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So I finally finished Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded. I feel so accomplished.


Though, note that I said finished and not completed, because there's a bajillion quests and trophies I still need to get for total completion and I'm not sure I want to finish 100%.

But I do want to get at least 20 trophies, so I can unlock the secret ending that leads up to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Even if I know what happens in the secret ending anyway. >_>;; Hush. I want to unlock it.


here lies spoilers and capslocky rage )
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I feel so accomplished and stuff. :3

And damn, I was so worried over the last battles (against Xion -- who has 4 forms -- and straight into Riku's battle), because the walkthrough I used was all like: OMG NO SAVE POINTS BETWEEN BATTLES BRING CURES. So I had like, 9 Curas equipped, 5 Elixirs, 3 Hi-Potions, and 4 Hi-Ethers. And... it wasn't that bad. Possibly because I was over-leveled from doing all the Missions, and Challenges and Mission Mode.

Also, possibly because I was cheap and just kept dropping Thundagas on Riku during the Deep Dive Battle until he was like, at 2 bars of health before I started mashing 'A'. I never was close enough to him for him to combo me until then. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.

It felt really good to dual wield though, and cut through all those NeoShadows like butter.

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I am being stalked by Kai.


Stop it. Stop it, Kai. Stop staring at me suddenly from video game box covers, or showing up on commercials out of nowhere to taunt me. Creepy Kai is a want Do Not Want but secretly can has.

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Do you see this fic?

It broke me. Not completely, of course. But it broke something in my brain and now stuff is rattling around pleasantly. Which is strange, because it's not like I haven't seen fics or RP where the keyblades are sentient. But still.

I don't need to be thinking about anthropomorphic Riku/Soul Eater fic. I don't.

... this song should also not be playing in the background while I'm reading.
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Five times Riku wished he could jump Sora (and the one time he did).

No, that's not a Rickroll. It's something Questy wrote for me and I loves it. ♥
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I introduced [ profile] windup_boytoy to [ profile] kingdomdressing last night and Ri would very much not like to be alone in the crazy place.

If you want, you can drop [ profile] endlessxsky in (Ri says: &hearts!), or [ profile] oath_kept. Or I will just pounce you tonight if you don't want to.
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Last night I read that "Snakes on a Sora" fic. I didn't believe that it was bad as people said it was, since I've read ALOT of freaky fics over the years. Hell, I've written some freaky stuff. Snakes on a Sora? Easy peasy, right?

I was wrong.

............................................. I feel so dirty. ;o;


Jun. 20th, 2008 11:14 pm
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And I've just killed my first Heartless! BWHAHAHAAHA. I am finally a good fangirl!!

In other, non-gaming related news, I am having a blast with Wordle. I think I'll make some of them for each of my fics (at least, the short ones). I particularly like how the Pookie one turned out and the colors in it. Heero and Duo and Pookie~ ♥ Yay!
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Just a little news/geekery roundup, since apparently, I am a news source. XD;;

-- Don't forget to get your legit Deoxys from GameStop. It's happening this weekend and next, all you addicted Pokemon fans.
-- Toys R Us will have its annual Buy Two Get One Free Sale for Nintendo DS games next week. This is a good way to build up your game library if you've been waiting... but sucky because all the new games are coming out in like, July. LOL.
-- The Spore Creature Creator comes out today, for all you guys who like to create your own creatures and such. There's a trial demo version that's absolutely free and has about 25% of the full version's stuff, so you can have fun messing around with that.

And on a personal note, I have spent most of my giftcard already. ^^;; I bought:

-- Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. Of course I did. :P
-- Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Official Strategy Guide. So I could get the free shipping. Strangely enough, this hit my doorstep today but the game is still in transit.
-- A new cute top, since I wanted to buy clothes.
-- A pair of denim crops, to go with the top. >_>;;
-- A wing charm necklace, to round out my order. I think it's pretty.
-- And I think I still have like... $4 left on the giftcard. XD;; Maybe I'll buy a smoothie. GAMES, CLOTHES, AND FOOD. I DID IT AAAAAAAAAAALLL.
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Joshua, you're gay.

You're completely mega super homohomo gay. All you had to do was laugh (okay, giggle) and twirl your hair, and your flamingness set off my gaydar so hard that it blew up.

In conclusion:


... no, this is not a spoiler.


This does nothing to soothe my Ri's parental angst about Rikka ending up gay just like Papa and Mama and Daddy. And it doesn't help that I want to already slash Joshua and Neku sobad, even though when I look at Neku, Ri keeps screaming that he's Sanyu.

... the incest. It runs deep in this family.
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Sorry, [ profile] luscious_sarah! I couldn't finishing the smuttage on your real birthday fic today, so accept this to tide you over? It's more cuteness and the kidlets, but at least it's happy maybe not for Kira. ♥

Title: In the Name of Fashion
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Sora/Riku/Ri (implied)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU. Fluff, family, and fashion. With a bonus of Sora, Riku, Ri, and their unruly brood (but only Kira and Rikka this time).


