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*stabs ovaries*
*flops over*

Got absolutely nothing done today. Argh. And why is no one else watching The Walking Dead so I can flail and geek out with you?!
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I don't know how I'll survive until The Walking Dead season 3 finally airs. ;___; The season 2 finale is tomorrow night AND OMG I AM SO FULL OF ANTICIPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

....... SHUN.
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The season finale for Deadliest Warrior is Vampires vs. Zombies!!!

Fuck yes I'm watching this.


Okay, a little annoyed over the discussion on whether the zombie virus can affect vampires. The answer is obviously no. :/ Vampires are undead. Their bodies are physically dead, so they wouldn't catch the zombie virus, or be able of passing it along. Also, as they are already dead (or undead), zombies would probably ignore vampires if they aren't attacked first. Zombies want to infect the living to make more zombies.


Vampires can think. :/ I think they're forgetting that vampires can use shotguns. A vampire with a shot gun means the zombies would never win.


I wonder if they're gonna bring up the "rotting" issue. Zombies are very effective, but as they are animated corpses, their bodies will eventually rot and decay.
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This thread from [community profile] ontd_political has the absolute most hilarious comments ever. How can you not like a thread with gems like this:

Most people outside of the U.S. don't realize this, but the delegates of the Constitutional Convention were overwhelmingly composed of two prominent groups within early American society: zombies and vampires.

Ben Franklin, of course, was a werewolf.

And this:

I seriously think that everyone in the Tea Party thinks the Founding Fathers were like the Justice League or something, battling evil, tyranny and injustice everywhere they found it. The Founding Fathers were NOT a superhero team, completely infallible and always right. Although the thought of George Washington as Superman, Thomas Jefferson as Batman and Ben Franklin as the Flash is an amusing thought.

And, of course, this beautiful summation of history wherein it is explained how the Founding Fathers abolished slavery:

john adams and john hancock. see, they built a time mechine, and used to to lanch them selfs forwards in time and join forces with ab lincon after there time mechine exploded upon reentry. together, the trio hacked, slashed, shot and killed there way across the south, till they finaly had an epic duel with the forces of slavery in the captial of the confedates. john adams, an old man, was mortaly wounded, and lay dieing. then, albert enstine steped in. claiming that history must be repaired, he took adams and hancock, and transported them back to there own time, lieing adams upon his death bed.

then, with his work complate, slavery abolished, and the time line restored, enstine nodded with statsfaction, and went to pick up stephen hawking, for there own trip to the future...

Politics, comics, and time traveling zombie historical figures. Of course I love this stuff.
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I now know why everyone loves Inception so much. ♥ I watched it last night because I bought the Blu-Ray of it and damn, it was awesome. Will be watching it again soon, since I know my dearest Aoi-chan hasn't seen it yet and she wants to.

In other news, who wants to read my spoilery babble-filled meta-ish breakdown of The Walking Dead? I've had a review of the first season rattling around in my brain (lolz) ever since I saw the season finale.
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... for huddling under tons of blankets. D:

I was really worried that the weather would continue to do the psychotic thing of being cold and stormy for one week, then 100+ degrees the next, but that doesn't seem to be the case. On one hand, I'm glad of non-psycho weather. On the other, IT IS FREEZING. Literally! It was 34 degrees the past two nights. It'll be hitting 30 tonight, I think. I'm almost afraid to look.

So, in honor of the season, I have busted out with my flannel sheets. ilu flannel sheets T_T ♥. They're so warm and cozy and make me not want to roll out of bed. Unfortunately, they also make me have kind of static-y hair. Bleh. It's the price I pay to stay warm, I guess.

So yes, it is overcast and rainy and windy and cold, and will likely stay this way for Turkey Day. When relatives are coming for dinner. Blargh.

In other news, there are things that I want to babble about in a geeky way. But I'm lazy. And cold. And can't feel my fingers and so I'm typing horribly. :x But I have such an urge to babble/rant/be meta. Like about The Walking Dead. Or maybe Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. Or even Top Chef: Just Desserts.


