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So I was watching the finale of Worst Cooks in America while I was having my lunch. I love that show because it's amazing how many fires can be accidentally set during one episode. Anyway, I missed the finale when it first aired, so I was glad to catch a re-run on The Food Network by chance. Woo TV. \o/

Anyway, one thing that bothered me was that Bobby Flay's cook (okay okay everyone knows I hate Bobby Flay but I liked the cook all through the season) had to make creme brulee for the final dessert to be served to the judges. During his test run, the guy accidentally got water into his creme brulee, so it didn't set-up properly and was basically ruined.

... for those who don't know, when you cook creme brulee (which is a custard), it has to be cooked in a water bath. Then you let the whole thing set up in the fridge before you torch the top. But if you get any water into the custard (say, from the water in the pan for the water bath), the custard will NOT set up and instead will be runny and ick. But you don't know it's ruined until you actually stick a fork in to eat.

So the cook was very careful when he was carrying his pan (filled with water for the bath and the ramekins of creme) to the oven to cook, but still managed to get a little water spilling in without his knowing about it, thus, ruined creme brulee. He was very careful again during the final cook-off for the judges, so 2 of his brulees came out perfectly. But one got water in it and was ruined (poor Marcus Samuelsson he didn't get to eat dessert).


What made me angry? Is why didn't Bobby Flay tell the cook to do WHAT PROFESSIONAL CHEFS DO (and what Alton Brown said on Good Eats)..................


That way you're not filling a pan with water then having the water slosh around while you carry it to the oven.

I mean, jeeze. Not that I make a ton of creme brulee, but doesn't it make sense to not carry a sloshing pan of water when you know water will ruin your creme brulee?


That was my little annoyance for the day.
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Let the ravenous feast begin!

And, because I'm in a holiday mood, I'll give you one of my tips for having a very delicious turkey with crispy skin. Before chucking the turkey into the oven, places nice-sized pats of butter on the top of the turkey where the turkey is 'flattest', i.e.: where the butter won't slide off right away while it melts. Don't forget to put good-sized pats in the joints, like where the leg meets the breast and the wing joints.

Put your turkey in the oven and let it roast.

Periodically, (after those first pats have melted into deliciousness) rub the turkey with more butter, especially in places that don't seem like they're getting brown enough (like the sides). The heat of the turkey and the oven will melt the butter as you rub, so you might as well reserve a whole stick for turkey duty.

No, this is not something to do if you're counting calories, but fuck that it's Thanksgiving.

If you use one whole stick of butter on your turkey (maybe more if it's big), you should apply butter roughly three times: the first application when the turkey is cold at the beginning, a rub with butter about halfway through, and another rub with butter about an hour before the turkey finishes cooking. Your turkey skin will be golden and delicious and moist and flavorful, and doing this also means you won't have to baste your turkey, because the butter will work its way into the meat as well.

For more flavor, consider using an herb butter (homemade is just fine) to add more 'omph'.

Devour with impunity! Enjoy!

... P.S. The butter trick also works with roasting chicken. But you use considerably less butter. ♥
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So, managed to call the people back, and confirmed that I will get instructions/directions in my email by tonight. Thank goodness, since I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go, and the interview is Monday. I think I should tweak my resume some more, too.

I just cooked a small beef roast in the toaster oven. I love this brand, since the roast came pre-seasoned, so all I had to do was throw it in the oven for 45 minutes or so. Am now making Wild Rice to go with the roast. If my parents don't eat it, then they're ungrateful and I'll have it all myself.


Why, no. There's no particular reason why I'm using this icon. Lies. >_>;;


For those who are curious, this is the roast: Tyson Steakhouse Blend. Perfectly seasoned, and feeds alot for a small-looking cut of beef.
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I'm cooking spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Except I didn't have anymore of the sauce that I like, so I had to use a different kind with peppers and mushrooms. I suppose I can just pick those bits out. >_>;;

Also, played Trickster and somehow lost 3 hours. BUT I'M STILL NOT AT GODDAMN LEVEL 10. I think I will spend a lot of time drilling and beating up weak monsters. I don't feel like joining a party, and I like being a packrat. ;___;

Feeling kinda cranky and achey. Will probably be stabbing ovaries by the end of the week.
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I have some nice skinless chicken breasts, and I'm going to see if I can cook them with au gratin potatoes the way I did those pork chops. I found a recipe online that says you can by putting the chicken at the bottom of the casserole dish and potatoes on top then baking for 45 minutes, but I think that would kill the potatoes. The package of potatoes says 20 minutes, I think.

