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So, #2 on the list of Things You Don't Want to Happen When Wet, Naked, and Blind in the Shower:

Giant spider attack.



#1 is obviously being stabbed to death by Norman Bates.
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I screamed like a little girl when I saw the mouse run across the room. T___T!! I was completely startled. I had the lights on and food cooking, and plopped on the recliner to watch Good Eats. The little bastard shot out from under the recliner, RIGHT BETWEEN MY FEET, hit the wall, disappeared behind the TV, then ran down baseboard to dart under the dishwasher.

I knew it was living there.

We really need to kill this cocky bastard. It's getting too smart.
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There's a mouse in the house.

We ran into each other when I went downstairs for a snack and more water before bed. .___.;; We knew that there was a mouse in the house already because it's been chewing on things in the pantry. Bad us for thinking that it was safe to keep plastic bagged things in the pantry. It got into my Double Stuff Oreos before I did. T__T! Dad was gonna get traps and such for it, but he hasn't yet.

Anyway, I went downstairs and after getting my water, opened the pantry doors (there's no locks or anything, they just swing open easily). I heard a rustling sound and froze, thinking maybe it came from the fridge behind me, which was whirring and making ice. Heard another faint noise, so I bent down to check the shelves near the bottom (we'd emptied the bottom shelves of everything pretty much not in a can or tupperware). Then RUSTLING. COMING RIGHT AT ME. At least it sounded like it. D:

I screamed. .___.;; Then I slammed the pantry doors shut, grabbed a bar stool, and wedged it against the pantry doors to keep them shut. And then I ran upstairs and yelled at my dad about the mouse (and woke him and my mom up too, though they did sorta wake up when I screamed). He said he had no traps. I said the equivalent of: "asdfghjkl;;;mouse in the pantry!" He said I should smack it with a shoe to kill it. I pretty much said: "ASDFGHJKL:LKJHGFDSASDFGHJKL::!!!"

... so we have a mouse in the pantry now. And it will probably stay in there, on the next-to-bottom shelf, unless there's some other way it can get in and out besides through the doors.

I'm not gonna open the pantry tomorrow. T___T


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