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It's been quiet on my end of the internets, but for good reason. I hope everyone had a happy Christmas~! ♥ And New Year's is here very soon. It's strange to have it in the middle of the week. @_@

Anyway, what I got for Christmas consists of:

-- a cold
-- my period
-- a summons for Jury Duty starting January 5th


Well, those were the bad things. Family has been popping by the house a lot so things have been busy (with me snotting everywhere and curled up in pain). Planning on going out for New Year's Eve with my cousin and her boyfriend, so hopefully I won't be sick (or crampy) by then.

As for real gifts, I had a small haul this year, but I didn't expect much anyway. Thank you to everyone who sent me cards! ♥ ♥ And especially thank you to the ones WHO SENT ME CANDY. I omnomed through the chocolates with a vengeance. Rawr.

Other gifts are as follows:

-- Harajuku Lovers perfume
-- a G-PAK game case for my DS and games
-- a warm scarf
-- giftcard to Target
-- box of cookies&cream chocolate clusters
-- Rune Factory 2
-- gingersnap cookies
-- Sora and Ri plushie ornament heads
-- a plush sperm (technically Ri's present)

No present from my parents, even though I got them each one. And an anniversary gift. >_>;; Not that I'm surprised.

Well, there's the update. I need to blow my nose again. >_O

oww ow ow

Oct. 29th, 2008 04:51 pm
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*stabs ovaries and curls into a ball*

It's hot, my ovaries hate me, and I'm so crampy I don't feel like moving. Why isn't the Midol workinggggggg.

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Well, now I know why I've been so cranky lately.

*stabs ovaries*

A bit of a surprise... I didn't get the cramps like I usually do. Well, not as bad anyway. That's why I thought I had a few days left.

But the crankiness does not apply to me hating my neighbor's dog, that barks and whimpers and cries like it's dying. I wish it would die. Then it would stop howling its damn head off all day.
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Right on schedule. At least being pretty regular has some benefits.

*stabs ovaries*

I'm gonna go lay down in a semi-fetal position now and not move. Yay for holidays.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Back from my time away~

Actually, I got back last night but was pretty tired and my brain didn't work right. I'm all achy in strange places, there's a weird blister(s) on my palm, and if I pick up a pen in my right hand, there's an intense stab of pain that shoots from my hand up my arm. All in all, typical and normal (except for the blister, which idk what it is, but it itches).

Oh, and the aches are because I started my period after I woke up. Perfect timing, ovaries. I salute stab you.
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*stabs ovaries*


*goes to find the last of the chocolate*
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It's ovary-stabbing time. I r teh cranky. *stabstab*

It rained last night. WTF weather?! This is totally not normal SoCal weather for this time of the year and it's starting to freak me out. I blame El Nino.

Celebrated Mother's Day, and it went decently well, even considering that I was woken up hellishly early and was bleeding like a stuck pig. But I won some money gambling, so I shall not complain. We (me, parents, and Ate Bing and my cousin with the big, youknows) went to Aqua Caliente for their Champagne Brunch, but the line was hellishly long (wtf people), so we ate at another restaurant there instead. I had a mimosa. It cheered my up quite well. And so did the delicious hot fudge sundae dessert.

Happy Birthday to everyone who had birthdays! ♥ ♥ ♥ I know I missed some because of the trauma from last week (augh). But that doesn't mean I can't give out belated spankings to all who want them~

And also, since I seem to be consolidating everything into one post of doom, for everyone in the area ([ profile] aoi, [ profile] chibi_faolan, [ profile] sukino), are we going to watch Prince Caspian this weekend? I know people have work and such so a midnight thing probably isn't possible. But what about Saturday? Sunday?

I'm gonna go do my laundry and curl up in a ball.
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I keep getting Rickroll'd. Well played, LJ. Well played. *golfclap*

Anyway, since I'm a retard and didn't plan on pranking anyone today (and because my ovaries are currently rebelling against me *stabs them*), have a half-assed attempt.

Here's a Rickroll. Pretend I tricked you somehow into watching. You can even tell me how I (hypothetically!) did it and whine or something! Fun for everyone.

I'm going to find more chocolate.
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Feeling cranky and bleh and my ovaries are still tormenting me by not DOING anything. x__X This is new levels of RAGE AND HATE.

But I had sausage for breakfast. ♥ And I stole the box of chocolates from downstairs and it's right here with me. *goes to squish the chocolates to see what's what* The vanilla cremes are hiding from me.


Mar. 28th, 2008 02:29 pm
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*kicks at ovaries*

Well, are you going to work or not? These back aches and cramps are getting annoying.
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dying being stabbed this month instead of doing the stabbing i couldn't even go to class it's that bad ugh gonna curl up and die


i just went off on someone on the mytrickster forums. x.x now i know i'm in a bad mood.
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This better be done by Sunday. That's all I'm gonna say.
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Of course I started my period today. =___=;; At least now I have more reasons to drink.

