Feb. 24th, 2011

windandwater: (Oro?)
Dropped by the mall today on the way home to pick up a freebie bag from Godiva (rewards club perk~) and managed to snag a free Red Velvet Cake truffle, and the free panty from Victoria's Secret (another rewards club perk, I love free things). While I was window shopping, I walked by Macy's and happened to notice some very... colorful standees in front of the makeup counter by the entrance, advertising something or another. They were drawn in "life-size" anime-ish style. And I had to do a double take, because first thing I thought when I saw the standees was:

Why are they using Bridget to advertise perfume? I mean, I know Bridget is cute, but also a trap. Possibly not the best way to advertise a legitimate product not related to the Guilty Gear games.

I was a bit boggled, but kept walking. However, at the food court, I was accosted by more of the standees and a lady passing out flyers. I then found out that, no, they're not representations of Bridget, but of Paris Hilton, to advertise her new fragrance line. I guess she's trying to the Gwen Stefani Harajuku thing except five years late.

Somehow, I'd be more impressed if it was actually Bridget.


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