hassling the girl at the window! You, fucker. You took so long! JUST TAKE YOUR FRENCH FRIES AND GO.), and I got to stand in line at the post office to return a package for my mom.

And, you know what? I know this is the era of online bill paying and email but. But. Lady. You stood in the line in front of me, and talked to a clerk, and took up like... 10 minutes of his time. To buy one $0.41 stamp. GUH?! Yes, you have a letter you want to send. That's wonderful. Were you not aware of the vending machines in the lobby, directly in front of the doors, that sell... get this... STAMPS?! *headdesk* I had to return a freaking package and it took me all of a minute once I told the clerk I wanted it returned to sender.

In other news, I'm making the transition to wearing my contacts most of the time (now that I have them), instead of my glasses. Wow. I have peripheral vision again. Things are not quite focused for me (especially when I read things), but that's because my eyes have to get used to them. But I can already tell that these contacts are much better than the trial pair I used before, since these are specifically for astigmatism. Things aren't fuzzy around the edges anymore! And I can read signs while driving! Yay!

Oh, and for anyone who wants to know: I'm lvl 119/105 on Trickster now. :3 I leveled up last night and am pretty much gonna camp Captain Skull until 120 (since that's his cap). After that I can grind up my level more, and consider going after Tombeth and Tenter Lion. Bwhehehe. I just wish Skull dropped Ultimate equips more often. ;__; I hate these Chaos ones.
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So. Moff.

... what are you willing to give for my stockpile of B Stones from Nora's Sewage?

:3 I need more Cat's Eye~
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x___X There's a very loud baby sitting at the next table omg. *goes to put louder music on WinAmp instead of instrumental stuff, and turn the volume up*

Anyway, I've been meaning to write a sorta of catch-all post regarding everything that's been happening lately, so here it is. Because I'm bored, but not bored enough to study more, and I should do this while I still remember it.

holidays, Trickster, and general RL things, etc. )


Dec. 20th, 2007 11:48 pm
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Ice Dungeon 3 killed my internets.

Sorry, Moff! T___T!! But you can enjoy the fact that when I am able to log-in again, i'll be in the middle of ID3 and will die horribly. And I have no ports, so I will have to run through the Snowfields to get back to Mega.
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Because [ profile] moffit asked, here's some more Trickster screencaps. I only kept this first one un-cut because I'm trying to make [ profile] sukino angry. HAHAHAHAHA!


moar screencaps here )
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Just been playing alot of Trickster lately. ^^;;

cut for trickster babble and a screenshot )
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It's true what they say, that your life flashes before your eyes before a traumatic event. Or, at the very least, time goes all wonky in respect to you. It's such a weird feeling.

explanations and what I've been doing lately )

Aside from that, not much interesting has been happening for me lately. I've been trying to get to Aoi's to play Trickster as much as I can to finish the Turkey Day Event. I've done 17 runs of the monster quest out of 25. It's pretty easy except that the spawn rate of the monsters is so slow. But I'm still hoping to get the ChocoAlmond equips (or at least the shield).

Also have a job interview tomorrow morning. \o/ I hope I do well. T__T
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Lets101 - Free Online Dating

... that and I did the Anniversary Event and got the event skill and boxes. Got a BUNCH of Gold Anniversary Necklaces (which I wanted), then a bunch of cakes (*hiss*) and all the other equips I got were the lvl 35 ones (*more hissing*). Oh, and thanks to Moff (♥) I managed to do some more of the Key Quests in Caballa. I need more Ancient Dice and another Selinolite to finish the Dr. Cat quests.

Unfortunately all this happened earlier this afternoon and once my parents came home, my good mood -- predictably -- crashed. And now I wanna get drunk again.


Nov. 14th, 2007 03:23 pm
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Someone stop me from charging MyShop points just so I can get some more SE Anniversary Boxes and pets before they're removed with tonight's maintenance.