It was generally accepted in the family that Kira was somewhat overbearing... )

Just FYI

Jan. 24th, 2008 06:13 pm
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Added a decent sized chunk to the Riku-inna-dress fic. Next is the sex! I promise! I'm totally incapable of writing a PWP. OTL

Ignore anything that looks like plot plz.
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This is gonna be a sort of "catch up" post for me, so expect it to be edited as things happen.

First of all, I updated my Project Runway post for my review and ranting about the episode. Feel free to jump in and debate with me about what happened. :3 THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

Second, I'll be working more on the crossdressing!Riku fic for [ profile] questofdreams, so once I'm done I'll probably tell everyone and link it here.

Third... fuck you Shippuden. I watched episode 42 (KyuuNaru!!) and read the translation for the latest manga chapter, and this is exactly why I'll never be free of Naruto. Damn you, Kishimoto, for bringing the good crack. And KyuuNaru's "... :D... :D?" face is cute in a disturbing way. *shakes fist at*


It's really fucking cold in the library all of a sudden. *shivers hard* I'm wearing layers and put on my sweater, but it's still cold. Very distracting. XP Earlier it was pleasantly warm and comfortable.


I nearly poked my eye out trying to re-adjust my glasses because things were looking fuzzy. U____U;; I'm wearing my contacts. This will take more getting used to.
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Title: Project Runaway
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: M/NC-17
Pairing: Riku/Sora
Warnings: Yaoi (boy on boy ackshuuuun), crossdressing, people looking fierce, and you know, smut. Also maybe school uniforms. >_>;;
Notes: A very belated gift for [ profile] questofdreams for a series of pictures that had Riku in a skirt. ♥ I was challenged to write the situation to get Riku in that skirt in the first place. And forgive me for the lame title. .___.;; It was the best I could come up with.


Sora decides that the whole situation is Riku's fault because he's an overachiever... )
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Just some snippets from two fics I really need to finish, since they are supposed to be Xmas presents. >_>;;

Riku, don't you dare kick that puppy! )


Sep. 29th, 2007 12:35 pm
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I like tormenting my muses.

cut for heavy heavy angst )
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... a certain someone has decided to buy markers for his baby bear and adorable daughter.

Yes, he bought them because they're shaped like cute, round animals. And yes, he is disappointed there is no bunny marker yet. But there is a tiger one, and that is just as good.
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According to the rumor mill, not only will Kingdom Hearts have more sequels/prequels (Kingdom Hearts Zero, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 2, and some game called 'Kingdom Hearts' but doesn't have a proper subtitle yet), they will all be in different platforms. No, not crossplatform. Different platforms. As in, now we will need a PS3, DS and a PSP. Why do you hurt us so, Squeenix? Why?!

There's even scans of what the new game(s) will have on KH2 Ultimania. And like the genius that he is, Nomura knows what the fangirls want. The game, apparently, features Roxas and Axel and their time in the Organization.

I guess we'll find out more after Tokyo Game Show.

... dammit, Squeenix. Between Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, you're draining alot of money from the world. T___T ♥


Am I bad for wanting CoM2 to be Riku's game? Like, everything he did it that one year while Sora was asleep? GIVE IT TO US NOMURA. YOU SAID YOU WANTED TO MAKE A RIKU GAME.
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Don't know where this came from, but it's angsty and I felt like tormenting my muses. You are warned.

When Baby comes running into the living room, everyone ignores her... )
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Mostly Ri and Rikka-centric, since both [ profile] moffit and [ profile] luscious_sarah managed to bunny me. >_>;;

Applesauce )
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A few months ago, IIRC, I mentioned to some people that there was a mod for The Sims, where sims could have sex in the shower and such. I know some of you on my flist were interested pervs, but I didn't have the links needed to download the hacks.

If you're still interested you might want to check out this post. It's very graphic, very not worksafe, Riku/Sora sims smuttage (with Marluxia too). In the comments are the link you'll need to get the relevant patches and such.

T3h pr0n g0dz smile upon me again. ♥
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Found these images on 4chan (of course) and wanted to share the Roxas-pr0nings. Seriously. It's a set of pics based on Roxas getting topped by everyone in the Organization. There might be more but I haven't found them yet.

Also, there is German(?). But the words don't distract from the pretty pics. XD!

cut because this is very not worksafe )
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So, here I am, languishing at the home comp on dial-up AOL. Why? Because I keep forgetting to keep the home comp updated to my satisfaction, so I always end up having to download huge chunks of updates (Microsoft, Norton, AdAware, etc.) at one time instead of small manageable chunks every day (like with Shukaku).


It's not too bad though. Once I get everything set up and downloading, I can leave the computer alone (and threaten my dad so he doesn't pick up the phone) and go to the leeched wireless on Shukaku in the comforts of my own room. And I have tater tots in the toaster oven right now, and I shall eat them for a tasty tasty late dinner/snack thing. Also, Blasterball is on this comp (it's a puzzle/pong type game that I happen to like), so I get to play that, too.

