Dec. 9th, 2010 11:13 am
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*flails around in spastic joy*

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I suspect that my flist will be rather quiet for the next week, since Final Fantasy XIII dropped today. ♥

Have fun gaming, everybody! Stay hydrated!
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So... everyone in the know knows that I've been absent lately because I've been raping the hell out of playing Dissidia: Final Fantasy. It's just so fun and there's so much to do, and the game rewards you constantly for things.I'm currently trying to finish Shade Impulse I with all the characters (just need Warrior of Light and Onion Knight), before I move on to Shade Impulse II. I have, of course, already finished the Destiny Odysseys with all characters at least twice each.

Playing this game so much has led to some wonderful observations and geekery.

-- FUCK YEAH SEPHIROTH. I unlocked him as a playable character (as well as his alternate outfit) as soon as I had enough points. Let me tell you, having Sephiroth run around half naked and killing things is endlessly fun. And he has a really really... I guess it would be beautiful way of fighting. He doesn't make too many extraneous movements, so he's very fast and deadly. He fights like he expects to kill everyone he touches with one strike. And that's usually the case!

Unfortunately, that also means that because he moves like he will OHKO everything, he has bad recovery time after an attack. >_>;; Seriously, after he connects an attack, he kind of stands with his sword out before a sort of flourish, which means if he doesn't OHKO (and I don't make him dodge fast enough after), he's completely open for a counterattack.

But it's okay, because I HAVE SEPHIROTH RUNNING AROUND HALF NAKED AND KILLING THINGS. Also, yes, he likes to set stuff on fire. His EX Mode attack (a.k.a. Limit Break) looks exactly like when he set Nibelheim on fire, and he's standing in front of the raging flames. Bravo, Squeenix. Bravo.

-- Have a massive hard-on for Firion. He's just so... woobie. He's an awesome fighter, which makes my life easier. But his dream of wild roses is just so cute. And he makes Cloud run around to rescue his rose which was stolen by Sephiroth. Bwahahahah. Hoenstly, why aren't there more Firion/Cloud fics, huh? I mean, really.

-- Kept expecting Tidus to burst into tears during his chapter, but he didn't! Also, he is fast, which makes me happy.

-- On a related note, Jecht, you are like the worst dad ever. But you teasing Tidus about crying like a pussy is hilarious. You are still a bastard though, and I fucking hate that you spam your attacks. You keep killing me if I don't get away. :/

-- Cecil, you are so so pretty. But that doesn't excuse you from being an absolute bitch to play. Why must you be so slow in Dark Knight form? And you jump like there's a ton of bricks attached to your feet. And WHY CAN'T YOU JUST START OUT IN PALADIN FORM? My life would be so much easier if I didn't have to do an airborn HP attack just to get you into you SO MUCH BETTER AND STRONGER mode.

Just... stand there and look pretty. :x

-- Squall... *hee* ♥ ♥ ♥ I have nothing coherent to say about Squall, except that he's badass and faster than I thought he'd be. Oyes, I will indeed spam all your close-range combos. ilu. ♥

-- Cloud... ♥ ♥ ♥ *explodes into sticky goo all over the place* Less emo than in Advent Children, but not as dorky as in the original FFVII game. But you can equip him with a Snowboard so it's all good! He's not as fast as I'd like, unless he's using certain attacks, but it's okay because his sword pretty much lets him Defense Crush everyone else.

Also, you can equip crossdressing accessories onto him (I really need to get my hands on that set), that gives him extra bonus boosts. Seriously. It's some set of accessories that is only equippable on the girls in the game. And Cloud. Bwahahaha. Yet another point in Squeenix's favor.

Okay, I'm done with my geeky squeeing for now.

*rolls away*
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I can handle not getting the Dissidia Trading Arts (omgCloudandSquall) but I absolutely MUST HAVE the Kingdom Hearts Avatar Static Arts. Hopefully they have more than just Sora. Or, at the very least, those KH Avatar Mascot Straps. OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE. SOCUTE. ♥ ♥

Even the stuffed monster keychains are cute! I think I'd want either a chocobo or moogle... but mostly I want those mascot straps. MUST HAVE.

Hopefully Squeenix won't rape us out the ass for them. ;____;

Wait, what am I talking about? This is Squeenix.
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This just made me wet my panties. Yes, I'll admit it. Best part was Leon Squall and Sephiroth fighting. X3!! Still no Cloud, but you KNOW he has to show up eventually.
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Dead Fantasy II.

This is an AWESOME computer animation piece (11mins long!). Basically a fighting crossover of Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy. The girls. Yes. If you wanna see the FF Girls kick some ass (okay, the DoA girls kick ass too), WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW.

Also, the end part is AMAZING. I totally had a WTF moment when the, how shall I say it? New challenger appeared. Hint: someone from Kingdom Hearts~ ♥

There's a previous part, Dead Fantasy I, but I don't think it's as good as this one (shorter too). You don't really need to watch it unless you want to. But I can't wait for more parts of this to come out. ^^


Sep. 11th, 2006 02:06 am
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Geeky? Yes. Amusing? Yes. Geekily amusing? YES. I love the Summons Slaves. And the random chick you only have in your party to Heal. XD!


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