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Back from my time away~

Actually, I got back last night but was pretty tired and my brain didn't work right. I'm all achy in strange places, there's a weird blister(s) on my palm, and if I pick up a pen in my right hand, there's an intense stab of pain that shoots from my hand up my arm. All in all, typical and normal (except for the blister, which idk what it is, but it itches).

Oh, and the aches are because I started my period after I woke up. Perfect timing, ovaries. I salute stab you.
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Those who know why, know why. :P

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

As always, this is an official SPAM POST. I trust you won't let my SHINY SHINY DRAGON EGGS DIE while I'm gone. Go ahead and pimp your eggs out here! Or gimme pr0n. Or link me to shiny things that will make me happy, or news that you think I REALLY SHOULD NOT MISS OUT ON, or pictures of cute animals. Or you can play Pandemic 2 and tell me your devious plan to destroy humanity.

Have at, people. ♥
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[hiatus. gone a'barrin'. one week.]


*hangs up second sign*

[pr0n and cuddles welcomed here.]
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Heard this song on the radio the other day:

lyrics )
That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive,
carved my name into his leather seats...
I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights,
slashed a hole in all 4 tires...

Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats.

more lyrics )

And all I could think was: 'Well, her actions constitue a tort. Probably trespass to chattels, unless the damage to the car was enough to be considered conversion. Then she'd be liable for the full price of the car, instead of the price of repairing the harm.'

... OTL
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Been waking up earlier and earlier lately, probably because of having to wake up early for the bar exam. Also probably because I've been going to sleep earlier. >_>;;

Got on Trickster late last night again and the wireless worked, so I managed to get to lvl 31 by beating on the Queen Yamus and Popos again. SUCH GOOD EXP. But now the wireless won't connect at all. The bitch. T__T!

Moff? Pet? I dunno if I can get on to play this afternoon, since Aoi-chan is sick and at the doctor's. I'm going out in a bit to buy 300 since the DVD came out today, and maybe swing by the Starbuck's near Circuit Cuty and see what the wireless situation is like. >_>;; If it's not good, I'll just go home and hope the wireless will be nice to me until I at least finish the event monster hunts. >_O;; I really wanted all the festival equips, too. Grrr.

In other news, my back hurt so bad last night that I kept tossing and turning. I think the ovaries want revenge this month.
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I think I'll go to bed early-ish. Like... now. Still feeling the aftereffects of the Bar. x___X And I haven't even started drinking yet. Yes, my hand still hurts, but only when I specifically curl my fingers as if gripping a writing instrument. Otherwise it just feels kinda vaguely weird-numb.

... I want to shop.

Also, it is freaking hot even though the air conditioner is on and set at a reasonable temperature.

T_T <3

Jul. 27th, 2007 01:24 pm
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I got to sleep in today. Finally.


Hand still twingey though. Time for lunch.


Jul. 23rd, 2007 10:39 am
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This is it. I'm leaving the house in a little bit to go to the hotel, so I'm pretty much going to be absent from LJ and online for the rest of the week. Even if the hotel has free wireless, I think I'll be too stressed out to take advantage of it.

As I did last time, this is now A TOTAL SPAM POST.

Run wild, people. Link me to anything you want me to see or read, babble endlessly, RP in here, or -- and Mikke did this once and holds the spamming title in my LJ for it -- post all your fic here. XD! I approve of cat macros and pictures of cute animals. I also approve of smutty pr0n (fics and art yayz), and cuddly domesticity (fics and art yayz). Go ahead and try to break my e-mail, and give me much love.

♥ ♥ ♥


It's 2pm and I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm checked in and such. And the internets are not free. ;__; But I've got one day of it so I will see if Trickster works.

Oh, and...

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*has a chocolate chip cookie and hot chocolate from the cafe*

This should tide me over until I leave and get some real food, like a meal, into my belly.

Mmmm chocolate.

Yes, I know I'm babbling. Constitutional Law does this to me. Yay for the Commerce Clause.