For some reason though, whenever I play Blasterball, my mind tends to wander (I'm also reading fics in between levels). I usually end up thinking of a strange KH plotbunny-but-not-exactly type thing.

cut for excessive geeky ponderings and fangirling )

... I should stop babbling. I think my tater tots are done and I'm hungry.
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Because some certains things have be gnawing at me and I might as well demand ask, because teh mighty flist knows all.

-- Someone who knows French (HEY I'M LOOKING AT YOU ASUKA) needs to help me figure some phrasing out, because it's been gnawing at my brain for a few days and if I don't figure it out, I will DIE. T__T And I don't remember how to conjugate all the -ir verbs. I'm lucky that I can do -er verbs in the present tense. D:
-- Who knows German and wants to maybe possibly translate some funny KH pr0ns? I found a set of pr0ny fanart, but it's all in German.

... well, I think it's German.
-- Staring at my review textbook for too long makes me question whether I'm parsing sentences correctly. All commas have become suspect.
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You're gonna have to poke at me more for this fic. I just can't seem to get the words out and I've been staring at a blank text file all day. T__T I guess it doesn't help that the cabinet-people are here installing the cabinets and stuff, so they're hammering and sawing and doing such things all around my room. And under my room, since some shelves go in the garage, too.


I really want to write this fic, too. Even if it's het. I can write het! I can expand my boundaries! Plus, Repliku! WHO DOESN'T LOVE REPLIKU REALLY.
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Yes, I just saw his first two fights on YouTube.

Yes, this deserved its own squeeful post.

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I tend to make a post like this every year so here we go.

I know what day tomorrow is, so I shall be either ignoring everything on LJ or believing they're all filthy, dirty lies meant to prank me. It is much easier this way.

In other, happier news, I perused the claims at [ profile] springkink and all of my prompts except for one were claimed! YAY! But one of my fics was double-claimed, so YAY YAY! It evens out. :3 I am a happy bunny.

Also, the clips from Re:CoM continue to make me squee, even though I know the plot and everything already. And the miscellaneous vids I've seen of KH2:FM+ also make me squee. I always knew Marluxia had a thing for shouta.
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That was a lie. Plz don't take away the good crack, Nomura. I love you and your zippers and gay boys and plz gives us more. I will give you more paint to drink.

P.S. Plz stop fucking with Roxas. ;___; He's emo enough.
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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! The first vids of Re: CoM have hit! And I watched them!

below is incoherent fangirly spoilery squee )

I can't wait until the people at add more videos!
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Yes, I'm such a geeky fangirl that I want these sneakers just because of their NAMES. You will never EVER convince me that there isn't some complete dork who plays Kingdom Hearts working at Airwalk and naming these shoes. This CAN'T be a coincidence.

Airwalk "Demyx" Skate

Airwalk "Roxas" Skate

Airwalk "Tidus" Skate


The Roxas sneakers are so cute. ♥ But if I bought a pair, they'd probably be the Tidus ones, since I prefer black sneakers. And the Demyx ones should totally be called "Marluxia" instead. It's the pink!
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Title: A Happy Ending Kind of Thing
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairings: Repliku ('Ri')/Namine, implications of Riku/Sora, Roxas/Axel/Demyx, and Ri/Riku/Sora
Rating: PG
Warnings: Sap, waff, and unabashed wibbly squishiness. Also, het and yaoi pairings implied. Heavily based off the RP I play in, since I like happy endings.
Summary: Getting older sort of sucks but it's worth it.


He doesn't know what wakes him up in the middle of the night, but once his senses are tweaked, there's no getting back to sleep... )
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Title: Animus
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Pairings: Riku/Sora... or is it?
Rating: R
Warnings: Yaoi. Glossed over smut. Strangeness and mind-fuckery. Written for [ profile] moffit.
Spoilers: KH and KH: CoM
Summary: Revenge is a dish best served cold, and savored to the utmost.


He didn't know what was up or what was down... )
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Title: Eavesdropping
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Pairings: mild Leon/Sora, implied Riku/Sora if you wanna see it that way
Rating: R
Warnings: boykissing, angst of the Riku-sort, possibly a May-December romance?
Spoilers: KHII until after Halloweentown, maybe? Also spoilery about Riku's appearance. Playing fast and loose with the game timeline here. Mild spoiler (sorta) for FFVIII if you catch it.
Summary: Eavesdroppers never hear anything good about themselves, and see things they may not want.


Riku told himself that what he was doing was necessary... )
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See! Chibi cuteness!

beware shouta-ness...! )
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... goddammit, [ profile] moffit. *shakes fist at you* I'm not continuing this. I'm NOT.

It was acting like particularly vicious guard dog. That was unacceptable. )
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*rubs eyes*

No. This isn't just because I'm tired. O-OMG. WTF fanbrat? What is this fic? This is a horrible fic! ROXAS WOULD NOT BEAT NAMINE HE IS NOT AN ABUSIVE HUSBAND. There's horrified screaming in my head over the image of Namine being a battered housewife. I mean, goddamn, it's Namine, people beat on her enough and she's sotiny. Leave her alone!

*clicks the back button quickly and looks for pr0n*


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