$5 = 1 Anniversary Box
$10 = 2 Anniversary Box or 1 Anniversary Box SE and 3 Gacha coins
$15 = 3 Anniversary Box or 2 Anniversary Box SE and 1 Gacha coin
$20 = 5 Anniversary Box or 2 Anniversary Box SE and 1 Anniversary Box and 1 Gacha coin

$20 is my limit since I don't have much in PayPal currently. >_> The Anniversay Box is $5. The SE Box is $7. Gacha is $1. I shouldn't even be considering this. GODDAMN YOU CUTE TRICKY PRINCESS PET. DAMN YOU AND YOUR HAXX STATS.

*runs away crying*
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I forgot today was a holiday (Veteran's Day) so both my parents don't have to go to work. Also, my dad is a veteran. Well, technically they both should be home, but my dad disappeared somewhere before I woke up. Mom is still here though, and I'm doing my best to avoid her. >_>;;

I wanted to go to Aoi-chan's and play Trickster. ;___;

So anyway, now I've got a little cornish game hen baking in the toaster oven (works marvelously and I don't have to use the regular oven). I'll probably bake those brownies today, but right now I'm eating M&M's.

A fair warning: I have either skipped one of my periods entirely, or I've managed to stress myself into being VERY late. I'm getting backachey, but not doing much more than that, and it's making me abnormally cranky. x___X I'd rather have the period.
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So, I've decided that I'm going to cook the Chicken Parmigana from Bertolli for my dinner. Yay for one skillet meals. Also gonna toss the last garlic bread loaf we have in the freezer into the oven to go with the pasta. Mostly gonna do that so the oven helps warm up the house. >_>;; I'm also gonna see if we have brownie mix or something to bake, to keep that oven going.

Or I could, you know, turn the heater on. Decisions, decisions.

My parents also just left to do their weekly gambling thing. Maybe I should see if Aoi is home so I can raid her internet and do the Anniversary Event on Trickster. Or I can try and go sometime this weekend, so I have a full day of it. I have bajillions of Old Passports. ♥


I am weak. And frozen. So I turned on the heater. ^^;; Threw the bread in the oven anyway, but I'm considering whether or not to make the brownies.
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Hehehe... hopefully more people are going to start playing Trickster, so this is a general interaction post for everyone to mingle in. I know [ profile] girl_starfish just started a Fox and [ profile] mikkeneko is considering a Lion. I don't know too much about Sense-types, but I know [ profile] moffit and [ profile] aoi do. Though, I suppose I can talk about all classes generally.


In other Trickster news, I only have 79 Sparklers. T__T I need 100 for the Fairy's Fireworks. AOI GET ONLINE AND GIVE ME YOUR SPARKLERS SO I CAN FINISH. I managed to get on for like ten minutes earlier before I got kicked, and traded in the rest of my Certificates for 2 more items. I have either 4 or 6 Certificates left. Bleh. I was hoping to get at least two full sets of the items.

... and everyone is leveling higher than me. T__T You'll all be level 100 soon, and I'm not even 85 yet.


Oct. 31st, 2007 05:52 pm
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No Trickster for me tonight. x___X Unless something changes, but I doubt it. I'm stuck at home.


Best compliment of the night?

I was looking out my bedroom window to judge the number of kiddies coming by (they seem to come in waves), and some older girls (they were fairies) walked by on the opposite sidewalk, pointed at our house, and said:

"They have the good candy!"


We're giving out full-size candy bars and such (M&Ms and Starburst) this year. We, obviously, rock.


So I got the crap scared out of me.

Doorbell rang and I ran down to answer it, expecting a mob of kidlets. I open the door and the first thing I see is the guy from The Invisible Man -- trenchcoat, fedora, suitcase, face wrapped up, the whole works. I was so startled, I almost didn't notice the guy's son. XD!

They both got candybars.


Oct. 31st, 2007 12:41 am
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T___T They made Gacha playable from your browser (flash yo) and so I decided to use up the extra coins I had laying around. I got the new Staff from Hunter Master's Town (lvl 100 hurr) on Makokun, so I was happy.

And then I used up the extra coins I had on my mule account.


*shakes fist at Gacha* Now I have to grind my mule up to 100, just so he can use that pet! Thank god he's a baby Dragon, or I'd have to make a new character to take advantage of that pet!