*rolls about*
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All I have to say about the new The Walking Dead TV series on A&E is...

that poor horse.

I knew it. I KNEW that would happen to the horse. Dammit, horse! It's a zombie apocalypse! Don't let some dumbass ride you into a major city full of zombies. I thought animals were supposed to have better senses and know when shit like this happens. YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED ON THE FARM, HORSE.

Anyway, the series looks good (only 6 episodes for the first season, too!) and I like how it was more like a movie than a TV episode. The special effects on the zombies were well done. But I am skeptical on how well this series will do, since the tone of the comics gets really damn dark really damn fast. This is not Happy Shiny Funtiems Zombie Apocalypse. This is We Have Become The Monsters Zombie Apocalypse.

But I read that they've got the second season already ordered and oh-so-crazy Michonne will be showing up. LOLZ. I wonder how the series will handle her for the primetime TV audience.
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Surprise! Plants vs Zombies headed to more platforms.


I love playing the trial of this game, and I am seriously close to actually buying it for PC. But if they come out with a version for the DS, I will buy it instantly instead. This is such a great, cute game, and it would work perfectly with the touchscreen.

*crosses fingers*
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I've got links accumulating here that I've been wanting to pimp out, but I keep forgetting. XD;; So I might as well consolidate and put it all in one big post, right? Right!

♥ First of all, for the foodies on my flist (or wanna-be foodies like me), you can go here to sign up to recipe 8 free recipe booklets. I love recipes since I can make practically anything as long as I have a recipe to follow. There's a good selection of choices here, from bread baking recipes, to seafood, to cooking with wine. I signed up to get all of them. XD;;

♥ Now for a bit of humor... Uncomfortable Plot Summaries. Exactly what it says; plot summaries of a bunch of movies and books, in a very uncomfortable fashion. Some of my favorites include:

-- 300: Gays kill blacks.
-- Highlander: Elderly immigrant destroys property.
-- Harry Potter: Celebrity jock thinks rules don't apply to him, is right.
-- Lord of the Rings: Midget destroys stolen property.
-- The Golden Compass: Critique of Catholicism upstaged by polar bear fight.

XD;; Joss ends up on the list for pretty much everything he's ever done, too.

♥ Now, because everyone loves zombies and literature, have Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's Pride and Prejudice, but with zombies! I BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING. I want to read this, if only for the opening line.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains."

♥ This has been passed around, but I'll link it, too, in case anyone hasn't read it. Why Aren't People Commenting On My Post/Story/Whatever?

♥ Oh, and since we all love food around here, this is the perfect way to end this post: The Fandom Recipe Book. I still haven't downloaded it yet (because of my slow-ass connection), but everyone says it's really good.

... and now, time for lunch!

y so srs?

Oct. 27th, 2008 12:42 am
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Way to be all creepy. Braaaaaaaaains?
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Please PLEASE tell me that I'm not the only one creeped out by this.

For the clickphobic (or lazy), LifeGem will make diamonds out of the cremated ashes of your loved ones for a large fee. *flails* I know diamonds are nice, but I don't want someone to be like:

"Oh, that's a beautiful diamond ring."
"Thanks! It's made out of my grandpa!"

... though, I suppose it would be a conversation starter.

I still think the prices are ridiculous though. I know it's mostly about the process, and keeping a loved one close (*ick*), but you can get a one-carat diamond in a nice setting for much cheaper than these prices. :/

Adopt one today!

My egg says hello.
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It was a mostly-waterborne bacteria with a high fever that caused blindness and insanity, and other nasty things. Not as awesome as my zombie bacteria, but that one only killed everyone besides Madagascar. DAMN MADAGASCAR.

proof of my victory under the cut! screenshot! )
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Things have gotten quiet. I thought things would be worse once it was nighttime. It was pretty bad in the afternoon, and when the sun was setting. Maybe they're smart? Maybe they're waiting for everyone to get tired before attacking. I've barricaded the house as much as I could. I keep seeing those people outside but they're not people anymore they're not my neighbors they're zombies oh god

I can't freak out again. I have to stay awake. I need to make sure they don't get in.