I have some of the weirdest and most unhelpful tags ever. But Magellan is still a sometimes food.


Just a half hour more and I'll leave. I still need to drop by Staples for new pens and to find an analog clock. And I want that fried chicken. ;__;
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*sucks down a Starbucks Frappuccino*

I so love these refrigerated things. So very handy. At the library early, since I'll be here all day. Again. Gonna take a break at about 3-ish for a proper lunch and to pee (the bathroom here at the library is kinda scary ;__;). Then back to the grind again.

Note to self: remember to buy a little analog clock for the test. And also, snacks for the hotel room.

I think I will fold laundry when I get home.
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One less thing to worry about: finally got my Admittance Card in the mail today. Yay. I was worried that it wouldn't get here on time. T__T Also ordered HP, and it'll be here on Saturday (or I get for free).

One thing to worry about is that they ARE removing the first part of the Summer Night Event during the patch tomorrow night. Dammit. I still haven't even finished the event fully on my main character, let alone on my mules. x___X I just need that one damn Hardwood Board! Maybe I should just buy it. I know people are selling the Festival Tickets, too. >_>;;


In other news, my laundry is... laundering. Yay. I'll have something to wear tomorrow. :P


Jul. 16th, 2007 11:50 am
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... I'll put something more coherent here later.


Back but not really more coherent. Let's have some lists.


-- Dad filled up the gas tank on the SUV so I didn't have to. Yay.
-- My second jewelry order from Silver Jewelry Club. They are pretty and I have a full set (earrings, ring, necklace) to wear that matches. ♥
-- Stupid bitch in a little red car tried to cut me off but I sped up and she settled for tailgating me. Apparently she wasn't happy that I had two car lengths between me and the truck in front of me, so she tried to overtake me again. >_>;; I just stepped on the gas to narrow the distance, and she got stuck behind a slow truck in the second lane while the truck in front of me sped up. :D I laughed to myself when I couldn't see her in my rearview mirror.
-- Gonna order HP:TDH from Amazon so they ship it to me on the 21st and I don't have to go anywhere. Will be avoiding 4chan and most of teh internets to avoid spoilers. SPOIL ME AND DIE. I WAS SPOILED FOR HBP AND I WAS PISSED.


cut for your sanity and mine )
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Traffic was bad today. Lots of big rigs and such on the freeway. I'm not loving the thought of the drive home. Maybe I'll take University again.

*checks email and such after Civil Procedure cramming*
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At the library instead of raping Aoi-chan's internet. Have been struggling valiantly to stay in denial and complete disassociation with the end of the month, but I have failed. .___.;; Woke up early today to call the Bar, since I haven't received my Admittance Card yet, even though I should've gotten it in June. It'll be sent out today though, so I should have it in a week (hopefully).

... there is a pair of twins sitting at the table in front of me, happily munching on a snack of gummi gummy bears and chocolate milk. They're both wearing identical bright blue shirts. And they're very tiny. I'm crap at judging ages, but they have to be at least 2 or 3, but not old enough to be able to form complete sentences. Socute.
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I always seem to forget that the library tends to be very cold inside, no matter how nice it is outside. >_>;; I totally need to figure out where I put my arm warmers. My hands are always cold.

Anyway, my library UNF skills work, since I was wandering about, looking for a table near an outlet, so I could plug in my laptop easily. Could find none, then finally settled on the second floor between two occupied outlets. Then I shot VIBES OF DOOM at one of the guys, and LO, HE LEFT. HAHAHAHA. So now I am sitting at a nice table in the back and Shukaku is happily plugged in.

In studying news, Community Property. Contracts between unmarried cohabitants are not enforceable to the extent that they are explicitly founded on consideration of sexual services.


*flops over and surfs LJ for a bit*
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So, I didn't go to the library today, nor did I rape Aoi-chan's internet. I spent a chunk of time on the phone, making my hotel reservations for the Bar Exam. Hahaha. I'm taking it at the Long Beach Convention Center, and my hotel is the Westin.

