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*stabs ovaries*


I wanted to do something this weekend, even if it was just (window) shopping. And I want a bacon cheeseburger. Stupid ovaries. Maybe they'll stop by Monday, but I doubt it. I can't find a comfy position to lay in either. Stupid stupid lumps of flesh.
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No wonder I've been so cranky and out-of-sorts lately. This one crept up on me, since I wasn't supposed to start for another week, at least. Stupid ovaries and their stupid lack of time. IT'S ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE ONCE A MONTH YOU STUPID LUMPS OF FLESH.



*goes off to maul some chocolate then lay down*
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So I have progressed from a dry hacking cough, to a wet hacking cough, to a wet hacking cough and a whole lot of snot and sinus pressure. Yay. It is officially allergy season.


Have decided to forgo the most excellent (if not-suitable-for-driving) OTC medicine I was using the past two days, so that I can cough enough and loosen up all the junk in my chest. And hopefully get rid of it one way or another. Though, if I start doing the coughing-up-blood thing (not really, because that would be horrifying and I would go straight to the hospital), I'm going back to the medicine. XP

Fun times.

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In a continuation of my birthday joy, I went out yesterday (before my coughing and voice issues got really bad) and redeemed my free birthday coupons for stuff. It was a pretty good haul, and I'm so glad that I'm a member of those rewards clubs at my favorite stores. I walked away with:

-- two free pieces of Godiva chocolate (both truffles)
-- 3 tablets of Godiva milk chocolate (on sale and with a 10% birthday discount)
-- an eye-centered trio from Sephora (eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara)
-- Cookie Doughn't You Want Some ice cream from Coldstone
-- a cute purse and trio of Victoria's Secret body products (Love Spell lotion, body wash, and body mist); not free, but I used a $10 giftcard to buy it, so it cut the price in half, which is awesome because just the lotion is $10

The only thing I couldn't find was a GameStop with a used version of Shin Megumi Tensei: Devil Survivor, so that I could just get the instruction booklet. I like collecting things like that, and I sort of want the instructions and tips, because I sort of have no idea what I'm doing in the game, even if it's hella fun.

Unfortunately, halfway through my shopping joy, I started coughing harder. =___=;; It's pretty bad now. I hate unproductive (a.k.a. non-phlem producing) coughs. Dry coughs just hurts my throat and chest and I know that mucus is lingering somewhere.

My voice is pretty much bullfrog-like. I'm going between losing my voice completely and being able to talk, but I sound horrible.

Damn you allergy season. Damn you.
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*throttles LJ for being a whore*

Anyway, yesterday was certainly trying. It seems that everything related to technology hated me yesterday. LJ was being dickish. Facebook was abnormally slow. Farmville and Castle Age both glitched on me so I just had to give up and not do anything with them. Only Ocean Party worked reasonably well when I wanted to play it.

At the moment though, I am baking a ham. Because I feel like it and because I'm hungry and because we had roast on Easter instead of ham, so might as well not let this guy sit around too long. Also, I'm getting a naughty thrill about eating pork on a Friday, after all the Lent and fasting. XP

I think I will make mashed potatoes to go with the ham.

And no, I still haven't figured out what to do for my birthday. Which is tomorrow. But I have many chores to do today, including folding laundry, cleaning my bathroom (or at least the mirrors and sink since the rest is clean), and painting my nails.

Oh, and Merlin is on tonight on SyFy. X3;; I understand what everyone on my flist is freaking out about now.
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So, of course -- of course -- I started my period today. Today, when I expected it last weekend, and when I have an appointment tomorrow at the DMV. AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH. Tomorrow morning, even, just to make things worse. I feel so stabbity about this. I'm totally going to chug Advil tomorrow since I have no Midol.

And, even better, the weather has taken a turn for the worse, so it's windy and cold and there's rain. There will be rain tomorrow.

DMV visit is just to renew my driver's license, so nobody worry that I did anything bad. XP Hopefully, I will be in and out in a reasonable amount of time, or I might slaughter people in the waiting room.