I wonder if the last of the ice cream I ate will be the last time I taste it.
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theyre dead

sun is setting
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don't look up don't look up don' look up don't look up dont look up don't look up don't looks up don't look up don't look
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it wasn't the neighbors oh my god it wasn't the neighbors or it might be now but oh god there's like they're dead and they're still moving and that wasn't paint on the grass it was blood oh god what the hell is going on i can't believe this is realyy happening i don't know what to do about
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Something smells absolutely disgusting outside. Like rotting meat or raw sewage or something. Ugh ugh ugh. I'm so glad we have the air conditioning on so I don't have to open the windows.

And some other neighbors down the block are being completely loud. Like a riot or a fight or something. Whatever. I guess they're getting drunk early this weekend. I just wish they'd stop screaming and yelling. And that car backfiring is completely annoying.
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I was rudely awoken this morning.

The neighbor's stupid yappy dogs were making SUCH a racket really early, barking their little heads off. Then they started whining and yelping and it sounded like someone was beating them or something. Or maybe kicked them. Little rat dogs. x__X;;

I rolled over and went back to sleep once they stopped.


Why is the neighbor's yard covered in red paint? I hope it's not those kids who TP houses again.
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Blog Like It's The End of the World is upon us again.

I shall be participating again, just like last year. ♥
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I always forget that I, for some reason, am in a wiki. For creating Pookie, mostly. XD ♥

Today is a day of links. I've been reading a bunch of interesting things today. Maybe I will edit this in a bit to share the cool stuff.


I had lunch, so prepare for the linkage onslaught. :3 It's a little bit of everything this time around.

10 Best Gay and Bisexual Science Fiction Characters -- Speaks for itself. There's alot of Torchwood. Duh. XD;;

LET'S BIBLE! and with a follow up post -- Your mandatory dose of blasphemy courtesy [ profile] scans_daily. But... uh. Not quite blaspheme, except that Jesus is a half-dressed hot girl. And I still think the gothic lolita is Judas.

Okay... fine. Have a very manly Jesus from Loaded Bible killing vampires. Or maybe they're zombies. Jesus is so hardcore.

And speaking of zombies: 5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen. It's creepy in a cool, nerdy way.

Since we're on the subject of things that don't die, have some of the Highlander anime. It's got a MacLeod! But not the one you're thinking of.

Oh, and I can't forget the newest parody-video thing going around. Much like Lucky Star and Caramelldansen, there is now Caipirinha! Look, here's the version with Zack! I still think the Cloud one is cuter though. ♥

That's it for now. ^^ Unless I find more cool things to pimp.
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Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

* zombie (4x)
* sex (3x)
* ass (2x)
* penis (1x)

Obviously, this means I had to use the icon with ALL THOSE THINGS.

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In case anyone didn't get it, or somehow missed the link I put in every post yesterday, everything that happened yesterday was fictional and part of Blog Like It's The End Of The World. What can I say, I'm a sucker for zombie apocalypses. Plus, it was totally fun. I tried to be realistic with my responses and situation (yes yes the Zombie Survival Guide says being in the desert is good, since it quickens the decay of zombies), plus I liked the paranoia/dawning horror of having to wait for everything to get to you instead of just being thrown into the fray.

Aah, suburbia.

Yesterday was actually spent at Aoi-chan's house, where I was mostly playing Trickster all afternoon. The same will happen today, because we just got a new announcement from the GMs that if we drill up 2 million boxes by midnight on Friday, we'll get an additional 1 million boxes added on. That will get us through stages 3, 4, and 5 and put is in sight of stage 6! AND STAGE 6 IS THE POPPURI PET AND I WANT IT SO BAD.


Also wanna try and see if I can catch Moff online and game with her alittle, since she can finally play! ♥

But first to do a few chores around the house before I actually go to rape Aoi-chan's internets again.
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It's night.