Oct. 25th, 2007 02:15 pm
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Halloween Event is up on Trickster. ♥ There's already a guide on MyTrickster, as well as all the info on the wiki.

I am totally going to farm the event items once I can actually play. X3! I want the Pumpkin Ring and the hats. Well, I want at least one of everything, actually. There's decent stats on the items, plus the hats have slots for comping HP, which is always good.
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Because everyone knows my brain works overtime just before I go to bed.

-- Managed to get on Trickster earlier today. Long enough to pull my shiny new Zephyrus (Sephiroth) pet from the MyShop inventory into my regular one. X3! That means that Pet can finally have my Little Witch Beff pet (since she's leveled up enough to equip it). Everyone is overtaking me in leveling. T__T Saw Aoi for a bit and she unloaded a bunch of quest items I need for the Caballa Key Quests. Fat Dragon is fat.

-- [ profile] springkink is being very disappointing this round. Not alot of stuff I wanna read. It seems like the 'surprising' fandom/kink this time around is Transformers pr0ns. Last time is was Ninja Turtles. Hopefully more fics I wanna read will come through. The ones I HAVE read are damn tasty. Unf unf unf.

-- Am I the only one who likes Vincent/Cloud and permutations thereof? I mean, yes, Zack/Cloud is damn near canon, and I like Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud, and sometimes Sephiroth/Cloud (Shinra days, not when Seph's psycho). But really. Can't there be more fics where Vincent and Cloud cure their emo by humping each other? :/

-- ... snakes on a Sasuke. *gigglesnort*

-- I really want some sort of pastry. Maybe pie. I'm not sure. Some sort of baked good definitely, and not necessarily pastry.

-- I don't care that everyone is rebuilding society in Edge/Midgar. And finding new energy sources like oil. What I want to know is how the damn PHS service survived Meteor. At first I thought PHS was only for ShinRa people to use, but in Advent Children, it looks like any old person can get a cellphone. Maybe that's how Rufus makes money now. "We can't provide you mako energy raped from the Planet anymore, but we CAN provide you with excellent cellphone service!" I know I, personally, would pay a premium for cellphone service that could survive an Apocalypse.

-- I just stared at my icon for a minute, thinking about how pretty Leon and Cloud are. I should go to bed.
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Dad's party yesterday went pretty well. There was tons of food for everyone to enjoy and such. Best part of it was that it was held at the Marine Recruitment Base in San Diego, in the bowling alley/arcade/hall place and the video games were all free play. >_>;; Yes, I spent alot of time in there playing Area 51. :3 I love shooting games.

Also, we had to stop at the BX there, but it ended up being the liquor store for the Base, and thus only had... well, alcohol. I'm not complaining, because I managed to get myself a nice bottle of Chianti. ♥ That's going to be opened for Thanksgiving dinner, so now I'm gonna have to plan the menu accordingly to take advantage of it.

The party ended at 5pm and I, of course, fell asleep in the car. Hey, I'd been up since 6am. Anyway, I woke up when I realized we were heading to Pechanga (one of the casinos around here) instead of home. That made me cranky because 1) I didn't have any money, 2) I wanted to go home, 3) I don't like to gamble most of the time unless I feel 'lucky'. We ended up staying there until midnight, and I was rather DDDD: the whole time. I played alittle bit here and there, but mostly ended up losing. x___X But there was one guy who was playing the $1 slots and won a $10,000 jackpot. O___O And then he stayed playing the same machine, and a couple hours later, won $1500! I WANT THAT LUCK.

Anyway, I crashed once I got home.

And now it is today.

No Trickster today since Aoi had a family emergency. ;__; Hopefully I can invade her home tomorrow.
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I haven't been able to actually get on, since the wireless is not cooperating with me today, but I've been reading the reports on MyTrickster. Miranda Watty is gone from Megalopolis, replaced by the two new teleport girls that are in Paradise and Coral Beach. And now, you can't teleport anywhere until you get to the place first and 'register' the Gate. Some say you have to walk there, others say if you have a PPD, you can warp to the Gates properly. But still, this sucks! I happen to like teleporting to Gate of Black Swamp, and now with Revo I'd have to walk from Mega and through Caballa Relics to get to Black Swamp.