*stabs ovaries*
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I forgot today was a holiday (Veteran's Day) so both my parents don't have to go to work. Also, my dad is a veteran. Well, technically they both should be home, but my dad disappeared somewhere before I woke up. Mom is still here though, and I'm doing my best to avoid her. >_>;;

I wanted to go to Aoi-chan's and play Trickster. ;___;

So anyway, now I've got a little cornish game hen baking in the toaster oven (works marvelously and I don't have to use the regular oven). I'll probably bake those brownies today, but right now I'm eating M&M's.

A fair warning: I have either skipped one of my periods entirely, or I've managed to stress myself into being VERY late. I'm getting backachey, but not doing much more than that, and it's making me abnormally cranky. x___X I'd rather have the period.
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There are some days when I hate being a girl. Ovaries insist on make almost every position uncomfortable for me, so now my back hurts.

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*yawns and flops over*

Weather is pissing me off because the temperatures keep fluctuating and something is setting off my allergies, so my nose is kinda runny and my eyes are watery. x___X And having my ovaries screaming at me doesn't help. Didn't go to be until nearly 3am last night, mostly because I was reading fic I had saved on my comp, but also because I couldn't find a comfy position to lay down.

Managed to get on Trickster a bit to drill (have more 2nds for Moff to sell for me), but now I've put Makokun in Seabed Field 5 in Ghost Blue. I'm going to hunt Baby Pockets for comping MA from the Sea Dragons. Hahahaha. I can OHKO them and the Gentle Stings. I won't leave until I run out of pots and/or hit 99% WT. The only thing is that I have to stay away from the Leviathans, which are a lvl 209 monster. Luckily, they seem to only stay at the bottom of the map, so I can avoid them. I want to farm as many Baby Pockets as I can before they get rid of Ghost Blue. T___T

Oh, and on Sunday, I was dragged away to the casino by my parents. Kinda bleh and I was feeling cranky about it. Especially when the restaurants didn't have lunch on Sundays (they have brunch), so we had to wait until 4pm to eat. I was starved, but luckily a hot chocolate and apple danish from the coffee shop filled up my belly. Parents gave me some cash to gamble with, and I had a little pocket money of my own. I vowed to not blow all the cash and hang onto it as much as possible. But I ended up being lucky and even though I lost some money at the machines, I ended up ahead. *____* By... like, alot. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'll have to go to the bank to deposit it (so I don't spend it), but I'll keep a little as my own personal cash for doing things shopping with. If I can hold on to that lucky money, I can use it as Xmas present cash. ^^ But I'll probably end up paying off my bills with it instead. XP

Oh well, I'm not complaining. And at least I didn't press my luck after I broke even and got ahead. I tend to do that because I'm bored and/or curious about the games.
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I'm bored. And kinda crampy. x___X

Maybe if I stop feeling all bleh, I'll type up what I did yesterday. Mrrrrr. Maybe the chocolate I hid in the fridge is still there.


I knew if I complained, something would happen. *stabs ovaries finally*

*curls up*

Aug. 29th, 2007 02:02 pm
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... this must be revenge for something. *stabs at ovaries* High point of my day is that I'm getting my dad to buy me more tampons. :D

Have another RLish post to write but feeling unmotivated and bleh at the moment. Time to see if there's anything to nibble on.
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Just got my period. Surprise!

x____X *stabs things*

I thought it wasn't supposed to be until this weekend at the soonest! Though, this does explain why I've been moody and cranky lately.
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Feeling better today. Not as crampy and omgwtf-y, but am bleeding like a stuck pig. Also doing laundry. That's your TMI for the day.

Forgot to mention, but am being dragged off to Vegas this weekend. We leave Thursday afternoon and are satying until Sunday, I think. Mom's got one of her Filipino event thingies (like dad's), and that's on Saturday night. I'm just going to wear that blue dress from the Induction Ball. >_>;; No one's seen me in it anyway. I hope I stop bleeding by then. Anyway, I'm going to see if we can watch Phantom while we're there. Otherwise I'll probably shop like I normally do, or gamble a little if I feel lucky. Bleh.

On the Trickster front, Makosensei is now level 32 (thanks to another party in SE Forest), and I did finally manage to finish that damn event quest. YAY for event equips! I managed to get 2 Swords and 2 Shields, as well as 4 or 5 Goldfish and 1 Hat. I am quite happy. Once I'm level 40, I will totally be wearing them, since they're great Coon items if I can get decent comps on them. I'm also seriously considering deleting my mule Dragon and starting another mule character (but a fun one). I'm having great fun with my Coon, though I still love my Dragon the best. ♥

I think that's it for now.

omg wtf

Jul. 31st, 2007 06:10 pm
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am curled in near fetal position in front of laptop stomach taking ovaries' orders and doesn't like me omg took midol but not working yet not sure if i should get heat pad or take a nap but it's hot and kinda late omg omg wtf ow owowowowowow suddenly feeling sleepy too what the shit is this

*tries to stab at ovaries*
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Went to Circuit City and came back, as my ovaries are saying "RAAAAAAAAAAWR" very loudly and it's rather painful and sitracting. Currently munching on french bread pizza. I passed my parents on JFK, and later called them when I got to Circuit City, since someone called my cell but I didn't recognize the number.