You know.

One of the hotels for Anime Expo this year.

T_T The world is so cruel and likes to taunt me.

Then mom came home early (and called me), and we went out to Mervyn's to buy towels on sale because she needs them for work, and she also dropped her cellphone and broke it, so we stopped at Cingular, too. >_>;; Those PDA phones are pretty nifty. I was messing with some that had internet access and QWERTY keypads, and I managed to surf LJ. It was cool. I'd so give myself carpal tunnel or Blackberry Thumb or something.

And because we were both lazy and hungry, we had dinner at Chili's. They have the best Strawberry Lemonade EVER. I also had the babyback ribs with mashed potatoes and cinnamon apples but was only able to eat half. NOW IT IS A RACE. If my dad gets home before I get hungry again, he's going to eat the leftovers. If I get hungry again, I'll probably eat half the leftovers and save the rest for him. IT'S A FULL RACK OF RIBS. IT'S A LOT OF FOOD.


Library tomorrow though. Unless Trickster patches tonight. :P


Nov. 17th, 2006 01:04 pm
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[Imagine there is an obligatory whining ovary-stabbing post here with TMI.]

[Thank you and have a nice day.]


Today is also the day the Bar Exam results come out. After 6pm on the website. And mailed. Who's in Mo Val to get drunk with me?


Jul. 28th, 2006 06:48 pm
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celebrated bar exam being over by vomiting the second i got home. airplane peanuts taste bad coming back up. then i slept for 12 hours. now i'm gonna take a nap. so exhausted.
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Huh. There's two computers in the lobby that are free to use. >_>;; Can't stay here forever though, but I just wanted to say that I'm alive and in San Francisco. The hotel is... rather nice. And there was a little spa bag on my bed! :3 It had a little vial of scented oil (lavender) and a facial mask. It's cute. And obviously, they must know I'm stressed since the stuff is meant for relaxation. :P

The flight was... kinda bad. There was a lot of turbulence, since we went through a storm cloud, but I thank my body's reactions, because the minute I started getting queasy, I also started getting sleepy, and then I dropped off. Which is... sorta scary if you think about it to hard, since I have -- in the past -- passed out during a bad take-off. I recall scaring the lady who was in the next seat.

Also managed to rent a car without too much problem, just a long line. I really wish that I'd gotten into the hotel that's like... walking distance to the Convention Center, but it was all full up (probably because it had the cheaper room rate, too). But it's okay. The drive shouldn't be too bad, I'm going to check out the route and the Center after I get something to eat. One Pina Cool-Ada from Juice It Up isn't really filling (but it kept me from flying on an empty stomach hurrah).

I think I'm babbling. I know I'm in denial. I need food before I drop. And then... studying. Studying. Cramming. Tuesday. Ugh.

Oh, don't expect me to be online after this post. WTF is wrong with this place? Dial-up and LAN internet in the rooms, but no wireless? I didn't bring any cords or cables! And there weren't any provided. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOT that I would've gotten the internet in my room anyway. >_>;; Because that would be bad. And distracting. Yes. Wait, maybe there's wireless, I didn't turn on Shukaku to check. Wait. No. Bad.

I'm going to get food now really.
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Also, since I'll be gone and in dire need of distraction and alcohol when I return, it's time to put up a nice meme/spam post in my LJ. And no, this is not just a way to h0r for drabbles. Really. Maybe people are tired of this meme already though, and I suck at guessing, so feel free to just spam this post and make my inbox cry (since I will be internet-less until I get back home).

Most of my flist are writers with a few artists tossed in. And although I don't always comment on your posts, I do (mostly) always read them. I do, however, notice styles, details, certain turns of phrase that are uniquely... you. Or at least I think I do.

That being said, I thought it would be fun if you, as a writer, would indulge me by writing a few paragraphs-- ANONYMOUSLY --in a comment and let me try to guess who you are. Just be yourself as hard as you can be and write some fiction, be it fanfiction or original works.