I'm just hoping that I bleed out early (that sounds so terrible to say) because I was going to wear a white dress on Easter. DX

At least I have a whole package of Hershey's chocolate bars. I will EAT THEM ALL.

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So yesterday in a fit of pique, I bit down my fingernails so that I wouldn't have a repeat of what happened to my neck. >_>;; They needed to be trimmed anyway. But now the edges are all kind of jagged and uneven. Gah. I hate having to file down my nails. But at least I didn't bite them down to the quick.

In other news, I just had lunch.

I still want a cheeseburger. And I want my ovaries to finally start my period instead of me having this lingering lower back pain for no reason. :x I swear, I can feel when an egg gets squeezed out. And it hurts like a bitch.


Mar. 22nd, 2010 05:19 pm
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So, I took a shower a couple hours ago because cleanliness is a good thing. I've been sleeping weird lately, so I have a crick in my neck and it sorta hurts when I turn my head too far to one side. I thought: "Hey, I'm having a hot shower, I will let the water beat on my sore area and rub the crick out."

And it worked. A little. It felt good anyway.

Until my hand slipped, and I ended up gouging the side of my neck with my nails. Nails which have gotten long again. x__X;; Now the side of my neck looks like I got mauled by a bear, and is all pink and got bleedy because of the broken skin.


At least I'm not thinking of the crick anymore.
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Background: I gave up hamburgers from fast food establishments for Lent. This is a great torment for me.

Proof the world hates me:

1) We keep getting coupons in the mail from Carl's Jr, advertising and selling their Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger, which I think IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER. I've been having cravings for it. Damn you coupons! Don't tell me that I can buy one and get one free!

2) The show on the History Channel right now is Food Tech (or something like it) and they're focusing on cheeseburgers and fries.

3) ... I don't even want to torment myself with Food Network.

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*stabs ovaries*
*is a lump of not moving*

I think this is the period where I eat everything in sight. I'm having cravings, but I'm not sure what for. I just demolished half a bag of Cheetos, some pecan Turtles, and a Blow-Pop (sour apple). This after having a Lava Flow smoothie (IRONY I KNOW BUT IT WAS DELICIOUS). And I'm still hungry for dinner.

There's also Hagen-Daz ice cream and a caramel turtle pie in the freezer. And one blessed package of Cadbury Creme Eggs.

I just might survive.
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So today is/was The Day You Show Everyone That You're Catholic Ash Wednesday. I went to Mass at 4pm -- thought it was at 5:30, since that's what dad said, but I checked the website and it was at 4... then 6:30 for bilingual mass -- like a good Catholic ( >_>;; ) and so I wouldn't have to listen to my parents bitch at me about not being religious enough. *gag* Note: neither of them went to mass today, unless my mom went this morning before work, but she doesn't have a smudged forehead so I'm guessing not. They're hypocrites.

Anyway, I found it strange that many more people stood up to get the ashes than went to get communion. Like, twice as many. See, the priests figured it out that if they give out the ashes before communion, everyone leaves. So they did the ashes after communion. That's right, bitches, you have to sit here for the whole hour of mass before you get the black stuff on your forehead. And fuck the people who think they can walk in, get anointed and walk out.

If you want to wear the Proof Of Catholicism ash, you have to attend the mass!

Back to the point I was trying to make.

If you're going to sit through the whole mass, including the homily, why don't you just freaking get communion, too? You have to wait and wait while everyone else gets theirs, so it's not like you're doing anything in the meantime. Seriously, the lobby was packed full of people who stood for over 30 minutes (if not the full hour), because they didn't seem to want to actually attend the mass, but just get the ashes.


You just listened to the whole thing! There's speakers in the lobby that let you hear the mass. If you came in, you could've had a nice seat and balanced your checkbooks or something instead of standing like a lump during the super-long homily. By the way, I think the priest did that on purpose. Today's all about penance and fasting and stuff.


