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First, HAPPY PI DAY! Geeky holidays are some of the best holidays. ^^ So everyone get your 3.14 on!

Second, I was reminded last week by [personal profile] sukino that my birthday is fast approaching. A little under a month now. =___=;; I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. It's just another year older, but it doesn't really change anything about me except a number. Maybe I'm just being depressed because of the ongoing cold weather (woo S.A.D.) but I can't seem to muster up enough enthusiasm about my birthday like I usually do. Maybe that will change when it hits April, but I'm not sure.

Frankly, it'll just be the day I get older, I only get presents from my friends (my parents stopped giving me presents for my birthday and holidays a long time ago and my relatives barely remember when my birthday is) which are lovely, and I get free things from the places I have rewards cards for (free Godiva and Sephora stuff is not to be sneezed at). Maybe I'll just have a quiet birthday this year. I've had various conversations from friends about how I'm usually the one who does something big or goes somewhere on my birthday, while everyone else keeps things low-key. But right now I just feel "blah" about everything. Maybe I should be a bear and just hibernate until the warm weather comes.

Anyway, because I might as well try to cheer myself up by being ruthlessly materialistic, here is my birthday (and all-around holiday or whatever) wishlist.

Things I Want:

-- a job (probably not anything anyone can give me)
-- to win the lottery (ditto above)
-- a Vespa (third time's a charm)
-- handmade things, which includes fics and fanart
-- stuff from my Etsy Favorites (PROTIP: I've actually taken up jewelry-making as a bit of a hobby. I think it's fun, keeps me busy, and is very non-stressful. Plus, I like making pretty things. So a lot of the stuff on my Etsy faves are either supplies or jewelry kits that I'd like to make.)
-- stuff from my Amazon wishlist (this is where the PSP greedy materialism comes in)
-- nothing terrible to happen
-- Cadbury Creme Eggs (my bday is two weeks before Easter woo)
-- IDK some other things that I can't think of at the moment

There. I think I'm done wallowing in my own emo for the moment. Time to go do something useful. Or eat ice cream. Whatever.
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Dropped by the mall today on the way home to pick up a freebie bag from Godiva (rewards club perk~) and managed to snag a free Red Velvet Cake truffle, and the free panty from Victoria's Secret (another rewards club perk, I love free things). While I was window shopping, I walked by Macy's and happened to notice some very... colorful standees in front of the makeup counter by the entrance, advertising something or another. They were drawn in "life-size" anime-ish style. And I had to do a double take, because first thing I thought when I saw the standees was:

Why are they using Bridget to advertise perfume? I mean, I know Bridget is cute, but also a trap. Possibly not the best way to advertise a legitimate product not related to the Guilty Gear games.

I was a bit boggled, but kept walking. However, at the food court, I was accosted by more of the standees and a lady passing out flyers. I then found out that, no, they're not representations of Bridget, but of Paris Hilton, to advertise her new fragrance line. I guess she's trying to the Gwen Stefani Harajuku thing except five years late.

Somehow, I'd be more impressed if it was actually Bridget.
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Or, in the alternate:


In both cases, I hope everyone is happy and eats lots of chocolate. ♥
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I hope your day was filled with happiness and AWESOMENESS.
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I hope your day was filled with perviness. ♥
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This thread from [community profile] ontd_political has the absolute most hilarious comments ever. How can you not like a thread with gems like this:

Most people outside of the U.S. don't realize this, but the delegates of the Constitutional Convention were overwhelmingly composed of two prominent groups within early American society: zombies and vampires.

Ben Franklin, of course, was a werewolf.

And this:

I seriously think that everyone in the Tea Party thinks the Founding Fathers were like the Justice League or something, battling evil, tyranny and injustice everywhere they found it. The Founding Fathers were NOT a superhero team, completely infallible and always right. Although the thought of George Washington as Superman, Thomas Jefferson as Batman and Ben Franklin as the Flash is an amusing thought.

And, of course, this beautiful summation of history wherein it is explained how the Founding Fathers abolished slavery:

john adams and john hancock. see, they built a time mechine, and used to to lanch them selfs forwards in time and join forces with ab lincon after there time mechine exploded upon reentry. together, the trio hacked, slashed, shot and killed there way across the south, till they finaly had an epic duel with the forces of slavery in the captial of the confedates. john adams, an old man, was mortaly wounded, and lay dieing. then, albert enstine steped in. claiming that history must be repaired, he took adams and hancock, and transported them back to there own time, lieing adams upon his death bed.

then, with his work complate, slavery abolished, and the time line restored, enstine nodded with statsfaction, and went to pick up stephen hawking, for there own trip to the future...