Ugh =__=

Jul. 17th, 2006 02:12 pm
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It's all humid and sticky today because it stormed last night. Also, my back hurts something terrible. I'm actually glad for that because, dammit, I WANT TO HAVE MY PERIOD NOW AND NOT DURING THE EXAM. Please don't be bitches this month, ovaries. T____T JUST BLEED.

It's kinda weird to think that on Sunday I'll be in San Francisco again. x____X *cries pitifully* All I do is study and depress myself and all that assorted negative thinking that I inevitably do. God, I really need to pass this time or... or something. I don't know. Something.


Jul. 11th, 2006 01:41 pm
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*beats head against desk*

... 20 more minutes until lunch. I can make it.


Jun. 27th, 2006 12:15 pm
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It is Tuesday. I'm in the library until 5pm. I have no snacks (except for a strawberry NutriGrain bar) because I ate all my chocolate already. I should be studying Professional Responsibility. I had another argument with my dad. I hope I can go to AX. I'll have my lunch at 2pm. There's ice cream in my freezer. I need to stop procrastinating. When I get home I need to call the hotel and book for the 23rd to the 27th. I need to check SuperShuttle. I need to send in those payments for loans so I'll be clear for July. I better not get my period during the Bar Exam. I want to bake something. The books in front of me on the left are all computer-related programming books, but on the right, it's about writing. This doesn't make sense to me for some reason. The computer just downloaded an update and says I need to restart. I feel like I'm in a haze today, maybe because I woke up at 10am, but didn't get to sleep until almost 5am. I need to stop thinking so hard at night. I'm breaking out because of stress again. Beef jerky is not a good breakfast. I feel completely and totally overwhelmed sometimes. And that is the stream of consciousness babble for the day.
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When I woke up, I hated the whole world. Okay, hated is a strong word. I felt severely dispassionate. And now that has petered out and I just feel kinda apathetic and... nihilistic. Wait. That's not the right word either. Maybe ennui is better. I don't know.

I had some chocolate, but it didn't help. Maybe it's the weather. It's hot out (yay air conditioning) and that means I can't bake, and I have a box of brownie mix in the cupboard. Maybe it's just going through another one of my downswings. I'm going to hate the rest of summer, I think. I don't wanna study. Again.

... I really really need to stop doing this to myself.

I might spam tonight, if I can pull out of my funk. I know I was tagged for memes that I haven't done yet, and I want to try and write about happy things. And... I know I owe alot of people drabbles. I fail at timeliness.


I need to fix my mood theme and post fics to my ficjournal, too.
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... 47 points.

I missed it by 47 fucking points.

I'm going to beat myself now.
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Just look at the tags.

I'm going to go hate myself for a good long while, yet pretend to be okay so my parents don't yell at me some more. I can make myself feel worthless on my own. I'm very good at it.
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I am spending all of tomorrow in complete and utter denial of what day it is.

I will not be waiting anxiously for 6pm.

If I am online, I will be reading porn, and not refreshing a certain website.

In fact, I will contrive to not be online at all tomorrow around 6pm.

If I have to, I will go out shopping and burn a hole in my credit card, because shopping is good therapy and I want to go to Old Navy and buy cute capris and shirts. This might be difficult because I will not have a car, but I can hope. Or shop online. Wait. No. Not online. Bad.

I am not thinking of tomorrow. At all. I'm not.

I am going to go to bed tonight and fall asleep and dream of happy things. I will not be tossing and turning all night until I feel like gnawing my arm off.

I have a half pint of Cookie Doughn't You Want Some ice cream left. I will be eating it tomorrow. All of it. As needed.

I'm still not thinking.


Not at all.

Don't ask me about it either. Because I'm not thinking about it. At all. You can look at my tags for this entry and that should explain everything.

In fact, don't reply to this entry at all unless it concerns porn. Or boysex. Or tentacles. Or other such happy and mindless things. Or puppies. Or fluffy bunnies. That counts, too.