At least I had a super comfy seat.


Feb. 16th, 2010 03:35 pm
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I'm tired of being responsible.

I want to go to Vegas for my birthday.
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*stabs ovaries*

... I'm... going to just curl up in this corner and die, if nobody minds.
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Torrential rain? Check.
High winds? Check.
Booming thunder? Check.
Lightning that makes the electronics in the house flicker? Check.
Tornado warnings? Check.
Snow and/or hail in MoVal? Check.
Bitter cold? Check.

It's official, I'm in a miserable mood because of the weather. I can't wait until this weather stops. I might even have to go shopping -- and actually buy things -- to boost my mood up.
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Looks like it's technology fail day around here. Gaia has died on me, LJ isn't sending me comment reply e-mails, and my connection is super slow. I suppose this is a message from the powers that be that I should play video games on my DS.

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Whenever someone says something equivalent to: "Oh, it's so cold! That means global warming doesn't exist!" it sort of makes me want to punch them, because it shows that they're ignorant of what changes global warming actually causes.

Icecaps, the Gulf Stream, and the Ice Ages. Knowledge. Get you some.

Also, the Azores. Added because I like that word and they're also relevant to this topic.
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On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... my ovaries in a pear tree~

*stabs ovaries*


Started last night actually, just before I went to bed, but didn't think it was actually my period because, well, it's a week early. I now have underwear soaking in the sink so it doesn't stain. Merry Christmas, have some TMI. I am totally blaming [profile] luscious_sarah for this; her and her estrogen of DOOM.

I'm going to go curl up somewhere now. And eat chocolate.
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There are some days when you just want to chuck a katana at a DON helicopter. That was me yesterday. I'm glad today is my day off and I am feeling very much less rage-y. I was able to sleep in (yay), had an apple turnover for breakfast (yay), and just had lunch (yay). Internet is being slow (boo), but after messing around a bit online, I'll get to organizing/wrapping some of the presents I bought for Christmas (yay).

Unfortunately, some of the gifts are oddly-shaped and don't have boxes. D: I'll do my best. And then, once dad gets home, I will consider putting the light-up reindeer and the big inflatable snowglobe in the front yard. We have lights and the tree up already, but the rain had put our other decorations on hold. But it's not raining now (yay).

I feel babbly.


Dec. 1st, 2009 04:35 pm
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*stabs ovaries*

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I think I just had my first opthalmic migraine. It's strange and I couldn't see very well, with my glasses on or off. It seems to be going away now though.

At least this happened on my day off.


Vision-related problems always scare me.
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Why am I awake.

Why am I at work?

Oh right. They're calling me in every day this week because the State is here.

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Oct. 5th, 2009 01:40 pm
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*stabs ovaries*

... there were things I wanted to do this week. Stupid lumps of tissue.


Sep. 6th, 2009 04:43 pm
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Started my period late Friday night (like when I was going to bed), which was horrifically bad timing since we had family visiting this weekend. Almost everyone from SF came down because they were going to a wedding in the area, so they all crashed our house for a visit. Somanypeopleomg.

So I was on my first day, which isn't as horrifically bad bleeding-wise as my second and third days, but still very much with the needing of super plus size. x___X;; And then I was coerced into driving the kids (all my younger cousins) to the mall, because some of the girls needed dresses for the wedding still. Plus, they just wanted to get out of the house and away from their parents. There were 7 of them, ranging from the oldest (21) to the youngest (10), and mostly in the annoying high schooler stage. The youngest didn't go to the mall with us, so we all fit in our SUV. Whoo.


And it was really weird because they were all on their cellphones all the fucking time. Like, they should have had their phones surgically attached to their hands. They were always twittering or texting or doing God-knows-what, so I was surrounded by little electric chirping noises and beeping the whole time.

It is only by the grace of God and Advil that I survived. And the milk chocolate caramel chocolixir from Godiva.

