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windandwater: (THIS is Sparta!)

Now I just... need to buy a wireless router so that we have wifi and I have FAST INTERNETS on my laptop, and all will be perfect.
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Having an explanation for all this fuckery makes me feel somewhat better, but still cranky at LJ. I guess Russia is trying to pimpslap its political dissidents again.

You were right, Windsor!

I just really wish that when they did that, they'd leave the rest of LJ out of it. I mean, ONTD has its very own server because of the traffic it gets. You'd think something could be done. Then again, I'm no expert.
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Is anyone else having major problems with LJ lately, or is it just me? It's all kinds of hell for me to load my inbox and various posts/comment pages/comms and it's really cramping my LJ browsing habits. =__=;; Whenever I check the LJ status page, it says that there's nothing wrong, but from my end it's like the DDoS is still going on.

... is this because I haven't switched to the new Firefox? :/
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Best Buy now has purple Sony Vaio laptops for sale.



T________T Wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
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So, last night I came upon the marvelous discovery that Sony has made a purple Vaio. It practically screams that it was made for me. T_T ♥ Unfortunately, it's part of their Signature Series,which means a bump up in price, but it's like $899, so that's not too bad, especially with all the features and beautiful color it has.

Then today, I found out that Sony has dropped official info on their new Sony Vaio W Series netbooks. Yes. An official netbook from Sony, not the overpriced (but so tiny and beautiful damn why don't you have a touchpad) Vaio P Series. The netbook drops in August and will run about $500. Pricey for a netbook, but you have to remember the Sony tax.

It's like Sony wants to kill me. :/

Now, I will add this caveat: Yes, I know there are cheaper laptops and netbooks out there. I am quite well-aware of the fact that I'm paying a premium just to have Sony Vaio stamped over my stuff. But I don't care. I paid somewhere around $1500 for my Shukaku, my beloved Sony Vaio laptop. And he has been alive and kicking for nearly five years.

Let me repeat that.

I have been using the same laptop for almost five years. That is five years of me doing EVERYTHING from word processing, to internet, to downloading, to watching movies, to chatting, to fuckimg MMORPG, on my laptop. This is nearly five years of Shukaku being turned on nearly every single day for 12 hours. Five years for $1500 os a very good investment for me. Everyone who knows me knows that I would destroy practically any lesser laptop in a year.

And previous to this, I also had a Sony Vaio laptop that ran for 4 years (took me through the end of undergrad and beginning of law school). Previous to that I had a Compaq laptop that barely made it two years, and for nearly the same price -- as laptops were kind of new then -- and is the reason I will never buy Compaq again.

So, am I Sony's bitch?

Yes, yes I am. And I'm quite glad of it.

I still want that purple laptop.
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-- Sony dropped the price on PS2s! Now they're $99, which means I am that much closer to actually getting one. You know, if I actually had money. WHY COULDN'T THIS HAVE HAPPENED WHEN I HAD THAT $50 GIFTCARD.

-- Disneyland, why much you be so expensive? Even for a SoCal resident. T_T

-- They should just sell buckets of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Like, little decorative pails fills with eggs. I don't like this having to buy the package of four crap. I want TONS OF EGGS. I only get them once a year!

-- Gardening Mama looks cute. In that strange Cooking Mama sort of way.

-- Nooooooooooo Shukaku don't make the grindy laptop noise! Not now!

-- *flails*
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It seems like it was a good thing that I backed up my harddrive the other night. ^^;; Last night, Shukaku started making the most awful and loud grinding noises. I wasn't even doing anything much, just having Firefox, AIM, and AOL (hush, everyone knows by now that I'm stuck on dial-up because I can't leech wireless from the neighbors) running. I didn't even have that many tabs open in Firefox. But the grinding noise was really loud and the palmrest area on the right side of the touchpad started to get really hot. Actually, my whole laptop got hot even though I have a chillpad.