Feb. 25th, 2006 07:21 pm
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1) awake now. and had food. and orange soda. yay. ♥

2) mikke, you're a freak. ♥ i'm almost glad that you didn't spam me with your fma fics, or i'd have like... 3000 comments.

3) my friends are the best ever 'cuz they drink and watch stupid movies with me where people die and stuff blows up, but it's happy. ♥

4) i'm abusing the ♥ -making option. *hearts; it's fun.

5) ... i really want to eat something salty, but i don't know what. i had popcorn but that didn't help. will think on it.

6) no i don't feel like capitalizing. at all. you're lucky i'm using punctuation.

7) i still feel guilty and ashamed for that theory i advanced in my performance exam. goodbye moral scruples.

8) yay mpreg icon! i finally have one! thanks asuka.
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This is just to make it official for those who don't know, but I'm leaving LJ completely. For the rest of this week at least. Tomorrow is the Bar Exam and it runs for three days, so don't expect to see me about at all until Thursday night. Or even until the weekend since I plan on spending Thursday after the Bar drunk and crying. No online time for me at all. *whines* It will be hard, but I know I can do it.

So, because I'm a total h0r like that, I am declaring this to be a spam post. Go ahead. Run wild! Give me fics, give me links, give me pics, just babble to your heart's content and rape my inbox so I have something to see when I finally DO come back to the wonderful world of LJ. I don't even care if you write me a drabble and post it one word at a time. XD;

Though, I've tried to make a spam post before and it failed a bit miserably, so I don't have very high expectations this time around. Feel free to prove me wrong though!

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I'm sorry if I worried anyone earlier today, which apparently I did, because once I got on AIM, I was hit by no less than three IMs with variations on Are you okay? I'm alright. I was just cranky and tired and hungry and stressed and it's not going to get any better until after the Bar Exam.

Mom picked me up from the library just fine, and we even stopped to have dinner out. I demolished a steak and shrimp and had butter on my baked potato. And I drank a Pepsi. Then I got home, laid about, and then took a long hot shower. All this went towards making me feel much better. Though, I'm seriously debating going to the library tomorrow. I need to find my other workbook. Which is... somewhere. In a box. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

On a happier note, I promised to YSI some things for people, so here you go.

Two Mix -- Just Communication (Gundam Wing OP English)

And as a bonus, have this:

Two Mix -- Rhythm Emotion (Gundam Wing OP2 English). This one cuts off after two minutes, but it's enough for you to get a taste of what the English version is like. ^^

I also have the Rave Mix of Rhythm Emotion. X3;; I like it.

Oh... and this Autosave feature thingy on LJ is pretty nice. I always get pissed when I write long entries and they crap out when I'm updating. Good for you, LJ.

I'm going to surf around idly now, until my hair dries enough so I can sleep.
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I have found, quite possibly, the best library food. You know, food you can secretly eat in the library when you're not supposed to be eating food in the library. I snatched a bag of Dove chocolates (they're all heart-shaped and pink and white foil for Valentine's Day) from home and smuggled a sandwich bag of them in my bookbag. Now I have some in my pocket. They are perfect. I just have to unwrap the foil and pop the chocolate into my mouth. Don't even need to chew (which is suspicious), I just let it sit in my mouth and melt. ♥

Of course, I'm only going to such trouble because I'm planning on having a late lunch, because I'm staying at the library until 6 or 7pm. I haven't decided yet. I also have a heating pad strapped to my lower back, because I've been achy like you wouldn't believe. Though, this might be explained by the fact that it is overcast and cold and windy today, and it looks like it might rain. Yes, I get achy when it rains. STFU.