After we got back from the mall, most of my relatives left, since they were staying in hotels closer to the wedding. Only my Kuya Charlie's family stayed with us at our house overnight, so it was five extra (Kuya Charlie, Ate Nene, and their 3 girls). Thank god we had rooms enough for everyone to have a bed, though two of the girls shared one.

They finally left this morning, and I went back to bed at like, 10:30am after having been awakened at 8am by my ovaries. Actually, had been awakened by then no less than three times (2am, 5am, 8am) because of girly issues, so I slept pretty badly. Slept until 1pm, and woke up in time to watch the new episode of What Would Brian Boitano Make. Have been floppy and curled up not moving since then.

I love my family, but I'm really glad they're gone.

Of course

Aug. 7th, 2009 10:44 am
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*stabs ovaries*

... started, uh, Wednesday actually. But it's being rather mean today. And yesterday. Yesterday was bad.


Maybe I'll eat the rest of my chocolate bunny.
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At this moment, I am rather blessing the fact that I was an awkward and ungainly child, as well as annoying and unattractive, especially during my middle school years. Oh, and not a boy.


Because one of my middle school teachers just pled guilty to 74 counts of child molestation.

I wasn't in his History class specifically (IIRC my history class would join up with his for projects and such), but I knew who he was because he was a Very Important Teacher. And his kids were in the same grade as me. Still, seeing this makes me really upset since he always seemed to be the 'cool' teacher that all the kids wanted to be on the good side of.

Unfortunately, looks like that good side has a bad side.
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Damn, the milkshakes from In 'N Out are delicious. It's like sucking down an ice cream cone through a straw. I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I got emo and lazy.

Also, I just found out that they closed not only the Red Robin in Mo val (noooo the delicious onion rings!!), but Yamazato's on Hospitality Lane. T___T I loved the food at Yamazato's, especially the boats. They would fix up a special of practically everything (sushi, tempura, chicken katsu, teriyaki, etc.) and put it in this giant wooden boat that would sit in the middle of the table. Obviously, it's for sharing. Still delicious and will be missed.

Where am I supposed to go for good Japanese food now?

... oh, I suppose there's the little place by my house. But it's not the same without the boat.


Jul. 9th, 2009 11:47 am
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*stabs ovaries so much SOMUCH*

*crawls away to find the Midol*
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One of the neighbors is playing music so loud that I can hear it in the computer room (on the home comp because Shukaku is being fussy) as if I had the speakers turned up in front of me.

It is so loud, that I can hear the music though closed windows and an alley, since it's the house on the next street over and not like, a neighbor right next door. And they're playing techno.

I normally wouldn't complain about techno, but this is bad techno, not the good kind. The bass line is sort of insane and not in the cool way. =__=;;
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I like lists. I can think in lists.

-- Because I keep thinking about it, mothers, please do not let your daughters out of the house not wearing panties. Especially if they're -- for some godawful reason -- wearing minidresses (why would you let your teenage girl wear a minidress anyway). You know what, let's just make this a rule of NO ONE should ever leave their house not wearing panties (or boxers/briefs for the guys, though they can wear panties too, rock on).
-- Oh, and if you're going to be wearing a short skirt, fucking learn how to sit properly and keep your legs crossed or together and tilted to the side in the polite why so you don't flash everyone.
-- I beat the ice cream godz. The Sunday paper had coupons for buy one get one free ice cream at Baskin Robbins, so I went there with Aoi and K-chan. WTF the price of ice cream is so expensive now. But, because of the coupon, instead of getting 3 scoops of ice cream for about $6 (i.e. a single cone for each of us), we got two sundaes instead. So we got 5 scoops of ice cream, a brownie, bananas, whipped cream, nuts, chocolate and caramel sauce, and cherries. ♥
-- Dad went grocery shopping and bought food! Yay!
-- Angry at Dad for going grocery shopping and buying foor because he didn't tell me, and practically everything he bought, I have coupons for. I cut those coupons for a reason! And last time I went shopping I saved like, $40! Grrrrr.
-- I still don't like cats much.
-- I wish I'd win the lottery.
-- I can't think of anything else to write, because my life is dull and boring now. ;__;
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There is an ice cream truck pretty much parked outside of my house, playing its merry tune. It's been there over five minutes.