I've been using up my ports that I had stockpiled, too!

And the MyShop is another temptation. The new Halloween pets/sets are awesome and godly, but for lvl 150+. I am considering getting the set anyway, and just saving it, since everything in it is permanent (even the cape) yay! I don't much like the new lvl 90 Magic pet. I like the lvl 70 pet better, even if his stats are lower. :/ Yes yes, I'd rather have a cute boy pet named 'Sephiroth' following me around than this new girl pet. She's ugly.

They've added the new Key Quests for Caballa though, so I should probably get around to doing them when I can. Though I'm pissed because I did alot of drilling in Caballa Dungeons when I was in the party last weekend, but I had to NPC a bunch of the stuff I had drilled up because it was too heavy and I had no slots in my Storage anymore. T__T And now some of those items are for the Key Quests! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

... I'm going to go have lunch now.
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Trickster will be wiping out the maps and quests in Ghost Blue, Megalopolis, and Azteca.

I'm so pissed that they announced this just right now, and the patch is tomorrow night. Gee, thanks, GMs, for giving us 24 hours notice. >_>;; I won't be able to get on, but if anyone wants to do easy leveling up using the Nora quests and the monster quests in Caballa, you better do them now.

... I'm mostly pissed about losing the Nora Sprayers quest. And I never had a chance to drill up the Poppuri Whistles from the caves, so that I could get a Necklace Watch. :/ And let's not forget losing Seabed 5 and the Sea Dragons/Baby Pockets. How the hell are we supposed to compound items when they take away the monster that drops what we need?


Just expect a huge patch tomorrow, I guess. Go go Revo.
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Or it will be, once I write everything down. But I just took a shower and feel all warm and nice-smelling, so I'm going to lounge for a bit.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 04:32 pm
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Like I said, I'm in Seabed 5 hunting Baby Pockets from the Sea Dragons. It's pretty easy business, though I lagged and accidentally died. >_>;; But at least that meant I could drop off more stuff and NPC and stock up on pots. I also pulled my Memory Ports from MyShop (boo Gacha) because I was going to save the Field in the port so I wouldn't have to teleport through Nora and go through the Dungeon everytime I died/left.

Unfortunately, you can't save the Field onto the port. >:O I was pissed. Because I used up my last Crystal Coupon for the teleporting to get there a second time, and the only way you can get more is to compound them with Paul in Paradise. I still have the materials for compounding (5g coupon, crystal and paper), but having to go ALL THE WAY to Paradise and back makes me cranky. Too bad Paul in the Aquarius shop doesn't make the Crystal Coupons anymore. ;___;

Anyway! I remembered that the Sea Dragon card is needed for the last Card Quest in Ghost Blue, and I've managed to pick up 2 cards so far. Of course, one is for me. As for the second... >_>;;


Or, you know, I can just keep hoping I get more cards and Baby Pockets. :3
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*yawns and flops over*

Weather is pissing me off because the temperatures keep fluctuating and something is setting off my allergies, so my nose is kinda runny and my eyes are watery. x___X And having my ovaries screaming at me doesn't help. Didn't go to be until nearly 3am last night, mostly because I was reading fic I had saved on my comp, but also because I couldn't find a comfy position to lay down.

Managed to get on Trickster a bit to drill (have more 2nds for Moff to sell for me), but now I've put Makokun in Seabed Field 5 in Ghost Blue. I'm going to hunt Baby Pockets for comping MA from the Sea Dragons. Hahahaha. I can OHKO them and the Gentle Stings. I won't leave until I run out of pots and/or hit 99% WT. The only thing is that I have to stay away from the Leviathans, which are a lvl 209 monster. Luckily, they seem to only stay at the bottom of the map, so I can avoid them. I want to farm as many Baby Pockets as I can before they get rid of Ghost Blue. T___T