I think I'm in some sort of Bar Exam denial right now. Really. But if you talk to me about, I'm liable to rip your head off and feast on your entrails. =D

*eats another chocolate*
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Rawr... in the library today, until 7 pm. Bleh. I had lunch before I came here. It was a damn tasty ham and swiss (with dill) stuffed croissant. And it was hot! And I got a side of fruit with it. And I also finally bought a Day&Night cookies. That's my snack for later. I also have a sandwich and chips and soda in my bag for a dinner-ish type thing, since I'm probably gonna be hungry before 7. Damn my fast metabolism.

I'm studying Contracts and Remedies today. Or Property. I haven't decided yet, but Contracts looks to be better, since it ties in with what I've been doing with Remedies. Aaaah the joys of beating the same information into your head over and over and over again until you bleed from the ears.

Also, in a cooler and less traumatizing note, I have some things to pimp out! They're pretty cool!

First, is LJ Book. This site will turn your whole LJ (or parts of it) into a .pdf for easy printing. See, the trend now seems to be to make hardcopies of your blog (if you're a hardcore blogger and don't babble like I mostly do), so you can remember it or share it with others. Also, it's a great way to keep a copy of your LJ on hand, so you don't lose any info in a LJ server crash or something. ♥

I did my LJ last night, all of it, and it's now a file that's over 12MB. Over 2000 pages. @___@ Damn, I babble alot. But it's still pretty cool! And you can even choose to have your comments in it, too.

Second, is the LJ Archive program. If you don't want to turn your LJ into a .pdf, you can use this. ^^ The program archives your LJ and updates everytime you run it, so you always have a copy of your LJ around. It's pretty handy for if you want to find a specific entry, or remember something you did, or don't want to lose your stuff. It also has some neat add-ons. I particularly like the Regressive Imagery Analysis, which scans through your LJ for certain words and phrases, then analyzes them to see how your stats compare to other people on LJ. Psychological profiling! Yay!

>_>;; My 3 highest categories are Oral (91.2%), Consciousness Alteration (80.1%), and Water (90%). That means like, 91.2% of people on LJ talk about Orality less than I do. *coughs slightly* I really have no idea what they're talking about.

cut for a chart, because charts and graphs are cool )
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... but I did do a bit of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure. Mostly still focusing on Remedies. Finished up Tort Damages and now moving on to Restitutionary Remedies. No, it's not as interesting as it sounds. XPP

And because I'm bored, I spent waaaaaay too much time doing this meme. But it's fun. And I made myself sound totally pervy. ;___; I'm a nice girl, really.


Still bored, but I made it to Balancing the HArdships, so I'm happy. Added another meme, too. Because of the butter. ♥

cut for meme graphic )
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Had a lovely spat with my father before we left the house this morning. At least it was relatively short compared to our normal arguments. *sighs* Why do I keep forgetting that I should just ignore everything that comes out of his mouth instead of snapping back? Well, I ignore most of what he says anyway, but I'm really not my best in the mornings, I guess.

Had lunch early today. In fact, I just finished it before coming here to the library. It was a very nice chicken caesar salad from the same cafe as yesterday (it was HUGE; I couldn't finish it all and it came with a side of fresh baked bread), and I also got myself a chocolate chip cookie. But woe! I should've investigated the desserts more thoroughly, because after I ordered, I saw that the cafe also sells BLACK&WHITE COOKIES. ♥ They called them "Night&Day" cookies instead though. But anyway, I've been craving those cookies hardcore ever since I went to NYC. Alas, that they seem to be an east coast (or rather, New York) thing. I could never find them here. But now! Triumph! I will definitely buy one (or two) tomorrow!

Now to digest, check my e-mail, then get down to the studying.

Why isn't there a Starbuck's nearby?
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I am typing this from the Riverside Public Library. Yes, I am on Shukaku, and yes, I am on the Main Library's wireless. Ohgod. Because the CA Bar Exam is coming up in two weeks plzkillme I am ratcheting up the studying. I've been studying since I got my last result (yeah, shocking, I know), but now I need to move out of my comfortable and distracting home environment (free food and TV yay) and study my brains out. This isn't cramming (that's for later), but I know how my brain works and studying this intensely for months on end would have killed me. Damn brain.