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It sounds like some neighbor is having a party. More like: it sounds like there's a fucking rave next door. And I know this because the music is that loud, and the bass is shaking my windows sometimes.

It's midnight.

I don't want to sound cranky but I'm bleeding copiously and already in a bad mood and if they don't break it up at 2AM, I just might call the cops about a noise disturbance. LOLZ there's a city ordinance for no noise disturbances after 2AM. I was feeling tired and considered going to bed early, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE THAT WON'T HAPPEN NOW.

I want to stab something.
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Let's keep track:

+ I have Advent Children Complete!
- Had to go to two different Targets on opposite sides of the city for it.
+ Got it for only $7, instead of $30.
- Started my period.
+ Bought lots of tasty McDonald's to chow down on.
+ Didn't have to use my own money for it.
+ Got two free collectible glasses!
- Cramping.
+ Showered!
- Ran out of nice smelling lotion.
+ Spent time with [personal profile] aoi (since she drove me around today).
- Still bleeding.
+ Still have more chicken nuggets and french fries to eat later!

... yes, I think I'm reasonably ahead for the day. :D!
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2) Furries? In my Congress? It's more likely than you think! Auuuuugh. Why a pedobear. Wryyyyyyyyyy??? And he's on LJ, too!

3) I need to get my hands on Advent Children Complete LIKE BURNING.

4) E3 didn't suck this year!

5) I'm hungry.

6) I wish I could afford the PSP Dissidia bundle from GameStop. T___T

7) WTF. It suddenly rained today, and the weather's been cooling down all week. It'll be in the 60s by Friday. I'm getting freaked out since last year at this time, we were in the scorching 100s. Well, at least the electricity bill is lower since we're not running the air conditioner.

8) ... a corollary to #6 sort of: I wish I could afford all the DS games that I want to buy. Like Henry Hatsworth, and Shin Megami Tensei, and everything else. *sigh*

9) Still hungry.

10) ... I've got nothin'.


May. 6th, 2009 11:58 am
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*stabs ovaries*

Not unexpected but still annoying. And messing up my plans for the week.

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My LJ paid time just ran out. x___X And just when I was gonna do a bunch of food reviews and stuff. Noooo I cannot live with only six icons! And no ticky polls either! Grrrrrr. I will have to do something about this.


Also, it sucks because I have those extra icon spaces, but you CAN'T USE THEM IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PAID ACCOUNT. That's totally not fair.

*kicks LJ*
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It is now 78 degrees, cloudy, and there's a chilly wind blowing. The low will be 48 degrees. Last night, it was 90 degrees until 10pm at night, and I have the AIM transcript to prove it.

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So. It is boiling hot again today. 90+ degree temperatures, when last week it was bitterly cold and we were having highs of 50 degrees. But by this weekend, we'll probably be in the 60s or so!

Fuck you, weather.

And fuck TPTB, because now that I have switched to shorts to wear about the house (I had previously been wearing sweat pants and long PJ bottoms because of the cold), I ended up dropping my space heater on my leg. x___X;; It hit my thigh, scraped down when it hit my knee, then fell on my foot. So now I have a lovely gash just above my knee that is probably going to bruise spectacularly, as well as bleeding from the cut. And if I had been wearing my sweat pants (which are nice and thick), I probably would just have a bit of a bruise instead of this... very obvious and painful wound. And we don't have the big bandaids in the house, so I had to put the little ones along the cut to stop the bleeding.

*shakes fist at the world*
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Holy crap it's really windy and cold right now, even though the sun is shining. It started up yesterday but this is just ridiculous. We're getting 25-35mph winds.


*huddles under a blanket*


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