I don't think I'll be sleeping. After the sun set, I could hear dogs barking far away. Gradually, the dogs going nuts has gotten louder and closer. Someone on the next block has a loud big dog. It's still barking. The neighbor's little yappy dogs haven't started up yet. I dunno if this is good or bad. But I haven't heard yelping or sounds of pain yet.

Car alarms are going off like crazy somewhere. And a fire engine went by earlier. I'm brewing coffee and trying to keep up with the news. The zombies really are more active at night. Yay for being in PST?

... what the fuck was that. It sounded like a car rammed into something. Like a wall. A crunching smashing noise, and not a metallic car crash noise. I'm gonna look out the window in front and see what's going on. There's shouting or yelling now.

Oh god.
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I guess this is where I am supposed to be happy about the rising amount of gangs and gang violence in Mo Val.

Saw one of neighbors through and window and opened mine to wave at him. We managed a short conversation about what was going on, and I found out that they have a number of handguns in the house. I just said something along the lines of "cool" and told him that headshots would be the only thing to take a zombie down. He didn't seem to be happy about that, but then I held up my sword and said he could cut the heads off instead. He said he and his sons would stick to shooting. And he managed to give me some pointers with the gun we have here. I sorta hung it out the window, and he talked me through loading it and the safety and stuff. This makes me happier. Especially now that the sun is going down.

I've decided for the sake of my own sanity, to be as calm as possible. I've set the alarm for the house, and the motion detector light. I am not going to worry about anything unless the house alarm goes off. Or the power. The power station is about a mile a way, so if we lose power, I know the shit's coming close and about to hit the fan. I also filled up all the sinks and my tub and the downstairs tub with water. Even managed to eat some leftovers and stuff while I was making molotov cocktails in empty Snapple and juice bottles. I hope my dad doesn't get angry that I raided the liqour cabinet for them. And I was right, btw. Dad was on his way to the casino and picked up mom. I managed to talk to them on the cellphone. Morongo shut down tight after they got there and no one's allowed in or out. At least things are pretty safe for them. Aoi-chan managed to get the baby from daycare. She said things were nearly empty on the streets except for the frantic parents getting their kids. I dunno what her plans are now.

Some of the tv stations have cut out and some haven't and I managed to watch the news on CNN. There's rioting in LA. Or at least there's stuff on fire. No looters though, which means some people have common sense. But this is just... it's almost too much. The sucky part of being in suburbia is all this waiting. And I'm reading through my zombie survival guide book that I got as a gag... during Christmas? My last birthday? I DIDN'T THINK I'D ACTUALLY NEED IT.

You know, during lunch after Pet's graduation, we were joking about how I'd be the first one to die during an apocalypse because of my strange eating habits/fast metabolism.

I really hope that's not the case right now.

And there goes the sun. The street lights are turning on now.
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It wasn't mom.

Just a neighbor, but she looked pretty freaked out. I opened my bedroom window and shouted down and found out she'd come from Riverside, too. I warned her about locking things down and stuff and not getting bitten or scratched. I just hope she listens to me. And I can only hope this is one of those days mom and dad went from work straight to the casino, because that's in the middle of the desert and should be pretty safe from anything crossing close.

Things are still locked up tight here. I've got the emergency kit in the SUV along with water and food and stuff, in case I have to make a break for it. I'm so glad I filled up the gas tank earlier this week. The SUV can go 400 miles on a full tank. I shouldn't have to stop if I don't need to. I checked the sharpness of my swords and they seem pretty decent. I pulled out the machete my dad keeps for the yardwork, too. And my baseball bat, of course. I even got into the crawlspace to get out the gun that daddy has. I don't really know how things work, but I've got it with me just in case.

Is it sad that I'm annoyed because I was supposed to be gaming today, and raping Aoi-chan's internet?

... oh god Aoi-chan. I better see if I can get her on the phone. I dunno if she knows but she has to get the baby from daycare.

Okay. So.