I tried closing everything and restarting, hoping that would fix things, but it didn't. =__=;; I ended up shutting down Shukaku around midnight to let him rest.

So today when I booted Shukaku up, things seemed to be normal -- or as normal as an aging laptop can be. After checking my email and stuff, I decided to just do a cleanup of Shukaku. Hopefully that will help things. I ran CCleaner to free up a bit of space and fix any registry problems, then I did a defrag. Those took forever. x__X Now Shukaku is turned off again to rest, and I probably won't use him again until later tonight.

Now I'm on the home comp, which isn't bad, just annoying. I suppose this is good though, because the home comp needs a bunch of updates, so I don't mind having it online for the evening to do downloads. Maybe after the necessary things, I can finally get Firefox 3 on here (the one running now is 2.0), and update AIM and stuff.


I'd be happier if the internet would connect faster though.
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So because Shukaku (my beloved laptop) rather old (4+ years) and making grindy noises of DOOM -- I have a tendency of frying the motherboard of every laptop I've ever owned -- I got myself one of the nifty portable hard drives to back everything up on. It's 320GB and supercute and I got it for practically free. ♥

See, because Circuit City is going out of business, you can't use the Circuit City credit card anymore. However, my mom's card had a TON of reward points on it. So we were able to redeem those points and I used the gift certificates to get my harddrive. ^^ Mom wanted a camera, but there were like, no good ones left when we went. XD! Lucky for me.

Anyway I have decided to do my backup tonight -- 26.2GB of files! -- so Shukaku and the new harddrive (I haven't named it yet, though it might be Gaara, since it is red) are currently grinding away with the backup. But now Shukaku is running hot (which... isn't all that unusual these days =__=) and I'm sort of afraid of running too much at once (poor lack of RAM) and making him crash. That and the dial-up is being crap about me being on AIM for some reason and won't connect. Grrr.

In other news, I have managed to finish playing Ninjatown, which is AWESOME if you like tower defense-type games. It's soooooooooo cute. And hard. D: I'm currently replaying the levels I got bad rankings on (you can rank A through E). There is seriously one level I've played over 20 times, and I still can't get better than a C-rank. ToT Maybe I'll write a review of the game if people are interested.

... what I love most is that the Anti Ninjas are orange. It made the Naruto fangirl in me squee in geeky joy. Anti Ninjas are stronger than the regular Wee Ninjas because they don't focus on being stealthy. LOL. But they are slow. Socute.

For Rune Factory 2, I have reached Spring of Year 2. I have decided to marry Dorothy. But I think I'll hang around to see the weddings of other couples first. I still need to collect stuff for moving onto the second generation anyway.

That's enough babble for now, I think.
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I admit it. This almost broke me into going Mac. asdfghjkl;lkjhgfdsadfghjkl;;;

But then I look at this and I feel better about myself. Just waiting for the prices to go down on that puppy. :3 Soon it will be affordable!
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Have freshly showered and goddamn, this chocolate flavored scented bodywash I got from Bath and Body Works is AWESOME. It's a combo thing, that apparently works as shampoo, bodywash and bubble bath. It lathers up really well, but I only use it as bodywash. I think it's a special holiday thing, because it came in this cute little bag. I also bought the gingerbread flavor scented one. And there's also peppermint and... and something else, but I forget. I keep wanting to lick my arm or something, because it smells SO GOOD. It's making me hungry. I also still want fried chicken. Maybe dad will buy some so I don't have to go out myself. >_>;; *hopehopehopes*

Parents are going... somewhere. Don't care much, since the wireless I regularly rape leech piggyback has disappeared. T___T Woe! I've been trying to connect through the other unprotected wireless networks floating around, but they've disappeared, too. So now I'm on dial-up and poking about slowly.

Also, someone inspire me to write. I owe people SO MANY FICS OMG. This is not going to turn into a drabble post so I can productively (?) procrastinate. It's not. Nooooes. Lies.


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