So now I have my BarBri books, highlighters, etc., out and around me. I also have Yondaime fully charged and playing 12 Girls Band so I can drown out the sounds around me and focus. I just took a break from refreshing myself on Torts, but the actual subject for today is Remedies. Or it's supposed to be. Whatever. I just turned on Shukaku for a bit to see if there actually was a wireless network set up. But I'm not allowed to play online while I study. Or I shouldn't. Library is open from 10-7 and I'll be here for most of that. Studying. Or... writing fics when I can't remember what vicarious liability is anymore (that's the next section I need to go through).

I think I'm babbling. Again. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find an outlet anywhere to plug Shukaku into so I can charge his battery, so I guess that's good. I can only do about 3 hours of "wasting time stuff" before Shukaku's battery goes out. Unless I find an outlet.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone that I'll likely be scare during the day and probably not really play online until the late evening. I'm also trying to turn my sleep schedule around so I'm not, you know, nocturnal anymore. XP

I think I'm gonna go have lunch in a bit. I didn't have any much breakfast and I think the lack of food is affecting me. There should be someplace to eat around here. If not, I have a Coke and Strawberry Pocky in my bag.

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Wow. I've been really not here, haven't I? I suppose I should blame RL for that, as a whole hell of a lot happened between the time the Bar Exams started and, well, now.

Let's go chronologically, shall we? LJ-cut for reading convenience, and so you can avoid spoilers or skip the crap you don't want to read. :P

My parents )
The parental units were quite supportive throughout this whole thing. I was a bit surprised that they didn't nag me as much as I thought they would. But then again, they saw a girl come out of the Exams CRYING on the first day, so I suppose they figured discretion was the better part of valor.

That leads me to...

The Bar Exam )

I really hope that I pass and don't have to re-take the Exam in February. I really really hope I pass.

Let's think of something else. Like perviness.

What I did during lunch, special DVD commentary )

Even under times of severe stress, I remain a pervert. It must be a coping mechanism.

And thus, the CA Bar Exam ended. And then my parents took me out.

dinner, drinks, cousins, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory )

And then was Friday... which meant... packing everything in my apartment and moving.

The Great Moving Debacle )

So now everything is off the truck and my desk and dresser are in my room, and allmy boxes of stuff are in the garage. I need to hunt down my anime and manga and doujinshi and DVDs, and find a place for my bookshelf. But I am home, and I've been sleeping alot, and I have internet.

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you are my lucky star... lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky...


is the song bad? i have another one. if you'd like to hear it i can sing it for you.

... give me your answer do...
I'm... half cra... zy all for the lo... ve of you...
It won't be a... stylish marriage...
I can't af... ford a... carriage...
But you'll look sweet up... on the seat... of a bi... cyc... le...
... bu...ilt...
... for...
... two...
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it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
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*looks at clock*

In a little over 12 hours, I'm gonna start the first day of the Bar Exam. I would feel better if, you know, I didn't fall asleep in the middle of studying Community Property. *winces* But I got that done, and Remedies yesterday, and my parents are here and I feel... blank. Maybe the gut-wrenching horror will hit me by tomorrow morning.


9am-12pm --> Essays
12-1pm --> Lunch
1-4pm --> Performance Exam


9am-12pm --> MBE (multiple choice)
12-1pm --> Lunch
1-4pm --> MBE


9am-12pm --> Essays
12-1pm --> Lunch
1-4pm --> Performance Exam

Okay. Start the praying and slaughtering of innocents sacrifices. I wouldn't mind an earthquake tomorrow. Or, you know, the Apocalypse. I could use a good Apocalypse right now.
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I have reached the cranky and irritable stage. May be mixed with the naseous vomiting stage, or that just might be my ovaries talking. Doesn't help that I had to talk to my dad on the phone earlier. Ugh.

To Do:

-- wash dishes
-- shower
-- try and remember to eat something that isn't popcorn
-- study

*curls up*


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