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... depending on what time zone you're in and when you read this. I hope everyone has a good night and rings in 2012 happily. Because after this, we have to start preparing for the Apocalypse. :P
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Who's interested in going to an election night party? K-chan? Pet? People in the area?

Aoi and I managed to (at the last minute) go to The Winery on the last night of the debates and it was pretty fun. The atmosphere was very laid-back and not-scary (no fistfights over politics yay). And the wine was very delicious by the glass (and either $12 a bottle for fruit wines or $15 for other traditional varieties). We were told that they're gonna have a thing on election night, too, so did you guys want to go?

I'm not sure if you can go though, K-chan, since I don't know your schedule. ;__; It would only be for a few hours on that Tuesday night. And I don't know yours either, Pet.

But Aoi's brother said he might be interested in going, and I told my cousin with the big you-knows and she said she's interested and might bring her boyfriend. And if Jason comes, he doesn't drink, so there would be a designated driver. >_>;;


For the Pokemon fans on my flist (and I know you're out there), Toys-R-Us is having another Pokemon download day. You'll be able to pickup a free Dragonite! Pokémon Diamond and Peral gamers can pick up their Dragonite's between 12pm and 4pm on Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of November at Toys-R-Us stores.

I know you're all excited.


And for even more geekery, yes, I will have to get my hands on Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades. Just the game itself, since I already have the guitar grip.

Because the full track list just came out and I think it's kind of awesome.


T__T My voice isn't high-pitched enough to sing that song properly.


And Gaia finally came out with its MMO, the ever-elusive and near-legendary "Battle System"!! AFTER FIVE YEARS OF PROMISES IT IS FINALLY HERE.

And it's called zOMG!!!


I've played a little, though I'm still in the beginning tutorial part because the wireless connection hates me. It's fun so far. ♥
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Figured I should actually write something in my LJ that isn't about my allergies. >_>;;

Firstly, since this Friday is the first Presidential Debate between Obama and McCain (if McCain doesn't back out of it like he's currently trying to do lolz). I'm actually interested in watching it, as the topics for the evening will be centered around Foreign Affairs.

There will also be a number of Debate-Watching Parties around Riverside County. I think it would be interesting to go to one, if I can get someone to go with me. Best bet seems to be at The Winery (non-partisan, but with wine) or at the Riverside Marriott (Democrats, with a $5 fee, and cash bar, etc., as it's in the hotel).

[ profile] aoi? [ profile] chibi_faolan? [ profile] sukino? You guys in?

I'm leaning towards The Winery (even if Republicans will be there), because it's Fruit Wine Friday, and you can sample 5 fruit wines for free, and get a discount if you buy them. >_>;; This will also be nice if I can manage to have one of my gaming-and-drinking weekends, like I've been putting off for months now (I play Guitar Hero better when I'm tipsy truefax).

And speaking of...

The Guitar Hero World Tour Set List.

I know there's been lots of squabbling about which is better, Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour. I'm not a big enough gamer geek to engage in it. All I'm saying is that my money is with Guitar Hero for one reason:

The Eagles, "Hotel California".

Yes. That's it. That one song sold the game to me. Though, the Jimmi Hendrix is very nice, too. But I'm not a hardcore game player like most of the people engaging in the Band Warz are. I happily plunk and squeak my way through on the Easy and Medium settings. I still like Guitar Hero better.
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Apparently, [ profile] aoi is currently getting drunk without me. How unfair. Well, at least I know I'm not the only one that sends drunken text messages. *saves as evidence*


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