Oh, and on Sunday, I was dragged away to the casino by my parents. Kinda bleh and I was feeling cranky about it. Especially when the restaurants didn't have lunch on Sundays (they have brunch), so we had to wait until 4pm to eat. I was starved, but luckily a hot chocolate and apple danish from the coffee shop filled up my belly. Parents gave me some cash to gamble with, and I had a little pocket money of my own. I vowed to not blow all the cash and hang onto it as much as possible. But I ended up being lucky and even though I lost some money at the machines, I ended up ahead. *____* By... like, alot. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'll have to go to the bank to deposit it (so I don't spend it), but I'll keep a little as my own personal cash for doing things shopping with. If I can hold on to that lucky money, I can use it as Xmas present cash. ^^ But I'll probably end up paying off my bills with it instead. XP

Oh well, I'm not complaining. And at least I didn't press my luck after I broke even and got ahead. I tend to do that because I'm bored and/or curious about the games.
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Now in backwards chronological format! With 20% more lists and lazy bulletpoints!

because I've been meaning to babble and such )
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*squishes [ profile] luscious_sarah*

Spent the day with [ profile] aoi and [ profile] sukino. Am tired but will write more tomorrow. Also, me and Aoi are planning on hitting Trickster tomorrow. Maybe Pet too, if she ABANDONS HER OTHER FRIENDS TO GET ONLINE WITH US.

... I need another Ben Gay patch. x.x
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... and guess what I did. :Db

Yes, this is a Trickster post. Haven't had one for awhile.

but I'll cut it to be kind )
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Apparently mouse-trauma late at night means my mom bakes brownies the next day. Or something. I don't really care why, because I HAVE BROWNIES. I HAVE BEEN CRAVING THEM. I was totally planning on baking them later tonight or tomorrow, too. \o/ And she made them in the mini-muffin pans, so they are like little brownie cupcakes. ♥

Raided Aoi-chan's house today and abused her internets. It enjoys it. Managed to party with Moff so Thero didn't die horribly in the Siremaids quest. XD! Halfway through it or so, I totally ran out of blue pots. But I soldiered on because Thero only needed to kill 5 more Siremaids to finish (50 of them wtf). So, when Thero got mobbed, Makokun ran in and started melee-ing the Pirate Ghosts and Merrows. XD! It was so sad. It's not like they could kill me, since I had higher HP and red pots, but really, Makokun was like... critting them for 1 or something.

Apparently, when Dragons melee-crit, the animation is the Dragon pimpslapping the monster. It's a rather fancy backhand. I like it. ^^

Then Moff disappeared to make dinner, so I ended up going to Black Swamp, then Phantom School to drill. I was looking for the Red Tissues, Blue Books and Study Notes (and other goodies) for the one quest there that gives out Duo Doctors. Also managed to drill up a Craft Gun (forgot which one), with 2 slots, so I saved that to give to Thero (the other equips I drilled I just NPCed). And I can kill those Maiden Ghosts in the 2F Hallway! It hurts like a bitch when they hit me, but 2 Arrow Rushes can take them down. And I can definitely OHKO a Tritch. ♥ I went into Room 1-4 just to experiment, and managed to pick up some Tree Sap and a Tritch Card for my trouble. But MAN do they hit hard if you don't kill them right away! x___X One hit took out like a third of my HP. Plus, the room has Maro Toys. Maybe if I can find someone to take care of the Maro Toys for me, I can go Tritch hunting.

Shoved a bunch of stuff onto my mule Dragon (the one I want to delete), because I was really tired of running around heavy and having my Storage stuffed full. Also got the Ginseng equips that I wanted from Makoreplica (borrowed Aoi-chan's computer so I could log-in). And then I decided to burn a little money, so I went to the busy server to look for Ultimate Thorn Shields in the user shops. >_>;; I bought 2. One was only 200k, so I might re-sell that one. The other was 219k and had more DP. Both have 2 slots. I'll be happy once I comp my Ginseng K. Shield and this Thorn Shield with HP. I won't need to buy another Thorn Shield unless I find a cheap one with either 3+ slots and/or over 200DP. Whee~


Finally got around to opening up the stacks of Compound Boxes that I've had in my Bank. Shoved off most of it to Thero, since it was all AC/AP/DX/DA stuffs. *growls* SO CHEAP WITH THE MA AND LK COMPOUNDING ITEMS.