Anyway, Circuit City FINALLY had the ink/paper cartridge thingies we need for the photo printer we have (got it with mom's digital camera), so I called to get the printer model number from her. Luckily, I managed to talk to a sales person since the rack was empty but the price label was still there. There were more of the ink/paper sets in another aisle and I snatched up the next to last one. Whoo! \o/ Also got 300 and the special postcards. Hahaha.

But once I got home, my parents were gone again. >_>;; Hmph.

Now I'm going to eat, digest, hope it doesn't all come back up, and then see if I can get on Trickster, since the wireless is working right now. Wish me luck.
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I wanted to go to Aoi-chan's house today and rape her sweet internets. Ovaries have decided they don't like me, and now, neither does my stomach. T___T At least my shower felt good. And the air conditioning.

Maybe I can get on Trickster here...

=__= argh

Jul. 3rd, 2007 01:44 pm
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*stabs ovaries*

I'm bleeding like a semi-decently-stuck pig. I think the ovaries are still deciding how much they want to hurt me this month, since my feet are still a bit tender from the concert, but I feel very vague back pains. Definitely not as bad as other months. What sucks is that if they DO act up, I'd have to use a heating pad on my lower back.

And it's gonna be over 100 degrees this whole week.

Needless to say, I am at home, in the air conditioning. Yay. On Thursday, hopefully I will be at Aoi-chan's house raping her internets. And not bleeding.

Will work on the rest of my SKIN post today, too. But right now, I think I need to scrounge for food.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 02:58 pm
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After much trial and tribulation, I am finally at the library. >_>;; Had a very hassled and harried morning which made me very cranky. Or maybe starting my period has made me cranky. Or not starting it. I think my ovaries are still debating the whole idea.

*kicks them*

Also, I think possibly that jumping and screaming and feeling like I got beaten with a stick means my ovaries go "well fuck we can't top that" and they give up on making my back ache. If only I could go to an awesome jrock concert every month. XP

Gonna slurp my soda and ingest teh internets.
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[The scene: a few hours ago]

Me: *has stepped out of a nice, long, hot relaxing shower and is drying off*
Towel: *has a small red smear on it*
Me: ... well, that's either from me cutting my leg while shaving, or from a place not my leg.
Ovaries: D:<
Me: =___=;; Yup, a place not my leg.

[End scene]



Me: *stabs ovaries*

Maybe TMI?

Mar. 24th, 2007 03:34 pm
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I have this strange urge to go to the grocery store, buy tampons, ice cream, and chocolate, and see if the cashier boy gets scared.

Mostly, I just want the ice cream.

And maybe some BBQ ribs.

*curls up in bed some more first*
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*stabs ovaries*

=___=;; like clockwork.

see. i have a funny story to go with this month's ovary stabbing. except not. the parental units just left to go to vegas. i wanted to go, but am in no condition to do so and would probably just lay in the hotel room and sleep the whole time. plus, i don't know if i'd survive the drive there without slaughtering someone and/or crying in pain. so. home i stay. but the maternal unit said she'd buy me the chocolate i want from ethel m's. *__*

but that's not the funny part. oh no. see, i got the twingey backpains yesterday, so i knew "oh hey if i don't start today, i'll definitely start tomorrow." but oh, those wacky ovaries of mine. they decided to use psychological and mental warfare on me.

see, i spent all of yesterday thinking it was friday. that's right. and i woke up thinking today was saturday. all yesterday i wondered why certain people(s) weren't online on AIM to chat with since, you know, weekend! and i wondered why i was watching back-to-back episodes of mythbusters on tv. and i was hoping to watch the new dub episode of naruto tonight. i even didn't eat any meat yesterday, because i thought it was friday and fridays are non-meat days because of lent.

i didn't figure out that today is actually friday until a few minutes ago, when i checked LJ and everyone's entries were labeled "friday."

oh you wacky ovaries.



Feb. 24th, 2007 01:24 pm
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Slept badly last night and woke up still cranky. =__=;; Yeah, that's all. At least I can eat meat today.