Jun. 13th, 2007 02:50 pm
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Have managed to lock and block off any possible entry points downstairs. I guess this is where I have enough time to go back to the beginning of this horribly shitty day. The wireless is bitchy but okay when it's not. We still have water and power, thank god.

Woke up this morning when the power went off around noon. I was about to get up anyway, but then my cellphone beeped at me (it beeps when it's unplugged and I'd been charging it overnight), and the house security system gave that warning beep that says the main electricty was cut off (thank god for backup power supplies). It came back after only a few minutes, so I figured it was just a brief power surge or something because it was so hot and now people are turning on their air conditioners. Plus, they were fixing our power lines last week. I didn't think much of it.

Since it was about 12:30pm by the time I got up (slept in a bit late), I didn't check my email and stuff like I normally do in the morning, and just got dressed and ready to go to the Library. With this weather, the coldness of the library would be A-OK with me. I got in the SUV and headed on my way, and nothing was wrong in Mo Val.

Now, see... I have this thing where I don't like driving on freeways if I don't have to. I'll take side streets and stuff just to stay off the freeway, since sometimes that's faster than going through traffic. Oh god, was I lucky today. I saw the 215 was backed up for some reason (I hate the construction they're doing), so I took the streets to Riverside instead. Did I mention that I get to drive past the Arlington cemetary? Yeah. The street was pretty empty and I didn't think much of it (too busy drinking my soda) and I was stopped at a red light when, jesus, I looked up and noticed a bunch of cars were stopped up ahead, past the next light. I didn't know why. I craned my head to look, and then I saw a bunch of people running out of their cars. I didn't know what the hell was going on until I saw someone get taken down. And then there were more people, moving kinda slow, and I thought: "Why are they all scuzzy? I hope they're not homeless people trying to wash my windshield."

They surrounded the SUV before I realized what was going on. It was like... surreal even thinking about it now. And I'm thanking GOD that today was so hot, because I had the air conditoner on in the car, instead of driving with the windows rolled down like I usually do on the streets. They were banging on the glass and... and I think I started screaming and the light was still red. But then I just... I just gunned the engine and drove right through them. Flipped a bitch when I was clear, drove through what was left, and sped all the way back home. Oh god I'm shaking remembering it. It was like... thuds. Like hitting those speed bumps. I guess I wasn't wrong when I said yesterday that the SUV could crush anything in its path without stopping.

I got home and the neighbors were still doing their construction thing next door. I remember that I started screaming at them, trying to explain what had happened. They didn't believe me until one of the construction guys noticed I had... I guess it was an arm stuck to my front bumper. I knocked it off with some wood, and the construction guys freaked.

I've locked everything down since then. It's so freaking hot. I tried calling my parents. Daddy didn't pick up his cellphone (he can't hear it ring half the time), but I told mom what was going on. She can't get home without using the freeways, and I told her to stay the fuck off of those since they're blocked. She works at a mental health facility. She told me the crazy people were even crazier today and they had to lock the ward doors. I told her if she makes it home, not to open the gate. I said I'd watch and let her in, since I'm not risking opening the garage unless it's clear.

One good thing about Mo Val... we're a desert. And it's really hot today. I don't think the zombies (is that what they are?) like the oppressive heat. Thank god the only cemetary around is Arlington. But there's two hospitals nearby.

Wait, I think someone's driving up. I better see if it's my mom.

I've pulled my swords out from under my bed. And my baseball bat is sturdy.
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I'll... I'll be back if I can. I need to close and lock up everything in the house while I can. Oh, I'm really glad we've got the fence around our property and the metal security doors/bars over the front door and the sliding ones. You can't get through thoughs without a blowtorch. I'm gonna block off the downstairs windows too, with heavy furniture, just in case.

Connection is getting shitty. Fucking wireless. I hope this posts.
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Apparently LifeHacker has turned into DeathHacker for the day. It's so funny. Zombies seem to be the topic of the day. I especially liked the zombie tracking using Google Maps. XD! Go look and laugh at the funny!


How sad is it that this is my only zombie icon? XP


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