Oct. 25th, 2011

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Hello out there, denizens of LJ-land!

I know it's been awhile since my last really big update, so I've decided to catch everyone up on what's been going on with me IRL to keep me away from my beloved internets (besides all the damn outages and DDOS attacks LJ has been suffering). I've actually been pretty busy lately with...


Yes, I've actually started up a small business featuring my artisan jewelry. You can also find me on Etsy, though the selling portion of my shop isn't up yet. ♥ I've actually been making jewelry as a hobby and to keep busy, but after making a lot for friends and family (and myself), I was encouraged to expand and sell to everyone who wants one-of-a-kind, affordable pieces of jewelry. I'm pretty enthused about this, since it's something creative that I enjoy doing, and I certainly don't mind making money doing it.

I've also been accepted to the Inland Empire Women's Business Center's 'It's Your Time' Program. It's a non-profit program that runs about six months long and is specifically aimed at helping and encouraging women in my area (the Inland Empire) to be successful small business owners. I'm really happy to have been accepted into the program, even if my 'final' of writing a complete business plan (with financials!) is a bit daunting. But hopefully I'll be successful. And all of y'all can cross your fingers for me, because the person who has the best business plan wins a prize package worth... I think it's over $3000. All I know is that last year, the winner got an iPad as part of the prize package. :3 I could use something like that definitely.

Actually, I've been pretty busy attending my classes and networking and, of course, selling my jewelry every month at Riverside's Art Walk. Though, now I'm hoping to expand to other local art events and farmer's markets and the like.

And now for the shameless pimping:

All of my jewelry is for sale.

I'm also available for custom orders (just ask Pet and Aoi and K-chan, since I've made pieces for them). Please feel free to contact me through FB, Etsy, e-mail, or -- of course -- here on LJ if you'd like to purchase something or get custom jewelry made for you. The holiday season is approaching! So you should totally buy presents for everyone you know from me. :3

I've been thinking of a way to kickstart some funding for my business as well (buying supplies is pricey when you work with semi-precious gemstones), so I'm considering offering up a little promotion. I'm working on cute angel pendant necklaces for the holidays. They're made of freshwater pearl, antique silver wings and halos, with high quality crystal bodies, each individually handmade and hung from sterling silver plated chain. If you're interested in a necklace (or a smaller pair for earrings), drop me a line. I'll custom make an angel (or two) for you in your choice of color for $20. I already have some made for sale, so I'll be posting a couple pictures later on FB and here on LJ for everyone to see.

♥ ♥ ♥

Aaaaaaaaaaand to return the favor, since she already pimped me out, [personal profile] gunxshyed is making CHUBBY POTTERS for sale. They're absolutely adorable felt ornaments that are individually handmade for you. She's made Snape and Harry so far, with a Draco as a custom chubby. I think she's willing to make anyone you want, so you should totally hit her up for cuteness.


So was that pimping shameless enough, or should I have more blinking text?


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