Politics, comics, and time traveling zombie historical figures. Of course I love this stuff.
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Okay, so I think I'm kind of in love with everything DJ Earworm does. And thanks to the highspeed internet in the library, I have downloaded many many songs to keep me happy.

In other, more important, news:


I shall be going to GameStop in a little bit and burning those giftcards I have to get the game. ^_____^ Don't expect to hear much from me while I roll around in happiness and frantically buttonmash for a week or something.
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I hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season. Eat well, make merry, and have good will towards everyone. ♥
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Pretty much spent all of yesterday with Aoi-chan having a movie fest. We watched Inception, Kick-Ass, Taken, and Curse of the Golden Flower. A pretty eclectic mix of movies, connected by their awesomeness. And, in two of the movies, the actor who plays Percy (Operations) on Nikita.


Definitely a good way to spend a cold rainy day. Especially with all the popcorn and cookies and pizza for dinner.
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You know what I love about this time of the year?

Those big buckets tins with Christmas-y designs full of three kinds of popcorn. I love getting one for the season and methodically demolishing it through the month of December. It never lasts that long, but it's the thought that counts. I usually start with the cheese-flavored popcorn first, before moving on to the buttered popcorn, and finishing with the caramel. One of my best memories is the year I got two tins, which meant that they did last for the whole month.

The past few years, I haven't been getting them. I don't know why. Maybe it's because the size of the tins is getting somewhat smaller while the price it's going up. Maybe it's because now they seem to be putting the popcorn in plastic bags in the tins, which doesn't seem right to me. The popcorn should be freely rustling about, separated by the flimsy cardboard divider, because nothing is better than munching through cheese and suddenly picking up caramel, like a special surprise. Maybe I just forget, or I'm too busy. Lots of times I see them and tell myself I'll get one for myself, then forget to do it, because I've spent all my money on the presents I get for other people. I don't know.

But I still love them. And the memories of them. Happy memories are good.

... I also like chestnuts during the holidays, but that's a more recent thing. Chestnuts do not trump that tin of three kinds of popcorn.
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I now know why everyone loves Inception so much. ♥ I watched it last night because I bought the Blu-Ray of it and damn, it was awesome. Will be watching it again soon, since I know my dearest Aoi-chan hasn't seen it yet and she wants to.

In other news, who wants to read my spoilery babble-filled meta-ish breakdown of The Walking Dead? I've had a review of the first season rattling around in my brain (lolz) ever since I saw the season finale.


Dec. 9th, 2010 11:13 am
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*flails around in spastic joy*

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After a couple weeks of reruns, this new episode really started with a bang. X3


I always love to hear and see the connections to La Femme Nikita in this series.
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Who are you going to be rooting for? Because you'll be watching, right? Right?!


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Or Happy Thursday for those who don't celebrate. :3

My house smells so good right now. I'm hungry. ;__;
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Since I know all you foodies on my flist like to know what's cooking at my house during the holidays, here's our menu for Turkey Day. We stay pretty traditional, and relatives will be over this year, as they usually are. LOLZ. My aunt knows that me and my mom cook really well on holidays.


Roast Turkey
Pork Beef Crown Roast (lolz it's beef, not pork, I didn't look at the butcher's label)
Wild Rice
Fig/Sausage/Something Dressing (or Stuffing, whichever term you prefer)
Green Beans
Cranberry Compote
Mashed Potatoes (or Au Gratin Potatoes)


Apple Pie
Chocolate Silk Pie (not gonna bust this out unless we go through the other desserts first >_>;;)
Creme Puffs

Hors d'Ouvres:

Stuffed Mushrooms
Siopao (Filipino steamed buns)
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... for huddling under tons of blankets. D:

I was really worried that the weather would continue to do the psychotic thing of being cold and stormy for one week, then 100+ degrees the next, but that doesn't seem to be the case. On one hand, I'm glad of non-psycho weather. On the other, IT IS FREEZING. Literally! It was 34 degrees the past two nights. It'll be hitting 30 tonight, I think. I'm almost afraid to look.

So, in honor of the season, I have busted out with my flannel sheets. ilu flannel sheets T_T ♥. They're so warm and cozy and make me not want to roll out of bed. Unfortunately, they also make me have kind of static-y hair. Bleh. It's the price I pay to stay warm, I guess.

So yes, it is overcast and rainy and windy and cold, and will likely stay this way for Turkey Day. When relatives are coming for dinner. Blargh.

In other news, there are things that I want to babble about in a geeky way. But I'm lazy. And cold. And can't feel my fingers and so I'm typing horribly. :x But I have such an urge to babble/rant/be meta. Like about The Walking Dead. Or maybe Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. Or even Top Chef: Just Desserts.