And ilu Moff~ ♥ Thero had a rather lovely ROSE WAND when I managed to get on again to see. It is now mine. *___* But I gave Thero a Craft gun and Custom gun for it. Bwehehehe.
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Just got home after raping [ profile] aoi's internets for like... 5 hours. XD! It was so blissful. *____*

Since her Lion, bastian, is on Fantasia server, I partied with her using Makosensei. We both did the Summer Event monster quests all 10 times. So much easier when you're playing with someone you know. ♥ From the quests I got 2 TMlevels and 1 normal level. And since I had a crapload of TMpoints saved up, I got Dodge Master lvl 10, Sturdy Shield lvl 10, and Power Blow is already lvl 10. I still have 5 points left, too. I'm trying to decide what skill I should get next, since to get Shield All, I have to have Mana Reflector lvl 10 first. Or maybe I should save points for now.

Also started bastian on the drilling up Secret Letters. Luckily, I managed to get all 5 of my Letters in about an hour (?) and almost used up my whole Marble Drill doing it (since I don't have any other drills that go deep enough). Aoi-chan's brother stole her computer for awhile, so I headed over to Carbigal to do the next part of the event. Now I just need to... drill up those stupid Gunpowder Balls. x___X I opened 25 of them for the compound materials, but even though I put on all my DA gear (which isn't much), I only managed to do Marx's quest 4 times. I'm on my 5th now, and put Makosensei in Gate of Black Swamp to drill for more balls. At least after getting enough of the balls, I'm pretty much home free.

And Makokun has lots of monies now, courtesy of Dailan~ ♥ ♥ ♥ The one thing I forgot to do was ask Aoi-chan if I could log-in as Makoreplica on her comp, so I can trade stuff between him and Makokun. Makoreplica got the Ginseng Shield from his Gift Boxes. The lucky bastard. Makokun only got more Ginseng Hair Pieces, and Ginseng Canes. I need to get those off his account, and give him n00b things from Makokun's account. And... you know... make another Fox mule, because I really have WAY TOO MANY event items.
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So, last afternoon/evening I was dragged out unexpectedly by my parents.

cut for family things that are rather depressing )

In happier, non-family news, I still manage to get on Trickster intermittently. I'm sorta learning to ignore when I get dropped, and have gotten used to logging-in over and over again. Makokun finished all of the Third Part of the Summer Night Event. ♥ Man, besides the drilling for Secret Letters, the hardest part was compounding 10 each of those 2 items Marx needed. I kept failing the compounding with Nate at 60%. I finally switched out all my MA/LK gear for DA gear, and started getting 70% which helped me finally compound enough items. x.x So tedious. But I was glad that I had drilled up all those gunpowder balls, since I had to crack open a lot of them. Makokun also finished all 5 rounds of the Maro Toy quest (got a TMlevel yay!), so now he just needs to level up again for the next one -- Tritches, I think. He started the Eclipse Event, too, so now all he need to do is 4 more rounds of the Mutated Nora hunting (so annoying because they don't spawn fast), and drill up those 3 Pocket Watches. I already have craploads of Citrins -- if anyone needs them -- and getting the 10 Sand Glass will be easy since you just need to kill Sand Demons for them.

Rose Garden ahoy~

Makotochan and Makosensei have both done 1 round of the monster quests for Nate. Makoreplica needs to get his ass out of Desert Beach (he's too low-leveled to teleport), and to Mega so he can start it, too. None of them are doing the Eclipse Event because you need to be freaking lvl 40 to do them -- even the monster quests! Makosensei might make it to 40 from the Summer Event in time to do the Eclipse one, but Makotochan and Makoreplica are both lvl 25. I'll just get the supercute Summer equips set for them and be happy. :3

... and then sell any extra Pocket Watches I get. >_>;; I have a bunch of 2nds that I've been drilling up at Gate to Black Swamp. Yay monies. $___$
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Dear Trickster,

Thank you for simultaneously failing hardcore and being awesome. I only got 3 Revo Boxes for completing Episode 0, when I finished the whole thing on Makokun and Makotochan. I should've gotten 6 Revo Boxes for that. I haven't checked my Gacha coins or Makosensei's MyShop account on Fantasia yet. I also didn't get my MyShop points for the Attendance Event. You will certainly be getting a 1:1 Support ticket from me about this.