So, I'm going to cook the chicken in a pan first a bit and season it, then do the casserole part. That way I'll be sure the chicken is cooked and the potatoes won't die. ^___^ Or, I could just cook the chicken and potatoes seperate, but I don't want to overcook the chicken. ;___; I tend to do that and it gets all dried out.


Experiment was a success! I cooked the chicken a bit first in a little oil in a skillet (with garlic salt and onion salt) until it wasn't all pink, then put in the bottom of the casserole dish. The potatoes covered it all up nicely and baked for 25 minutes. ♥ The chicken came out very nicely, though I had to add a bit of salt and pepper to it. The cheesy sauce stuff from the potatoes was quite nice and kept the chicken moist.
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I baked cinnamon buns. They came out of the oven 5 minutes ago, and I put frosting on them, and now they're cooling for a bit.


... now I wish I hadn't baked that pie on New Year's, because it promptly got taken to my aunt's when we had dinner there. I only got to have a small slice of it. ;__;
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Ahahaha... I made orange chicken and it didn't take very long at all and was very tasty. I think a food review may be forthcoming! Thank god for frozen pre-packaged meals. >_>;;

But it had water chestnuts! And those tiny baby corns!
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What do I feel like cooking for dinner? DO I feel like cooking? Or baking? Mrrrrrr. So difficult to decide. The cold weather has been making me all lethargic and hibernate-y.

Ah, but this strawberry body lotion from The Body Shop is AWESOME. I used it last night after my shower and it was so creamy and silky, and even now I still smell of strawberry. ♥ I like lotions that don't rub off really fast, especially since I've been getting dishpan hands. D: Damn the weather and having to wash dishes!

I think that's it.
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So, I'm being a total dork on CFUD. And I baked chocolate chip cookies~! ♥

Here, have another cool image, specifically aimed at [ profile] windsorblue, as I suspect she will take great joy in it.

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-- laundry
-- shower
-- find that recipie for pork chops and potatoes
-- cook the pork chops and potatoes
-- write
-- post
-- fill out the last of the Xmas cards and lick envelopes for mailing
-- hope that I can get the car tomorrow to do the last of my Xmas shopping and post office run
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*cooks up a pot of buttered baby carrots and corn*


I want some fried chicken to go with this, but I don't want to fry it myself. I can bake the biscuits later. But... nice tasty fried chicken... yum.


*bakes biscuits*


*eats everything with a bit of the leftover roast chicken*
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*puts some chicken breasts in the oven to bake, along with some au gratin potatoes*

... we need to go grocery shopping, if you haven't figured it out. I'm reduced to having to cook real food for myself, instead of something frozen and already prepared. The injustice of it all. Woe.
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I have been awake for... two hours! Practically. A half hour here and there doesn't matter much, right?

Anyway, the brownies I need for the base of my trifle are done and cooling. Once they're cool enough, I get to cut them into 1-inch cubes. >_>;; Right. Then make up the filling for the layers and put it all together.

I used the brownie baking to warm up the oven, so now the turkey is in. It gets to roast for an hour, then I have to flip that bitch over for the other two. Side dishes like wild rice and the veggies and such will be cooked closer to serving time so they don't get cold.

Need to shower eventually, so I don't smell like turkey. And figure out what to wear. D:


Mom is home and took over some of the cooking. She's making the special soup. I finished making the trifle and now it's in the fridge to set. I even washed up the dishes from cooking.

Now I get to relax a bit, read: I get to take my shower and figure out what the hell to wear. Then go back to the kitchen, and fix up the side dishes while mom cleans up and gets dressed. Dad is utterly useless. :P


This is the trifle I made, but it doesn't look like the picture. >_>;; Chocolate Passion Bowl.


*flops over and digests all the food*
*and mimosas*


*continues to pick at leftovers*
*and mimosas*
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... have to sleep now. =__=;; So I can wake up early and start the cooking. Joy.
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If I hear:



one more time, I just might fucking start screaming. =___=;; They're watching stupid Filipino game shows. And it has to be one of the more annoying ones.

In other language related news, [ profile] askerian, you may want to avoid a certain post in CFUD. They're abusing French. =D! I'll just sit here and be glad I can conjugate 'etre' in the present tense.

I'll be cooking tomorrow.
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It's Monday, I've been awake since alittle before noon and have cooked and eaten and washed up and got the package from the FedEx guy and stalked the answering machine for messages. And now I'm trying to decide if I want to make one of the pasta dishes tonight for dinner. And I'm drinking a Coke.


How appropriate is it to email prospective employers and whine and wonder when I'm getting a callback? I wanna know if they rejected me like everyone else or not. *whine*
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I promised to give a review of this since I cooked it up for dinner tonight, so here it is.

Betty Crocker Complete Meals Chicken & Biscuits

cut for my not-so-professional opinion )


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