*rolls about*
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IT'S SPANKINGS TIME FOR [personal profile] sukino!

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All I have to say about the new The Walking Dead TV series on A&E is...

that poor horse.

I knew it. I KNEW that would happen to the horse. Dammit, horse! It's a zombie apocalypse! Don't let some dumbass ride you into a major city full of zombies. I thought animals were supposed to have better senses and know when shit like this happens. YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED ON THE FARM, HORSE.

Anyway, the series looks good (only 6 episodes for the first season, too!) and I like how it was more like a movie than a TV episode. The special effects on the zombies were well done. But I am skeptical on how well this series will do, since the tone of the comics gets really damn dark really damn fast. This is not Happy Shiny Funtiems Zombie Apocalypse. This is We Have Become The Monsters Zombie Apocalypse.

But I read that they've got the second season already ordered and oh-so-crazy Michonne will be showing up. LOLZ. I wonder how the series will handle her for the primetime TV audience.


Oct. 31st, 2010 09:11 pm
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I feel so accomplished and stuff. :3

And damn, I was so worried over the last battles (against Xion -- who has 4 forms -- and straight into Riku's battle), because the walkthrough I used was all like: OMG NO SAVE POINTS BETWEEN BATTLES BRING CURES. So I had like, 9 Curas equipped, 5 Elixirs, 3 Hi-Potions, and 4 Hi-Ethers. And... it wasn't that bad. Possibly because I was over-leveled from doing all the Missions, and Challenges and Mission Mode.

Also, possibly because I was cheap and just kept dropping Thundagas on Riku during the Deep Dive Battle until he was like, at 2 bars of health before I started mashing 'A'. I never was close enough to him for him to combo me until then. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.

It felt really good to dual wield though, and cut through all those NeoShadows like butter.

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Had a mildly traumatic incident occur yesterday afternoon. D:

First, the background.

Behind my house (well, backyard) is a kind of alley between this housing subdivision and the one on the next street (yay suburbia). It's made up of the backyard fences of both subdivisions, and the openings are closed off by tall chainlink fencing (the subdivisions run between two fairly busy streets). Now, the alley area is fenced off because there's power lines that run the length of the alley, and the alley itself is mainly used by the electric company trucks, when they service the lines and stuff. So there's really nothing in the alley except dirt and weeds, not even trash, because the property owners who live against the alley have the keep their bit of it clean and debris-free so the company trucks have clear access (or else we get a fine or something).

But because this alley is so convenient and between two major streets, lots of the kids from the high school down the street use it as a shortcut through the subdivisions. I mean, why walk all the way around the blocks to get home, when you can just duck through the alley and hop your own backyard fence? So, there's foot traffic in the alley, though not as much as you'd think. It's not a major thoroughfare or anything (what with those chainlink fences and all).

Anyway, yesterday afternoon after my mom came home, she went up to her bedroom to change and watch TV, etc. The master bedroom in our house has a big window that -- ta-dah -- overlooks the backyard and the alley. I was in the computer room doing my internet things, when I suddenly hear my mom shout:


Now, my mom's TV was on, so at first I thought she was just talking to the TV. You know, like when you yell at people in horror movies for being stupid and getting axe-murdered. But my mom is still squawking, so I get up and go to her room to see what the fuss is about. I look out the open blinds (normally they're closed because of the heat) and there is a body in the alley.

I freak out and my mom freaks out, so we're there freaking out together. It looks like a teenage boy and he's all curled up like he's asleep but very limp and to me it looks like his pants have been pulled down (or else he's doing that stupid sagging thing where you can see a boy's boxers). But I don't see any blood or anything like that. I think that maybe he was jumped and beaten up or something.

We get my dad upstairs to look and eventually I get out from my mom that she saw some other guy leave this boy in the alley. So we're all freaking out and my dad goes to call the police about what's going on. I'm rushing about and my mom says some other guy has come to check on the guy in the alley, and apparently he's not dead! Just very limp. And high. Or drunk. Maybe both. The guy tries to get him up, leaves him there and goes away. Eventually he comes back, with some girl and they both manage to heave the limp guy up and drag him through the alley.

I tell my dad this while he's on the phone with the cops, and the Dispatcher says she's sending police over right away. I suppose it helps that we were very specific. The people were headed towards the street the school is on, and it was just after 3 PM, which meant there was a lot of traffic in the area because of the school.

They were super fast though, since not even two minutes after we hung up the phone, we could hear the police sirens and such. I didn't see what happened though. My dad was even looking over our back fence after to check the area (no blood or anything like that), and the guy who dragged the limp guy showed up again. My dad had the balls to ask what was going on, and the guy said the limp guy was drunk.

