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Because [profile] luscious_sarah said to do it~!

Comment and I will tell you:

1. Something random about you.
2. Which color you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. My favorite thing about you.
7. My least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.
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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... my ovaries in a pear tree~

*stabs ovaries*


Started last night actually, just before I went to bed, but didn't think it was actually my period because, well, it's a week early. I now have underwear soaking in the sink so it doesn't stain. Merry Christmas, have some TMI. I am totally blaming [profile] luscious_sarah for this; her and her estrogen of DOOM.

I'm going to go curl up somewhere now. And eat chocolate.
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[personal profile] sukino, this is totally your fault. Yours and your Star Trek squee. For everyone else, me, Pet and Aoi went out yesterday and watched the new Star Trek movie, and it was AWESOME.

Hence, I am now pimping a great fic I found.


'Dear Ambassador Spock,' Jim writes, 'The new Spock thinks I am a total asshole and that sucks.'
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[ profile] moffit caught me late last night when I was tired and weak and encouraged the plotbunnies again. Obviously, this is not my fault. It's all hers. I think she also snatched away my actual smut-writing quota for the next couple of months, too. Hahahaha...


nothing to see here go away )
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What? What is that you say? A post for people to put their pr0ns presents to me in? So they're all in one place for a pervy fluffy bunny to see and love FOREVAH?

Oh no! For this pervy fluffy bunny is too SHY AND MODEST TO DO SUCH A THING. She luuuuuuurves her friends and is happy and squeeful and THEY DON'T NEED TO WRITE DRAW DO ANYTHING SPECIAL AT ALL. The pervy fluffy bunny is APPRECIATIVE AND NOT A GREEDY H0R NOES.


See? This isn't my fault. Nooooes. I'm totally not asking for fics or tentacles or arts or even stupid squeeful babble and spamming. Of course not. I would never do such a thing. NEVAH. Asuka, draw me pr0ns. Moff, write me more. Everyone feel free to spam it up. And once again, I would never do such a greedy thing. :Db
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upload faster plz


I retract my previous statement. >_>;;

ilu asuka ♥ ♥ ♥
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... because she made me think of erotic horror and fluffy tentaclesex at the same time and that naturally turned into fluffy erotic horror tentaclesex in my head. Because my head is a weird place like that.

Remember that Pookie loves you.

I just did the laundry... )
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Because of Asuka, I can no longer view the word 'fluff' seriously. Not that 'fluff' was ever a very serious word in the first place, since it's fluff, and fluffy, and encompasses all manner of things fluffified. But now, alas, Asuka... she has corrupted the beauty and simplicity and utter fluffiness of 'fluff' for me.

I guess now I have to abuse 'cute' and 'woobie' and 'waff'.

Damn you, Asuka. Damn you.

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Ha! Finished it! And it still counts as today because I haven't gone to bed yet!

Title: Mail Order
Pairing: Heero, Duo and a... thing
Rating: R to NC-17, depending on how raunchy you are
Warnings: Bad humor, boys kissing, descriptions of an active and varied sex life, but no actual sex. Sorry! Also... tentacles. Really. But it's not as scary as it sounds! Honest!
Notes: This is all [ profile] merith and [ profile] iniq's faults! They enabled me! Also, this is unbeta-ed. And quite possibly very stupid. You really shouldn't read it at all. Perverts.


Heero opened the door to his house after a trying day at Preventers, saw Duo sitting on the sofa with his best 'come-hither' expression, and very nearly walked back out again... )
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... and you can blame [ profile] rokudaime_yo, too!!!

Might be a spoiler. :P

ph33r the sloppy MS Paintness and Happy Treasure Trails! )

HA! It is SO there! You just have to look at the differently, lighter shaded bits, helpfully highlighted by me in yellow blond.

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Okay. So. I'd like to state for the record that no one's Xmas cards are late. They're not. I consider the Christmas season to last until January 6th (12 days of Christmas yo), which is Epiphany, and I have to go to Mass again. So the cards are NOT late. Really. Truly. Yeah.

Uhh... but the people who asked for pr0ny cards might get them late have to wait a little longer because some of the pr0ny cards are kinda heavy, and I think they might need a second stamp? I never know what the weights are supposed to be.


I have a ton of things to do and presents to wrap, and wow, Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Sorta just crept up on me there. >_>;; *coughs slightly* But thank you to everyone who sent me a card already! ♥ I'll have to put up a full list of the people who are extra special-y good. ^_______^

Oh, and before I forget, [ profile] iniq? You sent me a card, right? I haven't gotten it yet. Maybe it's because the postal service was distrustful of the sticky white substance on the envelope? They do that. Unless overseas cards just take a WAY long time.


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