Happily enough, Makokun and Makoreplica both got their 5 Ginseng Gift Boxes. I almost wept on Makokun's account when all the boxes had Ginseng Canes in them, as well as more Ginseng Hairpieces. Fuck you, too. But Makoreplica is lucky and he got the Ginseng Knight Shield, Ginseng Round Shield, Ginseng Hat, Ginseng Hairpiece, and Ginseng Cane. Now I just need to get a stable connection to trade that to Makokun. Yay the Knight Shield! YAAAY!

The Third Part of the Summer Night Event isn't too bad... at first. 10 TMexp monster quests makes me happy, since I need to level my TM like burning. Only got 2 Summer Accessories, but that's okay. But the part where I have to drill 5 Secret Letters for Dorothy at Path to Phantom School SUCKS HARDCORE. It's kinda had to drill there, you know. :/ Besides the aggro monsters (not too bad, just annoying), there's a bunch of trees and those Letters are sorta hard to find. I left a trail of destruction in the form of galder coupons and pots behind me as I drilled. The only thing that kept me from screaming was that I found some Jenny Pictures and Dye Spray while drilling. But I still only have 3 Letters. So I have to go back. T__T

The Eclipse Event also sucks donkey balls. I'm glad I had those B Stones and Medium Quality Bronzes saved already, so I won't have to drill at Nora's (but I might anyway after I do the Summer Event). But really... Pocket Watches?! You want us to drill Pocket Watches from the Rose Garden?! Not only did you put Angry Isabelle there for the monster quests (SHE'S AGGRO EVEN MORE NOW), Pocket Watches are hard to find! They're a 2nd Job item! You're lucky that I've been meaning to drill in Rose Garden anyway for stuff to sell. And the prize sucks. It's an expired MyShop belt. Yes, the stats are very good, but it's expired, which means it can't be worn or compounded. I won't spend my money for coupons to recharge it. I only hope the rest of the Eclipse Event, you know, charges up that belt or something.

One last happy note is that I managed one more round of the Maro Toy quest before I started the event. 2 more times to go, and I should get one more TMlevel from it. I'll be getting another regular level too, since fighting those Angry Apopsis gave some decent EXP.


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So, my parents came home with a new car. And pizza, which I am strangely more enthusiastic about. See, the car dad drives (which is also the oldest of the cars, 1996) sorta has been in the shop since last weekend. A problem with his steering going out while driving. >_>;; Thankfully it was the automatic steering that went, so he could still drive the car and stuff and didn't have an accident. Anyway, so into the shop it went (again, since the car is often in the shop for various things). Parents went today to pick it up or consult or something, and it would've cost $3000+ to fix everything. So dad did the equivalent of throwing up his hands, and he used the car as a trade-in and bought a new one instead.

Thank god. I've been at him to just buy a new car already since this one was costing so much to fix that he could've bought TWO new cars. But he's stubborn and likes to drive cars until they nearly fall apart. Or he gets into an accident and smashes it up. =___=;;

So yes, now we have a new car. It's a 2008 Pontiac. Whoo.

But dad also brought home breadsticks with the pizza. ♥ Yay.