Started my period. It surprised me. Well, no wonder I woke up cranky. x__X


Jan. 27th, 2007 04:55 pm
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whoo. managed to dodge going to birthday party since i'm currently curled in a ball of pain and bleeding like a stuck pig. was that tmi? also, i'm cranky and bitchy as all hell and really really tired. like i'm in a haze or something.

am now wearing my fat sweatpants (like fat jeans, but warm comfy sweats instead), multiple layers on top (tanktop, baseball jersey-type shirt, and my comfy sweatercoat), fluffy warm socks, and i've got a heating pad strapped on for 8 hours of bliss. my ovaries let me eat popcorn, too. i'll see if i can have something for dinner later.

right now i'm going to lay down.
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*flops over*

woke up early because of the damned things, but i'm tiiiiiiiiired and i have to cook dinner later and we're going to midnight mass. =___=;; I think i'm gonna take a nap for two hours or something, then have an insanely hot shower then i have to go with my dady to the grocery store because we still need some things >_>;;


Nov. 17th, 2006 01:04 pm
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[Imagine there is an obligatory whining ovary-stabbing post here with TMI.]

[Thank you and have a nice day.]


Today is also the day the Bar Exam results come out. After 6pm on the website. And mailed. Who's in Mo Val to get drunk with me?
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To: Ovaries
CC: Various Other Girly Bits
From: Me
Re: Waking Up and Moving Around

... okay. Fine. Being vertical is not a good idea right now. I get it. Please stop hurting. I'll bring out the Midol and heating pads if I need to. And if this is a false alarm (which it's probably not), I will hate you forever.

Boom shaka,

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My throat doesn't feel as closed up, but it's definitely sore and swollen. Doesn't really hurt though. I think I still have a fever, but now I'm getting snotty. I haven't started coughing, which is good. Maybe this is just a cold and not, you know, bronchitis. Again.

My breakfast was Advil Cold & Flu. =D Yes, I'm going to have some tea soon, and some toast or something. Dad brought home pizza, but I don't think I can enjoy it yet. *shakes fist at* Also, I will not fall for the tricks and traps of my ovaries.
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Throat still feels fucked up. Dunno why. Asked mom to buy soup and tea on the way home.

*stabs at ovaries* They started up, too. Paaaaaaaiiin.

No call yet.
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I had to go out today (amazing, I know) because I needed to get the voicemail on my cellphone fixed. The T-Mobile people weren't trained to do that though (boo) but I got a shiny direct customer service tech whatever line to call and they'll fix it for me (yay). While I was out, I also bought cookies from Mrs. Field's (milk chocolate chip AND semi sweet chocolate chip) and large greasy french fries from The Great Steak and Potato Company (yay peanut oil). My ovaries are appeased... for now. We'll see if they act uppity again later. Also, I'm going to have a phone interview from the head of the legal department at the company where I want to work omg I'm so nervous I want this job please please please God don't hate me please Also drank a WHOLE CAN OF COKE on an empty (mostly) stomach again. It was a good breakfast, along with the last of the chocolate covered macadamia nuts. I love you, [ profile] aoi. ♥ But, on the way home, there was totally a cop on a motorcycle behind me. I didn't think he was a cop, until I saw the lights, and then I freaked out. I was thinking: "Shit! Did I do something stupid while I was reaching for the french fries?!" So I totally slowed down to stay well beneath the speed limit, but he kept following me, and then I freaked out more, and I thought: "Well, maybe he's going to pass me PLEASE GOD LET HIM PASS ME." And then I turned onto the street of my subdivision, and he was STILL FOLLOWING ME. And I was like: "FUCK." And then I freaked out even more, as certain paranoid bunnies do, and I kept telling myself and looking at the rearview mirror: "I DON'T SEE LIGHTS HE DOESN'T HAVE HIS LIGHTS ON OMG IS HE GOING TO PULL ME OVER IS MY GAS TANK OPEN WHAT." And I was crawling about 25 mph (it's okay, it's a residential area) and staring at my rearview mirror, and I'm glad I didn't hit any small children. And then he finally turned down another street, and I stayed at 25 mph, and I turned onto my street and I WAS VERY RELIEVED TO SEE MY HOUSE. I thought the cop would, like, ninja from another street or something and tag me.

And that was my stream of consciousness for the day. I'm going to finish my french fries and have more soda and stop my heart from pounding.

... yes, that's the way I really think. And yes, I know I have the most horrible So Cal Valley Girl accent ever, even when I type. Cookies~!
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*makes at stab at the ovaries and fails miserably*

I knew this would happen. I made a deal with my ovaries not to start my period yesterday, so I could focus on the interviews and stuff. I said they could start on Wednesday and it could be horrible, as long as it didn't happen on Tuesday.

Today is now Wednesday.

........ I'm going to lay prone now and groan.
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*pokes at ovaries with a stick*

Stop tormenting me and get on with it. I know it's going to happen. =___=;;


Jul. 18th, 2006 05:44 pm
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i suddenly feel very sick and like i'm going to throw up. thank you, ovaries. i'm going to lie down before i hurl.


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