Teenage boy drunk at 3 PM on a Wednesday afternoon. Uh huh.

Anyway, I heard police sirens pretty frequently that afternoon, so I have no idea what really happened. But I'm really glad the guy wasn't dead. And the police didn't come over to take our statements or anything, so it must not have been anything major. Still, it was frightening while it was occurring.

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There are more gay men on Top Chef Just Desserts than on a season of Project Runway. XD;; And they're all such queens, it's amazing. One cheftestant is even called the "Ice Queen" because, as he explained himself, his desserts are cold and he's gay (he specializes in gelato).

I may just enjoy this series for the camp factor. And to possibly see a catfight.

Also, I have to agree with a statement that was made during the show. All pastry chefs could become good regular chefs, but a regular chef will be at best a mediocre pastry chef. We've seen that a million time on the regular Top Chef seasons.

And the person who I wanted to win this season's Top Chef didn't win. ;___; Boooo. Though, by the end I was sort of rooting for Angelo, even if he's an ass.


Sep. 12th, 2010 09:34 pm
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Watching the VMAs live on MTV~! I just wanna see if any craziness like what happened with Kanye happens again.

Eminem's opening performance kicked ass. Was that a new song? Everyone's been waiting for him to drop a new album for years.

EDIT... OMG! Thank god Lady Gaga won Best Female Video. ♥ Surprised that was the first award given out.

EDIT AGAIN... OMG JUSTIN BIEBER!!! No. I'm just kidding. And teasing Aoi. I am not a Bieber-fan, even if he's cute and shouta-ish.

EDIT KEEPS GOING... A real OMG for Usher's performance. X3 Man, I didn't notice how awesome that stage is until his performance.

EDIT ONCE MORE... Jeeze. At least Taylor Swift's performance this year was better than the one last year. Which isn't saying much. I don't think she ever sounds good singing live.

EDIT HAS A FLASHBACK... Why is Cher on stage? @___@

EDIT IS A FAME MONSTER... Holy shit. It looks like it's Lady Gaga's year this year! Yaaaaaaaaay!

EDIT IS DRINKING HENNESY... Kayne's closing the VMA's! I guess that's one way to keep him from jumping on stage.

EDIT MUST BE DRUNK AGAIN... Well. Kanye's song is a big ass "fuck you", isn't it? Let's have a toast for the douchebags, indeed.


Sep. 9th, 2010 10:48 pm
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Holy crap. Nikita.

I totally wasn't expecting that ending on the premiere episode. I was totally fooled, since I've seen not only the movie (with Bridget Fonda) and the TV series, so I know Nikita's original background in joining Section Division. I don't want to get my hopes up too high though, since I really loved the original La Femme Nikita TV series.

... I also like French Michael better. Because of his sexy accent. And Madeline is more badass and evil.
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Thank god! I knew That Guy was a douche and he officially proved it... not that he wasn't already one. Now he's douchier.

But damn, was it satisfying to remove him from my FB friends list.

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This is how much I love Scott Pilgrim.

I made an avatar of myself on the movie's website. It's so fun to play with!
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What are you doing here?

Why aren't you out watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World???

IT IS ONLY THE FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER. Bonus points and hilarity if you're a geek or a nerd or a geeky nerd. ♥ Also, I wish Wallace was my gay roommate. ;_; He's awesome.
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I am being stalked by Kai.


Stop it. Stop it, Kai. Stop staring at me suddenly from video game box covers, or showing up on commercials out of nowhere to taunt me. Creepy Kai is a want Do Not Want but secretly can has.



Aug. 1st, 2010 01:23 pm
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I think they need to make Extra Super HOLYSHIT Plus tampons for me. This is like a horror movie.

That was your TMI for the day. Enjoy it.
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Yes, indeed, it is National Cheesecake Day. So eat cheesecake with impunity. Also, The Cheesecake Factory is having a special all day today, every slice half price. So now you can have twice the cheesecake to enjoy.

.___.;; I want cheesecake. Maybe I'll get some later.
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Last night's Top Chef.

Who thinks Alex stole the pea puree?

So much drama. I've been generally unimpressed by this season (which is now halfway through), as things are horribly cutthroat and more about chef drama than good cooking. I really enjoyed last season because the food was consistently amazing. I mean, hell, even the guy who came in third is going to have a spot on the US Team for the Bocuse d'Or.

I still love Top Chef Masters best though. And I want to see what Top Chef Just Desserts is like.
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I'm currently having an argument with someone on Facebook.