And, wtf, why am I so popular lately? Got a call from one of my cousins in San Fran (the one that I'm closest to) because she wanted advice about going to college and what major she should have and what to study, etc. It's sorta nice, to be able to give my cousin advice (omg she's the smart one, plz plz don't get pregnant like all the rest of my cousins), since she also looks up to me. Hahaha. I got her into anime, too. I really hope she figures out what she wants to do. There's a standing offer from my parents for her to come live with us if she decides to go to UCR (her family situation isn't the best). A part of me hopes she will come and live with us, because she doesn't deserve to be treated badly. Plus, I can feed her more anime. 8D

Trickster is down for the patch, and I'm on dial-up. Hmmm what should I do for the rest of the night...?
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Okay, this is mostly a Trickster post again. Moff, you totally need to make more Trickster icons. ♥

Tonight is patch night, so the servers will be going down for maintenance at 7pm-1am PST (if they don't change the times). This should be getting rid of the Attendance Event, Episode 0 Completion Event, Referral Event, Gacha Towns Tapasco and Beginner, and the Summer sets in MyShop. We should be getting our prizes for the events as well. Don't forget to pull your Attendance Sheets out of your MyShop inventory and carry them on your character. I'm not sure if they'll count it if the Attendance Sheets are still in MyShop, so better to be safe than sorry. Anyway, they only weigh 1 each. Old Passports, apparently, will be used to trade in for special items later but we don't know when yet. *rolls in Old Passports* Oh, and don't forget to complete all of Episode 0 if you haven't yet. ^__^ Don't want to miss out on your prizes.

I have NO idea what they're going to be adding to the game this time around. More Gacha and MyShop is a given thing, of course. I'd LIKE to finally have the Third Part of the Summer Night Event. But, if it's like the jTO one, it's gonna be Poppuri Event THE REVENGE, and that would suck. But the prizes in jTO included an event skill besides Gacha coins/MyShop points/equips, and if they're merging this event skill with the 1st Anniversary Skill that jTO got last year THEN I WANT IT LIKE BURNING (the skill added hax LK for your character, and pretty much made you a crit-god and almost invincible). Ugh. Drilling. =___=;; But I also heard that the massive drilling part is only a 'side event' of sorts, and the main story line/quests for the Third Part are separate. MORE TMEXP MONSTER QUESTS PLZ PLZ PLZ. And gives us some good equips and prizes this time!

And I wonder when they're gonna be giving us Episode 1 and 3rd Jobs...? That would be cool.

On my side of things, I managed to get on enough yesterday to finish Episode 0 on Makotochan (Fox mule) and now she's happily at lvl 26 just from the EXP rewards. I also burned a drill one her in the mines. XD I looted the mines since people were leaving behind a bunch of ores. And I also drilled up some of the Agate gemstones I need to refine my Staff. I need way more though, so maybe I'll have to spend some more time just drilling. Makosensei is just chilling out in Mega at the moment. I'm gonna have him do the Love Hunter Robin's TMexp quests with the bugs before taking him into Path to Oops Wharf.

Makokun, of course, is lvl 65. ♥ I've got him decked out in practically full MA/LK gear from top to bottom, and I suspect his level will just continue to go up if I do that Snails quest all 25 times. It gives GODLY EXP. I started it at practically 0% since I'd just leveled up, and once I finished one round and got the quest reward, my EXP shot up past 25%. *____* I left Makokun in Carbigal to do the quest a few more times, then I'm gonna go to Phantom School and do the Maro Toy quest all 5 times for the godly TMexp. Maybe I'll try to get that Mermaid Little card too. @__@ I totally need all the TMpoints I can get. I'm so hurting with my skills.


Managed to do one round of the Snails quest before lunch, and I was right. Makokun is over 50% now from doing it, so you really ARE getting something over 20% EXP as the reward. Whoo~


Haha am almost to level 67 now. ♥ I love this Snails quest. But I just moved over to Phantom School to do the Maro Toys. It's pretty easy, except that he doesn't spawn very fast in the first room. :/ And I don't really want to go to the others and face two hard-hitting aggro monsters at once. I'll experiment on which room is best, I guess.


Finished one round of the Maro Toys quest and got a TMlvl. :3 Figured out that the best place for it is the 1F Toilet, all the way at the end of the 1F Hallway. The room is reasonably sized, only has Marie and Maro in it, and Maro spawns fast if there's someone else with you.

Also, new Announcement says the patch time tonight is 7pm-3am (wow long), and they're be adding the Third Part of Summer Night Event, as well as the First Part of Eclipse Event. @__@ Have no idea what the Eclipse thing is, unless it's Episode 1.


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