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Let the ravenous feast begin!

And, because I'm in a holiday mood, I'll give you one of my tips for having a very delicious turkey with crispy skin. Before chucking the turkey into the oven, places nice-sized pats of butter on the top of the turkey where the turkey is 'flattest', i.e.: where the butter won't slide off right away while it melts. Don't forget to put good-sized pats in the joints, like where the leg meets the breast and the wing joints.

Put your turkey in the oven and let it roast.

Periodically, (after those first pats have melted into deliciousness) rub the turkey with more butter, especially in places that don't seem like they're getting brown enough (like the sides). The heat of the turkey and the oven will melt the butter as you rub, so you might as well reserve a whole stick for turkey duty.

No, this is not something to do if you're counting calories, but fuck that it's Thanksgiving.

If you use one whole stick of butter on your turkey (maybe more if it's big), you should apply butter roughly three times: the first application when the turkey is cold at the beginning, a rub with butter about halfway through, and another rub with butter about an hour before the turkey finishes cooking. Your turkey skin will be golden and delicious and moist and flavorful, and doing this also means you won't have to baste your turkey, because the butter will work its way into the meat as well.

For more flavor, consider using an herb butter (homemade is just fine) to add more 'omph'.

Devour with impunity! Enjoy!

... P.S. The butter trick also works with roasting chicken. But you use considerably less butter. ♥


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