(As an aside, you can find me there under my real name, so friend me if you like! Just make sure to leave a message that says you know my from LJ.)

It's not really an argument per se, because those who know me know that when I get angry, I get really cold and overly polite. Because I believe that you should be logical and polite, even if you think the other person is a raging douchebag who should be taken out back and beaten with a flaming baseball bat. But this is... different. See, I friended This Guy mostly because he's another friend's BF/fiancee/whatever, and because I wanted another Farmville neighbor. >_>;;

cut for political beliefs, mild ranting, pettiness, and the issue that sent me into a rage )


I think I'm done ranting.

Let's see if this political post causes another flame war in my LJ. I think I'm running 2-for-2 on that front. I really hate it when that happens. Maybe I should just stick with silly ranting about food and chibi pr0n.


The 'conversation' has ended, even though I could've answered back because This Guy's last line made my brain explode. But I just decided that I'd have more luck squeezing blood from stone.

Now I'm considering putting the whole 'discussion' here for posterity reasons. And to see if anyone thinks I was being too... zesty.
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I feel babbly. There's a bunch of things I want to babble about but I also feel lazy because of the heat. Though, I thank God that I have air conditioning. Or I might die.


*flops on the floor*
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So... I got my hair cut today at a salon.

It is short.

Like... nearly pixie cut short.

And for the first time in, like, 10 years, I have bangs.

I think I like my new 'do.



Pics for you greedy greedy people. :P Though they're taken with my crappy cellphone camera. In a Staples. Because I was shopping after getting my haircut, and remembered: "Oh, people will like to see my hair, and I'm all dressed properly and everything."


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Even after all these years, I still feel a happy thrill whenever I get an alert in my email about someone putting on of my fics on FF.Net on their Favorites. And I'm really happy when I get a little review, even if it's along the lines of: "Yay. It's good."

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It was a big one. Over 5.0 for sure. It kinda scared me because the ground shook for a long minute and it was strong the whole time. And to put things in perspective, the city I live in happens to be on top of a giant slab of granite, so we normally don't feel quakes here unless they're strong, and even then it's somewhat muted.

My anime figures that were standing on top of my headboard (above my head) toppled over. Sorry Cloud. T_T Gaara stayed upright though, which seems appropriate.

EDIT wonders about aftershocks...

Found it. Holy shit it was a 5.9! I knew it was strong.
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Frozen Teardrop (2010): A novel written by the series' head writer Katsuyuki Sumisawa and serialized in Gundam Ace Magazine. Set some time after the end of the series in the date "MC 0002" on Mars, it focuses on Kathy Po, Sally's daughter and a Preventer agent, receiving historical documents from President Dorothy Catalonia and orders to initiate "Operation Mythos" and "awaken Sleeping Beauty/Princess Aurora". According to the writer's interview preceding it, the series will feature the 5 pilots, Relena, and "the children of Duo, Heero, etc.", jumping back and forth in points of time between AC 195 and the future, and is intended to act as a bridge to a possible sequel.


Also, I managed to find a summary of the prologue, and of course, the part I focused on was this:

# A voice is heard behind Kathy, "You’re just like your mother."
# Appearing was a middle aged man in black priests clothes with a young boy with long hair tied in a braid.
# The middle-aged man who appeared at random was nothing but smiles. "I’m Father Maxwell. The Father Maxwell who may run and hide, but never tells a lie. And this brat with the unpleasant eyes is my son, Duo."
# The priest brings special attention to Kathy, "By the way, I do hope that you brought three files with you. The three preludes are needed to awaken the Aurora Princess."





Also, this:

The next file is Autumn AC195 in which transfer student "Duo Maxwell" reads an essay on the theme of the relations between the Earth and its colonies.

This has to be the part we saw in the series, after the Gundam pilots went to space, and Heero was on that colony school under the name Duo Maxwell and he read his essay in class. I'm such a geek for knowing that this happened in the timeline right before Heero goes to 'rescue' Duo from his execution.

EDIT is a perv...

Today, I love [personal profile] chronolith. Because she write me pr0n. Or, at the very least, Dorothy/Relena pre-smut. Everyone should take Duo's advice on birthday presents. X3;;
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I'm not allowed to say anything anymore about multi-bladed razors. I just shaved my legs with a 5-blade razor after using a 3-blade one, and my legs are so much smoother and non-stubbly.

ilu 5-blade razor. ♥

But I will balk at using 10 blades. That's overkill, I think. At that point, one should just consider waxing.
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My mother thinks the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, a.k.a. Chessur, is sexy. Or, at least, his voice is sexy.

I have no idea how to respond to this.


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